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Why is Michael Jr. on Entertainment Tonight?

I have documented on this blog for a while about my feelings towards Michael's older children, Michael Jr. (Prince) and Paris Katherine. I have made it no secret how I feel about his children and I still stand by what I had to state about them. I have also made it clear that I will never understand how can his family and fans know Michael's wishes for his children but let/accept Michael Jr. being a correspondent for the tabloid "entertainment" show, Entertainment Tonight, happen anyway. We all can agree (hopefully) that if Michael was not murdered, these children will never be seen in such a public display. When I found out that Michael Jr. was doing corresponding work for the tabloid, I was disgusted and livid. I remembered all of the horrible things that show stated and did to Michael during the trial days and after his murder back in 2009. This blog post will be about my disgust over this, who is to blame, Entertainment Tonight's history of trashing Michael, the possible reasons why this is even happening and my final thoughts. Let's begin. 

Michael Jr. being pimped.


Who is to Blame? 

LaToya at work. What else is new?

When my brother broke the news to me that Michael Jr. was going to doing corresponding work for ET, I was very angry. I have just started watching ET after years of avoiding the show. In fact, I don't really care for these entertainment shows anymore because of what they have done to Michael and their obsession over the same boring celebrities. I never thought in a million years that Michael's own child, a child that he raised, feed, clothed and nurtured, would even remotely do anything for the very same tabloid that helped ruined his father's life. I get it: Michael Jr. is 16 years old and he is now old enough to work but why work in a job that basically requires a college degree level or experience in broadcasting? There are so many people who have the degrees in  Communication Studies/Broadcast journalism or a background in those fields and had to struggle just to get a break. This child, because of who his father was, comes out of nowhere and interviews the men of the Oz The Great and Powerful movie. I find very unfair, wrong and unusual in so many ways. Someone clearly made sure this mess happened and the first person that I can think of when I think about who to blame for this is LaToya. I mean, I do not have to tell you all how I feel about LaToya and her suspect ways. LaToya was the main family member tweeting about her nephew being on ET

LaToya tweeting about it.

LaToya, like myself and most of the fans know what ET did to her brother. However, unlike me and most of the fans, LaToya betrayed her brother so maybe, in a way, she does not seem to care what the media did to her brother. When the letter that the family members did to start the process of removing the current executors of the Estate from running the Estate was leaked, LaToya did not sign the document and I always found that odd. When Michael was murdered, she was the first family member to publicly state that Michael was murdered by AEG, the executors, Sony/BMG and Conrad Murray was the fall guy. In fact, I believe if my memory serves me correctly, she dedicated a whole chapter in her book, Starting Over, discussing her "findings" into the belief that other people killed Michael. I was elated that LaToya finally made some sense and start telling the world that her brother was murdered. Maybe, I can let my anger that I have of her go now that she seemed to be focus on solving the murder of her brother. My have things like the love of the spotlight and money change people and their beliefs. Slowly, LaToya started to tweet more about being positive (which is fine) and less about what happened to her brother. 

Then, it happened - last summer, when the family were at odds with one another and the executors of Michael's estate, LaToya was silent. She did not state anything about the situation and did not even sign her name on the letter. Months later, the OWN Network, Oprah Winfrey's flopped network, decided to do a reality show with LaToya and a press release was published. I discussed this on a blog post I did on it:

That was a wrap for me in regards to LaToya. Once a sellout, always a sellout. I am beyond convinced that on LaToya's show, Michael's children will be displayed for the world to see. Her first plot to expose the children was taking them, on a school night, to a party for the energy drink "Mr. Pink Ginseng". Now it is Michael Jr. being an ET correspondent. You can clearly see her fingerprints in all of this.

TJ next....

I blame TJ, Tito's youngest son, Michael's nephew and the co-guardian of Michael's children because since he thought he was a "reasonable" person, he can go ahead and disrespect Katherine's wishes. Since TJ is one of the guardians, he would have tried to convince LaToya not to allow Michael Jr. to participate on ET. However, as we all know, that did not even remotely happen. You would think that TJ would state someone against this foolishness on his twitter account but nothing. Not even a concern for the well being of Michael's children. TJ never seems to be that all concerned about the well being of any of the kids. Whenever any of them do something that is odd, TJ does not seem to do anything. Paris can tweet about some nonsense and there is TJ silent and not stating or doing anything to stop the nonsense. It has been revealed that TJ asked to be paid $9,000 with the help of the Estate executors for taking care of the children. Isn't that weird? Maybe that was the real reason why TJ decided to be co-guardian of the children. When you think about it, what does TJ do all day? What is his job? What does he do for a living? He has four children, one in college so how is he paying for the child in college?? 

Trent Jackson...need I say more?

I also blame Trent Jackson, Michael's first cousin, Joe's nephew for doing so much to control the situation so that Katherine can't do anything to stop the madness. People who are reading this are probably thinking "Trent has nothing to do with Michael Jr. being exploited.". If you really think about it, he is one of the main reasons that this is even happening. Michael has always told his mother how he felt about the things that were going on in his life. I know that Michael told his mother than he did not want his children to be exploited in such a crazy and manipulated way. Once Michael was murdered and Katherine took over taking care of the children, things started to become weird and hard to explain. Trent, like the letter clearly states, has been controlling Katherine and has been wanting her to do things that she would not normally do. How can you explain the children having verified twitter accounts when they were not suppose to have any? Or Paris doing her first acting role in a movie? The Jacksons being interviewed by Oprah? The whole mess that happened last summer? Paris meeting up with has been, shitty rockers that trashed her father? Or Michael Jr. being on ET? These things would not occur if Katherine, with the help of other reasonable family members are there to make sure that Michael's children are not being treated in this fashion. 

John Branca, I know he looks like a lizard.

If the executors of Michael's Estate did not control Katherine, which led to Trent, TJ and LaToya pimping Michael's children, this mess would not be happening. I have basically laid out on this blog what is so wrong with how Michael's Estate is run that you can practically assume that Branca and McClain are to blame to all of the uncalled mess that is happening. 

How did Michael Jr. Get the Job?

Michael with his children at much reasonable times.

To be honest, I have no idea how Michael Jr. got the job but I do have an opinion as to how he got the job. I have always believe that if you follow the dots, you might find out why things happened in someone's life. I have always done this tactic when it comes to Michael because his life was so controlled and manipulated that at times, you have to take a break from the foolishness. Let's face it, to many people, including some members of his family, Michael was a joke to them. Michael could not do anything that was remotely adult in the eyes of these people so they made sure that everything that he worked for and achieved was credited by other people. For example, Michael's solo career. Michael's brothers, excluding Randy, have always believe that if it was not for the Jackson 5 or the Jacksons, Michael would not have a successful solo career. That is partly true but to transition from a child star to a adult star takes guts, luck and star power. None of Michael's brothers are stars in their own right and they know that. Another example is John Branca claiming that it was his idea for Michael to buy the Beatles Catalogue. Again, Branca viewing Michael as a joke and not seeing Michael as a reasonable person having the ability to obtain a massive music catalouge. That was a long example of how people view Michael and when people have that mindset about him, the things that he would state, in this case when it comes to his children, are ignored. 

LaToya is one of those people who see Michael in this fashion and I believe that she is the person who made sure Prince got the job as a correspondent. LaToya is friends with some members of the media and you can put two and two together. It has been stated so many times that Michael's wishes are being ignored when it comes to his children and that is true and it becomes annoying when people who know what Michael stood for often ignore them. It isn't just family members but some of Michael's fans as well. Instead of truly understanding what Michael meant by not wanting his children being exposed, they promoted the "event" on their facebook statuses and twitter accounts. I could not be anymore angry seeing his own fans participating in this child being viewed in this fashion. These fans were even making excuses for this nonsense.  

ET Exploiting Michael Jr./History of ET Bashing Michael

Michael in 2004 in Washington D.C. 

I do not do a lot of posts on the media's long, horrible history ruining Michael's life and legacy. The media was the tool that Sony/BMG use to make sure that everything that was ever stated about Michael that was a lie would remain etched in history. I am not here to correct the wrongs that the media did to Michael because that is the job of the Estate executors. I do know the history of members of the media who have made it their aim to ruin Michael's life. Entertainment Tonight have often done things in their power to destroy Michael and during the trial days, ET became known in the MJ fan community as an enemy to Michael. ET did their horrible specials on Michael and even an exclusive interview with that Debbie Rowe woman who is the mother of Prince and Paris. ET has made it clear during the trial that they believe that Michael was guilty of the crimes that he was falsely accused of doing. During the trial, it was revealed that the prosecutors of the case used ET as a media outlet to make sure that negative stories about Michael were out there in the public. When Michael died, ET spent three months talking about Michael nonstop using their tabloid-type ways of finding out the "truth" about Michael. You have to wonder why ET, who was once so kind to Michael before the the backlash happened, turned on Michael so suddenly. It all have to do with an executive producer.

A producer or executive producer of a show has many definitions but I am going to post one of the definitions that relates to this post. A executive producer for television is define as - 

"In many ways, television production departs greatly from the formula for filmmaking, as do the job functions associated with certain titles. On a television series, the executive producer may be creator and chief writer of the product. This person is the ultimate creative force and business authority behind the property, rather than just the chief financial backer or the studio’s enforcer on a film set."

The executive producer of ET is a woman named Linda Blue Bell and she basically controls what goes on the television show. Like I mentioned before on this post, following the dots when it comes to Michael will explain a lot of things about his life. I have always known that Linda Bell worked for the tabloid Hard Copy because it was revealed during the trial days about that fact. That would have explained why ET became so horrible to Michael during that dark time in his life.

"Prior to joining ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, Bell Blue served as executive producer of "Hard Copy." During her tenure, the show received accolades from Time magazine and The Los Angeles Press Club." 

Hard Copy was the TMZ of the 1990s. It was one of the worst shows that ever been on television mainly because the show was very tabloid and very damaging. Diane Demon became "famous" by being the first "journalist" to break the 1993 child abuse story on Michael and it was because of Linda Bell Blue, Diane Demon has a career. The reason why Hard Copy is no longer on television was because it was of a famous boycott that celebrities such as George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg and Madonna participated in -

"Hard Copy – In 1996, actor George Clooney began a public boycott of Hard Copy and its sister show Entertainment Tonight (both were produced by Paramount Television) after Hard Copy violated a six-month agreement not to air segments about Clooney by airing footage of Clooney and then-girlfriend Celine Balitran on the set of his film Batman & Robin. Other celebrities supported the boycott including Whoopi GoldbergMadonna, and Steven Spielberg.[120] Paramount Television (now CBS Television Distribution for syndicated shows and CBS Television Studios for network-aired shows) eventually agreed to change the way both shows obtained their news.[121] They also agreed not to air "unauthorized footage" of celebrities or "footage that is known to have been obtained illegally."

I believe that boycott was the end of that terrible show. I found out that Linda Bell worked for Hard Copy from 1993-1995 the era of the horrible media smear campaign on Michael. Now, fast forward to last week, on Linda Bell's twitter account, she starts to promote Prince being on ET

from @ExecProdLinda

I wonder if Prince would ever know that Linda Bell was the main ringleader in helping the media destroy his father's life and good name. Oh, wait a minute, his own aunt and cousins don't seem to care so maybe Prince would not see it as a problem. Brooke Anderson, before she became a permanent stay on ET, was a former host of the former The Insider with Kevin Frazier and during the faux murder trial of 2011, Brooke Anderson made it clear that she believed that Michael killed himself even though there was no evidence any of that happened. It made me almost sick to my stomach when I saw this tweet of her "looking after" Prince - 


When I watched the coverage of this mess, Brooke had the nerve to state that she has been a fan of Michael for years. What lies. I mean, the ass kissing was out of control. 

The coverage of Prince being on ET was annoying and painful to watch because I am not used to seeing Michael's children in display in this fashion. Let's witness the horror of all of this - 


I had to stop after the third video. I couldn't take it anymore. 

A Possible Reason Why This Is Happening

I am probably a bit harsh with blaming Michael's family for this nonsense but someone in that family cannot let this continue. I also have to remind myself that there could a reason why this is happening. Days after the Jackson family had their "feud", it was revealed that the children do not have any money in their trust funds. I did a blog post about that way back in September - 

So, because of debts and taxes, it will take years until the children and the chosen charities start to benefit from Michael's Estate. That is what we thought and then this article was published days after ET announced that Prince was their new correspondent.

 Rocco Beatrice, Managing Director of ESP, founders of the UltraTrust irrevocable trust, explains that “because of poor estate planning Michael’s family will have to still wait years until his probate, estate taxes, creditors’ claims, and other legal battles are finalized.”

For the Jackson estate, the assets still have not poured into any fund. The children are receiving almost a seven-figure allowance - annually. This includes the mansion, private schooling at the famous Buckley School near Beverly Hills with a yearly $29,000 tuition and vacations. These expenses amount to $70,000 per month according to the NY Daily News.

“If Mr. Jackson utilized irrevocable trusts like Steve Jobs, the family could be using their share right now. No waiting, no estate taxes, no public scrutiny, no courts, and asset protection,” states Mr. Beatrice.

ESP estimates the estate will be taxed about $200 million. “In a good estate plan, one can mitigate the estate tax altogether. The Jackson lawyers were likely more worried about their own paychecks than doing the right thing by Mr. Jackson. Tying up the Jackson estate in probate court is very profitable for Mr. Jackson’s attorneys and could have easily been avoided by using the Ultra Trust,” posits Mr. Beatrice.

The last quote explains the main reason why the executors should go. That could also explain why, so suddenly, Prince has a job and being a correspondent for a popular television show can get someone paid big time. You have to really think about the bigger picture here in terms of the type of future Prince wants. He knows that the money from his father's estate is not coming anytime soon. He knows that he has to pay tuition for him to continue classes at the Buckley School that he probably likes. He knows that he wants to go to college and college is an investment. In a crazy, twisted way, now that he is old enough to work, he wanted to take this job to help out when it comes to his finances. His grandmother is 82 and we all know she is not paying the tuition and the Estate is not doing their share based on the article that was provided. Prince probably had to go to this route to get things in order so there will be no problems in the future when it comes time to pay for his education. 

This Job is Not Temporary/Suggestions for Other Jobs

This past weekend, I watched the weekend edition of ET and Brooke Anderson stated to Prince that he will be doing more corresponding jobs for them in the future. He will get a call from them if they need him for anything. I had a feeling that the job was not a one time thing and that he was going be needed. If this was Access Hollywood or E! News Now, I would not have such a huge issue with that because for the most part, those shows were not as nasty to Michael as ET was. However, I am angry that he is even working for the media, the same group of people that gave his father so many problems. Can you imagine Bobbi-Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston's daughter, working for the Wendy Williams show? No. It will never happen in a million years. So, it bothers me to see Michael's children even dealing with the media and his own family knows how the media was so cruel to him. It is hard to accept that this is even happening. I do have suggestions of jobs that Prince can do that isn't ET or the media. The first job that came to mind was KFC, but I have to remind myself that a child of Michael's cannot be like every other child that can get a regular job. I have to think outside of the "normal" world and think about the type of life Prince lives. He was born into celebrity and he is going to work in the business of entertainment. Prince stated that he wants to act and he could probably do some guest starring roles on popular television shows. (Even though I do not agree with that as well.) Prince can also do internship with a record label. He is not going to be in the spotlight as much. Honestly, those are the only suggestions that I have for Prince because I can't think of any jobs that he can do that does not involve show business that would not single him out because of who his father was and his family. 


The fact of the matter is that I can never accept what is happening to Michael's older children because this was not what Michael wanted for them. Michael did not want his children to become instant entertainers or for them to be expose so young in their lives. He wanted his children to have the childhood that he never had because that was his wish for them. Michael also wanted his children to go to college and get their degree because Michael never had the chance to do that for himself. When I see all of this happening to his children, I get angry because this is not what Michael wanted for his children. Sadly, Michael also did not think he was going to be murdered at 50 years old. We all know that if Michael was here with us, his children would still be wearing masks and veils let alone being exposed in such manner. I think one of the reasons I am taking this so hard is that I cannot fully accept that all of these things are happening so fast, so instantly. It is was like yesterday that Michael was here doing his usual thing and in a flash, he is no longer here to watch over his children and family and protect them from the evil people that were threatening to take over their lives. I also cannot accept the fact that Michael is really gone and everything that he wanted for his children will probably never happen because there are people who are making sure that those things will not happen. Maybe one of the reasons why Randy, Janet and Rebbie did what they did last summer was because of what we are seeing now. I never thought, when I was doing my blog posts on the whole Jackson Family saga that I would ever call Prince and Paris "spoiled" let alone a name that was not their name. I was so angry at what was happening because I did not want what Michael had for his children to be ignored. However, if Michael's three siblings could not stop the madness, then how can I or anyone else? I have to now realized that all of this is out of my hands and that I have to let God handle this mess. I hope that wherever Michael is in heaven that he is not upset because he felt like he let his family and fans down but he is upset that his family and fans let him down. He has relatives that are close with the Estate executors, a nephew who has no respect for his grandmother, two of his children are pushing into spoiled rotten territory, a sister who is enjoying every moment, a fan community that is so divided that they can't even reason and a cousin who is clearly abusing his aunt mentally and emotionally. Someone or some people in the family have to make some changes so that things are in order. Hopefully, the changes happen before it is too late. 

Michael holding Prince in 1997.



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