Monday, September 3, 2012

Random Thoughts Part 2

This is part 2 of the Random Thoughts series. In the second part, I am going to discuss the Michael Jackson fan community, the birthday love on August 29th, Spike Lee and my concern for one of Michael's children. I will also talk about the latest information in regards to Michael's birthday celebration in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. So, let's get it started. 

The Reality of the Fan Community

Michael during the beginning of the Dangerous Era.

I have made it clear on this blog that I am not a fan of the Michael Jackson fan community. I used to be the the type of person to hold grudges against people who have wronged me but I have started to realized that doing that will never help me move on. So, I simply let my issues with the people who have wrong me go. That goes with the MJ fans who have done me wrong. I was a supporter of the radio show "The Michael Jackson Preservation Show" for nearly a year until recently. Last week, I noticed that the twitter account for that show, @PreservingMJ unfollow me. Usually, I do not care about who unfollows me because I warn people that if they are going to follow me to expect me to be off the charts at times. However, with these people who do the radio show, I was a supporter of their show and would promote their show to my followers. So, being unfollowed by them shocked me. I did not make a big deal about that and focused on other things. On August 30th (last Thursday), one of the hosts for the radio show started to tweet about what happened at the birthday celebration Gary, Indiana had for Michael. I noticed that the tweets were more about what Michael's children were doing and not about the events itself. So, I tweeted these tweets about what I did not like to them. You will noticed that I did not insult them or trash them but was pleading with them. 

My tweets to @PreservingMJ.

The next thing I knew, the account blocked me on twitter. When I noticed that, I was livid and I had to go off. It was that event and one of the owners of the blog VindicateMJ 2.0 who called me "argumentative" that made me wonder really hard on my connection, if you can call it, in regards to the Michael Jackson fan community. I have use the Preserving MJ radio show links as sources to some of my blog posts in the past and I have always supported their effort to "preserve" Michael's legacy. However, what I read on twitter August 30th was more of exposing Michael's children and less of preserving his legacy. The twitter account is now private so only the selective few of their followers can read/view their tweets. If they are a radio show and are trying to reach out to the fans, they should still have their account unlock to reach them. They could have blocked me an still left the account unlock. I do not need to read their nonsense. When they blocked me from twitter, I sent them a message on their facebook like page (you can now send messages to like pages on facebook). I thought about posting the message I sent to them on here, but it was private and in order to take the high road, I feel that making the message public would cause more problems. I have realized that many of these Michael Jackson fans are not interested in how wrong they are or if they care about what truly happened to him. They are interested in trying to promote the brand that is Michael Jackson. No matter what they do, they are going to do everything in their power to get the public to focus on the distractions and not what happened to Michael. Let me give you an example: I contacted one of the bloggers from the Vindicate MJ 2.0 blog about either questioning the validity of the will or doing a blog about questioning the will. The blogger told me that he/she did not have enough information on that subject and just wanted to focus on the child abuse situation Michael went through. I thought about it and remembered that it was Vindicate MJ 2.0 that was one of the websites that supported the letter that a website called did in support of the Estate. When Vindicate MJ 2.0 supported the letter, they did not have "enough information" on the validity of the will to do a blog post on so why support the Estate executors and the letter? These are the things that made me think about why I bother to care what these fans do. If you truly care about Michael and you know what he stated about what the music, heck, the entertainment business did to him, why can you take the time to look into what Michael stated? Why focus on the distractions and feel a certain type of way when someone challenges what you state? After some thinking, I decided to remove Vindicate MJ 2.0 from the links section on my blog. As for the Preserving MJ radio show, I would call the show so many times to participate in their lame topics and even talk to Joe Vogel and Flo Anthony about Michael on the show. Even after all of that support, a disagreement with them led to being blocked by them from twitter as if I was spam. At times, that is why I believe that the MJ fan community truly are, for the most part, a wicked group of people. I will not put all fans in the same group because I have communicated with some cool Michael fans who truly care. However, the many fans that only care about the distractions and are too selfish to see what this Estate is about are the ones who are the wicked ones. I am glad that I decided to do this blog because it gives me an outlet to express myself without feeling like I would be punished or censored for doing so. I rather be viewed as a fan that is a conspiracy theorist than a fan that is wicked and selfish. I am not part of the fan community, I am a diehard, hard core fan of Michael Jackson and no amount of wickedness would ever get rid of my fanhood. I do not need to be a part of a community to love and support Michael. 

Concern for Paris.

Michael with his daughter in 1999. 

I was on twitter last week and I read some tweets from a fan about Paris and her odd behavior. I wanted to get some clarity to what I read so I contacted a fan through direct message on twitter about what I read. It is true: Paris did invite her "fans" (I have no idea what she did/done/do to have fans.) from her twitter account to a Motely Crue concert or some gathering and she also took a picture of her with Nikki Sixx. Nikki Sixx is one of the muppets from that has been rock band, Motely Crue, who have stated horrible things about Michael for a couple of years now. The man has apologized to Paris but I do not know what Paris was thinking even communicating with this man after the mess he state about her father. I am concern that this child is growing up too fast and is not being disciplined at all. TJ, her cousin, Michael's nephew, is suppose be her co-guardian. However, even after all of the antics Paris is doing on twitter, including trending on twitter because she voted for Justin Bieber instead of One Direction (some boy band from the UK.) for some crappy poll from, TJ has yet to do anything. This past Sunday (9/2), she tweeted that she is not into politics but if Mitt Romney wins the election, she is moving to Africa. Let's break all of the events one by one - 1. The fact that Paris invited "fans" from her twitter account to go to her to some concert, bothers the hell out of me. Did it not occur to her that she did not know these people and those people could have been anyone? When Katherine was sole guardian, Paris was not inviting strangers to hang out with her. Now that TJ is co-guardian, anything goes. While he is vacationing in Texas, his cousin, who he is suppose to protect is doing whatever she wants to do. 2. Nikki Sixx said horrible things about Michael that I refuse to remotely post on my precious blog. As a daughter of Michael, I would think that Paris would not even pay that bastard any mind, let alone pose a picture with him. As a fan of her father, I would never even thing of shaking the hand of a person who trashed Michael let alone take a picture with that person. I guess Paris never really understood the magnitude that her father had to endure during that horrible time in his life. Paris really needs to understand what she is doing. What she did was a major insult to her father and everything that he stood for. To be called a "child abuser", even though there is no proof that Michael actually harmed a child, is probably one of the worse things to be called. Michael had to halt his career and his life to fight false allegations against him and you would think his own child, who he raised, feed, clothed, taught and took care of, would understand the hell her father had to go through so that he would not go to jail and be called a convicted felon for a crime he never did. Michael fought those charges so that the law would not label him a "sex offender" and he did everything in his power to have a legacy to celebrate so that his children would be proud of him. I do not think that Paris understands that there are still people who believe these horrible things about her father, which includes that clueless Nikki Sixx. Instead of defending her beloved father, she supports the clueless and the dumb. 3. When she tweeted about her opinion about one of the Presidential candidates, I had to shake my head. Paris is 14, spoiled, rich and has no bills to pay or a job to go to. What does her views have to do with anything? What gives her a reason to talk about an election when she is not going to vote because she is too young to vote? When I was 14, Bill Clinton was President and I was not telling people who to vote for. I was more into why this man gave this media something to talk about in regards to his philandering ways. I knew my place but does Paris know her place? It seems like Paris wants to be part of the grown up crowd so badly that she will start to prove that she is grown. I do not know what got into her after her father was murdered but I do know this: if MJ fans do not stop exposing this child and start telling this girl to get off of twitter, we are going to see more of this foolishness. It is clear that some of the Jacksons who are in that home and are allow to visit the home (excluding Katherine), could care less about this child. If they did care, the would tell her to stop tweeting. 

Spike Lee documentary to air on ABC TV Thanksgiving Day. 

Michael with Spike Lee in 1995.

Sometime last week, good news came through the twitter/facebook world - the Bad 25 documentary will air on television in the USA on ABC on Thanksgiving Day. Not only is Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays but an MJ special on that day? Awesome. Now, I am going to really get ready for that special. Here is a little more information - 

"Spike Lee's Michael Jackson documentary to run on ABCLOS ANGELES ( - Michael Jackson is coming to ABC, easy as 1-2-3.
The network said Tuesday that it will air "BAD25," a documentary about the deceased King of Pop directed by Spike Lee.
The documentary, which chronicles the creation of Jackson's 1987 album "Bad," will air on Thanksgiving. Further details will be released at a future date.

Using archival footage from the Michael Jackson estate, the film "focuses on the creative forces that pushed Jackson to make the 'Bad' album and launch the Bad Worldwide Tour," according to ABC.
The documentary also includes interviews conducted by Lee with Jackson confidants, choreographers and collaborators, including Martin Scorsese, who directed the "Bad" video, and Joe Pytka, who helmed the "Heal the World" video.
Lee himself directed the video for "They Don't Care About Us," from Jackson's "HIStory" album.
"This will be a very special Thanksgiving for all families to enjoy the genius of Michael Jackson," said Lee, who filmed the documentary in advance of the album's 25th anniversary. "Big thanks to ABC for allowing people to witness the making of Michael Jackson's 'Bad' album."
Released on August 31, 1987, "Bad" won two Grammy awards and was nominated for six, and spawned hits such as the title track, "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Man in the Mirror" and "Smooth Criminal." The album's anniversary will be marked by the release of deluxe 25th anniversary editions of the album.
The album's 25th anniversary will be celebrated on September 18, 2012 with the Legacy/Epic Records release of deluxe 25th anniversary editions of the album.
Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50, of acute propofol intoxication."

That looks exciting. I was on twitter last night (August 31st) and made a tweet to Spike Lee and he responded back - 

Spike Lee responded to my tweet.

What an honor because I was screeching when I saw it. So, I watched a press conference that Spike did in Venice about the documentary. I am going to post the video and state my views afterwards. 

Video of Spike Lee talking about the documentary.

In some of the things that he mentioned, I have heard about before. We know about the quote Michael stated, "study the greats to become greater" and how he wanted BAD to sell 100 million copies. I hope that this documentary does not become a repeat of things about Michael that I and many fans already know about him during that time in his life. I also hope that this documentary is not an extension of Joe Vogel's section of the BAD era from his book Man and the Music. Spike also mentioned that this documentary will be about the music and not the nonsense that surrounded Michael. I cannot help but wonder that the Estate executors told Spike what they wanted to documentary to focus on the music but one of the executors made sure to be there with Michael during the BAD era and probably advise him to create stories on himself in order for the media to bash him in which, in turn, create a freak show that racked in millions of dollars in the pockets of Sony BMG which was Epic/CBS Records at that time. I hope that this documentary truly is awesome because I have been waiting for Spike Lee to do something on Michael for a long time. I will do a review on the special after the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

Michael Jackson Inc. 

Michael at Jesse Jackson's B-Day Party in 2007.

I found out on Michael's birthday that Forbes magazine writer, Zach O'Malley Greenburg, who did an article on Michael's will and who wrote the book on Jay-Z called Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went From Street Corner to Corner Office, among other things is writing a book about Michael. Oh, cool, another Michael book that the Estate will support. :/ The book is called Michael Jackson Inc. and read how Mr. Greenburg is promoting the book:

Michael Jackson, Inc. will tell the story of the rise, fall and rise of a billion-dollar empire, focusing on how Jackson’s own underrated business savvy helped him build one of the most impressive realms in the history of entertainment. Yes, Jackson died with hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. But he also left behind at least $1 billion in assets, the result of shrewd decision-making by himself and those who guided him in the 1980s.
My research is progressing rapidly and I’ve already started writing. This summer, I’ve done reporting in Jackson’s hometown of Gary, Indiana, his adopted home of Los Angeles and even Neverland Ranch. I’ve interviewed members of his immediate and extended family; friends from childhood, adolescence and adulthood; lawyers, dealmakers, writers, producers and publicists who worked with him over the years; and representatives from his estate.

He states that Michael's empire was on the rise and then it fell. Who made it fall, Mr. Greenburg? Will your book get into that aspect? Hmmm, what else did he state on here.....yes, Michael was a shrewd businessman who got a hold of the precious Beatles catalogue with the help of a certain estate executor name John Branca who also wanted to take the catalogue from him. So, who in the family did he interview? Joe? Katherine? Trent? Jackie? Marlon? Jermaine? LaToya? What would the family tell the reader about Michael's business savvy sense? Friends from his life - are those friends the true blues are the backstabbers??? Of course, the Estate executors, Mr. Greenburg has to interview them because they are the main reason why Mr. Greenburg gets the created "tea" in regards to the invalid will that the executors and their helpers want the world to believe that Michael actually signed. The book will come out in 2014 and by that time, I would not be interested in caring about a Michael Jackson book. 

Michael's Birthday L.O.V.E

Michael, we love you. 

The facebook/twitter lovefest on Michael's birthday made my week and I want to post a few tweets from family and friends/fans of the late Michael. I love the tweets because it was out of L.O.V.E. 

Tweets from the people who love MJ. Lovely.

On a sidenote: I refuse to post any tweets, facebook statuses, pictures of videos of this event because, in my opinion, it is an exposure of Michael's children. It looks more to be a "pimping" of Michael's children and not a celebration of his life. There are others who will disagree with me, but the bottom line is that the celebrity is Michael, not his children.  

Some of Michael's family members; Katherine, LaToya, his children, TJ and his son Royal, went to the annual Michael Jackson birthday bash in Gary, Indiana. Here is the rundown of the events - 

Michael Jackson's children, Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket, are celebrating their father's 54th birthday in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. According to TMZ, the kids traveled with their grandmother, Katherine, aunt, La Toya, and co-guardian, T.J., to participate in the four-day Goin' Back To Indiana: Can You Feel It festival that began Wednesday, Jackson's birthday.
The events kick off with a Candlelight Tribute Vigil at 8 p.m. at the King Of Pop's old home located at 2300 Jackson Street. Reverend Jesse Jackson will open the program with a "message on love, peace and understanding," according to a statement on the ceremony's Facebook page.
On Thursday, the Jackson children will receive honorary uniforms from the Gary SouthShore RailCats, the city's independent professional baseball team, and will throw the night's first pitch. The game will be preceded by special musical performance by The Gratitude Project and will be followed by a moment of silence.
Katherine will be recognized on Friday during a dinner reception hosted by Gary mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson. On Saturday, a musical salute will be held at the West Side Theatre Guild at West Side High School.
Jackson's family left Gary for Los Angeles in 1968 when he was 9-years-old. The Thriller singer said he had a rough childhood. During a 2003 interview for the "Living With Michael Jackson" television special, Jackson recalled being beaten by his father, Joe. Jackson said his dad would sometimes hold a belt in his hand as he watched the Jackson and his brothers rehearse. "If you didn't do it the right way, he would tear you up, really get you," Jackson said.


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