Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is Something Off About Michael's Siblings?

When we think about our siblings, we think of the relationships that we have with them, how much we love them or loathe them and how much they are a part of our upbringing. Our siblings are the very people that knew us before we knew us. In a normal sibling relationship, when one is in trouble, bashed or hurt, their siblings come to their defense because they are family and that is what family do. We expect our siblings to always be there for us no matter what. If that one sibling is a multi-billionaire entertainment legend, not only do we expect him to take care of his siblings if they are in trouble with financial situations but we expect his siblings to have his back and defend him at all times. We expect Michael's siblings to do that because they are a family. 

Michael's relationship with his siblings were, at one point, amazing. Michael's closeness with Marlon during his Jackson 5/Jacksons eras were well documented. When Marlon met his wife Carol, got married and started a family, Michael developed an extremely close relationship with Janet. They were so close that when Michael would do interviews, she would be a buffer because of Michael's trust issues with the media. Up until Michael's murder, Janet started to have Randy in her ear and when things were not going good for her, she started to become jealous of Michael. Jermaine was the brother that Michael idolized because he wanted to be like him. However, once Michael's popularity started to become legendary status in 1984, Jermaine began to throw hints at jealously of his brother. Randy was the only younger brother Michael ever had and felt the need to protect him because he was basically neglected. However, when Michael was going through his trial in 2005 and afterwards, Randy showed his true colors. 

Probably the biggest betrayal and was the turning point in Michael's relationship with his siblings was when LaToya told the world in 1993 that Michael was a "pedophile". She later recounted her comments stating that she was forced by her then husband, Jack Gordon, to state the vile things about her brother. Whatever the situation truly was, the damaged was done and Michael's relationships with his siblings slowly started to diminished. 

This blog post is about the things that bothered me about Michael's siblings and their unusual behaviors towards him after he was vindicated in 2005 up until now. There are things that the siblings have done to him, his children and his legacy that has bothered me.

Finally, this blog post will be an apology, of sorts, to Michael's children. I will explain on the post the reason why I should have never cared about the family drama back in 2012 and why even though I do stand by what I stated back in 2012, I do feel that if it were to happen again, I will not pay attention to any of it. I hope you all read this blog post with an open mind and learn about Michael's complicated relationship with his siblings. 

Michael with his siblings in the 1970s.

Lack of Defense and Loyalty

Michael and LaToya during the trial years.

It is frustrating when people trash Michael through the media and his siblings do not do anything to cease it. You would think that when people come after your loved ones, you would do or state something in defense of your loved one. That is why it bothers me to no end when I see Michael's siblings defending and even befriending the various people that have shown Michael complete disrespect. No sibling does it better that LaToya. I can talk about how this woman rolls all day because it is mind boggling how can this woman be so clueless about what these people stated about her brother and support their crap. For example, when Joan Rivers passed away and many MJ fans were not interested in her career or her life because of a disgusting comment she stated about Michael after he died. Rivers stated that basically now that Michael is dead, her grandson, Connor, is safe. Of course, that comment angered me, the fans and it was disgusting. 

As the tributes were coming in for Rivers, I was ignoring them because I really did not care but I had a strange feeling that LaToya would state something about Rivers' passing. I went on her twitter account and I saw this: 

LaToya's tweet about Rivers, 2014. 

I could not be more disgusted. Forget the fact that old woman trashed her brother when he was deceased. Forget the fact that she called him horrific names and I do believe she even stated that he killed himself. For his sister to even remotely praise that woman because she was "fun" and "hilarious" and not evil and nasty says a lot about her. When Michael died, what prayer did she and her daughter, Melissa, send to LaToya and the family? NONE. Yet, forget all of the nasty things she stated and give her praise anyway? Laughable. See, if Michael was my brother, not only would I confront that Rivers woman, but I might throw wine at her. I do not give a damn if she was an elderly woman. Family is first. I mean, she posed with that woman and not care what she stated about her own family. 

Yes, there is more - Perez Hilton, a celebrity blogger who has issues and feels that for some unusual reason, he is entitled to treat famous people like trash. Hilton was and is a hater of Michael and when he passed away, he stated that Michael was faking his death to get away from doing the concerts. Forget the fact that his children are beyond devastated and his fans, including me, are in complete and utter shock and despair. In 2007, when pictures of the L'uomo Vogue magazine was leaked online, Hilton trashed Michael's looks like it was nothing. There are probably more things that the clown has stated about Michael but I have completely ignored the nonsense that he was stated about Michael after 2009. When I was looking through LaToya's twitter account, I saw this picture and well, take a look:

LaToya with Perez Hilton, 2014.

It is "good" to see a clown who trashed your brother, right, LaToya? Oh, it must have been "good" to post a picture with him as well because who cares, right? Who cares that Perez stated things about your brother that was pretty much evil? Pathetic. 

As we all know, LaToya has a reality show on Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network called "Life with LaToya" or "Life on Top" or "Starting Over for the 18th Time with LaToya". However, it irks me that she is basically friends with a woman that believes that her brother molested children. Just look at the picture:

LaToya and Oprah Winfrey

You can just vomit a little bit inside your mouth. How did Michael deal with these type of people? Just ugh! 

During Michael's birthday, the BET network had the nerve to air that "Man in the Mirror" joke that starred Flex Alexander and of course, he was bashed on twitter for basically mocking the man. What some people do not know is Flex and his wife, singer Shanice, are friends with the Jacksons. LaToya hangs out of them at times, so I was a bit shocked when Flex stated these things about the movie and LaToya on his twitter account. Read on:

Flex Alexander's tweets defending his "role" of mockery, 2014.

So, let me get this straight, LaToya knew Flex "put his heart" into mocking her own brother who, by the way, hated the movie and released a statement making that clear. LaToya never told this man that what he was doing was wrong and completely disrespectful to Michael. Keep in mind, when that movie was aired on VH-1, Michael was going through the 2005 nonsense trial and the last thing he had to deal with is some dude who had a semi-hit show on the UPN now CW network called One on One pretending to be him, wearing white powder make up, pretending to talk in a high voice and wearing clothes that look like he got them from a costume store you go to get your Halloween gear. This lame sister of Michael's basically gave this person her blessing to make a mockery of her brother. Wow, just WOW......

There is a guy name B. Howard who stated this year that Michael was his father. We all know the story that was made up by various people who have a connection to Michael. To set the record straight, based on what I know as fact, Michael is not his father and if he had illegitimate children, we would not know about them. There are many people out there who do not believe that Michael's children are really his actual, biological children. I do not even think that some members of Michael's family do not think that they are his children. So, it did not really surprised me when I saw pictures of LaToya with B.Howard at some event they were going to around the time he revealed that lie about Michael. B. Howard is LaToya's music producer who produced her latest flop, "Love Like This". LaToya revealed on twitter B. Howard's appearance on her reality show this year. Read on:

LaToya's tweet to B. Howard, 2014. 

She did not care if that man stated that Michael was his father nor did she ever went on her twitter account to state that he was lying. All she cared about was herself and promoting an upcoming episode that included that creep. 

Michael and Jackie in 1992. 

On his twitter account, Jackie gave props to B. Howard for his music video that he was doing. 

Jackie's Tweet to B. Howard, 2014.

LaToya's and Jackie's tweets confirmed to the people who have doubt about the paternity of Michael's children that B. Howard is Michael's "son". These two clueless siblings do not understand that their "confirmation" does not need anything to dispute Howard's laughable claim. The fact that they gave the man the attention and promotion he craves shows how much they really do not get their brother. Instead of ignoring that creep or denying his claims, they confirmed that B. Howard is telling the truth. People will not care that B. Howard does not have the same DNA as Michael or ALL of the Jacksons or that he looks nothing like a Jackson. All they will care about is that B. Howard hung out with some of the Jacksons and he was "confirmed" by two of Michael's siblings. Re-read Jackie's tweet again - "the magic continues" - isn't that something that is connected to Michael? Yep. Who needs DNA to prove anything when Michael's own family can do the confirming for you. 

Michael with Rebbie and Janet in 1989. 

The Casico family have been discussed a few times on this blog mainly because of what they did in 2010 regarding the first posthumous album called Michael. You know the story: three songs from that album were not Michael's vocals which caused complete madness within the fan community. It was a mess and you would think that Michael's family would understand that dealing with the Casicos who betrayed Michael would mean they would also betray Michael. So, it came as a surprise to me when I was on twitter and I read on my timeline that Rebbie and her son Austin went to the wedding of one of the Casico's family members, Marie, who was marrying James Porte, a singer that Frank Casico was managing. An MJ fan on twitter name MJJstreet posted the information on his/her twitter account. Read on -

A tweet from @MJJStreet. 

They have to have known what this family did to Michael yet they decided to go to the wedding of Frank's sister anyway. It really does not make sense to me. Then again, it is not like this is actual news to me. This is the same Rebbie who was friends with that roach Stacy Brown and when he was a correspondent for MSNBC during the trial days, he was telling them and the world how the family was really feeling about Michael. It makes it even worse when I was told back then by someone who knew Michael that Rebbie was the main one coming after Michael when the 2003 allegations happened and how she made him feel bad for what happened. Forget the fact that the whole thing was a set up to ruin Michael's life and that people wanted Michael to be done with. Rebbie wanted Michael to know how she really felt about what was happening to them and how it was affecting the children in the family. A very cold and nasty way that Rebbie did to come at Michael instead of defending him and being by his side when he needed it the most. 

Michael and Tito in the late 1980s. 

A few months ago, Tito did an interview with a UK talk show host name Jeremy Kyle for  a show called Celebrity Specials. In the interview, Tito was asked all kinds of questions about Michael and the family but one question in particular not only angered me but Tito's answer pissed me off. I understand that all of Michael's siblings do not believe that Michael harmed children. They know their brother and they know their brother was nothing like that. However, the fact that Tito was asked a question about Michael's relationship with children and was it appropriate when Tito knows that Michael never harmed a child and he never corrected the ignorant host says all you need to know about Tito's loyalty towards his brother. 

Tito's answer of "I don't know" when asked about Michael's relationship with children being appropriate tells me that Tito, deep down, probably does not believe his brother ever harmed children but I believe that Tito might think that Michael's relationship with children was weird to him. The fact that his answer was "I don't know" instead of "no" tells me that he could be doubting his brother's innocence.  The fans have spent time, effort, sweat, hours, etc on proving that Michael was innocent of those horrible allegations and his own blood can't even completely defend him. It makes you wonder why Tito barely states anything to defend Michael when it comes to his innocence. It is heartbreaking to see and hear that because I always thought that Tito was reasonable and understanding. Maybe his love for fame overshadow his reason about his brother. It is a damn shame, to be honest. As for this nonsense of Michael being "lost" before he died is laughable considering the fact that Michael wanted nothing to do with them before he passed away. Everyone knows that as a fact so I do not know why Tito and the rest of his siblings cannot fully accept the truth. 

Jealousy and Envy

Jermaine with his son, Jaafar a few years back.

I do not think that all of the siblings were jealous of Michael at the same time. They took turns. If Jermaine was not jealous, then it was Janet and if she was not jealous then it was Randy and so on. However, Jermaine is the one sibling that was jealous of Michael the most. It all started when they were younger and Michael replaced Jermaine as the lead singer for the Jackson 5. Slowly but surely, Jermaine made sure to plant his seeds of jealousy and envy when it came to Michael and his well deserved fame and legacy. 

Jermaine stated various comments over the years when it came to his relationship with his brother, Michael. From his infamous comment from Life magazine during the Victory tour in 1984 to the "Word of the Badd" mess, Jermaine made it known that he had his issues with Michael. However, during the trial years, it did seem that Jermaine was truly there for Michael and his defense for his brother's innocence was loving and enduring. After Michael's vindication, Jermaine started to show the real reason why he does the things that he does. 

After Michael was vindicated, he went to Bahrain, located in the Middle East, to rest, clear  his mind and find some type of peace. When he was there, he stayed with Prince Abduallah, the son of the King of Barhain. Before Michael was vindicated, Jermaine stated in his book that he went to Bahrain and why he went there. On page 384 of his book, he stated:

“During the trial, I had to go to Bahrain for a few days. I stayed in touch with Mother and Tom (Meserau) by phone, but didn’t tell anyone I was there to do a deal that would ease Michael’s financial worries. Once he was free of court, I wanted him to be free of debt’s burden, too. That was what I was aiming for as I spent time with Prince Abdullah, the King’s second son.” 
Jermaine was making decisions for Michael that Michael knew nothing about. Instead of focusing on making sure Michael was out of that 2005 nightmare, Jermaine wanted to make plans for Michael's future as if he was actually living the life. So when things started to go sour between Michael and Prince Abdullah, Michael was sued and had to fight for his name once again, in a courtroom in the UK. Jermaine's opinion about what happened between Michael and Prince Abdullah that he stated in his book, pages 395 and 396, angered me so much that I am convinced that he did this to Michael out of spite. 

“But it was also a frustratingly characteristic of Michael to sign a contract without reading the small print  - just as in 2000, he had discovered his masters weren’t being returned by Sony”.

 “To be fair, Prince Abdullah appeared to be a fan, a good man and earnest. Unfortunately, Michael misunderstood the contract; he often didn’t read contracts and so ended up walking into a $5 million debt that he simply couldn’t afford.”

Jermaine decided to handle Michael's future again and this time it was AEG and the This Is It concerts that never happened. So, you might be thinking, "what does Jermaine have to do with any of those things?" When Jermaine met with Tohme Tohme to discuss business ventures, the talk turned to Michael and Jermaine liked what Tohme stated to him about what he can do for Michael. Then, Tohme came into Michael's life. At that time, Neverland was going to be sold by bankers and Tohme came in and bought in Thomas Barrack from Colony Capital. Thomas Barrack knew Phil Anschutz, the owner of AEG and made a deal with Michael so he can pay off his debts. That deal, as we all know, were the O2 Arena concerts that Michael was preparing to do that never happened. 

Jermaine with his brothers and Piers Morgan, 2012. 

You might think that, in some weird way, that I am blaming Jermaine for Michael's murder. Far from it. I am simply stating that Jermaine's obsession with "helping" Michael did more harm to Michael than good. I do not see what benefit Michael would have had with Jermaine making these decisions for him. Michael did not need his brother's "help" and had advisers to help him. 

You would think that after all of the things that Jermaine did to Michael he would come to him senses and focus on other things. However, Jermaine is not like many reasonable people that know their place. Six months ago, those people over at that TMZ show saw Jermaine and talked to him. The foolery that came out of his mouth was so disrespecful that everyone had something to say. Watch, hear and shake your head at the man's clueless behavior:

Jermaine, please shut up. Please. 

Why even respond back to a woman who lived off your brother for nearly 15 years? The same woman that would take a paycheck but never took care of your niece or nephew? Jermaine is so jealous that he does not have any control over his impulses. Look, from what we know about how Michael felt about his siblings and talent, Michael has always respected their talent. I do not believe that Michael ever told Debbie Rowe that lame comment. As a matter of fact, in Michael's autobiography, Moonwalk, he talks a little bit about the talent of two of his siblings. On page 111, he states,

"We had two recruits coming up: Randy had already toured with us, and Janet was showing talent with her singing and dancing lessons. We couldn't put Randy and Janet in our own lineup any more than we could put square pegs into round holes. I wouldn't insult their considerable talent by saying that show business was so in their blood that they just took their places automatically, as if we'd reserved a spot for them. They worked hard and earned their places in the group. They didn't join us because they ate meals with us and shared our toys."   
However, this is not about what Michael supposedly told Debbie. Rather, this is about Jermaine not ignoring a comment coming from a person who has no business to talk about anyone. Jermaine gave everyone that loathes him a chance to trash him for eternity. For him to even state that the Jackson 5 made Michael is not only comical but impossible. Let's get a few things straight here - if there was no Jackson 5, there would have been a Michael Jackson. Bobby Taylor stated in a interview that Michael was the only star in the group. In the Jackson Family Dynasty reality show showed the true testament of how the brothers really work when they are trying to get something done. None of the brothers are stars. They do not have the charisma of being stars in their own right. They  had to sing Michael's own songs on their failed Unity tour. What happened to singing their so called hit songs? Lastly, the main reason why Jermaine's comment was laughable was because Michael made every last one of his siblings and their children famous all because Michael was THAT big of a star. 

Then there were his comments about the second and successful (I am in no way promoting the album, just simply stating the facts. It is a successful album, one I refuse to buy but you already know my stance on the album.) posthumous album, Xscape. Jermaine with his misguided comments about music that he has no business talking about. Once again, he is asked by those people over at TMZ about his opinion. 

Like, are you serious, dude? 

Why would the estate executors want the brothers to even touch Michael's music? When Michael was alive and was a full time solo artist, he did not enlist his brothers on his work. He had a whole staff working on his albums. Yes, in the past, when Michael had an reasonable relationship with his siblings, he did not have an issue working with them. However, as the years went on and when the siblings treated him weirdly, he showed his distance and Jermaine and them should have had a clue. I mean, it is the audcity of this man to think that he was such a big influence in everything Michael has ever done in his career. That is a sign of a jealous and envious person. 

Jermaine did an interview with the website, to talk about his charity, the reunion tour with the other brothers and of course, Michael. An Jermaine interview is never complete without a few mentiongs about Michael. 

"TR: What are your thoughts on Michael’s new album?
JJ: I’m not happy, and the reason ... is that Michael was a perfectionist. He set the bar for vocals and performance. To have someone try and emulate that, it’s just not there. I think that they are just putting things out there, and the motivation is not the art. Michael did things because he wanted to do his best and show the world art. He wasn’t focused on money and profit; he was focused on the art and being the best. I’m not happy because ... this work they are putting out there is not representative of what he’s done in the past."

Jermaine was angry because he had no part in making the album. That is the real reason. You have Jackie supporting the album, Michael's son Prince, playing one of the songs in one of his vine videos and the only person complaining is Jermaine. 

I also need to point out that Jermaine spoke out in regards to Paris' breakdown last year. Let me post the video because.... just watch:

The nerve. 

I am so done with this bastard. Here is the thing: I do not give a damn how this child acts. She lost a father in front of billions of people. She has to hear and read lies about her father from losers that do not know what the hell they are talking about. Her father was her world. See, Jermaine would not understand that because he did not lose his father at 11 years old. He did not have to see his father die in front of him while a lame doctor was standing there, helpless. This bastard does not have children who lost a father at a young age. This is the same fool that does not even pay child support to the children that he had with Alejandra. He is the last person to even go there with Michael's children, especially his daughter who was in pain. No wonder she does not like this piece of shit. Yes, I said a curse word on my blog, so sue me. He is so jealous of his brother, he had to belittle his niece just so he can feel a bit better about himself. This man is a new kind of asshole. 

I remembered some years back when the stun gun incident happened between Blanket and Jaafar and even though I do not think that Jaafar is the type of person to hit Blanket, because Blanket would have beaten the living shit out of him, real talk, I do think that Jaafar could hit other people in the family. Case in point, his younger brother, Jermajesty. There is video of the two brothers playing around and Jaafar socker punch Jermajesty. Now, you and I both know that there is play hitting and just straight up knocking someone out. Of course, Jermaine is nowhere to comment on his sons acting a damn fool. None of his brothers are being asked by TMZ about why Jermaine's sons were hitting one another. None of them are saying that they should not be acting like that. 

To add more salt to the wound, I used to communicate with a fan a couple of years back and she contacted me about a post I made about her favorite person in the whole world, Jermaine. She told me that she did not like what I stated about him and I told her that I am not a fan of Jermaine. So, she goes on to state that Jermaine has "great" kids and that Michael's children should "learn from them". I did not realized she stated that mess until sometime last year and when I read the whole email message, I was furious. What in the world does Michael's children, heirs to a billion dollar empire, have to learn from seven children whose father left most of them when they were younger, two of his sons have a mother who was a victim of his abuse and two of his younger sons are not just cousins to Randy's children but siblings as well? Delusion not only exists in Jermaine's world but his 3 fans as well. 

Randy, Janet and Granny-Gate

Michael with Janet during the trial years. 

Michael's relationship with his younger siblings seemed to be more loyal than his relationship with his older siblings. It seemed like Randy and Janet understood Michael and had his back at all times. So, what exactly happened? Well, for the most part, when it comes to how the Estate executors are handling Michael's legacy, Randy and Janet have been the most vocal of all of his siblings regarding his legacy. However, there were some things that I found out in recent months that have made me question some things about Randy and Janet's true loyalty to Michael. I am going to post key information that makes me now believe that the situation that happened in 2012 was more about money than Katherine's safety, among other things.

I wouldn't usually include Janet in any of the foolery that her siblings have done to Michael because she is the only one that dared to have her own career, fame and money. However, she seems to let her older siblings view her as the "little sister" and not the sister that should be overpowering them. Maybe it is a sign of her respect for her older siblings or maybe she is too scared to. I stumbled upon a blog post that was done last year that might explain the change in their relationship. This was from promoter Leonard Rowe's (by the way, thank goodness for his book because we would have not known what was really going on regarding the tour talk the family was doing to Michael.) book called What Really Happened to Michael Jackson that was later posted on a blog called Et Tu, Brootus - 

"On February 14th of 2007, I was in my kitchen fixing breakfast around 8am, and I received a call. I wondered who it could be that early, but it was too early for me to talk, so I didn’t answer. My phone beeped and I knew a message had been left. It was a message from Janet Jackson, Michael’s sister. She said, ‘Rowe, this is Jan. Would you please call me as soon as possible, it’s important.’ I said to myself, ‘I wonder what she wants this time of morning.’ I immediately returned the call and Janet answered. She was in Atlanta, and said, ‘Rowe, I’m in a little trouble; my tour has been cancelled by Live Nation, and I’m obligated to my band. They have blocked their time out this summer to tour with me. And now, if I don’t tour they will be missing income.’"

I remember reading that her tour was cancelled but that was in 2008 not 2007. I guess Leonard Rowe got the years confused. Either way, her tour was cancelled and she is desperate to get on tour with her band. You will read in the blog post that Rowe comes up with a plan to have Janet be the opening act for her brothers on the tour. Janet loved the idea and Rowe stated that he was going to talk to Michael about that. As he and some of Michael's siblings went to see him in Las Vegas, they talk and this is what happened:

"I began to explain to Michael why we had come to see him. I told him that we wanted him to reunite with his brothers and to tour America. I told him Janet had agreed to be the opening act. I told him that I felt this tour would be highly successful. He said that he agreed that it would be. But he said, ‘I just can’t do it now, I have other things I am planning and working on.’ We stayed there for a few hours trying to persuade him. I think Janet was becoming somewhat angry with him. His final words to us were, ‘Maybe next year in 2008 I will be ready.’ To me this wasn’t bad because I would need the time to prepare for a tour of this magnitude, but Janet needed to work that summer. She had committed the month of July to her band, and she needed to fulfill that commitment. I could tell that Michael was becoming irritable and we decided to leave."

That would explain her weird behavior since then towards her brother. After Michael's death, Janet and the rest of her siblings were devastated, which is expected. Janet did a moving interview with the magazine Harpar's Bazaar via where she talks about Michael. Read on - 

“It will drive you crazy,” she said about all the media attention she has received over the years, and especially since her brother’s death. “People can have rhinoceros skin, but there’s a point when something’s going to hurt you. Not everyone is stone, stone. I haven’t watched the news in weeks. I had to ask my chef, ‘How’s Obama doing?’ I haven’t read a newspaper. On top of that, [we've lost] a family member.”
Of course, the entire Jackson family was on view during the public memorial for Michael, and Janet was the one by his daughter Paris’ side when she spoke about the loss of her father.
“I was really proud,” Jackson said of that day. “People said to me that Michael’s daughter speaking really gave them a sense of how he was as a father, in her words. Paris is incredibly smart; they are all so smart. She’s a sweet girl. The kids are doing well. They’re with all their cousins; that family love will keep them going.”
However, Janet also said she can’t recall speaking to fans, along with sisters LaToya and Rebbie, after the memorial, before she went back to filming Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too.” “I don’t remember that at all,” she said. “I really didn’t want to say anything. I left that night to go back to Atlanta to film.”
In the interview, Janet also mentions an incident — without specifying what it was — that made her stronger as a person. “I always wanted to have my mother’s strength, but I didn’t know if it was really there. But a few years back, something happened and I learned that I did.
“I’m not going to mention it, but we all know what it is. And now, coming off all this, it’s even beyond that. I was just focused on my job at that moment within my family,” she added. “Now at least I know that I can step up to the plate and not crumble when I’m needed. When it comes to something like this that is so, so serious, so painful, so traumatic, I can handle it."

After reading the article, I thought that what she stated was sweet and poignant and I did not think that she would do anymore interviews about her brother. Then, she was promoting her movie Why Did I Get Married Too on Oprah, I was speechless and eventually, I became angry. I refused to watch the interview up until this point because I was very hurt with what she supposedly stated about Michael. 

Riiight, "Interventions". Please.
There were no "interventions" and she knows that. Why be so private about it all of the sudden? Because it isn't true? So, Leonard Rowe was lying about the early morning phone call and Janet's desperation to get something done so she can pay her tour band. All of the family try to help Michael kick this imaginary drug habit? Laughable. LaToya stated that Michael did not do drugs and those meetings they had with Michael in Las Vegas were business related. Let me post what Jack Wishna, a Las Vegas business man, stated about Michael, supposed drug use and the family harassing him, 
“It was December 23rd 2006, it was the day before Christmas Eve and we arranged it where a private jet would pick Michael Jackson up in Dublin, Ireland, and take him directly to Las Vegas,” Wishna said in an interview for Access Hollywood and Las Vegas television station KVBC with correspondent Alicia Jacobs.
And Wishna revealed the vision he shared with Jackson.
“When he came off that plane, it was the old Michael Jackson of the ‘Bad Tour,’ type thing, it was the Michael Jackson that I grew up with,” he said.
And although Jackson’s use of prescription drugs became big news after his death, Wishna said he never saw any of that kind of stuff around.
“Never saw any drugs,” Wishna said. “Never saw any intravenous, or needles or anything like that. Never met any doctors around Michael.”
“As he stayed in Las Vegas, he started to get debilitated while he was here and debilitated from a mental health standpoint, debilitated from a physical standpoint,” Wishna said.
“The family started to, you know, bother him again… His father Joe. It just started – a lot of the weirdness started to come back,” he continued.

He did not see any drug use, interventions or the like. When the family started their nonsense with Michael, that was when he became annoyed. Janet did not mentioned that part in the Oprah interview. Oprah bought along Tyler Perry aka Madea, to join in the discussion about what the family "did" for Michael and acting like he was her spokesperson, wanted to reassure the public that the family did everything they could to "help Michael." Who ask him to talk? What does Tyler know about what the family did for Michael? Just because Janet told him whatever fable she wanted to tell him, he just believes it and forget about his side of the story? That is very irresponsible of him to do that. As for Oprah, she hated Michael so much, she didn't give a damn about what he went through and the nonsense he had to deal with regarding his family and the like. She does not care that the family were harassing him or that Janet had a cancelled tour because of low ticket sells and not an "illness" and she needed Michael to help her out. All of these fools planted a fable for the public to believe about Michael instead of searching for what happened. 

Michael and the Randy during the trial years.

Janet is getting these lies about Michael and drug use from another lame brother of his, Randy. The younger, neglected brother who has serious anger and emotional issues. A brother that Michael felt sorry for and made him a manager during the trial years. It was after Michael's vindication, more like two years after, was when Randy started bringing a man name Don Stabler who was trying to cheat Michael out of his money. Read on the nonsense that Randy and this Stabler man was doing to Michael, 

"The Gloved One states that Randy brought in Don Stabler, who pressured him to sign off on a multi-million dollar financing deal. Stabler, according to Jackson was persistent. He even went as far as to question Jackson’s loyalty to his African American heritage. .”[Stabler] said, ‘What’s the problem? You’re not down, you’re with the Jews now. You’re not down with blacks anymore. Jackson testified. “It was unkind,” Jackson added. “It was mean. It was meanspirited. It was nasty. Simply because he couldn’t get me to sign something that he wanted me to sign.” “It’s full of sharks, charlatans and imposters,” he said in testimony taken last summer in Paris."
Why question Michael's "blackness" (ignorant black people and their fooliness) just because  he will not do what he wanted you to do? His loyalty to his hertitage does not equalate to dealing with a questionable person. 

By then, Jackson had turned to Burkle, the billionaire pal of former President Bill Clinton, for financial help. Burkle brought in Jesse Jackson, who’s known Michael Jackson since his Jackson 5 days, to help with the consultation. Burkle was calling him on the cell phone during bathroom breaks, warning him not to sign anything, Michael Jackson said. Stabler wasn’t happy, Jackson said. The next time Jackson saw Stabler “he wanted to take my head off.” And his brother Randy wasn’t too happy, either. Randy later claimed that Jackson and his staff had run up a $700,000 bill on his American Express card during the trial, which Jackson said he would repay. It wasn’t the first time that Stabler teamed with Randy in trying to get him to sign off on a deal, Jackson claimed. At a meeting in a bungalow at the Neverland ranch, Jackson said he had his mother at his side when he fought off another proposal. “And I vehemently told them, ‘No, I am not signing this,'” Jackson recalled. “And I just remember how angry, the intensity of the anger in the room. And so they marched out.”
This pathetic brother bought along his loser friend to harass Michael over a proposal that Michael was not going to participate in. It was because of Michael's refusal, Randy and this Stabler man were angry with him. This is the root to the fables that Randy created about Michael's supposed drug use. It gets even more interesting when Stabler testified in the hearing. Read on -

Stabler: I got a call from Taunya who said that Grace said Michael did not want to have the meeting. Randy talked to Taunya and said, “Fuck that.”
Stabler: Randy said, “We are having this meeting. We’ve gone through a lot of trouble for it. I’ll take care of it when we get there.”
Stabler: Randy asked us to stay in the car, he went in and spoke with Michael and then later came out and said the meeting is on.
Stabler: Michael looked at the document we gave him and said, “I’m not signing any document that asked me to give part of my catalog.”
Stabler: Randy tried to explain the docs to him, Sydow said he’ll go through it line by line. Michael said he didn’t want to go through it.
Stabler: Before Randy could say anything Michael said, “you know, I don’t want any violence”.
Stabler: Randy tried to go through the document with Michael but Michael was just not having it. I suggested to Randy that we should leave.
Stabler : In the car Randy said to me that my brother has been drinking.
Wasn't this incident around the time supposed interventions happened? Yes, this was the time. Instead of letting the world know that there were harassing Michael, his siblings would rather tell the world that their brother had "drug issues" and "interventions" had to happened. You know, that would make them look good and helpful towards Michael's supposed problems and not make them look like desperate, greedy idiots who were not interested in giving their brother space. By the way, Randy told Stabler that his brother had been drinking but during the laughable deposition in the 2013 AEG trial, Randy did not know that his brother occasionally drank alcohol. 

Speaking of the same trial, Tanuya Zilkie, a business associate and supposed former girlfriend of Randy's, admitted under oath that the so called "interventions" on Michael were not interventions but business related matters. 

In 2007, People magazine did an article on Michael in which it was implied that Michael had issues with drugs. After that article was published, the Jackson family released a statement denying the information from the article. Read on, 

“People magazine has followed other publications in reporting untrue and inaccurate information about Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. Of these widely reported rumors, what has become the most troubling and heinous, is that my son, and our brother, Michael Jackson, is dependent on painkillers and alcohol.“People, and other news organizations, have quoted ‘sources’ indicating that our family has attempted a drug intervention, and engaged in an effort to take over his business affairs, because of this alleged drug and alcohol usage.
“We categorically deny ever planning, participating in, or having knowledge of any kind of intervention, whatsoever. We strongly believe that these ‘sources’ and others, no matter who they are, are making these defamatory, inaccurate, and untrue claims for monetary reasons.“Michael Jackson, and the Jackson family, has endured years of false accusations and misrepresentations.“It is time for these unfair and hurtful rumors, for profit, to end.“Thank you.”

This was the statement that should have ended the rumors about Michael and drug use but sadly, it did not. When Michael died, talk quickly turned into drug use. I will mentioned more of that shortly. Let's fast forward to the summer of 2012 when the Jacksons had beef with one another. This situation became known as "Granny Gate" in the MJ fan community. It started with Trent Jackson, Michael's cousin, filing a missing persons report because he could not find his aunt, Katherine. Then, Paris went on twitter and started tweeting her concern for her grandmother. That was when things were becoming crazy. When I first heard about this, I initially wanted to ignore it because I felt it was a private situation that needed to be handled privately. However, when a letter was leaked from the law office of Perry Sanders and Randy confirmed it on twitter, I made a decision to follow the foolery. 

Prince with his grandmother, Katherine in 2013. 

I did probably 4 or 5 blog posts about the situation that was happening and I was rooting for the Jackson siblings that were trying to fight the Estate executors. This was before I knew the root to all of their nonsense, I was blindly defending them and neglecting the feelings of Michael's children and what they were experiencing. Looking back at everything, I should have handled the whole situation from a neutral stance instead of having a bias. I should have known that something was not right. Anyway, when I saw Janet getting involved, I was shocked because why would she care about any of this. When I saw her in the nonsense, I saw not a superstar musical performer but one of the Jacksons that wanted something from her family. 

I became too focused on going after anyone that would be against what Randy, Janet and Rebbie were doing because they were worried about Katherine's health and safety. I was not thinking that they probably were doing all of this to get something from her and she was becoming resistant. I was even going after TJ because he decided to get guardianship of the children not thinking that TJ was not interested in what his older relatives were doing but was only concern about the well being of Michael's children. 

Paris with Janet in 2010. 

I started to have a change of heart about the whole situation when I was told some damaging information about the Jacksons and the AEG trial. I mentioned the information I was told on one of my previous blog posts. I was told that a friend of Michael's wanted to testify but could not because the person was falsely accused by a brother and cousin of Michael's that she wanted money and that is why she wanted to testify. These relatives told Katherine and she made sure that person never testified. That was when I knew that all of the choas was not about justice for Michael but money. 

I started to have second thoughts about everything and I even questioned the whole point of Janet being there. What does she needed to be part of the foolery that happened in 2012? Janet should have been in the studio working on new music instead of letting those siblings tell her stories about their mother. I remembered when I saw an article about Janet cutting off her brothers which might explain her sudden marriage to her now husband Wissum Al Bana. Here is the link to the article -

The information comes from the National Enquirer tabloid and I am not a supporter of them. However, I do wonder if the real reason for Janet's involvement in the 2012 family mess had to do with her not being the next target as far as the siblings asking her for money. If you recall, she married her husband and left the USA for a year and a half. When her brother in law, Rebbie's husband, Nathaniel, passed away, she nor Randy attended the funeral. They were  not there when Taj got married to his long time girlfriend, Thayana last year. For the most part, after the 2012 foolery, Randy and Janet completely disappeared. 

Janet with husband, Wissam Al Bana. 

Last year was the AEG Wrongful Death trial and there were so many things that were revealed that bothered me. I think the one thing that made me angry during the trial had to be Randy's deposition. I read parts of his deposition on twitter and I could not believe what I read. Randy stated that Michael was an "drug addict" but then he stated that he does not know if he brother was on drugs. He implied that Grace was harming Michael and was doing something suspicious. It was the things that he stated that made me so angry that I decided to unfollow Randy on twitter. I could not remotely defend anything that man stated anymore. Everything made complete sense to me. Randy stating those things about Michael was not because he was concerned for his brother. It was to get back at him for what he did not do for him. All of the stunts that he pulled just so he can get something from Michael, even it it came through his mother, niece and nephews, blew up in his face and he just could not accept his failure. When I read his comments, I felt horrible for Michael because I felt like I let him down. I felt like I wasted my precious time defending a person who was only interested in revenge and money and not fighting for Michael's good name. 

Marlon at an event a few years back.

As for Marlon, he is practically the only sibling that never really went there with Michael. He stated some things about Michael that made me take a double look. For example, the comment that he stated about who taught Michael the moonwalk, from The Guardian newspaper that was posted on the blog - 

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Marlon said: ”My nephew was actually the one who showed Michael the Moonwalk. He was about 10 or 12 and he was over at our house. Michael saw him do it and said, ‘What is that?’ After that, Jeffrey Daniel [of Shalamar] taught him it.”

Marlon is basically saying that Michael learned the dance move from his nephew. I see. Who was the nephew and can he confirm that? However, Michael stated in his Moonwalk book about the dance on page 210, 

"Now the Moonwalk was already out on the street by this time, but I enhanced it a little when I did it. It was born as a break-dance step, a 'popping' type of thing that black kids had created dancing on the street corners in the ghetto. So, I said, 'this is my chance to do it', and I did it. These three kids taught it to me. They gave me the basics - and I had been doing it a lot in private. I had practiced it together with certain other steps." 

Check out the bolded and underlined part - isn't that something. I have no clue why Marlon wants to rewrite history. Michael clearly stated that three kids showed him how to do the dance. It seems like a rampant, infectious disease of these siblings rewriting Michael's history. Why? Other than that, Marlon has not really insulted his brother and whenever he is asked about him, there is never a hint of jealously in his voice and he does not have an issue with Michael's career. However, I know better and I know that any given day, Marlon might state or do something that relates to Michael that might anger me. I know better not to stick to this belief that he was will do right by his brother. 

Overall, I do not think that Michael's siblings will stop their unusual behaviors and that will be their undoing. The things that they do and say come from a place that is filled with jealousy and bitterness. 

Instead of defending Michael's children in that family drama of 2012, I sided with relatives whose only goal was to find a way to control the situation and not the well being of Michael's children. After doing research on what these relatives have been doing after Michael's death, I felt terrible that I went out of my way to come after his children instead of standing by my initial stance which was not even following the nonsense. 

There was a part in the Moonwalk book in which Michael talks about the time he was done performing in the Motown 25 special and how his family embraced him. He stated on page 212, 

"After the performance, each of them hugged and kissed me backstage. They had never done that before and I felt happy for all of us. It was so wonderful when they kissed me like that. I loved it! I mean, we hug all the time. My whole family embraces a lot, except for my father. He's the only one who doesn't. Whenever the rest of us see each other, we embrace, but when the all kissed me that night, I felt as if I had been blessed by them." 

Such a moving statement about the way Michael's siblings used to love him. I am not saying that they do not love him now, but based on their comments and actions, I don't know what kind of love they have for him. I hope that the younger relatives learn from what older relatives have done and stated about Michael. Let's face it, if Michael was not related to any of these people, no one would care what they have to do. They will always live off of him and will have a difficult time trying to have their own career while people only care about Michael being their relative. If this type of foolery from Michael's siblings passes on to the younger Jacksons, there is no hope for this family. For the sake of their legacy, they need start stepping up and start making a change that will benefit themselves and the legacy of their family.  

Michael in 2009. 


Update 09/07/2017: This year, there were court documents that were posted on twitter by a loyal MJ fan name Marco that revealed some things about Michael and his brother Randy's relationship. When I made this blog entry, the information was not revealed. Things are different now and it looks like Michael not only does not believe his brother stole from him but did not want him to be left out. Here are the parts of the court documents that revealed this information:

I see. This is interesting. 

Very telling information. Yes, there will be naysayers but none of those people were there. I still do not like Randy but Michael was going through a lot and probably needed someone he could trust to be around him. Who knows?  For more information on the court documents, please check out these blog entries:



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