Saturday, April 25, 2015

Magazine Scans: Hip Hop Weekly and Jet

In 2009, Michael passed away and the media had a field day covering his sudden passing. There were so many tribute magazines on Michael, that it was hard for a person to catch up on all of them. I have bought so many tribute magazine issues of Michael, that I not only lost count, but forgot about the some of the magazines I had. I never post the Jet magazine tribute to Michael on here or on my tumblr page. They were one of the few publications that actually respected Michael. They were honorable and respectful towards him. In the past, I have posted on this blog, an interview that music producer and singer, Teddy Riley did for Hip Hop Weekly that was included in their tribute to Michael. I have decided to post most of the issue on here to show you, the readers, what was talked about. I hope you all enjoy the issues and be amazed about the amazing man that we all love and miss so much. 

Michael at an event in 2003.

The iconic and now deflunct Jet ,agazine, 2009.

I posted this part on my tumblr page back in 2013. 

Hip Hop Weekly, 2009

Yes, you are not reading things. That is the same Benzino who is on that Love and Hip Hop reality shows. He and Michael had an issue with Eminem and that is how they knew one another. 


Magazines -
"Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Remembering the King of Pop", Jet magazine, July 20-27, 2009. Pages 4, 6-10, 14, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, 32-33 & 34-47.

"A Tribute to Michael Jackson 1958-2009, Special Commemorative Gold Issue", Hip Hop Weekly, 2009. Pages 4-14, 16, 18-25, 30, 32-33, 36-39, 40-41 & 61-63.