Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Introduction -

Hello. My name is Belinda O. and I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. I have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was born. To know more about me, you can friend me on facebook Belinda O. and follow me on twitter: @belindabee83

I decided to do a blog on Michael because I feel that this was my way of paying tribute to this great person. I have been a member of various MJ theme message boards over the years and I have never been fully accepted on these message boards. I have been banned, bashed, suspended, bullied, trashed, manipulated, insulted, tricked, etc. You named it, it happened to me. (well, except anything sexual). So, what I am trying to state is that message boards are not for me. I am a member of a message board but I do not come on there often. Doing this blog has help me truly express my fanhood and my view of Justice for Michael.   

There are a couple of reasons why I named this blog "Connecting the Dots for MJ : 1. I want my blog to be able to help the reader understand Michael. Yes, the reader might know a good amount of Michael Jackson but what the reader might not know is how these events happened to Michael. I want to be able to connect the dots so that they can understand where I am coming from. That does not mean that what I state on here is the truth. It means that with knowing my point of view it can help the reader understand MJ and why certain things happened to him. 2. This blog is, in a way, an online diary. I update the blog with various entries expressing my views about certain topics relating to Michael Jackson. 

I am not a supporter of Sony BMG (the record label that distrubutes Michael's music) or the Michael Jackson Estate (the Estate is being run by executors John Branca and John McClain). This blog will not endorse anything relating to those two entities. Not every MJ themed blog has to support Sony and/or the Michael Jackson Estate. 

I will not trash, belittle or insult anyone in Michael's family no matter how I feel about them. I will be critical and honest. I am not a supporter of Michael's employees and at times, I will go there with them. I also do not support some of MJ's Hollyweird friends. 

Most of the information that I posted on here will have sources. Sources can come from facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube, websites and other blogs. I will not reveal any user names on this blog in order to protect the person and myself from harm. All sources will be cited at the end of each blog. 

I support the truth and I consider myself a truth fighter. I do not do what is popular, I do what is right. Not everything coming from this blog is for everyone. I cannot please everyone. 

All of the comments will be turned off. If you agree or disagree with my information, point of views, opinions or state of mind, you are welcome to send me a message on facebook or a mentioning/direct message (if you follow me or I follow you) on twitter.

Overall, I am not doing this blog for popularity or fame. I am doing this blog to have a physical output of what I believe really happened to Michael Jackson and for the truth to be revealed. There are people who are interested in stopping the truth to be told. I will tell you, they can stop all they can, but the truth will be told regardless.

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-Picture of Michael when he was in the United Kingdom in 1986 from my harddrive.