Friday, October 14, 2011

My View of the Conrad Murray Murder Trial

Since Michael was murdered, I have stated that justice must be served in this trial and I was hoping that the parties who were involved in the trial are either being called to testify or at least charged for his murder. Then, reality set in - I found out that the very people that I believe had something to do with his murder (Dr. Klien, Thome Thome, AEG, John Branca & Sony, etc.) were not on either witness lists. I also found out that the district attorney who indicted Murray, Steve Cooley, received contributions from Branca's law firm and AEG.

"Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley's decision to indict Michael Jackson's murderer with the reduced charge of involuntary manslaughter may to some appear to be the maximum charge he could have made -- this being LA and all. Then when you listen to what Cooley's associates have to say about the guy, you have to wonder if the DA is actually using the legal system to benefit his own political end.

Anyone who's ever had cause to observe the over-the-top practice of LA prosecutors with respect to indicting so-called racial "minorities" will tell you that the average DA in Cooley's office would have conducted a vigorous, even if not thorough, investigation before aggressively charging Dr Conrad Murray.

Deputy DA Steve Ipsen in a no-holds-barred video tells the Full Disclosure Network that Cooley is "very selective" and "does not prosecute all corruption." He does not investigate the rich and powerful because it may cost him campaign contributions. He also fails to investigate environmental crime, and refuses to investigate child abusers "that still work in the Catholic Church."
 The corporate donors I refer to here are Sony Music Publishers, AEG Live, and John Branca's law firm all whom are major political donors and share an association with the doctor, Michael Jackson's killer.
So, could this be the reason why the lawyers or prosecutors under D.A.'s Cooley's firm, probably D.A.s Mr. David Walgreen and Ms. Deborah Brazil did not put the guilty parties on the prosecution witness list? Could it be the reason why Walgreen and Brazil are not extremely aggressive in the case? Could this be the reason why the autopsy pics were shown and was spread all over the Internet for the world to see? Could this be the reason why the Estate executors did nothing (i.e. release a statement, threaten to sure when posted the picture on their website in such a disrespectful manner? It was also stated in the article that D.A. Cooley would invite defense attorneys to his birthday parties and would received contributions from them. Did you think that Cooley could be cool with the defense attorneys in the case, Mr. Ed Chernoff and et al, so that Dr. Murray does not spend some time in jail?? Let's say that the attorneys were cool with D.A. Cooley - could that explain why Murray would get 4 years in jail instead of life in prison?
Ever since the judge in the case, Honorable Michael Pastor felt it was "OK" to show the autopsy pictures of Michael's naked body on a gurney, with the reassurance of the DA, yesterday, I am nearly convinced that this trial is a fraud. For two years, Michael's family and fans have been waiting for the day when justice can be finally served for Michael. However, the more I read updates on the trial, the more I am upset and furious. Why was that picture even shown? What was the point of showing the picture? Did they not think that the picture would be shown worldwide? The trial focus too much on the drugs that were given to Michael and less on who, besides the doctor, gave Michael the drugs. It makes Michael seemed more like an addict than a victim of fame, greed and hatred. The media has had a field day calling Michael all kinds of names but a murder victim. People have commented on how many hoes Murray had but did not comment on how he let his personal and pathetic life overshadow his professionalism and care for Michael Jackson.

While reading about the trial, I have come up with questions and comments about the trial. Sometimes, when you read something, you might have to question some of the things that you read.

1. Why would AEG pay the doctor when MJ supposedly hire the doctor? Shouldn't Michael pay the doctor? Why wasn't this established further in the trial proceedings so far?

2. How did Conrad Murray knew Michael was being administered propoforol? Who introduced and eventually taught Murray how to administered the sedative?

3. When the prosecution showed the letter/memo Murray sent out to his patients about his sabbatical, there was no letterhead. Why?

4. Who initially suggested Murray to Michael back in 2006? (OK, I know the answer to this. It was one of Michael's bodyguards, Michael Amir because Murray was his [Amir's] doctor. ) Here is another question - is that even true? BTW, Murray treated one of Michael's children for a flu or cold. So, what happened to a pediatrician?

5. It was revealed that Murray was not certified in his primary field, Cardiology, or any fields in medicine. Has anyone ever done an thorough background check on him or any of the employees that Michael "hired"? I would think that since MJ was a smart person, he would have people do background checks on his employees. Practically every job that hires new employees requires the employees to have the background history checked. See, if Alberto Alvarez background history was checked, he would have never worked for Michael. Same goes for the rest of the bodyguards and Murray. That tells me that Michael did not hire any of those people, AEG did.

6. Since it is lame that evil Dr. Klien was not included in the trial why is that the case? Also, is he a board certified dermatologist? It is required for a dermatologist to be board certified.

7. Murray, along with the pharmacist, Tim Lopez, moved vials of propofol from the pharmacy to the house that one of Murray's hoes, Nicole Alvarez was living in. Is that illegal and if it is can the pharmacy be shut down? Is the pharmacy shut down?

8. Speaking of Nicole Alvarez, is she and Alberto Alvarez related? If so, how? Are their siblings? Cousins? Second cousins? Third cousins? Fourth cousins? In-laws of cousins?

9. The recording of Michael's voice - why did the doctor recorded this? Is it ethical? Can a doctor do that? Michael seemed to be out of it when he was recorded. What drugs were he under and who prescribed them to him? Murray? Klien?

10. These people that saw Michael cold, disheveled, shaky, never called 911 to take him to the hospital. So heartbreaking.

11. Randy Phillips was at this meeting along with Kenny Ortega, Travis Payne, Michael and Murray. So, why wasn't he called to testify? OK, wait - I know why - he was giving donations/contributions to D.A. Cooley. So, here is my comment - he should have testified.

12. Murray made calls while Michael laid dying. Sickening. Just the thought bothers the hell out of me.

13. Murray called Michael Amir Williams when MJ was not breathing but did not call the police. Williams gets the message and knowing that the doctor seemed concern, but never thought of calling the police himself, just in case something was indeed wrong. Williams claimed that the doctor should have told him to do that. What a dumbass. I didn't know that you can wait for a doctor to tell you to do the right thing. I mean, what is wrong with these people? Michael could not have possible hired assholes as bodyguards.

14. And isn't it weird that Alberto Alvarez collected the vials and other things and sees Michael's body there and does not call the police. Again, what a dumbass. If anyone saw a deceased body, they are not collecting things, the are calling the damn paramedics! The hell with some items that need to be picked up, a man was not moving - call 911!

15. The medication that Murray was given MJ were benzos and he was taken these benzos after the fact that in 1993, Michael went to rehab because of these benzos. Ugh.

16. Everything is a set-up. Everything.

17. No written informed consent at all.

18. Is it normal for a doctor to audio record his patients? Why didn't Murray documented all of the times that he was with Michael especially when he was prescribing Michael medication?

19. After everything that was said in the trial proceedings, why is Murray still charged with involuntary manslaughter?

20. Isn't HLN (Headline News) the worst channel?

These are questions that I have thought about. There were plenty of information that was revealed in the trial but there are other blogs that can focus on the trial itself. This blog is about connecting the dots to what happened to Michael. The stunt that Judge Pastor pulled yesterday (10/11) shows what is exactly wrong with this case. Michael is not on trial here, Murray is. Media pundits are trashing Michael but not Murray who is a deadbeat father who cheated on his wife for hoes. Michael provided for his children and family and the media is displaying him as a criminal. Where is the disgust regarding Murray criminal past? Why didn't the media talk about the fact that Alberto Alvarez has a criminal record? Why didn't the media displayed disgusted when the judge decided to release the autopsy pic of Michael? The case should be a reminder that not all doctors are good doctors. That some doctors only care about money and not care about the people who are not well. Michael was drugged up so badly that I cannot even to begin to think how badly he was drugged up. There were these doctors and not one of them offered to get Michael detox and off of those benzos. Not one doctor told Michael to see a sleep specialist. Not one doctor referred Michael to see a therapist to talk about his problems that he was going through for years. Where was the care for this man? A deceased picture of Michael was shown but Osama bin Laden killed over 6,000 innocent people and we have yet to see a picture of that bastard. Crazy.

Will justice ever prevail? Will justice happen? Personally, I do not think that justice will ever truly happen. If Murray goes to jail for four years, that will not be enough. It does not cover the fact that Michael is gone forever. It does not erase the pain that his family have to live with for the rest of their lives. Think about it - if Murray goes to jail, the media hoopla will go away, AEG will still be in business, Thome Thome will be that nomad that no one cares about. Dr. Klien will treat patients he has no business treating and John Branca, along with John McClain will be pimping Michael's likeness to make money. However what about the Jackson family? How would the pick up the pieces? What will happen to the fan community? How can the community go on without Michael? There are no answers to those questions. The legacy assassination of Michael Jackson is happening and the only thing that can stop the massacre is reminding the public the greatness of Michael. This trial is a trial that is not going to provide true justice for Michael. The people who did this to Michael are not going to be punished. The judge, the prosecutors and the defense attorneys made sure that the killers will never get what is coming to them because of the contributions they gave. They decided to put justice on the back burner so that the would not hurt their friends. After everything that has happened, I am losing interest in this case. I am not going to waste time reading updates on a trial that is more about destroying a legacy than to provide justice for the man and his family.

Michael in 1992 or 1993.




"LA DA Gives Michael Jackson's Doctor The Deal of a Lifetime