Saturday, March 3, 2012

Michael and Whitney: Similar Lives and Similar Deaths

I was thinking about the various similarities that Michael and Whitney shared because it is odd to me that two of the biggest black megastars in the world are now deceased. It is a reality that I have trouble accepting. However, in the process of accepting this unfortunate fact, I have realized that both of these legends have many things in common.

Michael and Whitney in 1988.

I am completely convinced that Michael and Whitney were two people that dealt with things that their counterparts never dealt with. Their similarities are so eerie that I am personally shocked by them. This blog entry is about letting the reader know about the similarities. 

  • Both stars became successful before they turned 25.
  • Their fathers (Joe Jackson and the late John Houston) managed their careers.
  • Michael and Whitney loved their mothers (Katherine Jackson and Cissy Houston) and were very close to them.
  • They both had handlers who were in their camp and fell asleep. (In other words, when they were in trouble, their handlers did nothing.)
  • They were shy as children.
  • They were friends with Nelson Mandela
  • They both broke records in the recording industry.
  • They gave millions of dollars to charity. 
  • They both had battles/ issues with drugs/substances in their lifetime however, they do not have a family history of any type of abuse with drugs/substances. It could be established that their issues with drugs/substances came from being in the entertainment industry.
  • They both had “friends”/mentors in the entertainment industry who were of Jewish descent/faith. (Elizabeth Taylor and Clive Davis) It should be noted, that in my honest opinion, Clive and Elizabeth were more of “handlers” than friends/mentors of Michael and Whitney. I might talk about this aspect in an upcoming blog.
  • They both had major interviews with Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters.
  • They both left children behind.
  • They will never experience being grandparents.
  • They both had rare and unheard of talent. No one sang like Whitney or entertained like Michael. There will never be another singer and entertainer of that talent or charisma ever again.
  • They were true victims of the cruel, disgusting media.
  • They had a member of the media harassing them. (Michael had Diane Dimond and Whitney had Wendy Williams)
  • They both died alone.
  • Their deaths were drug related.
  • Their mothers are taking care of their children.
  • Their children are on the social networking site twitter.
  • Their children have been/will be interviewed by Oprah after the deaths of their parents. (News broke on today that Bobbi-Kristina along with her uncle Gary and aunt Pat Houston will be interviewed on Oprah’s show on her network OWN that will air on March 11th.   click here
  • They were both working on their “comeback” projects before they died. Michael with This is It concerts and Whitney with the remake of the 1970s classic movie Sparkle.
  • Their funerals were watched by over 100 million people worldwide. That includes people who watched the funerals online.
  • They were both trashed in the media after their deaths.
  • The magazines -

My magazines. 

  • Their impact in the music business influenced nearly every singer/rapper that ever had a single on the Billboard charts since at least the 1980s.
  • Stevie Wonder sang and changed the lyrics to his classic songs in their funerals.
  • Mariah Carey was at both of their funerals and performed at Michael’s.
  • Reverend Al Sharpton attended both funerals but spoke at Michael’s. 
  • There were both on the Arsenio Hall Show.
  • They were both friends with Eddie Murphy.  
  • They both did music videos/short films with their then wife/husband. 

Michael and his then wife Lisa Marie Presley in the short film "You Are Not Alone" in 1995. 

Whitney with her then husband Bobby Brown in the music video "We Have Something In Common" in 1993. 

  • Their children want to be in the entertainment business.
  • There were friends with David Gest.
  • They both work with producers Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and L.A. Reid.
  • Their last works have been/will be distributed by Sony Pictures.
  • They were, in some capacity, under Sony BMG before they died.
  • They both had all sorts of people talking about them after their died.
  • Weird things occurred after their deaths. John Branca came forward days after Michael passed with a will which validity is still in question, stating that he was one of the executors of Michael’s estate. Whitney passed away in the same hotel where Clive Davis had his annual Pre-Grammy Party and instead of cancelling the party, the party continued knowing that Whitney’s body did not leave the room yet. Clive Davis claimed that the Houston family told him to do the party because that is what Whitney would want.
  • They both came from families of religious faith.
  • They were both rigorous readers of the Bible.
  • They both sang songs that dealt with God and faith.
  • Most importantly, they had a love for God.  
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