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Accept It Fans – There Was a Conspiracy to Kill Michael

I will never understand how many fans and even some of Michael’s family members do not believe or even accept the possibility that there was a conspiracy to kill Michael. I remember a few weeks back when I was looking for a video I wanted to post on a message board. In this particular video, Michael talks about a female singer (Mariah Carey) that he comforted when she was upset about her then husband and former head of Sony Music, Tommy Mottola. When I watched the video, I knew that the video that I was watching was the one that Michael talked about comforting Mariah.

Promotional picture for the Dangerous Album.

I was watching the video and trying not to focus on the zany, crazy antics of the MJ fans and listen to what Michael was saying.  

Michael's speech during an event known as "Killer Thriller" in 2002.

Michael listed the names of the music/performing/acting icons before him that went through turmoil in the careers – James Brown, Fred Astire, Gene Kelly and Sammy Davis Jr. Michael states that the companies took advantage over them. What could Michael possibly have meant by that? Could he have meant that Sony was trying to do to him what other record companies/movie studio companies did to his idols? Is that why he went after Sony, particularly Tommy Mottola, in the Thriller Killer speech ten years ago?

On tour in Philadelphia in 1984 wearing a Temple University sweater.

Michael talks about how much money he made for Sony and how Sony belives that all Michael would think about is singing and performing. Michael stated to the audience that Sony did not think that Michael would out think them. He talks about leaving Sony as a free agent and that Sony should not get away with what they were trying to do with him. Not only did he owe them one more album, which was a box set with an additional two new songs, but owning half of Sony. Think about that for a moment….owning half of a multi-billion dollar company. That is major. I will get to why I think that later in this entry. Michael also stated in the video that he did good business when he stated that he was leaving Sony owning half of the company and owning half of the publishing. I am thinking about Jermaine’s comment about Michael and how he was about business. If any of you read that part of Jermaine’s book, they know what I am talking about. Apparently, Jermaine did not know that about Michael. Jealousy is real.

Promotional picture for the 1991 single "Black and White".

Michael talks about how Sony was getting revenge because of how he left them and that is why he believes that Sony sabotaged his promotion for his 2001 hit album Invincible.  Michael also stated in the video that Tommy Mottola is the devil and goes on to talk about how he comforted Mariah. After watching this video, it bothered me when I would read comments from fans who stated that they did not want to read any of the conspiracies regarding what really happened to Michael. I can recall a time when I was a caller for a fan run radio show, that I will not mentioned, in which I stated that I believed the conpairacy Michael was talking about. One of the host of the show asked me why I believed the conspiracy. I was speechless not because I could not answer the question because I did but because the host did not truly understand what Michael went through. 

Posing with one of his doctors and showing off his plaque of accomplishments in 1988.

I am disturbed that many of Michael’s fans want to ignore that these things happened to him because the executors of his Estate are doing the “right things” for him and his legacy. However, that is the problem. When Michael stated what he was going through in 2002, how come MJ fans did not protest against what he stated at that time? How come the fans, it seems, believed that Sony sabotaged the promotion of the Invincible album? Now that things seems to be going “well” in the case of Michael and his legacy, let’s ignore the conspiracy talk? After Michael’s murder, one of the executors of his Estate, good ol’ John Branca came forward claiming to be one of the executors of the Estate. The same man who Michael fired in 2003 because he believe that Branca was trying to take away his stake in the Beatles Catalouge.

Michael behind the scenes of the "Speed Demon" short film in 1987.

Giving that fact, the Killer Thriller Speech, Michael’s speech in Harlem that same year in 2002 and the weird things that were happening to Michael from 2002 until now, many fans still do not believe that a conspiracy still exists in regards to Michael. When will most of the fans going to believe the conspiracy? Going back to what I stated earlier in this entry regarding Michael owning half of Sony  - Sony is a huge company. It not only does music but it does movies and television (Sony Pictures). Sony Pictures was the distributor for the This is It movie and it was number one in the box office. Not only was the movies a box office hit, Sony Pictures made a lot of money from that documentary/movie. All of the money that was made from that movie went to the Estate and I am not sure if most if any of the money went to the beneficiaries of the will (Katherine and the children).

Michael behind the scenes of the "Thriller" short film in 1983.

Now that Michael has passed away, he no longer owns half of Sony. All of his masters and his likeness is owned by the Michael Jackson Estate. Michael has no say on how the executors are going to do to his art, likeness and legacy. What Michael mentioned in the video is what he feared would happen to him and sadly, it did happen to him. Michael, in the form of his art, likeness and legacy will be forever owned by Sony and will never be free from what Sony has done and will do to those aspects. So when many of his fans state that they do not want to read about the conspiracy, defend these executors and do not question the executors or Sony BMG decisions, they are, in a way, hurting Michael. I will be doing more blogs relating to the conspiracy in the near future because fans need to be reminded of what Michael went through so they can learn from his life. 

Promotional picture from 1992.

Updates: There have been an update regarding my previous entry – I am not going to sell the MJ items at the moment. I have to take care of some personal things. However, when I am ready to sell the items or give them away, I will make it aware. In the coming months, I will be doing blog entries on various aspects. I want this blog to cover ALL aspects of Michael’s life because I want people to know a different view on Michael from an MJ fan that is not about the okey-dokey if you know what I mean. I do not play it safe because as far as I am concern I am going to question a lot of things. No one will be safe with the exception of Michael’s mother, children, siblings Randy and Janet, nieces, nephews and cousin (second and onward) and a few of his lady friends (When I meant by “lady friends” I am not talking about women who were friends of his. I am talking about women who were more than friends to him.) Everyone else will be criticized on this blog because of their unusual behaviors during Michael’s life. I have stated that I will not expose fans, but one of my blog entries, I will have expose a few fans for the sake of the truth. There is one thing that my boss told me and my supervisor when he was talking to us. He told us that we must be slaves to the truth. This blog is about being the slave to what is the truth about Michael and the truth about what really happened to Michael. There is only one blog about Michael that is focusing on the truth about Michael and that is this blog. 

Michael performing in the Victory tour in 1984.


Update - May 27, 2017 - There is a blog that gets into the real reason for Michael's financial issues. The blog is called "Michael Jackson - Let's Talk About The Truth". A loyal fan of Michael's and my buddy, Marco, has been blessed enough to get legal documents that ultimately proves that Michael was indeed railroaded by the very people who gave him so many problems. The link that I will post goes into detail on what happened to Michael. I feel that every fan should bookmark Marco's website/blog and read the blog. Here is the link - 


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