Saturday, April 7, 2012

Magazine Scans: Michael and Madonna At the Oscars in 1991

Here is another magazine scan I did nearly three years ago of Michael and Madonna going to the Oscars in 1991. People magazine did a cover story of these two shocking the world when they decided to go on a date to the Oscars. It was an odd pairing seeing that Michael was the child-like, musical prophet entertainer and Madonna was the raunchy, in-your -face performer who could not be tamed. When they went to the Oscars that year, no one talked about the event because all anyone could ever talk about is two of the biggest pop culture entities in one room enjoying the Oscars. 

Madonna during her "Vogue" days in 1989/1990.

Michael in 1991 at Neverland for an event. 

During that time in 1991, both performers were getting ready to promote their upcoming projects. Madonna had her documentary Truth or Dare and her greatest hits known as the Immaculate Collection being released. Michael was in the process of completing his now classic CD, Dangerous and signing a $1 billion contract with the now Sony BMG company (it was known as CBS Records in the 1980s). 

So, here is the cover and articles - 


The picture of Michael was from my personal harddrive and the picture of Madonna from a search.

"Michael and Madonna: The Oddest Couple", Dougherty, Steve, Gold, Todd, Marlow, David, Micheli, Robin, Abrahams, Andrew and McFarland, Sabrina, People, pages 64-68, April 15th, 1991.