Sunday, April 1, 2012

Magazine Scans: Michael and Diana Ross on the Cover of Ebony in 1983

I have a huge collection of magazines from the early 1980s up to the present day and I am in the process of either giving the items away or selling them on ebay. However, with the exception of the eight Michael theme items that I am giving away, I am going to keep the remaining Michael items. I have scanned a few of the items to my laptop a few years ago and I rarely shared the items up until recently when I posted a few of them on a facebook group that I am a member of called "Michael Jackson Archives". I want to start off the month of April by posting these classic items that I have. To give you a background of the item, it is a issue of Ebony magazine from 1983 with Michael and Diana Ross on the cover. The article is a profile about how each performer were ruling the entertainment world. At that time, Diana Ross was celebrating the success of her 1980 self titled and last album for Motown records called Diana

Diana Ross' last album with Motown called Diana.

Michael was riding high on the success of his legendary album Thriller and breaking racial barriers on the new MTV network at the time. 

Michael at an event in 1983.

The images that I will post is the article that the magazine did on Michael and Diana. There have been various stories for years if Michael and Diana were more than friends. Michael made it clear that he was in love with Diana. In the very near future, I will do an blog entry about Michael and Diana and the ladies of Michael's life. 

Michael Jackson and Diana Ross on the cover of Ebony in 1983.

"Diana and Michael: They Are the Undisputed King and Queen of Entertainment",  Sanders, Charles L. Ebony, pages 29-36, November 1983. 

The cover of Diana Ross' album Diana from a search.  

A picture of Michael from 1980 from my harddrive. The magazine scans came from my harddrive.

The link to the facebook group account for The Michael Jackson Archives