Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Friends, Hanger Ons and the Ones Undecided

Since Michael’s murder in 2009, a lot of people who knew him were coming forward talking about their memories with Michael and offer some insight into the mind of this great human being. However, what comes with the death of a world legend is the reality of people coming forward stating claims about Michael that are not true. Most of these people that knew Michael, whether it be for 20 minutes or over 30 years, were his friends. There were some friends of Michael that honored him correctly and respectfully. Even though these friends have other things to do, when they are asked about Michael, it is always about the man and the friendship they had with the man. Other “friends” of his who have come forward to talk about Michael have decided to trash, make false claims of paternity, question his manhood, was vocal on his state of mind and the rumors of drug use. There were friends of his that cared about him but often did or stated things about him that were inappropriate, wrong and downright disrespectful.

This entry will explore what these people, some who have called themselves “friends” of Michael, have done to tell the world about their time with Michael. There will be three categories of this entry: Friends, Hanger Ons and Undecided. I did not include all of his friends because some will be mentioned in an upcoming entry. Let me break it down what I mean by each category:

Friends: are people that were good to Michael throughout his life. Instead of judging him because of his choices, they helped him. Instead of making fun of him, they felt the need to feel compassion for him. Instead of going to the media and making a “fool” out of him, they state what they have to state and moved on.

Hanger Ons: are people who claimed to be friends with Michael but never really shown evidence that they actually cared about him. These people go on social networking sites like facebook and twitter and tell fables about him. These people are paid by the tabloids to create lies about him. These people put Michael into crazy situations just so Michael can state things that do more harm than good. Even after Michael has passed away, these people are still making a “name” for themselves because of their association with Michael.

Undecided: are people who are probably friends with Michael but I am not sure about their loyalty. These people stated things about him after his death that would make me question their mindset when they stated those things. 

Friends -

Chris Tucker (actor, comedian): Chris first met Michael in 2001 when they were in his video, “You Rock My World” for Michael’s Invincible album. In the 1990s, Chris did his famous and hilarious comedy sketch on Michael being a pimp on the show Def Comedy Jam  View video here and he would often imitate Michael in his movies (All the Rush Hour movies). Chris introduced Michael in the 30th Anniversary special talking about the first time he ever spoke to Michael on the phone. Chris, along with Brett Ratner (he will be mentioned later in this entry) often vacationed with Michael in 2003 to visit a mutual friend of theirs name Al Malnik (he will be mentioned in this entry) and hung out with Michael.  In 2005, Chris was one of the people who testified for him during Michael’s trial. After Michael was murdered, Chris tributes him in his comedy tour and was on the George Lopez show talking about how Michael was like as a friend and a person. Chris is also good friends with Michael’s family. Even Michael’s niece and nephew, Austin and Yashi, tweeted that they have attended Chris’ comedy concerts. Chris has never trashed Michael or claimed to be the father to any of Michael’s children. He has never used Michael’s fame to promote his work or any charities that he is a part of. The mother of his only child, Azja Pryor, was on Access Hollywood in 2010 defending Michael’s innocence in regardless to the laughable and false accusations of child abuse that Michael endured in 2005. She did an open letter to the accuser, Gavin Arvizo to tell him to come forward and state that the allegations he made against Michael were false. View video here.  

Rev. Al Sharpton (radio host, civil rights leader, Reverend) : Al Sharpton has been friends with Michael for years and was a vocal support for Michael during the 2005 trial. Sharpton went to any media outlet to defend Michael and remind people of the situation Michael was in. In 2006, Sharpton accompanied Michael to the funeral of James Brown and Michael spoke at his funeral. In 2002, Michael  came to Sharpton’s National Action Network to march with them against Sony Music Harlem, in regards to Michael’s ownership rights. View video here. The video went all over the world and in the video, Michael talked about once he broke the records that fellow music legends Elvis and the Beatles had, he was called things that he was not. When Michael died in 2009, Sharpton decided to do a memorial for him in the Apollo Theatre in honor of his friend. Fans from all over the area came to the memorial. In July of that same year, Sharpton did an emotional speech about his friend in the memorial that was televised worldwide. In his speech, he stated to Michael’s children this amazing quote: 

"Your daddy was not strange. Strange things happened to your daddy."

In August of that same year, Sharpton went to the first annual Michael Jackson Birthday Block Party in Brooklyn, NY to tell the fans that he wanted to thank them for coming and that he had to go to California to be there for the Jackson family to prepare for Michael’s burial. In the 2009 Ebony’s magazine tribute on page 12 entitled “History”, Sharpton stated about his friend, 

Every time they knocked him down, Michael got back up. He stood up and told us all to take a look at the man in the mirror and to heal the world. He told us to remember the time, and now we remember the plethora of great times he gave us: the sold-out international concerts, the largest album sales in history, the impeccable dance moves and, more important, his generous, humanitarian side. 

In an interview with the television program 60 Minutes, Sharpton was profiled and he was asked about Michael. He stated that he was always be there for his friend to honor his legacy the same way he did for another friend of his, James Brown.

Rev. Jesse Jackson (radio host, civil rights leader, Reverend): Jesse Jackson has known Michael and his family for over 40 years. Not one time he was ever stopped being there for Michael and the family. Jackson has been seen visiting Michael and the family during the Victory Tour days.  Jackson has been a supporter of Michael during the trial. During the trial, Michael did an interview for Jackson’s radio show to let the people know how he was holding up. Also, during the trial, Michael had serious financial issues so Jackson and a friend of former President Bill Clinton, Ron Burkle, decided to help Michael get his finances in order. Click here . In 2007, Michael was invited to celebrate Jackson’s 65th birthday in Beverly Hills. When Michael died in 2009, he did a wonderful tribute to his friend in Ebony’s magazine’s tribute to Michael. On page 55 of the tribute called “The Promise of Youth Fulfilled”  he stated about being with Michael during his darkest time, 

I was with him in Neverland through his darkest hours but, through it all, Michael was a survivor. Indeed, his story is one of unparalleled triumph; rarely have we seen the promise of fulfilled so brilliantly, so fully.

Jackson was at Michael’s memorial and burial ceremonies and still supports Michael and the Jackson family.

Eddie Griffith (comedian, actor): There are people out there that do not know that Michael and Eddie Griffith are good friends. In the past, like many comedians, Eddie made fun of Michael. Years later, during the 2005 trial, Griffin came there in support of Michael. After Michael’s death, Eddie has been vocal on the conspiracy on what happened to Michael and how the press hounded Michael.  He also did an hilarious comedy routine about Michael in which he basically stated that Michael did not abuse children but that men/husbands need to really worry about putting their women/wives around Michael. I do not have to tell you what Griffin meant by that. Hehehehe.

Steve Harvey (comedian, actor radio show host): Steve Harvey had a popular radio show in L.A. and would tell the listeners that he was a huge fan of Michael. When Michael finally was told that, he had to call his radio show. That is what he did in 2002 View video here and it became a popular interview. Harvey and Michael have been friends ever since and he showed his loyalty towards him when he was there for Michael during the hardest times. At one point, Harvey almost lost his job because of his defense towards his friend. In his comedy movie, Don’t Trip, He Ain’t Through With Me Yet, Harvey tells the audience about his friendship with Michael and there were some mixed reactions with what he stated. He stated that Michael should have never stated that he slept in the bed with children and that he should have stated that he slept in the bed with his sister, Janet. He also stated that Michael should have closed up the place, unplugged everything and called the place “Never Again” after Michael was falsely accused of child abuse. Even though, what he stated was a bit harsh, it was true and I, for one, thought it was funny and honest. A good friend tells you the truth and Harvey probably told that to Michael. In 2003, Harvey hosted Michael’s 45th birthday celebration in L.A.’s Forum Theatre. After Michael passed away, Harvey dedicated his radio show to Michael.

Lionel Richie (singer, songwriter): Lionel Richie has known Michael since Michael was a child. When Richie was in the Motown group, the Commandores in the 1970s, they were the opening act for the Jackson 5. Ever since then, Michael and Richie became dear friends. They were such good friends that Michael became the godfather to Richie’s older daughter, Nicole and Paris Jackson and Richie’s younger daughter, Sophia, are best friends. Richie and Michael co-wrote the 1985 classic song “We Are the World” and according to Richie when he was interviewed on Access Hollywood, made a pact that they will never let the music business get them wrapped up in drugs. Richie was there for Michael during the 2005 trial and stated one time on a show that he does not care if Michael made another hit, he just wants Michael to be alive. When Michael died in 2009, Richie came to the memorial and sang the song “Jesus is Love” and has been vocal on his friendship with Michael.

Kathy Hilton (mother of socialite Paris Hilton): Kathy Hilton and Michael have been friends since their childhood days. Hilton often hung out with Michael and LaToya when they were growing up. According to LaToya, the made a pact that if they had children of their own, they would named them after their favorite cities. Hilton has been there for Michael for years and when Paris, Nicole and their siblings were younger, she often came to the Neverland estate many times. Hilton even took care of Michael’s children, Prince and Paris when Michael was recording his Invincible album. Hilton was there during Michael’s difficult times in 2005 and was there with the family when Michael died in 2009. In that same year, her daughter Paris revealed on the show Extra that Michael named his daughter Paris after her. In 2011, Hilton along with her daughter was on Piers Morgan’s show to talk about their reality show at the time and about Michael,  View video here.

Miko Brando (the son of legendary actor, Marlon Brando) Miko Brando and Michael were friends for many years and at one point, Brando work as one of Michael’s personal assistants. Brando stated on Access Hollywood that Michael was his best man at his wedding and that Michael was the godfather of Brando’s daughter, Prudence.

Steve Hofflien, M.D. (one of Michael’s and the Jacksons’ plastic surgeon) Dr. Steve Hofflien was Michael’s plastic surgeon who was outspoken against Dr. Klien (he will be mentioned later) and his questionable ways. Dr. Hofflien has often been there for Michael during the hard times in his life. It was rumored that Dr. Hofflien was at one point in a mental home and that he was blamed for the results of the scalp reconstructive surgery that he performed on Michael. However, I tend to judge him on how he treated Michael after Michael passed. Dr. Hofflein was vocal on the things that he believe Dr. Klien and Michael’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe did to Michael. He also stated in this article that Michael was not gay to refute the claims that Dr. Klien’s boyfriend made about Michael’s sexuality.  Regarding the rumors of Hofflien being in a mental home - if he had to be forced to go to a mental home it was probably because he knew things about certain people. Just saying.

Hanger Ons - 

Uri Guller (spoon bender, “Spiritual advisor”, media whore): Uri Guller was “friends” with Michael during a time in Michael’s life that was becoming unusual. Guller was bought into Michael’s camp and life by Rabbi Schumley Boteach, another “spiritual advisor” who will be mentioned later. Michael heard about Guller when he was a child when Guller was best known to attempting to bend a spoon using his mind and it failed terribly on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson back in the 1970s. A thread was made on Guller over at the website called “Uri Guller: Proven Liar, Fraud and Con Man” -

and in the thread, it details how Guller operates and eventually lied, frauded and con manned Michael. Guller was paid by that terrible “journalist” Marin Bashir over $200,000 so that he can do an interview with Michael. We all know how that mess turned out to be. After that horror, Michael got rid of this person for good. However, that did not stop Guller from exposing Michael. Even after Michael parted ways with Guller, Guller made the rounds on television to talk about Michael and all of the things about Michael to anyone that would listen to him. After Michael’s death, Guller, along with former celebrity child star and “friend” of Michael’s Mark Lester and so called “bodyguard” to Michael, Matt Fiddles has teamed together to go on tabloids to tell anyone that Michael did not father two of his three biological children.

Mark Lester (child actor best known for playing Oliver in the movie Oliver, aging has been): Mark Lester knew Michael since they were young people and seemed to have a close friendship. Everytime Michael would visit London to stay over Lester’s home, Lester made an attempt to go to the media and tell them about Michael’s visit. In 2003, when Michael was receiving the key to Las Vegas, Lester was there making sure that his children were being paraded around Michael’s children. Lester always made sure to include himself in everything Michael whenever Michael was in his presence. When Michael died, at first, it seemed that Lester was in mourning over the lost of his dear “friend”. However, that soon changed when Michael’s children were now being raised by Katherine and Lester was not getting to see the children they way he wanted to see the children. Lester’s own daughter, Lucy, created a fake facebook account of Paris just to make the fans think it was actually her. Lucy even bashed Katherine for not letting her and her family speak to Paris. Then, the unexpected “bombshell”: Lester went to a tabloid to claim that he was the “biological” father of Paris. The MJ fan community went insane with anger. It turned out, all along, that Lester was not even close to a friend, he was a backstabbing, bitter has been that has now realized that he cannot handle the fact that he can no longer use Michael or his children to get in the papers. In other words, since he has no way of visiting Michael’s children so he can’t tell his buddies in the media all the juicy “details” of his visit. Lester even went as far as going to the Today show and told anchor Matt Lauer why he believed that Paris was “his daughter”. The now tabloid morning show even did a split screen of Paris with one of Lester’s daughters, Emma, to see if there was a resemblance. There was none. Lester, along with fellow hanger on, Matt Fiddles were going to do paternity tests to see if they were “biologically” related to the children, but that went nowhere. On a side note: Lester was asked about Michael’s sexually, and in true stupid form, Lester basically  stated that he did not think Michael was the type of guy to have partners but Michael would comment on how pretty a woman is. So basically, Lester was stating that Michael was an asexual. Yeah, I know, hilarious. He really did not know Michael.

Matt Fiddles (martial arts “trainer”, media whore, “body guard”):  Matt Fiddles was put into Michael’s camp by fellow hanger on, Uri Guller to “bodyguard” Michael. Fiddles only did that job for two days and that was it. He barely got to know Michael. Fiddles started to show his true colors when he made the laughable claim that he was the “biological” father of Blanket. To even believe this claim, a person would have to get their brain examined. It was later revealed that Fiddles “worked” for Michael AFTER Blanket was born. Fiddles made insane claims such as Michael being an anti-semitic, he had a pet boa constructor named Madonna because Michael “could not stand the singer Madonna” and the funniest one was the claim that stated that Michael ordered his people to kill his brother Randy. To even waste a minute dealing with this fool would make you go insane. There are great blog entries out there that I feel people should read to show you how one fool can create a story all for attention, fame and money. The blog entry entitled “Matt Fiddles Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket’s Paternity”  Click here , “Whitney Houston, Bio-Babies  and Nazis: Exposing the Lies of Michael Jackson’s Fake Bodyguard” Click here  and “National Enquirer Refused Michael Jackson Bodyguard Story as They Found It Too Unbelievable! Katherine Jackson Called Him a Liar in 2010! Fiddles Exposed” Click here  . Read and laugh at the clown’s stupidity.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Rabbi, “spiritual advisor”, media whore): Michael met the Rabbi through Uri Guller in 2001. Rabbi Boteach wanted to work with Michael on various projects but Michael soon realized that Rabbi Boteach was another hanger on. Michael found out that Rabbi Boteach stole over $250,000 from the Heal The World foundation Click here, when Michael cut him off, Rabbi Boteach made claims that the reason he was cut off was because of Michael’s “drug use” and to make matters worse, he released a book of private conversations that he had with Michael called The Michael Jackson Tapes. In a way, it was an invasion of Michael’s privacy. Michael agreed to do the book, but when Michael was alive, the book was never completed. When Rabbi Boteach went on Larry King Live to promote his book, he stated that part of Michael’s legacy was the child abuse allegations that he endured. When the laughable allegations from Matt Fiddles stating that Michael was an anti-semitic were spreading, Rabbi Boteach decided to go to the to offer a rebuttal against the claim.  Click here  Even though his rebuttal was good, it still showed that Rabbi Boteach was still friends with Uri Guller. As you might notice, Rabbi Boteach is not going to cut ties with Guller anytime soon.

Karen Faye Kissinger (freelance make-up artist, gossiper): Karen Faye met Michael in 1982 through the photographer of the Thriller album, Bill Zimmerman. A few years later, she became Michael’s full time makeup artist. It is not common for make-up artist to spread rumors about their clients. However, with Faye’s case, it is unusual for a make-up artist to have an unprofessional relationship with her client. Faye was frequent on the Michael Jackson message boards for a certain time during the 2005 trial. In a conversation she had with fans, Faye started to talk about Michael’s private parts. Now, that is borderline inappropriate and disrespectful. After the trial, Michael fired Faye in 2005 and hired a new make-up artist name Lynda Parrish. When Michael was preparing for his This Is It concert in 2009, Faye was rehired. Things started to look off when MJ died June of that year – Faye went on her facebook account and started to tell fans fables about Michael. Faye’s comments create a fan division in the fan community. When the Jacksons decided to do an interview with Oprah in 2010, Faye posted a couple of tweets that trashed Michael’s parents, Joe and Katherine  -

A lot of tea was spilled on that link but hey, when you are pure evil, the truth comes out eventually. I was told that Faye does make-up for Gloria Allred’s show that started last year. The same Gloria Allred that wanted to take Michael’s children away from him based on the false child abuse allegations. Yeah, Faye was a “friend” indeed.

Al and Nancy Malnik (Attorney, Restaurant owner, humanitarian and has mafia ties. Not sure of wife’s occupation): Michael met Al and Nancy Malnik in 2003 through Brett Ratner. Michael with his children, along with Ratner and Chris Tucker went to Miami to visit the Malniks and Michael’s children played with the Malnik children. However, after 2003, Michael and the Malniks were never seen with one another ever again. The reason, according to the information that was posted on here Click here, Michael started to have suspicions of Malnik and he wanted an investigator name Gordan Novel to look into Malnik. Michael believed that Malnik, along with Ratner, were working with former Sony head Tommy Mottola to get rid of Michael’s rights of the Beatles Catalogue. After Michael passed away, Malnik was being the opportunistic person that he is, went to anyone that would listen to him that he was Blanket’s “godfather” and he was one of the executors to his estate. His wife, Nancy, created a facebook page of pictures of Michael with his children when they visited her home. Malnik (wife) claimed that the pictures were leaked, but how when the pictures were on a public facebook page?? Those pictures were on, Us Weekly and People. I wonder how much money those media outlets paid her for the pictures. Also, Michael’s children and the Malnik children visited one another with the help of the ever suspect Grace Rwanba (former nanny) during 2010. It is not known why the Jacksons allowed Malnik (wife) to let her children visit Michael’s children even after Michael cut ties with these people.

Frank Cascico (music producer, author, song ruiner): Frank Cascico knew Michael since he was five years old. Casciso and his siblings are Michael’s godchildren and would often accompanied him when he was on tour, the recording studio and had their own rooms are Neverland. During the trial, Cascico was there to support his friend but he was a source to most of gossip columnist and resident Michael hater Roger Friedman various articles. He also did an interview with Harvey Levin, who ran the website Celebrity which has turned into the awful which he told Levin that Michael would tell him graphic details on how he would have sex with women. When Levin asked if Michael ever done anything to him, he stated that Michael never did anything to him. Cascico had no business even talking to Levin about Michael but that was just the beginning of Cascico’s ways. After Michael died, he and his brother, Dominic gave Sony/BMG three songs, “Breaking News”, “Keep Your Head Up” and “Monster” for the posthumous album called Michael.  When “Breaking News” leaked in its entirety on Michael’s official website,, the fan community was in total shock and disbelief. The song sounded nothing like Michael and an all out war started. Michael’s children and family stated that the vocals were not Michael’s. Producer Teddy Riley and Michael’s nephew, Tito’s son, Taryll Jackson, had a twitter beef over the fake songs. Dominic issued a statement to the fan website based in France which read as follows: 

the kids while at my house had homeschool everyday at my house while michael worked in the studio! (2 different parts of the house) everything will be revealed shortly! the truth will prevail! the jackson brothers and 3t are brainwashing everyone because of there own jelousey! including the kids! michael distanced himself from his brothers for a reason! they were all greedy, and always looked for trouble and they are doing the same now! remember that they have no say in the estate, and they are not entitled to any money from the estate... the only ones who benifit from the estate are those 3 beauteful kids! so not buying the album will ultimately hurt them! my brother has 3 songs on the album, and if they were fake they wouldnt be going out! remember the jacksons ordered a forensic test to test the vocals and they came back positive! (all 3 tests) all the producers who worked with him like quincy jones, bruce swedien, teddy riley all say its him so who is claiming its fake?? ONLY THE JACKSONS! now if they still have a problem they should take legal action but since they have NO case they are trying to ruin the album to hurt my family, which is doing nothing but hurting the kids! so like i said look at the big picture! dont be manipulated! michael always said dont listen to what you hear about him because people make up lies! my brother has sworn affadavits which means he swore his life these songs! and we are not desperate we are trying to make michaels latest work be heard! if michael didnt like these songs he would never record them to begin with! he didnt record on friends tracks just for fun!!! this was seriouse! not fully finished but very seriouse work! the fans are doing more harm to michaels name then good! michaels is singing in the whole song, the other voice is just giving accents that michael could not record yet becuase he wasnt able to due to his death! u can hear it in the backround when he sais the word jackson.. michael is saying jackson but in the back you will heard jackson said with a different tone and accent, maybe this voice is causing confusion with the fans but just like in butterflies there were other singers credited in the songs just like this guy is! maybe without the voice there wouldnt be confusion of the credibility of the songs but it is too late think what should have been done.. this is the way it is and we are not making false tracks! michael was recorded through out the whole song, these were just extras to give more body! maybe it was the right desicion maybe it was wrong but in no way would we try to fool the fans, or anyone! We have always been and will always be LOYAL to michael and the kids!


It seems like all of the bashing in the world will not stop the questions about the validity of those songs. The Cascico family along with Teddy Riley, went on Oprah to talk about the Michael album. Still, no mentioning on the validity of the songs on that show. This year, Casisco wrote a book about Michael called My Friend Michael in which he talked about his friendship with Michael and Michael’s dependency of prescribed medications. I did not buy the book because I knew it was a waste of paper and time. However, I was thinking, for a person who never really succeed on being a producer, who gave him the right to go ahead and write a book about his friendship with Michael? He had a publisher but there are people out there who knew Michael and tried to get a publisher to publish their book, but instead had to self publish their books. What made Cascico so special???  Then, Cascico had gone on a media promotional spree with his book. It seems like he must have some connections with certain publishers who had connections with certain Estate executors.

Arnold Klien, M.D. (Not sure if he is a Board Certified Dermologist, one of Michael’s killers, suspicious as hell): Michael was introduced to Dr, Klien by his friend, the late Elizabeth Taylor sometime in the 1980s. Michael suffered from Vitiligo and Lupus and Dr. Klien was there to “help” him. Michael also met his ex-wife and the mother of his two older children, Debbie Rowe, while being a patient of Dr. Klien. Before Michael’s death, it was not known what Dr. Klien ever do to Michael that would have harm him. However, after Michael’s death, Klien came out of nowhere and violated the HIPPA law by publically discussing Michael to the media. On Good Morning America, Dr. Klien stated that he might be the “biological” father of Prince and Paris. Of course, that started a war against Klien in the fan community. I was more than convinced that Dr. Klien is hiding something about what he really did to Michael because for a questionable doctor to even go on television and even talk about one of his patients, tells me that he is hiding something. Klien decided not to go ahead and do a paternity test to see if he was the “father” mainly because of two things, 1. He is not the father 2. Debbie denied that he is the father. It has been revealed in a blog that I used to frequent that Klien, with the help of Taylor probably did more harm than good in regards to Michael.  Klien, with the help of his boyfriend, Jason, started telling fables of Michael being gay. Jason was ready to tell his story to the television gossip show Extra .That prompted Taylor to issue a tweet about the laughable claim. However, even her weak defense of Michael did nothing to help. It took the fans and shockingly Rowe to get the Estate executors to tell Extra not to air the interview. The interview never aired and Dr. Klien admitted that he lied and that Michael was not gay. On a sidenote – Rowe actually was given the credit for making sure that the interview never aired instead of the fans. Go figure.


David Gest (producer, media whore): David Gest knew Michael since they were young and they have often been there for one another. Michael was Gest’s best man to his hideous wedding to his then wife, Liza Minnelli. Gest has been a supporter of Michael when Michael was going through his troubles in 2005. However, I am not listing Gest under undecided because of his loyalty towards his friend. Gest had stated some things about Michael and Whitney that bothered me. There are times when a friend tells you something that was meant to be private. For example, if you tell your friend what age you lost your virginity; you would expect your friend not to tell people. That is a private thing. Well, Gest did not get that at all. I guess since Michael is no longer with us, Gest can go ahead and tell all of his friends’ business just so he could be in the papers. Gest stated that Michael lost his virginity at 19 years old. Even if that is true, should it be out there? No. I do not care who Gest is to Michael or the Jackson family, there are things that the whole world do not need to know about. If Michael and Whitney had a passionate kiss should I know about it? Probably not. After Whitney passed away, Gest did an interview with the Sun tabloid click here in which he talked about Whitney’s drug use and blaming Bobby Brown for getting her into drugs. I guess this knucklehead never heard of the word ADULT. SMDH.  An adult makes decisions for themselves and does not need someone to make it for them. Even though Gest is not a bad person, he is the type of friend that you cannot trust and because he never really bashed neither Michael nor Whitney, I am not sure if he was ever their friend either.

Brett Ratner (director, Al Malnik’s protégé): Brett Ratner met Michael in 2003 while Michael was in Miami. Ratner was a supporter of Michael during the trial and afterwards. Ratner and Michael were never seen together after 2003 and it was mentioned on this entry why. I placed him in this category because after Michael’s death, he honored him by posting a video of Michael talking to him. He did not really trashed him or go after his children and family. When he was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last year to promote his movie, he told a story about the time Michael attacked a homeless man with a water gun.

Now, I have to admit, I thought the story was funny because I have a weird sense of humor. However, it hit me that even though I do believe the story is true, I thought it was odd that Ratner could not find a better story to tell Kimmel. I know that Ratner saw Michael do very nice things for people while he was hanging out with him. I do not think it is right for anyone to attack homeless people and Michael did steal toys from a child once so it is not the first time that he did things that were not nice. Yet, I wonder what agenda Ratner probably had by telling this story? Michael was the most charitable celebrity ever and did so much for people. Wouldn’t it be reasonable for Ratner to focus on a story that showed a side of Michael that was respectful towards him and others?

Quincy Jones (music producer, bitter friend of Michael): Michael and Quincy met when Michael was 10 in the home of the late Sammy Davis Jr. Then they met again when Michael was doing the movie The Wiz and Jones was doing the score for the movie. Of course, we know the history that they had with one another. However, after Michael died, Jones was hurt by Michael’s death but decided to do an interview in which he falsely stated that Michael’s children were white among other things. I guess Jones forgot about his own children being not just black but white as well. One of them, Rashida Jones, passes for a white woman. The day of Michael’s memorial, there were pictures of Jones partying with a woman in Europe. People were outraged when they saw this man enjoying himself while his friend was being memorialized. It showed the selfishness that Michael probably saw when he worked with Jones. I put him in this category because he did not outright bashed Michael but he did not support him either after his death. He stated some comments that were very harsh but he was nothing like the clowns that were listed as hanger ons. No matter what, though, I will never like Jones or his family.

Deepak and Gotham Chopra (father & son, authors, new age nutties): The Chopras met Michael in 1988 and were friends with him ever since. After Michael’s death, Deepak Chopra posted a moving tribute to his friend on the blog Then, Chopra (father) went on Larry King Live to talk about Michael. On the show, he stated that Michael was a “drug addict” and the singer Usher stated that Chopra should have never said that about Michael. I remember reading this and I was livid. Michael just died and the last thing that needed to be stated about him was that he was an “drug addict”. At that time, we did not even know what killed him and the assumption of him being a “drug addict” was downright wrong. Chopra’s son, Gotham, also did a blog on Michael about the time he was a roadie for Michael’s Dangerous tour back in the 1990s. Click here In the article he stated something that I found odd, 

For years, I wore the badge of that summer and my many exploits over it boldly and boastfully. Then of course, as time passed and Michael became embroiled in scandals involving teen boys, all of a sudden my summer as his teen sidekick didn’t have the same glamour to it. Now it was a stigma, something I treasured but certainly did not tout.

Interesting on how he views his time with Michael. After false accusations, Chopra (son) viewed his time with Michael as more of a stigma than a wonderful memory regardless of the nonsense Michael went through. Chopra also stated in another blog or interview, I am not sure, that Michael would ask him tips on how he can get with Lisa Marie Presley, Michael’s then wife. *Sigh* if anyone actually believes that Michael went a guy who was two times younger than he on advice on women, I am going to have to pop that person on the nose. I mean, come on. Chopra (son) stated that he was working with Michael on a book called Fated. That would be a book that I will not purchase. I do not think the Chopras are bad people but I do think that they use their connections with Michael to get in the papers. They are already successful without the help of Michael.


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