Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To Define His Legacy

The month of June means Graduations, the end of the school year, Father's day and summer. However for the MJ fans, June is a very difficult time for all of us. June was the month, and the 25th was the day, back in 2009, that Michael passed away and it was one of those moments in life when people ask "where were you when this happened or when that happened?" I have never seemed to and will probably never seem to get over the fact that Michael is no longer with us. There is no way to really explain it - his death is difficult to accept. I think about him every single day and it does not get any better. 

In regards to his legacy, Michael had/has and very rich and wonderful legacy that anyone would be proud of. Michael was successful most of his life and he never needed to do anything desperate to save/recover/improve his career. The major success to his legacy is his music and his humanitarian work. If there are two things people (with a brain) think about Michael, it is his timeless music career and his never-ending work to help humankind. However, the unfortunate reality of Michael's career was his dislike/loathe relationship with the media. 

To really understand Michael's relationship with the media, you have to understand how Michael handled the media throughout his life. The media, whether we like it or not, do have a major say in how our legends of yesteryear and today will be remembered when they are gone. There is no way of changing that fact. Michael was the type of entertainer that did not like/supported the media. Compare Michael's relationship with the media to his sister's Janet or even Madonna's. Michael barely did interviews and never been on Larry King Live, for example. Janet did interviews whenever she could and was on Larry King Live at least three times. Michael was never accessible to the media like Madonna is and that was because he never trusted the media. The media twisted his words around and created things about him that were not true and Michael would never recover from that type of harassment. The same thing can happen to Madonna and she would recover up to the point to where that type of media treatment would not ruin her career. 

At the other side of the token, when Michael was trying to build up promotion for his 1987 album Bad, he and his then manager, the late Frank Dielo, planted stories to tabloids like the National Enquirer. Stories such of Michael's collection of the Elephant Man bones and Michael sleeping in the hyperbolic chamber, were oddities that the media could not get enough of. They could not interview him, but Michael gave the media something to focus on. To some people, it was a smart move on his part because he can live his life the way he wanted and the media would not know. However, there was a downside and in 1993, everything changed when Michael was falsely accused of child abuse. Michael's ordeal in 1993 changed the way the media treated Michael and his career and life were never the same. 

When Michael died in 2009, the media, in a way, changed their tune about him and what he stood for. The media decided that since the public are now mourning the death of the greatest entertainer ever, they needed to become more respectful to him. To me, I saw the phoniness in all of this and decided that the media was not going to tell me or anyone how Michael was going to be remembered. The media made their money ruining his life and they should be the last ones trying to profit off of his death. 

Fans of Michael have a rich history of always reminding the public of Michael's legacy, his  impact on pop culture and the world. From message boards, to websites to chat rooms and now facebook, blogs, radio shows, twitter and tumblr accounts, Michael's fans have really made it a mission to make sure that Michael's legacy is not ignored, disrespected or manipulated by the media. 

However, as always, there is a downside to fans and the media even some of Michael's "friends" trying to "honor" or "define" Michael's legacy. Remember the horror of the Michael album? Or the Estate of Michael Jackson basically doing nothing to get rid of the three songs that have been proven time and time again that the vocals were not Michael's? Do you recall the Estate not doing anything to get rid of various idiots coming forward with laughable claims against Michael? Do you remember the many fans of Michael's who refuse to question the Estate but would trash his family? Or do you remember the fans going against one another over their opinions in regards to AEG, MJE, Sony and his family? Do you remember the friends and former employees of Michael's starting things by airing private things about Michael for the world to know about? Now there are fans who have started to go by everything Michael's children state because they were his children and they would "know". There were even fans asking one of Michael's children about their father's love life. Fans following/friending his children on social networking websites but would go after Michael's family members if they were to even try to mention them. 

Those and many other examples have made me wonder how can Michael's legacy be defined when there is such a division in the fan community? How can his legacy be defined if we do not know what truly happened to him? How can his legacy be defined if fake vocals are out there and would be used for future music the MJE/Sony would release? How can his legacy be defined if most fans refuse to learn from his life? These are some of the many questions that I have. It has been three years and I hope that in the fourth year of Michael's passing that there are many significant changes in the fan community, the MJE and Michael's family. I am doing my part to keep the fans and the people informed in my own way in regards to Michael's legacy. This blog is about the truth about Michael and in my very own honest opinion, the truth about Michael should define his legacy. I hope that everyone who truly cares about his legacy end the pettiness and the childish behaviors and wake up. 

Updates: This will be the last blog entry for the month of June. I will not be updating this blog in July because I have decided to take a hiatus (break). I need time to create some future blog entries to this blog. I also need to do some research and this break can help me. I will be reading and looking into things. I will return to post blog entries in the first week of August. Also, I would like to announce that this blog has its very own email address. The email address is Whenever you want to reach me in regards to this blog and this blog only, please feel free to send me an email. I will read all of the emails. I hope that in the first week of August, I will have exciting things for this blog. Any new developments and updates I will post on my tumblr account that is connected to my twitter account. 

Michael in 1991 doing his "Black and White" short film.