Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jackson Family Fights Back Part 1

I have decided to end my hiatus on my blog to focus on the breaking news regarding the Jackson family. This entry will focus on the letter and the aftermath. 

The Letter

Things have become quiet to downright crazy at the new Jackson family compound in Calabasas, Ca. As usual, I was on twitter on July 17th or 18th when I kept seeing these tweets from a particular fan. At first, I ignored it because of the source of the information and because I did not want to get involve in any drama on twitter. I decided to eat dinner and look at other websites when I saw the number of the notifications on my twitter account increasing. When I clicked on the notifications, I began reading the tweets and I noticed that Randy Jackson confirmed the letter. He stated:

Randy confirming the letter.

When I read that tweet, I had to comment and when I did, I lost it. I was happy and elated that the family were finally fighting for the truth to be revealed. Then, I read this tweet that Randy stated: 

This gets real.

I had to read the letter and when I the letter I was disgusted, angry and pissed. I noticed only three of the eight living Jackson siblings did not sign the letter: Jackie, Marlon and LaToya. I know where LaToya stand on the Estate and AEG so I am not concerned that she did not sign. However, Jackie and Marlon did not sign and it did not shocked me. Those two never seemed to believe that Michael ever had an issue with Sony and one of the executors, John Branca. Not only that but when I called Jackie's son, Siggy on his radio show back in April and asked him about the family and the Estate, he stated that the family had nothing against John Branca. I am not expecting Jackie to have sign the letter. As for Marlon, I am not sure what his deal is. I know that he and Jackie are friends with John McClain and I am not even going to touch that. If they decided to side with McClain and not their blood brother, then it is whatever. 

Here is the link to the letter: 

Page one of the letter.

Page 2

Page 3

The Signatures.

Reading the letter and understand what happened to Katherine, it would be horrible and downright tragic if the siblings did not do something about what was going on. Just imagine if the siblings just let these people continue to harass and bother Katherine. The woman would have suffered a major stroke and we all know that recovering from a major stroke is not easy. Given Katherine's age (82) it was life or death. For her children, that she raise to do the right thing and be there for her when she is in trouble not to anything would show that she had these children for nothing. This is how I am viewing the situation in hand. The letter stated that John Branca told Katherine that he was "Michael Jackson now" so who gave this man the audicity to talk to Katherine like she was nothing more than some old woman that he can control? A man with a love for money and would do anything to get his hands on the money. Branca wanted full control and that is why he stated that to Katherine. The one thing that the media, Estate and the distrubed MJ fans continue to state is that the family did this letter because they wanted money. There is no evidence that the Jacksons want money from the Estate. If Janet signed and she is now the successful Jackson in the household, then how would the family want money? It makes not sense at all. There are a lot of people that do not want to believe that Michael Jackson really went through with these horrible people. Trent Jackson who is Joseph's nephew and the Jackson siblings first cousin, knows what the Estate and AEG are truly about but he and that shark, Howard Mann, have decided to do what the Estate wants them to do. Poor Katherine is stick in the middle and wants to do the right thing for her son and the whole family, she can't. The letter speaks for itself. It is three and the half pages of detailed information of what this family has been dealing with and going through since Michael's murder. 

Of course, typical Estate manner, they released a statement and when I read it, I had to laugh at the nonsense. 

The Estate's statement - oh the comedy.

If the Estate are "saddened" by the "false" and "defamatory" accusations, then file a defamation of character libel lawsuit against the family. Michael did not "chose" to name in the will because the will is not valid. The will was written by the powers that may be and Michael's supposed "signature" was forged. That is not my opinion, that is a fact. If the Estate wants to prove that the will is real then prove it. Don't state the same old nonsense of "Michael did not want the siblings in the will". State or rather prove that Michael did indeed sign that will. If you look at the date of that will, July 7th, 2002, Michael was in New York City fighting Sony and their nonsense. How can Michael even think of a damn will when he is fighting for his livelihood?! It makes no sense whatsoever. John Branca was Michael's music lawyer from Sony, the same Sony that Michael was fighting against in 2002, the day he supposedly "signed" the will. If the Estate are so confident that the will is valid, why are they paying so called "fans" to do their dirty work? If the Estate feels that the will is valid, then give a better argument as to why the family is stating what they are stating besides the same old mantra "the family wants money." 

Janet and Jermaine have also made it clear on twitter how they feel about this:

Jermaine speaking his mind.

I will get into Paris' rampage in a few. I am going to post Janet's side and you will noticed that she retweeted what Randy stated on twitter:

Janet retweeted the deal.

So, let's get into sweet, little Paris and her tweet to her uncle Randy. When the letter was leaked and Randy confirmed the letter, Paris was seeing what was going on and stated this tweet to her uncle - 

"Hello, dear family member. I don't appreciate you telling everyone things that aren't true, thank you very much.

When Jermaine confirmed, once again, that his mother, Paris' grandmother, Katherine did indeed have a stroke, she deleted the tweet. Then, Paris apologizes to her uncle for what she stated - 

She better have stated sorry. 

Then, I saw an article that was posted on the AOL music site about Janet being "furious" over Paris' acting career. 

Janet Jackson knows full well the dangers of getting involved in show business at too early an age, and according to UsMagazine.com, she "furious" that Paris Jackson, the 14-year-old daughter of her late brother Michael, has accepted a part in the upcoming movie "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys."
"She feels it goes against Michael's wishes to keep his kids out of the the limelight until age 18," a source told Us, adding, "Janet thinks Paris shouldenjoy being a kid and possibly go to college."
Paris, meanwhile, seems keen on following in her father's footsteps. She's "hoping for more roles," the insider said, explaining that it's become "a huge dispute" in the family.
The Jacksons, of course, are no strangers to "huge disputes," but when Janet says, "You're only a child once," she's speaking from experience. Maybe young Paris should listen to what her aunty has to say.

Let's say that this is indeed true, could Janet's fury about Paris acting could be based more on what she probably believes Katherine was forced to do for Paris? See, I believe that Trent is controlling Katherine and deep down, I do not believe that Katherine wants Paris to act. I believe that Katherine wants Paris to go to school and focus on her studies. I believe that if Michael was living to see this mess, he would have done everything in his power to make sure Paris is not acting and is hitting the books and having a normal childhood. I remember reading Janet's book True You in which she talked about her experience on the Good Times' set and how the people on there wanted  her to "lose weight" among other things. What if also Janet's anger was also related to what she experience as a child actress and how she did not want the same to happen to her niece? We all know what Michael went through as a child and he probably would not want his children to go through the same thing that he went through. 


The tweets are from the verified accounts of Randy Jackson (@randyjackson8), Janet Jackson (@janetjackson), Jermaine Jackson (@jermjackson5) and retweeted by a fan from Paris Jackson's account (@ParisJackson)

"Paris Jackson Takes it to the Offensive, Lashes Out In Shocking Jackson Family Fued"

"Janet Jackson 'Furious' Over Niece Paris Acting Career, Family Embroiled in Huge Dispute"

The link of the letter was from:

The statement from the Michael Jackson Estate was posted on my personal twitlonger account -