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Random Thoughts Part 1

I am starting a new feature on this blog called "Random Thoughts" where I comment about things that do not have a specific topic. For example, I will discuss about a certain gossip columnist even though there is no topic or post that I am doing on gossip columnists. The thoughts are random because there is no common ground into what I am talking about. In other words, the topics that I am commenting on do not relate to one specific theme. I will be doing this feature from time to time. 

Announcement Regarding the Michael Jackson B-Day Block Party in Brooklyn, NY

The logo for the Brooklyn Block Party.

I was going to announce on here that I will be going to the Michael Jackson B-Day Block Party that Spike Lee was hosting in Brooklyn. However, when I was on twitter the Friday that just passed (8/17), I saw this tweet that shocked me - 

from @SpikeLee (verified)

This is the second time in a row that the event has been cancelled and rescheduled for next year. Last year, the event was cancelled because of Hurricane Irene. This year, it is unknown (well to me, anyway) why this event was cancelled. I had my t-shirt, digital camera and a travel bag ready to go and to find out it was cancelled is a real bummer. I was truly shocked and disappointed. If this happens next year, Spike needs to cancel the whole thing altogether. There is no point of getting people excited over this event only to cancel the whole thing. I hope there is an explanation for it. 

The Bad 25 Documentary

Bad 25 Logo.

In the other side of the coin, Spike Lee is doing a documentary on the 25th Anniversary of the Bad album. It is a project that those people over at the Estate of Michael Jackson are doing for this major anniversary. As you readers of this blog know, I am not a supporter of the Estate and I will not purchase the Bad 25 compilation that the Estate wants to give to the fans. I am going to be honest, we all know that the footage will not be on High Definition (HD) and on top of that, we all know (even the many fans who are in complete denial)  how questionable and suspicious the Estate are. Those things, among many other things that I discussed on here so many times and the Michael album mess, have turn me off in regards to the Estate. Yet, I will support the Bad 25 documentary because before I am an activist, I am a fan, a huge fan. To miss this documentary about a album that I like and an era of music that I am obsessed over, would be heartache to me. It is hard to be against this documentary because I actually like Spike Lee as a director and as a person. Even though I cannot stand the Executors of the Estate, at times, I have to put my personal feelings about these people aside and to focus on Michael's impact in music and pop culture. To see a clip from the documentary, here is a video that was leaked weeks ago - 

A snippet of the documentary. It looks good. 

Here is another video I found of Spike Lee talking about the documentary - 

Looks exciting. I cannot wait for this.

An Update in Regards to Karen Faye

Michael doing Karen's makeup in the 1980s

I did a blog entry back in May about Michael's friends, hanger ons and the ones undecided. Here is the link to the blog post -

In that blog entry, I made a note about Karen Faye and in that note, I stated that she was credited for doing make-up for Gloria Allred. Yes, the Gloria Allred who (is sadly a native Philadelphian like myself. I am not claiming her.) initially represented Jordan Chandler in the 1993 case and decided not to. During the trial years (2003 -2005), Allred decided to start an investigation to get Michael's three children out of his custody because of the false allegations of child abuse. Even after all of this, you would think that Karen Faye would not think of siding with one of Michael's enemies. Well, the proof is in the pudding. 

Isn't that terrible? 

Even after Michael's death, that Allred character was/is still throwing shade at Michael and as you can see in the image, Karen Faye is credited for doing that woman's make up. I understand that we all have to work, but why even think of working for a clueless idiot who hated a dear friend of yours and was on a mission to put him in jail for a crime he never committed? The love of money is the root of all evil and Karen Faye would rather make money than to be a loyal friend to Michael. It is a damn shame but there is nothing we can do about people like Karen Faye. I was asked to do a blog post about Karen's ways but why bother? Karen was never truly there for Michael, she is a hater of black women, she has issues and she had zero respect for Michael and his family. The woman is a ticking time bomb and I rather watch the time bomb explode than to blog about it. 

Which Side is Flo Anthony Really On?

Flo Anthony - SMH.

I mentioned the gossip columnist Florence (Flo) Anthony on one of my blog posts and I think that I stated, but I do not remember, that I would no longer discuss about her again. Well, I am going to have to take that back because Flo joined twitter and she stated some things that made me wonder about her loyalty towards Michael. Flo has never trashed Michael and has always been positive towards him. However, I am not interested in her praising him. I am interested in the truth and at times, telling the truth would have to mean a harsh comment about certain things Michael did or did not do in his life. At times, the truth hurts. When Michael stated that there was a conspiracy all around him, he was not on drugs, drunk or going crazy. Michael was telling the truth about his life. I would think his "friend" Flo would understand that. Of course, Flo stated some comments on her twitter an facebook accounts that had me thinking if this woman ever learned from Michael's life. I am going to posts a series of images and I will have something to state afterwards. 

from her official twitter account @banananosekid

from her twitter account @banananosekid

From her official facebook account.

*Sigh* I do not know why this family surround themselves with snakes. Let me be honest and if this information goes to Flo Anthony, I would not care. If I were these Jackson family members, I would cut this woman off TODAY. This woman is not supposed to comment or take sides on things like the situation about the letter/Katherine "missing" nonsense/MJ's kids being spoiled kids debacle on a public forum. If she has an opinion, she should have stated the opinion in a private matter. This woman is friends with Debbie Rowe and we all know that even though Debbie chose $20+ million over raising her two black children she had with Michael, she was still going to comment on how she want things done for them because she can (sadly) and she will continue to do so. I have a feeling that Debbie cannot stand anyone that will get in the way of how the Estate is running things and so since Flo is Debbie's friend, Flo will speak for Debbie and herself. Gladys Knight, who is a singing legend an good friends with the family, told the truth about Paris because no matter what issues she had with her aunt Janet and uncle Randy, she had NO RIGHT blasting them on a public website. I do not give a damn how she feels, because let her father be alive to witness that mess, she would have had that teeth pulled out! Get mad at my comments, I am on the real. Michael would have become Joe Jackson's nutty self on that day. To defend the bad behavior of the children tells me that Flo 1. Does not support Janet, Randy and Rebbie's efforts into questioning the validity of the will. 2. That the children should have been disciplined for what they have created. They were wrong and this nonsense about the children having computers does not relate in ANY WAY to the situation at hand which is that the children KNEW where their Grandmother was at and some mess happened where someone told them (Trent) that she was "missing" and they freaked out. Flo also stated that TJ is a nice young man; a nice young man who does not listen to his Grandmother and made misguided decisions. Of course his cousins, who trashed their elders loved him because he, himself, trashed and disrespected his elder, his grandmother, when he was told TWICE, not to get guardianship after he asked to. Then, he went to the court hearing and started stating some mess about his grandmother talking in code and the next thing he knew, he got temporarily guardianship. Flo is not about being there for Michael because if she was, she would not be friends with Debbie, reward bad behavior and chose sides in regards to the drama that happened a month ago. However, we live in a world that cares more about making money and less about telling the truth. Keep on doing the gossip, Flo, because that is your aim in life, gossip, gossip, gossip. 

Unity Tour Promoted by AEG Live?

The Brothers at their tour.

I was on twitter last week and I read tweets about the Unity Tour being promoted by AEG Live SE. I didn't want to be believe that the same people that promoted the This is It concert and Katherine Jackson has a wrongful death case against them is promoting the Unity tour. When I saw the image, I was disgusted - 

What in the world????

There are no words but only disbelief. There is a call from a fan asking fans to boycott the tour but I am not going to tell fans what to do with their money. I feel that Michael's brothers are more interested in fame then doing whatever they can to find out what truly happened to their brother. At this point, when it comes to the brothers, heck, even most of his family members, I am so disappointed by their actions, that I do not care what they do anymore. I cannot even be bothered by their ways. 

The Executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson Attacking Janet

Janet with Michael in 1993, awww.

On the other hand, even though Janet is in the process of focusing on her career, the Executors of Michael's Estate had decided to go to their mouthpiece, and did a report. The report from the website stated that the Estate filed documents to the probate court permitting them to give money to Janet in regards to her home. However, this is where the Estate should not be making assumptions. According to Janet's lawyer, Blair Brown,

According to her lawyer Blair Brown, Janet's Las Vegas home, which is not a condo, has never even had a mortgage, and she purchased the home outright 10 years ago for her mother Katherine Jackson's use. Furthermore, Janet has "provided financial support unconditionally to her mother before and after Michael's death and will continue to do so," her representative states.
Brown says that any implication that Jackson has demanded any payments from the estate, or needs payments from the estate, are "false and outrageous."
"She is a successful artist and very high net worth individual who has never had financial problems. She has no need for any such payments from the estate," Brown states.
The house is Katherine's house, Janet does not need money from Michael's estate and the house never had a mortgage. Why are the Estate executors so interested in trying to make Janet out to be a greedy woman? Oh, and you know what is the most surprising thing I found out about Janet this past week? Read on -

Founders National Bank of Los Angeles, the nation's 12th largest African-American bank, announced that Jheryl Busby, Magic Johnson and Janet Jackson have purchased a controlling interest in the bank. The three entertainment industry professionals bought a 51% interest in the bank. The new owners will pay $2.5 million for the bank, which has about $100 million in assets, said Carlton Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer.
Janet owns a bank. Isn't that interesting??? I think it is very interesting. It shows me that Michael taught Janet a lot about ownership. How come some of his other siblings did not follow suit?

Interesting Findings regarding MJFanNY group/club

I was browsing online when I decided to look into a website that I listed as a Estate/Sony BMG plant. I made a blog all about that here -

The website is called MJ Fans of NYC and the link to their site is -

The website participate in that lame letter that was created in support of the Estate after the Jacksons letter to the Estate was leaked. While looking at this site, I saw some pictures that bothered me - 

Two fans posing a picture with John Branca during the Michael Album release party back in 2010. 

Fans posing with the late Frank Dileo who lied to Michael and his parents in regards to the This is It situation. 

Two fans posing with Teddy Riley and we all know what Teddy did with the Michael album. 

A fan posing with Frank Casico who participated in the Michael album and wrote a book about his "friend" Michael. 

A fan posing with John Branca and Frank Dileo. 

As you see, a group of fans posing with the very people that Michael fired, had serious issues with and bankrupted him. You can see now why that fan group/club participated in the letter of support for the Estate. Look at how chummy these "fans" are with the very evil people that gave Michael hell. I hope these fans regret what they have done to Michael one day. 



"Friends, Hanger-Ons and the Ones Undecided"

"Janet's Home for her Mother: The Truth Revealed"

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