Sunday, August 12, 2012

Myths and Facts: The Jackson Saga

There were so many stories and rumors out there in regards to the whole Jackson family saga that played out in the media weeks back. Even with all of the blog posts that I have done on this subject, I still had a few more things to add. I decided to come up with a blog entry called "Myths and Facts" in which I list the myths and check to see if the myths are indeed myths or if they are facts. I will probably do this from time to time because when it comes to the Jackson family, there is always something going on. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how people interpret things. 

Myth: showed a picture of Janet and Jermaine arguing outside the Calabasas home. 

Janet and "Jermaine" arguing. How stupid truly is.

Fact: Yes, did show a picture of Janet arguing with "Jermaine". However, that is not Jermaine that she is arguing with, it is TJ. Why would Janet argue with Jermaine if they were on the same page? Also, since when did Jermaine ever wore a baseball cap? I never saw him ever wear one. 

Myth: The Jacksons want money from the Estate. 

From the good days.

Fact: No. No matter how many times the Jacksons will contest the will, they will never get a penny from the Estate. I was reading this blog that explains that the Jacksons will not get a penny from the Estate. The issue that people do not seem to understand when it comes to the media is that the media are not design to tell the truth. The media cannot make money by telling the truth. That is why they create rumors, there are gossip columnists, and sites like, and exists. If one reads the letter that the siblings sent to the Estate executors carefully, they would noticed that the Jacksons never mentioned anything about wanting the money or running the Estate. I wanted to state that I personally feel that the Jacksons are not qualified to run Michael's Estate and I would not want them to anyway. Qualified people, who are highly educated and established should run Michael's estate with reason and dignity so that Michael's legacy is treated with the upmost respect. Here is the link to the blog -

What was interesting in that blog entry was that it was stated that the Jacksons have no legal right to the money because intestate law of California, sections 6400 an 6402 were mentioned. In the link, it mentions clearly, after one reads what it is stated and not skim through it, that the Jacksons will never get any money from the Estate. So, if anyone ever states that the "Jacksons want money",tell them to shut off CNN and get out of the website and show them the link about and tell them to read it. 

Kevin Frazier, who was mentioned previously on this blog before, who co-host the tabloid show the Insider and also does the entertainment reporting on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, had his take on the situation. He explains that basically the Jacksons will get nothing from the Estate. 

Myth: Sony BMG/Estate plants exists in the Michael Jackson fan community. 

Fans waiting outside to see Michael months before he was murdered.

Fact: Based on certain instances that could be true. The websites that came together to do a letter to support the Estate among many other things are proof that there are plants that are rampant in the fan community. Whenever a fan states that they are against the Estate or Sony BMG or they start to have doubts of these entities, there is always a few fans that will do what they can to bash that fan or do what they can do to manipulate the fan into thinking that those entities are "good" and "decent". The fact is that Michael stated that there was a conspiracy ALL AROUND HIM. The fans know that and they know that very well. When I made the list of websites, message boards, blog, tumblrs, etc. that do not at least question the Estate/Sony BMG, I wanted to show people that those websites did not learn from Michael's words and life. There is no reason to support the very people who gave him a lot of problems in his life. In this entry and the blog as a whole, fans who read this blog will disagree with me and that is fine. I made this blog to show the truth based on facts that are known to remind the fans of the truth. If some fans cannot handle it, then that shows what those fans are really about. 

Myth: Janet wants the money from the Estate. 

Janet in 2010.

Fact: No. The thing that bothered me the most from the whole Jackson family saga was that when people were stating that the Jacksons wanted money, they included Janet. Just because Janet has not had an album out in years, does not mean that she is broke or has no money. Janet had a very successful Number 1s tour that was worldwide. As a matter of fact, it was so successful that the tour added more cities in the US and Europe. Here is a blog post that explains more:

LOS ANGELES, April 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As a result of massive sellouts for performances in Asia and North America, the JANET JACKSON 'Number Ones: Up Close & Personal Tour' is being expanded. JANET's largest ever world tour will now be vastly extended to even more global cities in addition to the currently scheduled performances in London, Paris and Monte Carlo. The North American leg of the tour, which is currently underway, will be continued in the fall after a scheduled spring and summer in Europe.
Originally slated as a world tour of 35 cities to match the 35 number one singles from her double-disc album, NUMBER ONES, JANET will now greatly exceed her planned dates. The high demand from key venues on several continents will bring JANET around the world and back again. Several of the concerts on the initial schedule were sold-out in the first ten minutes of availability.

That got me thinking about all of the tours that Janet has done over the years: Rhythm Nation, Janet, Velvet Rope, All For You, Rock Wit U and Number Ones and wanting to know, approximately, how much money the tours has made. I saw this message board posts and the information was interesting -

As you can see, after the poster took the time to calculate all of the figures, that Janet made a lot of money while she was on tour. I would not be shocked if she still living off of that money from her previous tours.

She had a New York Times best selling book, that I mentioned before in one of my previous entries called True You. Janet had hit movies with director Tyler Perry called "Why Did I Get Married?", Why Did I Get Married 2?" and "For Colored Girls". On top of all of these things, Janet has a boyfriend name Wissam Al Mana who is a billionaire. So, why would Janet want Michael's money? Think real hard about that one. 

Myth: Joe is banned from the Calabasas home.

Joe stay being in the spotlight.

Fact: Yes, Joe is banned from the home. There is no actual reason given, but in my opinion, I think he is banned from the home because he made it clear that he does not support the Estate. 

Myth: Paris is/was angry at Janet because Janet opposed her acting career. 

Janet and Paris, 2010.

Fact: There is no fact to this myth but it could be a possibility that she is angry at Janet for other things as well. The other things could be when Janet was on Oprah and implied that Michael could have been an drug addict. Janet should have never stated that. Hopefully both make amends and become the loving aunt/niece that they are to one another. 

Myth: Randy is the source behind the articles.

Randy looks zesty in this picture. However, it was the 1980s. 

Fact: There were fans and a groupie name Lorelei Lanford implying, without evidence, that Randy is the source to some of the articles that the website did on the Jackson saga. However, there is no evidence that proves that Randy is the source. Even if he was, nothing that he probably told them were defaming or mean. As crazy as this sounds, even though I am not a supporter of the media,'s coverage of the saga was fair. 

Myth: The Jacksons leaked the letter online. 

The Jacksons in 1989. Oh, the 80s.

Fact: The letter was leaked by Katherine's lawyer Perry Sanders to create drama. When the letter was leaked, Randy came on his twitter account and confirmed that the letter was authentic. 

Myth: Howard Mann works for the Jacksons. 

Fact: Howard Mann, from what I know, works for Katherine and Trent Jackson. There is no evidence that he works with the other Jackson family members. 

Myth: The Jackson family do not get along.

Jackson family reunion in 2003.

Fact: The Jacksons are not agreeing about certain things but just because they do not agree on certain things does not mean that they do not get along. Like any family, the Jacksons fight but will come together and stick by one another. The saga that happened weeks ago was insane but at times in that crisis, people have to understand that it was never meant to be a public display of issues. It is a family trying to help their matriach get away from the very people they believe were/are hurting her. No matter how we all feel about the Jacksons, let's pray that Katherine is truly OK and that things are calm, peaceful and reasonable. We all do not want another horror story. Everytime I think about the situation, I think about what Michael went through and why I do this blog - so the truth is told the right way. 



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