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Jackson Family Criticism Part 4

This is the fourth edition of Jackson Family Criticisms. Read on and find out how I feel about the recent events that happened to the family. Some of things I state might be insulting to some, funny to others and real to a lot of people. I hope that people who are reading this blog post know this: someone has to state something about the decisions being made and the unusual things that are happening. I am not here to kiss butts and put things under the rug. That is not how I operate. 

Michael's Children Being Pimped.

*sigh* Calm the anger down, Belinda.

Some weeks ago, I was online communicating with some fans on twitter, when I read that Michael's children were at an event promoting an energy drink called "Mr. Pink Gingseng Drink". This was a school night for the children and instead of doing their homework, they decided to go with their aunt LaToya and promote a brand that no one has ever heard of and is probably not safe to consume in the body. I wonder why would LaToya would need to take Michael's children to such an event when she can just go alone? What tricks does LaToya have up her sleeve? Here is an article from the number one website on the Jackson Family, - 

Looking much older than her 14-years, Paris Jackson stole the show when she arrived at a red carpet event on Thursday night in Beverly Hills. She even towered above her aunt, La Toya, as they dazzled in front of cameras at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Paris, Prince, Blanket and La Toya appeared at the Mr Pink Ginseng Drink launch party in Beverly Hills on Thursday. Striking Paris wowed at the Mr Pink Ginseng Drink launch party in a pretty navy blue floor-length dress, with a dark navy scarf tied loosely around her waist. She accessorised her look with a diamond-encrusted jewel necklace and wore a small black handbag as she walked the red carpet. Her brothers both looked perfectly polished in tuxedos as their Aunt La Toya joined them to toast the launch party.
If you have followed Michael's career/life extensively like I have, you will know that Michael would hate to see his children expose in an public event. I have an issue with what LaToya was doing here. I know that she loves the spotlight and she thinks that she has some type of celebrity but I feel that what she has done was inappropriate. The children had no business going to an event to promote a drink that we all know they do not drink. This can only happen because of the people, in my opinion, who reside in that household controlling Katherine into getting the children to go and TJ, as usual, not doing anything to stop the foolishness. 

It also does not help if the very people who support the Jacksons and knows Michael's wishes for his children,, are promoting his children being pimped to get hits on their website. I have nothing but respect for but when I read their tweets in regards to the event - 

Tweets from @JacksonSource.

I am seeing the same nonsense that I seen all of the MJ websites and the like do: give the people updates on these children by exposing them. Did forget about what Michael wanted for his children? He did not want them to be in the spotlight. Instead of the owner of criticizing the situation or not even talking about the sitaution, she decides to promote the situation. have now become the problem and not the solution. When did it become the norm to go against Michael's wishes and promote his children being pimped like stage performers to the ever evil media? 

Then, I was on youtube and I saw videos of this "event" and I was horrified. Watch the horror below -

From the tabloid show, Extra.

Here is video of Paris giving advice to other celebrity offspring as if they need advice from her when they are in the same situation. 


Look at his children being pimped. 

You can even see it in Blanket's face that he did not want to be in the event. He probably wanted to stay home and play video games. Paris looks grown and who cares what Michael's Jr. has to state about the Presidential debate. He is too young to vote. My anger is that LaToya sees what is going on and supports this foolishness. Why can she stay away from these children? Where is Randy, Rebbie and Janet? Oh wait, they can't do anything thanks to a freeloading cousin, an idiotic nephew and two spoiled teenagers. After watching the videos without screaming, I am so disgusted by all of this. The fact that the children are being interview by the same media that trashed their father bothers me. If Paris wants to make her father proud, she should stop meeting so called "rockers" hasbeens/never beens who trash her father and act like a 14 year old. Speaking of that -  

14 is Too Young.

Paris looks 24 and not 14.

I have been 14 before, some years back and I believed that I acted like I was 14. I have been concern about Paris ever since she decided to do a movie when she could just be a kid. I have made it very clear that Paris is trying to act, no, is acting grown and want to act like she had some living so she gives out advice like it was candy. As you can see from the picture above, Paris does not even look her age. I have to admit, when I was looking at one of the ragazines/magazines some weeks back, I saw Paris and did not know that it was her. I was bothered by the picture because she looked so grown so fast. Last week, I found out something that actually shocked me. It is OK for girls to have boys as friends but when I saw a picture on facebook of a girl kissing a boy, I had no idea it was Paris until I took a double look. I cannot tell you how angry I am that 1. Paris has a boyfriend and she is a child and 2. She kisses her boyfriend and she is like ten years old. What in the hell is going on in that household??? Who is making the decision of this child having a boyfriend? I remember seeing this picture - 


and thinking, "who is allowing this to happen?" I know that if Michael was alive today, he will never allow his only daughter to parade around with a boy, period. He would have also whoop that boy's rear like it was no one's business. At this point, it is clear that there is no control over these children and it is truly sad. After Michael was murdered, everything that he stood for and wanted for his children has been thrown into the dumpster like outdated food. Isn't that a bitch? 

What is TJ Really Doing as a Co-Guardian? 

TJ with media whore Kim Kardashian in 1996.

With all of the recent foolishness going around, it seems that TJ is just sitting down and letting all of these things occur. He could have told his aunt LaToya, kindly, to go to the Mr. Pink Event alone and the children could stay home. He could have told Paris NOT TO get a boyfriend because 1. He was once a teenage boy so he knows how Paris' boyfriend is thinking. 2. Paris is a girl and what man who is an authoritative figure in her life would allow her to date at 14? 3. She is way too young to even think of having a boyfriend. TJ can also try to eliminate Michael Jr. and Paris' use of these social networking sites so they can actually have a childhood. Recently, he and his brothers' Taj and Taryll, accounts on twitter have been verified. It is rightfully so because unlike their younger cousins, they actually had a career with hits singles, a tour and gold and platinum albums. I wish that TJ can be more of a father type to his younger cousins instead of just sitting around and let them do whatever the hell they want to do. I know that he is not the only guardian, but we have to remember two things. 1. Katherine is 82 years old and she is old, really old. Katherine has been a great mother for most of her life but she is not going to chase down fast, wannabe grown teenagers who are a piece of work. 2. TJ decided to go against his Grandmother's wishes and become a co-guardian to Michael's children. Not only is TJ basically raising Michael's children, he is also raising his own children. He seems to not be going a good job with making sure Michael's children are not doing outrageous things. 

LaToya on Celebrity Apprentice All Stars/ Reality Show

LaToya looking like LaToya.

It looks like LaToya is going to be in our faces in 2013. Not only is she going to be in that reality show Celebrity Apprentice (and if enough people stop watching the show, Donald Trump can finally get out of our faces) she is also going to have her on reality show on the OWN Network. A sarcastic Whoopie! I am going to be honest with you all,  I am not excited about seeing this woman on television. LaToya has made a career exposing her family's business, being in Playboy, having a "singing" career and being an author to two books that she does not stand by. I can't see how real any of the two reality shows that she will be featured in will change my view about her. I do not know why she is being out there in this way. She has already made a fool of herself and it has become tiring. I was, at one point when I actually felt bad for all of the Jackson family members, wanted to see LaToya be in a reality show so that I can see how she lives. The reality show that she is developing in the OWN Network, Oprah's network, will be called "Life with LaToya". Here is the link to the article - 

It is interesting about what she told CNN about working with Oprah - 

For her part, La Toya Jackson told CNN that she's "so pleased to be working with television legend Oprah Winfrey and to be a part of the OWN family. This will be one of the most exciting adventures of my life."
As usual, with most of the family members, they have no clue what Michael went through. Let's face it, LaToya looking for love - who wants to see a almost 60 year old woman looking for love when she had chances and blew them away? No one force her to marry Jack Gordon and if you actually believe that she was forced, then you are not very bright. Also, isn't that man that she hangs out with, Jeffre, her boyfriend??? That is what I read in Jermaine's book. LaToya starting her family - uhmmm, she can't even take care of Michael's children without exposing them to the media and telling the conversations that she has with them anyone that would listen. After everything Oprah stated about Michael over the years, why would LaToya even do a show on that horrible woman's failed network? What ever happened to her fight to make sure that her brother did not die in vain? Why didn't she sign her name on that letter that was leaked over the summer that started another Jackson family "war"? Why have her tweets become more about empowering one's self (there is nothing wrong with that) and less about what really happened to the brother that suffered in most part by her lies she stated to him in 1993??? I am starting to believe that LaToya used the pain of her, her family's and the fans to promote her book and when it worked, (and what I mean by work is that the book became a New York Times best seller) she decided to focus on her so called business "endeavors" and not on what happened to her brother. I am not trying to imply that all of the Jacksons should stop what they are doing and work together to get rid of these Executors who are making a mockery of Michael. I am saying that if some of them can use the spotlight to let people know that Michael did not die in vain, I wouldn't have a big issue with them. I hate to admit this but I might check out LaToya's reality show to see a trainwreck and laugh at her clueless ways. 

Jermaine's Name Changed - Attention Seeking Disorder

The epitome of a hot mess.

I thought I was reading things weeks ago when I read that Jermaine was going to change his name from Jermaine Jackson to Jermaine Jacksun. When I read from another source that it was indeed true that Jermaine filed a petition for his name changed, I was bothered by it. It is so easy to throw shade at this guy because from the cheating on his wives, to marrying Randy's girlfriend and having children with her, making his kids and Randy kids not only cousins but siblings, from trying to create a tribute for Michael only to explode in his face and his book, which was not bad but was more about correcting his wrongs instead of owning them, I think that Jermaine might have an issue. Jermaine loves being in the spotlight so much that he has to go this far to change his name. Read the article - 

Jermaine Jackson is changing his famous name. But not by much.
Jackson filed court papers in L.A. on Tuesday to change his last name to Jacksun, citing "artistic reasons" for the slight alteration.
While the world likely lets out a collective sigh of relief that the latest bizarre headline to plague this family this year is something laughable (this summer's “kidnapping” of Katherine Jackson, ongoing family battles, etc.) , we are waiting for Jackson to explain these “artistic reasons” in an overwrought press conference, which most likely will also plug some Jacksun-related product.
Maybe Jermaine is gearing up for a solo career relaunch. Having a brand new surname that evokes sunshine could distract from the weight that comes with being a J-a-c-k-s-o-n, the brother of pop giants Michael and Janet.
The request has yet to be approved by a judge. The process also includes Jackson placing an announcement in a local publication and a public hearing, where it's possible someone can object to the name change. Given this family’s track record and the press attention some of its members pursue, Jermaine might have a fight on his hands.
Just remember, his first name is still Jermaine... Mr. Jacksun if you're nasty

Why can Jermaine understand that he is not the star of the Jackson family? Why can he get that fact in his head? Why does he constantly embarrass himself and his family? There is funny and then there is pathetic and Jermaine is pathetic. No one cares about this man anymore. He is a hasbeen whose last hit was 28 years ago. That is a whole two generations ago! He is known as Michael and Janet's brother and the nasty Jackson. Jermaine must find a way to get into the spotlight and it is annoying. What "artistic reasons" could it be for Jermaine to make headlines by changing his name? He has fans because he is the brother of Michael. That is the ONLY reason anyone would care about what he does and his career. I do not know who is even in the look out to purchase an album from Jermaine. He has a fanbase made up of like three people and he is not even a likable person. If you ever watch the Jackson Family Dynasty reality show, you will see where I am coming from. I wish that he just be in the spotlight when people do documentaries on Motown and the Jackson Five days and go away. 



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