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Update on Michael Bush, Karen Faye and Shana Mangatal

There have been some things that have occurred since the previous blog post. I believe I mentioned this on one of my previous blogs that Michael Bush, Michael's stylist and clothing designer, was teaming up with Juliens Auctions. The same Juliens Auctions that were going to auction off some of Michael's personal belongings including the bed that Michael died in. Instead of Mr. Bush doing the right thing and not even getting involved with the nonsense Juliens Auctions was doing, he decided that he was going to auction off the clothing that Michael wore during his amazing career. When some fans of Michael heard of this, they did what they can to cry foul against the auction. Here is the article that talks about it:

A problem with Michael Bush:

"Today, the book "The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson" by Michael Bush was released featuring the massive collection of costumes that Michael Jackson wore throughout his career. Bush, who was Jackson's designer and stylist for 25 years, has compiled the 216-page book which explores the creation of Michael Jackson's famous costumes that were designed by Bush and his partner, Dennis Tompkins, who passed away last year.However, this may be the last time that all of these Michael Jackson costumes will be seen together. "The King of Style" book coincides with an upcoming auction in December which will feature the items shown in the book. Many Michael Jackson fans are upset that these items are being put up for auction by Michael Bush. Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills is sponsoring "The Collection of Tompkins and Bush: Michael Jackson" auction to be held on December 2. An exhibition of the items has been touring the world since May.Fans claim that Bush is going against his former boss's wishes of putting the costumes in a museum. As a close friend of Jackson's for 25 years, Bush was well aware of Jackson's wishes, according to Jackson's former makeup artist, Karen Faye. One fan on theTeamMichaelJackson website explains: "We have already lost forever all of the irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind Michael Jackson items that have already been sold during the nine auctions since his murder! If we don't stop this now, there will not be anything left for his beloved children or a Michael Jackson Museum in the future!"When asked by a Michael Jackson fan about the upcoming auction, Michael Bush replied that he wasn't doing the auction for money, but for charity. In the official press release for the auction, it states that "a portion of the proceeds of the auction will benefit two charities, Guide Dogs of America and Nathan Adelson Hospice in Las Vegas."Julien's Auctions has featured numerous Michael Jackson items in various auctions in the three years since Michael Jackson's death. In April 2009, just two months before Jackson died, Julien's was scheduled to hold the auction of "The Collection of Michael Jackson" featuring items from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. At the last minute, the auction was canceled. Julien's still sells copies of the auction catalogs from that canceled auction. Last year, Julien's held the auction "100 North Carolwood Drive" which contained items from the last home Jackson lived at.Some Michael Jackson fans hope the upcoming "Tompkins and Bush" auction will be canceled. However, with that unlikely scenario, the best situation that fans of Michael Jackson can hope for is that the collectors who purchase these costumes will one day loan or donate them to a museum so that the public can appreciate them for years to come."

Days after the article was published on that website, Mr. Bush released a statement on his facebook page about the future of the auction - 

Michael Bush's statement.

After Mr. Bush's statement was release, the Estate executors, John Branca and John McClain, release a statement of their own through one of their paid supporters, -

"The Estate wants Michael’s fans to know that a number of items that were in the possession of Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins – currently part of the exhibition for Michael’s book, The King of Style:  Dressing Michael Jackson – will NOT be sold in an upcoming December 2 auction.Michael Bush agreed with the Estate that some of the most iconic pieces needed to be preserved as part of Michael’s legacy and, following the conclusion of the exhibition, they will be delivered to the Estate."

A fan went to one of the exhibitions and did a whole blog post about it. Here is a link to the blog -

Some highlights from the blog posts - 

"First of all I found it ridiculous that, while I had already seen the exhibit earlier, I had to pay again for the admission ticket or they wouldn’t let me talk to Mr. Bush. WOW… that is a super-star treatment. Too bad, the real superstar is dead. 

While queuing, I got asked by the staff more than once whether I was going to buy the book or not. Obviously, I didn’t, as I decided 3 years ago not to buy anything with “Branca” or “Sony” name on it. The staff appeared pretty much “annoyed” by this decision of mine. 

He was nervous, slightly aggressive, and sort of defensive. Why being defensive, when all I said was, “I’ve always admired you, but why is John Branca’s name on your book?” 

After that, he added that John Branca (why on earth, as we had already changed subject?) “is doing his best to keep Michael’s legacy alive” and that “if it wasn’t for Branca who knows where Michael’s legacy would be now.” 
That’s exactly when I say that if it wasn’t for him, Michael would be probably alive now. I got no reply to this and his staff called me because “we had run out of time.” 
Anyway, the last thing MLB told me before I left, was “accept the fact that Michael is business now.”…."

I could scream right now. *sigh*

I mentioned that I had a few more questions that I forgot to ask Mr. Bush about his time with Michael in regards to the Q and A session I conducted with him. I am going to post the information and I will state some things afterwords. 


Q: How was Michael during the time you worked with him during the This Is It rehearsals?
A: He was so excited about the tour, about performing and most importantly putting on the best show he could put on for his fans.We had such fun creating designs for the tour and he was ready for it. He wanted everything to be perfect for his fans and his spirits were high and his excitement level was fantastic.

Q: Did you ever sense that something was wrong with him during rehearsals?
A: No.

Q: What ideas did you have with Michael for the outfits for the This is It concerts?
A: Many of the costume designs were created around his iconic songs like "Beat It," "Billie Jean" and "Thriller." The designs we were working on were going to light up the stage because they were likely to be very elaborate and incredible. Just like Michael, any of the costumes we worked on or created were always meant to say "its showtime."

Q: How was it like to go on tour with Michael and did he ever had a certain ritual(s) while on tour?
A: Going on tour with Michael was like going on the greatest ride of your life. It was magical, it was exciting, it was creative and it was fun. Every tour we were able to work always left us with so many new ideas because of Michael's unbelievable energy, creativity and spirit. We worked hard but it was always fun. I would say "it had to be fun" would have been his ritual.
Q: Michael was a known practical joker. Did he ever played one on you? If he did, what did he do to you to you?
A: Michael loved playing practical jokes on people and he loved to laugh. His laugh was contagious. When he would start laughing you just couldn't stop and everyone around him would laugh. He once asked me to come out on stage while he was performing and he knew how much I hated being in the limelight. So he told me that I was just going to be off to the side to hand him something during the show and I didn't have to worry. Well when that happened he announced to tens of thousands of people in the audience "well everyone here is Michael Bush" and he had the spotlight shine right on me. Then he laughed.
Q: This question might be a random one but did you ever had any issues with his family?

Q: Did you ever witnessed Michael angry in any time that you were working with him?
A: No.

Q: How much work did you put on the book?
A: My heart and soul. This is meant to be a history for Michael Jackson' fans so every minute of every day and every ounce of energy I had was put into this book. I had to do Michael proud.
Q: What was the process you had to take to make the book?

A: I had lots of photographs to go through or take and lots of writing so I remembered the stories and conversations precisely. There were so many photos, so many things to say that it was very hard for me to condense it down into the pages of the book as it is now. I can do an entire new book because I have still so many more photos to show and stories to tell.

Q: When you would dress Michael, was there an outfit that you had trouble fitting on Michael?
A: We never had trouble because we knew from working with him for so many years how clothes fit on his body and how they had to move with him when they danced. Experience is the best teacher.

Q: What was your favorite piece of work, whether it was an outfit you created, etc. you did with Michael?
A: Many people ask me this question but honestly I can't pick one. So many of the outfits I loved and I loved how they looked on Michael or the performances he gave in them. I could name so many but all the jackets, the personal clothes, the stage costumes, the shoes, the hats, the gloves, they all had very special meaning and memories so I would have to say every single one of them held special memories for me and was a favorite in their own way.


When reading that, the information seemed to be valuable and interesting. In short, Mr. Bush had a great time working with Michael and never had a problem with him. That is good to know. There were questions that I asked Mr. Bush that he did not answer. Here are the questions - 

Q: When you dressed Michael for the 1991 Oscars, how did you and Michael come up with the concept?

Q: There are people who knew Michael who had trouble landing a publisher. Did you have a similar problem?

Q: Michael often talked about the conspiracy that was around him. Did you believe that there was a conspiracy surrounding him?

Q: When you styled Michael during the 2005 trial, how were his spirits?
Q: After the trial, between 2006 to 2008, did you still worked with Michael or did Michael needed your assistance in any event that he did during that time?

QWas there a type or part of clothing that Michael refuse to wear?

It is interesting that Mr. Bush skipped the question regarding the conspiracy that surrounded Michael and how people who knew MJ had trouble landing a book deal. I guess Mr. Bush would not know about having trouble landing a deal because he had to team up with the Estate to release the book. After reading the information about Mr. Bush and everything that surrounded his book and auction, I am bothered. I have no issue or beef with Mr. Bush because regardless of all of this, he was one of Michael's most respected employees. After the things that has happened, I do not know what to think of him. I can say though is if Mr. Bush wanted to do the right thing by Michael, he would work with Michael's family, get their opinions about what they think Michael's clothing, costumes, etc. should be stored and keep it in mind. Mr. Bush could have teamed up with the Executors and come up with a plan to create some type of museum that can house those precious items instead of participating in an auction to give the items to people who have no business even touching them. I do not know what Michael ever done to deserve this type of treatment. For his legacy to be treated in such a disrespectful and distasteful way is wrong and it should stop. There are ways for Michael's items, all of his items, to be stored in a respectable and dignified fashion so that people can see them and marvel at the greatness of Michael's iconic looks. 

Karen Faye Blocks Fan On Social Media Because of Expose:

I was told by an MJ fan, who is one of my followers on twitter, that Karen Faye blocked her because the she mentioned my blog post on Karen. It shows Karen's true colors about how she cannot handle criticism. I did not trash her or bashed her; all I did was state the information that I believe are true and are facts. If she had any issue with the blog post, she could have contacted me or report my blog to Instead, she blocked the fan from her twitter account. Oh well, what can I do? I feel that any fan that has been blocked by Karen Faye should take the blocking as an honor and focus on what is important. MJ fans are not required to like/love his hired help and if we, the consumers, are disturbed by what supposed professionals are saying and doing about a person that we love and care about, we have a right to state so. The only person who has control what they say and do is the person and not the people. 

The Truth About Shana Mangatal:

I do have to state that I have now realized that I made an error in the previous post of this blog. Let me state what happened that made me realized that the information that I was told could be false. After I posted the blog post about Karen Faye, I was still communication with one of the people who told me the information regarding one of Michael's "girlfriends" Shana Mangatal. A "fan" name Ana Piszczek told me the information about the things Karen stated about Shana and Shana's role in Michael's professional life. I believe that Ana is not a fan of Michael's but a good friend of Shana's and I believe this theory based on information that she told me. I communicated with Ana through Facebook and after I ended communication with Ana, I deleted all of the messages that I had with Shana's friend because I was so angry with what she stated to me, the name calling and the way she handled my defense for Michael. I asked Ana about Shana's falling out with Firpo Carr, who was some opportunist who claimed to have known Michael. Ana claimed to me that the reason why Shana had a falling out with Mr. Carr was because he wanted to have a relationship with her but she refused his offers. Shana was also dating, not a shock, a celebrity - Krisoff St. John who plays Neil Winters on the Young and the Restless. Out of spite, Mr. Carr started to proclaim that Shana was lying about her time with Michael. Shana went to Mr. Carr after Michael died to tell her story about her time with Michael. If Shana was a smart person, she would have known that Michael released a statement in 2004 stating that there were people out there who were speaking for him who were not authorized to speak for him. One of those people was Mr. Carr. The fact that Shana went to him to tell her story about her time with Michael instead going on Facebook or the MJ theme message boards to tell her whole story, speaks volumes to me. I asked Ana how Shana met Michael or how Shana's relationship started with Michael and Ana starts to tell me that Shana first met Michael in 1988. If you read the post I made about Michael and his women back in August, you would know that Shana met Michael in 1984 and not 1988. How do I know that information? Her brother, Todd Mangatal, stated in a post he did on his sister on his website that she first met Michael in 1984 after winning a local radio contest. I remember reading that information when she first came forward in 2003 on Entertainment Tonight. When I asked Ana about a statement that Shana stated about being with Michael from 1990 to 1997 and that in that time period, Michael was married to Lisa Marie Presley. The answer to my question made me really regret communicating with this person. Ana does answer the question about that with an "I am not sure" answer but then it got real weird and disrespectful when she started to state something about the paternity of Michael's children. I was peeved when I read it because I did not ask her about Debbie Rowe or even remotely asked her about Michael's children. I asked her about the claims that Shana stated about Michael. Then after she tells me that information, she tells me that some gossip blogger did a blog post on Shana. I asked her for the link and she gave me the link. This is the blog post -

"HSK Exclusive - Secret details of Michael Jackson’s love life are still coming to light, as the woman reported to have been involved in a longtime relationship with the King of Pop is identified.Sources say 42-year-old Washington, D.C. native Shana Mangatal is a woman who played a huge part in MJ’s life – reported to be a person who the legendary singer would visit at least twice a week, and contacted daily.HSK has exclusively learned Mangatal first met MJ back in 1988, after one of the late singer’s concerts. We’re told in 1991 destiny would have the couple cross paths again – while Magatal was working as a receptionist for Sandy Gallin, co-founder of the reigning 90′s talent management firm, Gallin-Morey. Sources say MJ and Mangatal both thank Gallin’s close friend, David Geffen, for making the introduction.That’s before sources say MJ and Mangatal grew so close that Michael would often confide in her, and ask Mangatal for advice on how to handle some of his work-related situations. We’re told though Mangatal often remained in MJ’s shadow (playing a role in Ghost ‘), she has appeared in public on the King of Pop’s arm – accompanying MJ – as his “guest” – to the 1991 record release party of “Dangerous“.Here’s what MJ’s former manager and discoverer of Boyz 11 Men, Qadree El-Amin, had to say about the relationship:
'MJ was being managed by Sandy Gallin. So, Sandy got hold of me because Michael wanted to work with Boyz 11 Men.
When I met Michael at Sandy’s office we became friends — he would call and tell me how gorgeous Shana was. He even once said to me, ‘Shana is mine so when you go over to Sandy’s office don’t try anything. But when you do get over to the office tell her I asked about her.’
They definitely had something going on.'
Here’s what a source had to say about seeing MJ and Mantgatal together in Las Vegas at a 2007 David Copperfield show:
'People would like to doubt Michael Jackson had a regular girlfriend. I couldn’t believe it, but I saw Michael Jackson with a girl at the magic show in 2007. I was wondering who the girl was, MJ couldn’t take his eyes off her.
I saw him hug her and kiss her lips. I never knew who the mystery woman was until I later on saw Shana doing an interview with Entertainment Tonight.'"

Interesting, isn't it? I was so angry with the nonsense that this Ana person stated to me that I had to tell her off. I let her know that she was not going to trash Michael or his children to me. When I was defending Michael, Ana called me a "fanatic" and "obsessive" and that I do not know Michael Jackson. Ana is right - I do not know Michael and neither does she. I believe that Ana and Shana were in this together because when I first reached out to Ana regarding the things that Karen stated about Shana, Ana wanted to let Shana know about this so that her story gets told. That was when I should have known that something was not right. After the heated exchanged that I had with that Ana person, I blocked the spam from my facebook account and kept it moving. I wanted to do this blog to get the truth out there about Michael and I have always believed that Michael was the father of all of his children whether it is three or more. I believe that Shana was angry that Michael never wanted to have a real relationship with her and Michael might have thought that Shana was not right for him. Maybe Michael thought that Shana was too loose and had too many boyfriends and that showed him that she was not the marrying type or the mothering type. Shana knew what the deal was with her and Michael but instead of accepting that reality she did everything that she can do to get the word out that she and Michael were a real couple. I reached out to Shana months ago to do a Q and A session with her so that her story can be told in a proper way. Instead of accepting my offer, she turned me down. I guess I was not Entertainment Tonight that paid her to talk about how Michael chose a white woman to be his wife over a black woman from Washington D.C. that looked ten times better than Lisa Marie. In turn, people who saw the interview, who always had suspicions that Michael was never into black women, was "confirmed" thanks to a known groupie. 

I am not surprised that Ana is a friend of hers because when Shana told her story about Michael and her, Ana was probably angry that Michael ignored Shana's "good looks" and had children with an unattractive woman and an unidentified woman to show her that looks were not everything to him. If Shana was not capable of being a wife and mother to Michael and his children, why would he bother trying to have a relationship with her? So, Ana reacted to her deep anger for Michael and bashed his manhood by claiming that he cannot father children. Instead of Shana stating that, she gets her friend Ana to state that. I am also not surprised that the gossip blogger, Jacky Jasper, did this blog post about Shana. This summer, I was reading his twitter account and I saw the tweets that he and Shana had with one another. I now see why she was communicating with him - so that she can continue to tell her fables about her time with Michael. Now, Shana is known as the "secret girlfriend". The only problem is that Shana was never his girlfriend. So, the information I posted on the previous post about Shana having the say of who to hire and fire cannot be true. Shana's boss was not Michael, it was Sandy Gallin, who was Michael's manager in the 1990s. I also believe it was not true because the promotional employee that came forward back in 2004 never mentioned that Shana had anything to do with hiring and firing people. The employee describe her as the "flavor of the month". In other words, a jumpoff, fling or side chick. 

Shana also told her friends and probably her followers on facebook and twitter to go and support Frank Casico's book on Michael. The same Frank who, with his brother Eddie, did the tracks for three songs on the Michael album that were not the vocals of Michael ("Keep Your Head Up", "Monster" and "Breaking News").  The same Frank who trashed the Jackson family when they called them out regarding that mess two years ago and the same Frank who stated that Michael was a drug addict. Frank and Shana are friends and he was asked if Michael's children were indeed Michael's and Frank was implying that they were not. I believe that Ana, Frank and Shana probably teamed up together to find a fan who would be willing enough to post falsehoods about their connections with Michael so that they can get their story around. I do not care if Michael had sex with Shana or they talked on the phone for hours and hours. I care about making sure that the information that is posted on this blog is true or has a good amount of truth to it. For that reason alone, I am going to remove the information about Shana from my previous blog and I would like to apologize for misleading anyone that read the previous blog post regarding the Shana Mangatal. There are people who are only interested in their own agendas and not the truth. I hope people who are defending Michael know the difference. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Update 09/03/2017: Since this blog post has been published, there have has been many changes. Shana Mangatal wrote a book called "Michael and Me" full of lies and claims that have been proven false. I created a Google Document on all of the information that proves Shana's lies. Here is the link -

Also, I mentioned something about Mr. Fipro Carr that was not true. At the time that I did this blog post, I did not know the whole story. I sincerely apologize for this human error. Mr. Carr is NOT an opportunist and the statement that Michael released in 2004 about people needed to stop speaking for him was not directed to Mr. Carr. Mr. Carr teamed up with Janis DaSilva dispelling the many lies of Shana in five blog entries on Mr. Carr's website and in the book "Wanna Be Startin' Something".  



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