Monday, December 24, 2012

The Past and the Future

The year, 2012, is coming to a close and I have been thinking about the things that has happened this past year. There were so many things that has happened this year in the world of Michael. Even though Michael was murdered three years ago, he is still a popular topic to discuss. There is still more work to be done to make sure that Michael's legacy is in tact and that he is not viewed as a money making machine. I want to offer my views about the things that happened this year and the changes that I want to see happen for next year. I also want to make some changes to my blog and how I will approach certain topics. I will also discuss the terrible Sandy Hook School shootings and why I think that there is no one reason why the shootings occurred. 

There were so many things that happened this year and I am going to start off by discussing the way Michael's legacy is being handled. I have stated many times that I have never been a supporter of Michael's Estate executors and never will. I do not think that Michael's legacy is handled very well. There are still major issues with the Estate as a whole. It might look good publicity wise because the way John Branca makes sure certain "distractions" doesn't stop him from doing his dirty work. However, there has to be a thorough explanation about certain things regarding the Michael album and future albums that the Estate will release. Will there be another mistake in regards to the vocals? Will another DVD of Michael's concerts be cut and paste and not in high definition (HD)? Will the Estate executors pay people to promote them when naysayers question their ways? The mess that happened this summer had me thinking of ways that it could have been prevented. The letter that some members of the Jackson family did that was leaked stated some very serious accusations and statements. The letter cannot be ignored and should have never been leaked. If the Jacksons had to do a another letter demanding the executors to step down in the future, will those letters be leaked to the press again or will the Estate executors handle the letter privately? Will the Jacksons, who do not support the Estate, continue to fight or move on with their lives? Will the exploitation of Michael's children cease in the fan community or will it get worse? Will the Estate and the Jacksons sue Randall Sullivan for the things that he stated about Michael? Will the Estate sue anyone that remotely lie on Michael? Will the fan community stop the Jackson family hate? Will the fan community wake up and see that John Branca and probably John McClain need to be replace as executors? How can Michael's legacy be supported correctly when there are so many problems and distractions? I do not think that anything will change in 2013. 

I found out that John Branca was asked about the three songs in the Michael album that were not Michael's vocals. Branca apologized for letting that happen in the first place. Now, as far as getting rid of the vocals altogether, that will not be happening. I feel that Branca was so desperate for songs of Michael's that he probably made a deal with those pathetic Casicos brothers to give him three songs that were not sung by Michael. 

The four page letter that was sent to Perry Sanders, Katherine Jackson lawyer and was leaked to the media was damaging towards the Estate executors and AEG. The letter was so damaging that the Estate used their connections in the media to create a firestorm. It went from questioning the Estate and the invalid will to a Jackson family feud. That can never happen again. I can understand that from the looks of things, the Jacksons who supported the letter, did not do it the right way. However, if you comb through the information you will realized that all the Jacksons stated in the letter was the removal of the executors and how these people were hurting their mother. That was it. Everything else was created by Trent, TJ, the Estate executors, the media and the supporters of the Estate. What options did the Jacksons had when their mother, who is 82, had a stroke all because of the stress that these people were putting her through? So, the Jacksons should let the uncalled foolishness happen to her so that they would not get bashed in the court of public opinion?

I found out that two of Michael's family members, brother Jackie and nephew Taj, are acting consultants for the Estate. So, when all of this mess was happening, Jackie and Taj watched this happen and did nothing. They rather deal with the very people who gave Michael so many problems and not fight with their family to get rid of them. I think that is one of the main reasons why I cannot defend Michael's family. Why would anyone in that family, that knows what Michael went through would even remotely deal with these people? I mean, I get at fans who do not even question the Estate but his family knows what he been through. For a while, I have been debating with myself if the family should keep on fighting for the removal of the Executors or move on. I think, after carefully thinking about it, that the family should fight until the Executors are removed. There is no point of letting these people continue to rewrite Michael's legacy, hiring fans to defame the Jacksons in their every move and letting idiots crap on Michael's legacy and not do anything to stop it. The estate turned a private letter into a Jackson family feud all because none of the executors will own up to what they did and quietly depart from the executor's chair so that reasonable people can take over. I do know that the statue of limitations to remove executors have expired but I believe that there are solutions in getting certain things done. I do not think that the Jacksons did the letter because they wanted to. They were probably advised by lawyers into doing the letter as a way of telling the executors to step down. I do not know if the executors will indeed step down and be replaced by reasonable ones. 

As for the changes I will do on this blog, I do this blog for various reasons and the main reason why I do this blog is to support the truth about Michael. I cannot continue to do blog posts on the Estate Executors if little is being done to get rid of them. Michael has been gone for three years and there has yet to be any real progress in making sure that the executors are gone. Even though I do want the family to fight, I cannot continue to do updates on the executors and how much I do not like them. There are so many things that I want to do posts on that should be the main focus. Even if the executors never leave, there is nothing that I can do about it other than to continue to promote the truth about these people. I am also a fan of Michael's not just an activist and I cannot always discuss my disgust over two men I never met and cannot stand. It is like a constant hater always hating and not getting anything accomplished in life. I describe it to a MJ fan that continues to bash Michael, his family, children, whoever over things that they cannot change. I will still make posts about what the family is doing in their fight to get rid of the executors but that is all I can do and will do. I feel that there are so many things to talk about in regards to Michael that does not involve my issues/disagreements with the Estate executors. The direction the blog will be focusing in 2013 are five things that Michael was about - truth, activism, impact, music and humanitarian work

I try not to become a bitter MJ fan because of my past issues with some of his fans. Recently, a fan called me a "tabloid writer" because I was not a supporter of the Estate executors. The lack of reason of some of these fans is almost comical. I have to understand is that it is not the fan community but the people who are in the fan community that are the problem. It does not take two seconds to read up about someone instead of making assumptions because of a disagreement. It has been confirmed by Michael that he believed that there was a conspiracy to ruin him. The fans that deny or ignore that are the fans that I criticize on my blog because they want to give the other fans out there information about Michael but ignore what he stated about the entertainment business. However, I want to focus on fans who are trying to preserve his legacy the right way so that the truth about Michael will be known. I am doing my part with this blog. There are many fans who are doing their part as well and I am going to showcase what they are doing for Michael's legacy. I will use my blog to continue to educate the fans that are on the fence and do not know what to do with all of the information about Michael. Michael was not an ordinary celebrity. He was too daring and too much of an individual to be one. 

Lastly, I want to state something in regards to the Sandy Hook tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut nearly two weeks ago. We were all saddened and angered by the events that occurred. We all know what Michael would have done if he was living today because he comforted school children back in 1989 when a school shooting happened in California. The shootings reminded me of what Michael always stated about children: we need to protect them. I think that is what we have to do for all children. For a person to go into a school and shoot 20 children (including six adults) for no reason should bother everyone. I feel that there should be an open discussion about all sorts of topics: guns, mental illness, children, God and parenting. The reason, I believe, the situation happened had to do with all of the five topics that I mentioned. There has to be a way to get rid of guns in this country. The gun culture in America is absurd and ridiculous. There is no reason for anyone to own a gun because a gun is designed to kill not to idolized. Mental illness is a subject that no one wants to talk about because people choose to ignore it. It was clear that people who shot people for no reason do have some sort of a mental illness. Children are the hope for a better tomorrow and if we do not seriously talk about the well being of children, they are going to grow up and do horrible things to themselves and others when they become adults. Parents need to teach their children empathy, understanding, compassion and respect for everyone. The shooter that did what he did in the Sandy Hook school was not taught any of those things because if he was, he would have never done it. Finally, and I am going to go there, regardless of anyone's personal religious beliefs, God has to be the center of everyone's lives. I know that what I am stating might sound very crazy to some of you people reading this blog post. I feel that the lack of God not being in schools and in the lives of the people also plays a huge role in the tragedy. Maybe discussing all of these topics might stop someone from going to a school or anywhere in the country and world and start shooting people, especially children, for no reason. 

This is my last post for the entire year and it has been a blast doing blog posts for this great blog. There will be, hopefully, some exciting and interesting topics to discuss on Michael. I will see you all in the new year. God Bless and Happy Holidays. 

*This blog post is dedicated to all of the children who lost their lives to gun violence.*