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Things I Did Not Discuss/State on My Blog

When I do posts for this blog, I make a conscious decision whether or not I need to discuss certain topics or perform Q&A sessions on certain people. At the end of the day, I want the posts to get to the point of why I do this blog. I want the readers to know which blog post I did not do, which subjects in the blog posts I decided not to discuss and why I will not do a blog post on one of Michael's family members. So, I hope you enjoy and learn something about my thought process when it comes to my entries. 

Michael in 1989.

Life of an Icon Review

Michael and his "best" friend, David Gest in the 1970s.

I did a review of David Gest's documentary of Michael back in 2011 after watching the film. 

A few weeks ago, I watched the film with my sister and I noticed there were some things that I did not talk about in my review that I felt I should have. The film covered most of Michael's life but it did not discuss Michael's issues with his long time record company, Sony BMG. In 2002, Michael famously protest Sony and that made national and international news. If anyone would do a story on Michael Jackson, his serious issues with Sony BMG should have been part of it. I would think that a friend of Michael's who personally witnessed what Michael went though during that time would talk about Michael's feelings during that time in his life. Frank Casico was in the film and he knew that Michael had issues with Sony but he did not mention any of that in the film. He felt that talking about Michael's supposed drug issues were more important than Michael's protest towards a record company that was ruining his life. 

Life of an Icon film.

The documentary talked a lot about Michael as a musician and a performer when he was a child but when it progressed into his adult years, there was more talk about his personal life. This was another thing that I ignored in my review of the film. I know that Sony BMG and the Estate had ownership of Michael's likeness but personal accounts of Michael's music and how it changed the world would have been important to talk about. The film also did not interview people who worked with Michael as a solo artist. I felt Rodney Jerkins or could have been interviewed to talk about how it was like to be in the studio with Michael. Musicians who toured with Michael could have been interviewed to offer a glimpse into what it was like to tour with Michael. These were things that the film could have focused on when it came time to discuss Michael as a solo artist, but instead Michael's troubles was center. 

The film did not get into Michael's humanitarian work. I think this is was the worst part of the whole film. Michael's whole essence as a person was because of what he has done to, for and with people. I would think that a so called "best" friend of Michael's would discuss about the various charities that Michael has given money to and given his time to. David should have also talked about the charities that Michael created in his life that helped so many people. Once again, David wanted the viewer to focus on the nonsense like the uncalled for trial. 

The film did not mentioned, at all, that Michael and his father Joe have made amends and that Michael forgave his father. The beginning parts of the film mentioned how evil and cold Joe was to his children but the film did not get into what Michael stated about his father in certain interviews years before he was murdered. There are probably people who watched the documentary who did not even know that Michael praised his father in his Private Home Movies special that Michael did in 2003. Once again, David, who claims to be this "best" friend of Michael's should have told viewers about that very important fact. 

There is No Book Review for Starting Over

LaToya some five years ago.

I have nothing against LaToya or how she lives her life. I have my various opinions about her but one thing that I cannot do is take her seriously. That was the main reason why I did not do a book review for her book, Starting Over. I know that she means well and at times she can be a drama queen. When I bought her book, I wanted to know what she stated about so many things like why did she marry that creep Jack Gordon? Why she trashed her family and why did she do Playboy? I also bought the book because at that time, I was doing a book club with fellow MJ fans and her book was going to be discussed. The book club was a total disaster and I ended the book club with the quickness. When I read the book, I was in disbelief when she stated that Michael wanted her to be the lead girl in two of his short films - "Thriller" and "The Way You Make Me Feel". I know, it is so weird and hard to believe. LaToya was Michael's love interest (ewww) in the "Say, Say, Say" video but seriously, why would Michael want LaToya to be the love interest in two short films that were popular? Michael stated in the Rabbi Schulemy tapes that he had to be sexually attracted with the woman or it was not going to work. I doubt that Michael had to be attracted to his sister sexually in order for the video to work out. There was a reason why he had auditions. I have documented on this blog Michael's reaction to Ola Ray and Tatiana Thumbtzen when they were in his short films. We all know he was not going to do that with his own sister. 

LaToya's book Starting Over.

LaToya stated that she gave Jack Gordon, before she married him, $10,000 because he claimed to her that he needed the money. Why didn't LaToya told that man to go and take a hike and get a job? Who in the right mind, and I am assuming that LaToya was in her right mind at that time, would even think of giving a whole $10,000 to a complete stranger? Did she at least ask Jack Gordon what he was going to do with the money? LaToya was robbed on her own free will because she willingly gave that man that much money. LaToya doing that action has nothing to do with having a sheltered upbringing. It has to do with being stupid and a airhead.  

LaToya stated in the book that she was afraid of her mother, Katherine. Throughout LaToya's life, I do not believe that her mother did anything to her or her siblings to make her fear her own mother. Did Jack Gordon mentally messed LaToya up that bad for her to have a fear of her kind and gentle mother? These were the things that made me think twice about doing a book review on LaToya's book. 

Joe Vogel's Book

Joe Vogel.

I made it no secret that I am not a fan of Joe Vogel or his book on Michael. He is a great writer but also, according to what I went through, a confirmed liar. 

(Read my situation with Mr. Vogel here -

However, I have nothing against him and I wish him the best in getting his Dissertation. Joe Vogel stated in a few interviews that when he was working on his book on Michael, Man and the Music, he was having trouble getting a publisher for the book. The reason why was because the publishers wanted sensationalism. We all know that the publishing world, when Michael was alive, was not interested in doing any books that were positive or kind about/towards Michael. When I did my first blog post of the year, "Random Thoughts Part 4", I did not mentioned a very interesting fact about the publishing world when it came to publishing books that are not filled with sensationalism. Last summer, I was on my way  to work when I picked up the Metro newspaper Philadelphia edition. I was reading it and I found out that an author by the name of Marc Dolan, who is a professor at John Day College and the City of New York, did a book about rock legend, Bruce Springsteen called Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock 'N' Roll. Mr. Dolan stated that he had trouble landing a publisher for his book. Read on - 

"Dolan says the book wasn’t exactly an easy sell for publishers, when they learned that he would be exploring Springsteen’s place in American culture, and not salacious rumors.  
“I had to convince the sales staff at the press,” says Dolan. “When I was writing it up, I said, [it’s really] a love story between an artist and his audience. Part 1: Artist meets audience. Part 2: Artist and audience have some good times together. Part 3: Artist and audience break up, seemingly over politics, but actually over communication, which is the problem with any relationship. Part 4: They come back together with a renewed understanding of how they relate to each other.”

Joe Vogel's Man in the Music.

Here is the thing - Joe Vogel was basically implying that book publishers would not publish positive (what classifies a "positive" book on MJ anyway?) books or books that deal with Michael's music when it comes to Michael and Michael only. However, Mr. Dolan's book on Springsteen was a hard sell to the publishers and Springsteen never had a scandal in his career, never went through a criminal case and never had managers convincing him to plant stories on himself. So that junk that Mr. Vogel was stating does not only applies to Michael but to all celebrities. The media of today is tabloid and it is about sensationalism. If Mr. Vogel wanted to get the book out there to the public, why didn't he self publish the book? There are people who knew/worked with Michael who went to the self publishing route and got their books out there. There are so many excuses and not enough going out there and getting the word out. I am not saying that Mr. Vogel never did get the word out about his book. He did and has always promoted his work on Michael. However, he did that after he landed a publisher. 

The Q &A Session with Tatiana Thumbtzen- No Questions from Fans

A recent picture of Tatiana. 

I wanted to do these types of sessions for my blog to make my blog more appealing to the reader. I love doing commentary, reviews, magazine scans and constant rants but I also like doing sessions with people who knew Michael. When I think of the questions to ask the subject, I want fan input but I did not do that with the session with Tatiana. 

(Read the Q & A session here -

I had my reasons and one of the main reasons was that I had a feeling that the fans would have asked her about her sex life with Michael. I am a woman who was (and will always be) in love with Michael and I will admit that I had (and still have, hey don't judge me) certain thoughts (you all know what I mean) about the man but I always try my best never to make this blog a place where Michael's sexual behaviors and situations are not in discussion. I know there are a lot of young female Michael fans out there that see him in a sexual manner so I had to make a decision and not to add any questions from fans in the session. 

Michael and Tatiana in 1987.

There is jealously that runs rampant in the MJ fan community when it comes to Michael's girlfriends/"wives"/groupies etc. I made it clear on this blog that I am not a fan of Lisa Marie Presley, Shana Mantagal and Debbie Rowe and that I have certain issues with those women. I had a feeling that when these fans would have found out that I would be doing a session with Tatiana, haters of the woman would have sent me nasty questions to ask her. I know I would have never added the questions for the session, but I didn't want to deal with the foolishness. 

I had a major issue with certain fans who disrespected Michael's mother, Katherine, and I know that Katherine has always been kind to Tatiana so I did not want to accept questions from fans that had no issue bashing Katherine. Any type of disrespect towards Michael's mother is unacceptable to me. I originally had 58 questions for the session but I have to cipher the questions down to 43 because 58 questions is a lot of questions to ask a person. I did ask Tatiana about her issues with Karen Faye and in the last minute, she decided not to answer the questions. I am glad that she made that decision because the last thing that I needed to deal with was one of Karen's nutty friends coming at me on some nonsense.

No Joe Jackson Blog Entry

Joe Jackson.

The next blog post was going to be on Joe Jackson but after a lot of thinking, I decided that I will not do a blog post on Joe. I know that he is not popular with the fan community but who cares? The fan community represents a small group of like minded followers that do not have an ounce of leadership in them. I have nothing but respect for Joe because he accomplished so much in such a insane and crazy world. The truth of the matter is that Joe is not an easy guy to understand and that is real to me. The main reason why I respect Joe because he is not afraid to be his crazy, honest and realistic self. He does not feel that he should please people in order for people to like him. If people do not like him, he does not care because he produced the greatest entertainer of all time. A lot of people cannot say that they created a child of theirs that changed the world. I am tired of the media trashing that this old man gets all because he will never conform to what is to be a "normal" father/grandfather/great-grandfather. Yes, he beat his children - so did a lot of fathers. Yes, he abused his children and no one should ever defend any type of abuse but to focus on that and forget about what Joe accomplish is unfair to me. I know that Joe did a lot of sick things to his children and I do not think that Joe is capable of sexually abusing anyone. (To be honest, I think the real pedophiles aren't the ones who have serious anger issues like Joe Jackson. I know Joe Jackson saw and heard a lot of things in the entertainment business so there is an excellent reason, in my opinion, why he is not liked by various people.) 

Michael with Joe in 1992.

I think that enough is enough with the Joe Jackson criticism/bashing/blame game/personal vendettas. If you can't accept him at least tolerate him and if you can't do that, then let it be. There is no reason to constantly bash a man who lost his son all because he refuses to be the  "ideal" father figure that Michael was looking for. At times, one has to admit to themselves that Michael was too concern criticizing his father and not focusing on what his weirdo "friends"/manager/lawyers/handlers were doing to him until it was too late to stop the madness. When Michael spoke in Oxford University back in 2001, he stated that he forgave his father for all of the things that they went through. That was something that Michael had to do for himself in order for him to accept what happened in the past and move on. It also helped Michael understand why his father did what he did. In fact, all of the siblings also had to forgive their father as well. At the end of the day, no one can replace your father if your father was always there for you. Most importantly, when Michael was dealing the his legal issues and the hell he went through the last months of his life, his father was there for him. If Joe was such a horrible person, would he be there to help his son? No. 

Joe has never made it an effort to disrespect Michael's children for headlines. It seems that a lot of people are so filled with "anger" over Joe that they don't seem to realize that he never trashed Michael's children. When idiots were claiming to be the "father" of Michael's children, Joe never stated anything crazy about those laughable claims. Joe knows his place and he knows his son. That is real proof that Joe had the utmost respect for Michael. God bless Michael's crazy and unusual father. 


There have been some changes that happened after I did a blog post on the Second Generation Jacksons/Brown. 

(Read the blog post here -

At the time I did the blog post, I did not know that Jermaine Jr. had a girlfriend. As I stated on the blog post, I do not follow Michael's family as closely as I do with Michael. Anyway, Jermaine Jr.'s girlfriend name is Asa Soltan Rahmati and she is on the reality show called The Shahs of Sunset. (That show comes on the Bravo Network if you are interested.) Here is the information -

So yes, Asa is in a serious relationship with… Jermaine Jackson Jr! As in Michael Jackson's nephew! And he no want to be on Bravo. For good reason. According to Tamara the two met at Beverly Hills High School. Even though Asa's parents weren't rich, as she told us last season, they moved to a small apartment in the school district so she could attend one of the nation's best public high schools – and use all her learnings to become a pop sensation! After graduation the two lost touch and then reconnected about two years ago and things have been going strong ever since. Another bit of tea about Asa? The house she lives in with $30k coins in the floor she built with an ex-boyfriend who also wanted NO part in the Bravo machine!Apparently Asa isn't hiding her relationship from anyone but the cameras. She and Jermaine have met each other's families and are serious enough to consider marriage. And Asa did bring Jermaine as her date to Andy Cohen's book release party which was held at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant SUR! And he was also her date to the Bravo Upfront Awards. Asa told Tamara that we may catch a glimpse of Jermaine in an upcoming episode or two of Shahs, but don't expect their relationship to be front and center in the storyline. 

Jermaine Jr. with his girlfriend, Asa Soltan Rahmati.

Interesting. Jermaine Jr. barely posts statuses on facebook or updates on twitter so I doubt that he would be on a reality show. He clearly does not want the fame unlike his father. 

Sadly, after I posted the entry on the second generation, news spread and was confirmed that Nathaniel Brown, the father of Stacee, Yashi and Austin Brown and Rebbie's husband, died of cancer. It is always sad for a person to lose a parent and a wife to lose her husband. Austin and Yashi dedicated wonderful and loving words about their beloved father.

I love you Dad.. Thank you for showing me unconditional love and the example of being a good person. You were the greatest man to walk this planet and it now pains me to have to let you go. I will watch over Mom, Stacy, and Yashi like you asked while doing everything in my power to make you proud. I love you and thank you for being my Dad. Rest in peace

I love you, Dad. You're such an inspiration to me. As someone who is never without words, I am truly speechless in my ability to convey my emotions. I know this will pass as soon I will have to much to say :) Love you so so much. ~ yashi

I dedicated the blog post I did on Life magazine pictorial of "We Are The World" to Mr. Brown. May he truly rest in peace and I know he is in heaven with Michael and the rest of the Jackson family members that are no longer here. 


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