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Random Thoughts Part 5

This fifth edition of the Random Thoughts series and this one will not have a theme. I am going to offer my opinions about a few things that have been reported about the family. I will talk about LaToya being on Celebrity Apprentice All Star edition and what a fellow contestant stated about LaToya's blackness. Michael Jr. and Paris are doing some very interesting things, TJ is asking for money and why I do not care if Michael was supposedly trying to "sabotage" Jermaine's career. Judith Hill is a contestant on the show The Voice, my opinion on that. Finally, my thoughts about why true fans usually do not care what the media has to state about Michael. Enjoy or maybe be stressed out by what I have to state. I can't help how you feel. 

Michael in 1992. 

LaToya On Celebrity Apprentice All Stars/Racial Identity Crisis and More

LaToya on Wendy last week.

I stated on this blog sometime on November 2012 that LaToya will be contestant on Celebrity Apprentice All Stars. I wanted to watch the show because Omarosa was going to be on there and also because of LaToya and her ways. I have been watching the show and it is entertainment. People have to understand that even though Omarosa is "evil", she is not on the show to be friends with anyone. There are people who do not like that about her and I think that is why they have a problem with her. I understand that but I also understand how Omarosa is and the truth is the way she is works for her; it is her niche. LaToya's niche is to be a airhead. A lot of people cannot pull it off but LaToya can because it works for her. The same can be said about Omarosa and her ways. There were things that LaToya stated on the show that I did not like at all. When LaToya stated in one of the episodes that Omarosa was "exploiting" Michael Clarke Duncan's death, that was out of line. I guess LaToya forgot how many times she exploited Michael's own death for a chance to be in the spotlight. She also stated that Omarosa is not a "star" which is funny because neither is LaToya. LaToya had to practically live off the fame of her whole family and that LaToya stated that Omarosa probably caused MCD's heart attack which led to his passing. I am going to focus on that later. 

I was on lipsticalley.com and I saw a link to a radio interview that Omarosa did on The Rickey Smiley Show that made me believe that LaToya is not only insane but has racial identity issues. It is no secret that LaToya, compared to her parents and siblings and before Michael's skin changed because of Vitiligo, she was the light skinned one in the family. When you listen to the radio interview that Omarosa did, you would be surprised what race LaToya believe she is - 


LaToya proclaims herself to be Indian. You have to wonder why would she denounce her black race and proclaim a race that she probably is not part of? Do you know any Indians that wears hair weaves? I mean, seriously. This woman cannot be serious. She has two black parents - her mother and father are mostly black (Joe is partly white. One of his parents was biracial.) Now, LaToya has Native American in her bloodline but for her to state that she is Indian is ludicrous. Not only is LaToya an airhead, she has issues with her race. You know, maybe LaToya just never embraced her black race and probably, besides her family, never hung out with black people in her younger years. Her best friend is Kathy Hilton, who is the mother of socialite Paris Hilton and who is white. Maybe LaToya identifies herself more with different races than the black race. Whatever it is, LaToya needs to start to embrace her black heritage because she is foolish to state that she is Indian. 

LaToya during her younger years, late 1970s.

A statement was released by LaToya's management to counterattack an article from the tabloid the New York Post that stated that she signed three of Michael's children to her talent management company, Ja-Tail. I have to be honest, even though I do not care for the tabloids and usually do not read them, I did believe this article. Look, sorry if what I am about to state is going to bother some of you people but LaToya cannot be trusted around Michael's children. Let's not forget about her behind the scenes work on making sure Michael Jr. is working for that damn tabloid show Entertainment Tonight and being a guest star on the soon to be cancelled 90210 television show. LaToya spends a lot of time with the children and that makes me nervous. I cannot ignore how she was exploiting her brother's death and making a fool out of herself when she told the world that her father and brother were "child molesters" in the 1990s because her nutty ass husband "forced her" to state those things. That LaToya posed nude three times for Playboy, how she stated that Katherine let the supposed "abuse" happen, how she continued to embarrassed the family, revealed in her first book that Janet was married to Rene Elizondo way before he confirmed it in 2000 and among so many SMDH things that she has done and stated. Her past behaviors, whether she wants to claim them or not have not seem to escape her these days. Her connection to Michael's children should make people uneasy because you do not know what she has up her sleeves. That was why I believe the NYP article. 

LaToya's statement to counterattack the NYP article - 


“The story in The NY Post is completely and unequivocally false. Neither La Toya nor her company represent any of MJ’s children in any legal capacity nor has she received any commissions or payment as a result of their individual ventures. As a loving Aunt, when the children ask for help or advice she supports them 100%, and will continue to do so.  Furthermore, there is no shopping of a reality show for the children. Paris did her movie deal over a year ago directly with the production company and La Toya had nothing to do with it. Over the past year, Prince has continuously asked his Aunt for her help in starting his career because of the infrastructure she has.  When she asked her nephew what he wanted for his birthday he replied, "He just wanted to work," It was at the time that she diligently started to assist him with his career and that's when Entertainment Tonight was booked and then 90210.La Toya is currently consulting with her attorneys on how to proceed against these false and derogatory statements made by The NY Post and other participating publications.”

I have to be honest, I want to believe LaToya's statement but I am going to wait and see about this because of her past history. I would be stupid to fully believe her statement. 
LaToya finally showed a clip of her upcoming reality show that will air on the OWN Network next month (April 13th) called Life With LaToya. This will air around the time the Wrongful Death Civil Trial will be in session that involves promoters AEG and the Jackson family. The timing is a bit off but what can I do about that? Nothing. Anyway, here is a clip of the trailer-

Oh lawd....
I would be lying if I stated that I will not watch this show. I will because I have a feeling that it will be addictive and I want to see how LaToya lives. I have a feeling that Michael's children will be on the show and I stated this about his children on one of my previous blog posts that the exploitation of Michael's children will not stop this year. Seeing how things are happening, it looks like the exploitation will continue. 
Like I stated earlier, LaToya stated on the 3/17 episode of the Celebrity Apprentice show that Omarosa caused MCD's heart attack which led to his death because... well, just watch it here - 


After all of that going back and forth with Omarosa, you would think that LaToya would bring her back to the boardroom to get her fired. However, as typical airhead fashion that did not happened and LaToya was fired. 
LaToya went to the television rounds to talk about why she did not get rid of "evil" Omarosa and her answers did not mean anything to me. I think that LaToya was scared of Omarosa and I doubt that Donald Trump would have fired Omarosa because let's be real, Omarosa is the show - hook, line and sinker. 
Then, there was an article online that stated that Omarosa is going to sue LaToya for slander. You can read it here - 

LaToya and Omarosa.

Their interviews on Wendy.
I think that no matter how angry you get with anyone you do not have to go there and state things that are hurtful. I understand that they were in the moment of anger and Omarosa was driving them crazy. However, leave MCD out of the mess. He saw something in Omarosa that he loved and it is what it is. I know that LaToya and any MJ fan would not like it if someone stated that MJ deserved to die because of the lies people stated about him. It would have been wise for LaToya not to even mention that about Omarosa and just because other teammates feel the same, does not mean that we have to know how they feel about her. When LaToya was in the limo and she stated that Omarosa was the most evil person that she ever met in her life I was floored. So, the most evil person that she ever met in her life was not Jack Gordon?! Interesting. By the way, if you are curious who side that I am on, I am on Omarosa's side. ;) 
Prince on 90210.

Prince with his aunt LaToya and Jeffre on the set of 90210.

I have to admit, I was not shocked but more disappointed when I found out on twitter that Michael Jr. was going to do a guest spot on the show 90210. I know that Prince wanted to do acting but still the news broke around the same time that Prince was doing corresponding work for that tabloid show and I was still angry about that. Look, I do not have a problem with Prince wanting to work, he has every right to but I do not know if he or his sister should work in the entertainment business so soon. At the same time, what job can Prince do without being known as Michael's son? I mean, I cannot think of a job for him except doing some internship in a music studio. Here is the article that discusses the situation - 


Even his supposed "employer" ET, visit him on the set of the show. I did not watch this when it came on television because I was turned off. It was exposure to me. I am on the side with this new job of his. I do not know why he can't join an club for acting at his school. He should at least learn about the craft before he can do the job. At least have some understanding of the craft. 

As for the show, 90210, I do not watch the show and I am not surprised that it is cancelling. It was not that good of a show and I do remember LaToya being a guest star at the show. It is possible that she had known some people from the show and made some connections to get Prince to be on the show. I do not know when the episode might air and if I do find out I am not going to watch it. I hope that this guest spot will be the only one until he is at least 18 years old, graduated from high school and on his way to college. As for his sister - 

Paris is a Cheerleader

Awww, Michael would be proud that she is doing something normal.

I was shocked when I found out that Paris is a cheerleader and I totally support this. This is what she should be doing: things her peers are doing that does not include flirting with Hollyweird. Here is the article that discusses that - 


This was a relief to see because she seems in her element and normal. I have been totally against Paris and her brother doing anything that is remotely Hollyweird because they are too young, are not ready and that the business killed their father. This is what she should be doing because this makes her fit in with her peers. Paris being a cheerleader makes her, in a way, relate to her peers that yes, she is the daughter of the greatest entertainer of all time but that does not define her or limit her to only doing things that are in the entertainment field. 

Now, there was an article that was from a tabloid website that was done that was stating that the Philadelphia Eagles, a football team that I support (because I live in Philly), want to recruit her to their cheerleading squad. Here is the laughable article - 


The information came from tmz.com and we all should know how credible they are. They claim to communicate with the head of cheerleading for the football team but I am going to be honest, I do not buy this. Paris is too young and those cheerleaders in the football squad  are grown, mostly educated and not really from famous families. I cannot see the Philadelphia Eagles wanting to recruit the child when they do not need the media coverage. The Eagles are very popular in Philadelphia for various reasons and they do not need extra spotlight. I think this is just the media's way of creating news on a slow news day and if anyone actually believes this nonsense needs to be punched in the face. 

Back to Paris - not only is she a cheerleader but she cut her hair and I really like her short hair. I get the whole hassle dealing with long hair. Short hair is easier to maintain and take care of. I know for me, everytime I get my hair done, I want my hair to be cut. I like it short (not too short) so I can do what I want with it and be done with it. Let's hope Paris does not continue to cut it because she will have her hair looking like Miley Cyrus'......

TJ Asks for $9,000 - For What?!

TJ holding some magazine. 

As for people who read this blog, you know how I feel about TJ, Tito's youngest son. After that stunt he pulled last year, I can't even like him let alone tolerate his lame ways. I read that he has asked the judge to award him $9,000 for taking care of his cousins, Michael's children. Read this mess - 


That stupid article with its inconsistencies.... TJ is not a decent person and I am going to tell you why. When you have a loving grandmother (who is 82, not 85), who is being controlled under her will and the stress that she is/was having that was coming from AEG's bully ways and the foolishness of the estate executors and you totally disrespect her demands, you are not a decent person. I do not know what Tito went wrong with this son of his but I am telling you, this man has the nerve to ask for payment for taking care of Michael's children. Instead of removing their social networking accounts and making sure that they personally apologize to their elders who they bashed on twitter, he asks for money. What did he do for these children that he needs money? I do not give a damn if he is greedy or not, that is not even the issue. The issue is why does he need the money? He never heard of a job? Isn't he a singer and a producer? So, he can't go ahead and produce some songs for other artists or sing hooks/background singer for some songs??? Isn't he teaming up with his brothers and doing a 3T album? How does he get the money to pay for studio time and the like?? 

TJ needs to take a seat, humble himself and find a way to apologize to the family members that he disrespected. This man cannot be serious with the crap that he is doing. Instead of getting a proper job, he came in there and created chaos that does not need to be created. I am not sure if he was awarded the money and I hope he is not but something tells me that he will be because the Estate are shady bastards. 

Michael "Sabotaged" Jermaine's Career - So What?

Michael and Jermaine in the 1970s. 

I made it clear how I feel about Jermaine and I do not hate him but I am not a fan. I have never taken him seriously as a musician. I think he is a talented singer and musician but I don't care about him at all. I put it like this: the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jermaine is that he loves fame and being in the spotlight and that is sad to me. At times, one forgets that he had a successful singing career and that he founded R&B icons such as singer Stephanie Mills, groups DeBarge and Switch. He is best known for being the older brother of Michael's and being the family spokesperson. I stated my opinions about him when I did a book review for his book a year ago. 

A few weeks ago, music executive Clive Davis, who Jermaine worked with to mold and shape the legend that was Whitney, wrote a book called The Soundtrack of My Life. In the book, Clive Davis claims that Michael tried to sabotage Jermaine's career when he was under Artista Records and worked with producers L.A. Reid (who is the head of music at Sony BMG) and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Here is the link to the article - 


This was stated - 

Clive writes: “Jermaine couldn’t believe that Michael, his close brother, would hijack his producers’ material this way.”At a dinner in Paris, Clive recalls, Jermaine was “crying, indeed sobbing at times, so deeply hurt that his brother would do this to him.”

Clive Davis' new book and I will skip on this one.

Jermaine talked about this in his book and I mentioned it in my review. When you really think about this, do you really care about this? You have to look at this in the point of view of L.A. Reid and Babyface: Michael calls them and wanted them to work for him for his upcoming now classic Dangerous album. These men would be stupid to turn down this offer. They had a chance to work with the best that ever did it. Jermaine is second fiddle compared to Michael and everyone in the music business knew that. At that time, Jermaine was a hasbeen, a wash in the pan and he was done. How can Michael sabotage a career that was already a wrap? The way that old bastard, Clive Davis, wrote it, it would make the reader believe that Michael did not want Jermaine to have any success. Anyone that ever understood Michael would know that Michael loved his family and was happy for their successes. L.A. Reid and Kenneth Edmonds were grown men who made the choice to leave Jermaine and go and work for Michael. They could have easily declined and continue to work with Jermaine but that did not happen. Eventually, the producers did go back to work with Jermaine and they produced the song "Word To The Badd", which Jermaine did write the lyrics to. 

Of course, the residential hater, Roger Friedman had complete excitement when he wrote that crap for his stupid website. He never cared for Michael and wants to make sure that Michael's name is smeared so badly that his name will never recover. Roger Friedman does not understand that no one in the right mind really cares about this nonsense because siblings in general, have competed with one another at some time in their lives. It is normal that this would happen because the brothers makes/made a living in the music business. It is possible that Michael and Jermaine probably made up after the whole mess and moved on. 

By the way, singer Kelly Clarkson made it clear that Clive Davis is not all that there about some of the things that he stated in his book. Read her awesome response to Clive's nonsense that she posted on her whosay.com account - 


Judith Hill on The Voice.

Judith Hill

I am a fan of the reality singing competition show The Voice and I was a bit stunned when I saw Judith Hill on the show. I thought that she would have a record deal by now after the exposure of her amazing singing talents that was shown in the movie This is It and on Michael's memorial. When I watched the show last night, I learned that after Judith sang "Heal The World" in the memorial, her phone was ringing constantly. She stated that it would be in poor taste to go ahead and use the opportunity to have a career at the expense of the death of Michael. This woman is a God sent and I believe Michael knew that he handpicked not just a great singer but a reasonable human being. You do not even understand how refreshing that was to hear this woman say that because after Michael's death, the people who were "friends" and even his own blood did whatever they can to be famous using their connection to Michael for a record deal, book deal, reality show, etc. Judith waited for the right time to focus on her singing career so she decided to go on a show that will do her justice and that was The Voice. I am wishing Ms. Hill the very best and I think she won the show. I will be voting for her when the time is right. 

Judith Hill on The Voice.

True Fans Tuned Out Michael Hate.

Michael Jackson Fans.

I have been stating how MJ fans should handle the way the powerful and mostly pathetic media deals with Michael. Michael has never been accessible to the media and because of that, he never had a good relationship with the media. It is like oil and water - Michael did not get the purpose of the media and the media never respected Michael. It bothers me when fans, who already knew that Michael's name was bashed so badly by the media, are surprised when one of the members of the media trashes Michael. There are so many reasons why the media hate Michael and most of the reasons all centers around jealously. There is something about Michael that bothers the members of the media. When I see comments from so called "fans" of Michael's that get upset that Katherine wants to go ahead with the Wrongful Death Suit Trial because they are "worried" that the media will trash Michael, I am disgusted. Since when did fans of Michael care about what a bunch of losers state about a man who was more of a decent person than them? Only a fan that truly experienced the hell Michael went through during the trial days can truly understand what it  was like to watch Michael suffer through the hate. Whatever the media states about him now will never be as bad as what they stated to him years ago because those words cannot hurt Michael. 

These fans who are complaining about the media have no idea what it is like to go through that stupid trial. Imagine it was 2005 and every single day the media wanted to watch Michael go to jail for a crime he did not commit. As a fan, you are angry that people have made judgments without knowing the story. The media intentionally reports the wrong information. You have to hear and read comments from the public that were calling Michael names based on the lies from the media. That is what I and many fans went through during 2005. That hell that we had to put up with have prepared some of us for what was to come regarding the faux murder trial of 2011 and the upcoming trial in April of 2013. These "fans" that are worried about the media coverage are not interested in justice for Michael. They are more interested in how some people, who did not even know Michael, will state about him and not the trial itself. Those fans are insecure with their fanhood and probably need to do some "soul searching" and figure out what entertainer can best fit their securities. As a true fan, I do not have time to read the "complaints" from immature, insecure fans that put their hate on his mother and not on the people who gave Michael the problems in the first place. A lot of that nonsense stems from what issues some of those "fans" went through as children. To focus on what the media states makes me wonder if those "fans" are even fans in the first place. I know that there are people who don't see the big deal about fans telling other fans how to be fans but part of being a fan of Michael's is learning how to ignore the hate. How long have these people been fans of the man? At some point, the hate the media spews at Michael cannot possibly annoy these "fans" to the point that they turn their anger towards his mother and the rest of the Jackson family. Fans have to built a mental barrier and try to not pay attention to the lame comments that the media states about Michael. I am not stating that the fans should stop bashing tmz.com or Roger Friedman because they should be bashed. I am saying that fans should accept that this is the norm when it comes to Michael and that nothing that the media will ever state about Michael would make a true fan stop being a fan.

Michael in 2005. 


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