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The Ladies in Michael's Life Part 4

From time to time, I will do updates or add information on this blog when it comes to Michael's love life. I feel that not every fan will truly understand Michael's love life because it was/is such a mystery. I think that if people really want to know about that side of Michael's, they are going to have to change their initial mindset on how they perceive Michael. To many fans, Michael will always be seen as one way: innocent, childlike and humble. That is fine to view him in that way but no one is one-dimensional and that includes Michael. When I did the three installments of the "Ladies in Michael's Life" last year, I wanted to post information that would show people that Michael was not gay, an asexual or a pedophile. Rumors about Michael's sexually has been rampant for years thanks in part to how the public views him. Michael was "married", had children and had relationships with women. The public have to start changing the way they view Michael in order for them to accept and hopefully believe the information about his love life. 

The information is from the promotional man that I communicated with back in 2004 and some of the information was posted on this blog last year. 

Here is a link to the entire information from the promotional guy to refresh your memory:

There were information that I deliberately left out because it was not my own information. The promotional guy not only communicated with me but when other fans. I was lucky enough to have communicated with a fan (who I will not state their gender and name for privacy reasons) who posted information on one of the message boards that were not known before. When I saw the information, I contacted the fan immediately and asked the fan some questions. From there, I found out that the fan also communicated with the promotional guy and asked him very good questions about Michael. Fast forward to this year and I do not communicate with the fan anymore and do not feel the need to keep the information to myself. 

I want to state the the information that I have does have to do with Michael's children. I have stressed this on this blog and on my twitter account that I am not a supporter of exploiting his children. The information deals with the custody issue Michael had with Debbie Rowe at the time and Blanket's mother. I feel that situations that Michael dealt with Debbie Rowe in regards to his children are private. As for Blanket's mother, because Blanket is a child, how his parents had a relationship with one another is not something he should know on a blog. I will not post the information I have on the mother because it is not the right thing to do. As for the rest of the information, it is a fair game. If anyone has an serious issue with what I am going to post, please email me or report the blog to 

I will also state my opinions about rumors that Michael has other children besides his three children. I will even post information of a woman who claims to have a child by Michael. Whether the information is true is unknown but when someone like Michael, loves his privacy, you never know what is the real deal when it comes to his romantic life. 

Michael in 1991.

When I communicated with the fan, back in 2004 in regards to the information, I was in complete shock. At that time, Michael was in the beginning stages of the trial that occurred the following year. There were information about Michael and the women in his life but only the women that he was with publicly. Even with his public relationships, we did not know about what really happened. At that time, Lisa Marie Presley did a revealing interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 2003 about her time with Michael. We all got a glimpse of the kind of man that he was. However, what was the real story behind their relationship? This is what the promotional guy told the fan about Lisa. 

Lisa Marie Presley. 

The fan was curious and asked the promotional man why did Michael married Lisa Marie after the false allegations of child abuse and settlement in 1994? The promotional man stated that Michael and Lisa Marie became friends first in 1988 but it turned into a romantic relationship in 1991. Lisa Marie became pregnant with her son Benjamin in 1992 and did not know who the father of Benjamin was until he was born. Fans believe that Michael was the reason Lisa Marie ended her marriage to her first husband, Danny Keuogh but really, Lisa Marie wanted to leave him. 

When Michael and Lisa Marie became man and wife, he wanted her to have his child and as we all know, she refused to have his child. Michael found out about the birth control medication that Lisa Marie was taking, decided to leave and messed around with a couple of women. These women were women who worked in the music industry and were not fans. The promotional guy was not asked who were the women that Michael cheated with in order to have a child with them. 

The promotional guy stated in his initial post that Michael did not want to marry Debbie Rowe but when she became pregnant with Michael's son, Michael Jr., he told his mother Katherine. Katherine told Michael to marry Debbie to legitimized his son and Michael did not want to say no to his mother. We all know that Debbie stated in an televised interview that she offered to have Michael's children. The promotional guy was not a fan of Debbie and did not care for her because at the time, she was dealing with the custody issue of Michael Jr. and Paris. As I stated on the introduction to this blog post, I will not get into the custody situation because the children are minors. However, I will state that Michael got Debbie pregnant just to upset Lisa Marie because she refused to give him children. When Michael was married to Debbie, he was never faithful to her and was not in love with her. That could explain why she is always having a temper with MJ fans on twitter or the paparazzi when she is with her daughter, Paris. 

The promotional guy stated to the fan that Shana Mangatal, who I mentioned a few times on this blog, was a "flavor or the month". I guess what I think the promotional guy meant by that phrase was that whenever Michael was in the mood to see or do Shana, he will do that with her. Shana and Michael fooled around a lot but was led to believe that something real was going to happen. As we all know, she was a woman on the side, his "side chick" and she was nothing more than that. 

The promotional guy mention in his post of a groupie secretary. When I first read that part, I immediately thought about Shana Mangatal. However, it was not her but a woman who was of Asian descent. I remember asking the promotional man if the woman was Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. He told me that he could not tell. 

Michael with Monique in 2004. 

The fan asked the promotional guy about a woman name Monique. In 2004, Michael was spotted shopping with a woman name Monique in a Texas mall. This made news and it was a huge topic on the MJ forums. 

Michael shopping with Monique in 2004.

It was later revealed that she hung out with Michael's brother Randy and Tom Messereau and was even rumored that she was Randy's girlfriend. I do not know who she was exactly, but the promotional guy stated that some people might think she was Michael's girlfriend and even Monique might have thought she was as well. However, she was not his girlfriend but one of his "friends". 

The fan asked the promotional guy what type of women that Michael might be into and he stated to the fan that Michael's women were not fans but usually women who work in the music industry. If those women are interested in Michael, then Michael would take it from there. At times, he would often find himself having relationships with women who are taken or married and he was not proud of that. 

Stephanie Mills.

The promotional guy was asked by the fan about Michael's relationship with singer Stephanie Mills and Theresa Gonsalves in the 1970s. He stated that during that time, he was conservative and very much into his religion. He did not believe that Michael was having any intimate situations with either of those women to his knowledge. They were more of a puppy love type relationships. As we now know, Michael had more than a puppy love experience with Stephanie and Theresa. 

As for Tatum O'Neal, when Michael stated that Tatum seduced him in the Bashir documentary, she released a statement stating that Michael was not telling the truth. The promotional man stated to the fan that Tatum was "a load of s---" and that is all he stated. As we all know, crack can do very horrible things to the brain. Brooke Shields, on the other hand, according to the promotional guy was more into Michael than Michael was into her. That was all the promotional guy stated. 

After Michael's murder, there have been women and young adults coming forward with claims that either Michael fathered their child or that the young adults believed Michael was their father. I do not believe all of the claims because plenty of famous people have fallen victim to claims of people stating so many things about them. That is the reality of being in the spotlight. There are people who believe that Omer Bhatti was Michael's "son". It turns out that was a lie that he created to get into the music business. Now he has a rap career somewhere in his native country Norway. Also, I saw a picture of Omer's actual father and he looks exactly like his biological father. There was a gentleman by the name of Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson who stated that his mother told him that Michael was his father. Here is the kicker, the mother of PMMJJ has a history of drug abuse and that her children were taken away and placed in foster care. I doubt that his mother ever knew Michael. 

I will state that I believe that it is possible that Michael has more than three children. I know there are people who are reading this and thinking that I have lost my mind however we do not know Michael as a man. We know the entertainer, humanitarian, singer, dancer, composer, pioneer but we do not know the man. The women that have been with him gave the public a glimpse and even that does not state everything about Michael. Michael has been known to keep his romantic life private so we do not know for sure what is the real deal. 

Last year, a fellow MJ fan, who I communicate with at times, told me about a thread from the website This thread was called the "Michael Jackson's secret son/daughter thread". When I clicked on the thread, I read part of it and basically sort of believe some of the things that were stated on there. Here is the link to the thread - 

I would not be shocked if it was indeed true. I might not know all of the details of what the person was stating and that does not mean that it did not happen. We do not know every aspect of Michael's life and we might never know. That is why it is wise to listen to what some people have to state about him when it comes to this part of his life. When it comes to Michael Jackson, we cannot continue to ignore certain controversial subjects because we do not want to deal with them. We have to accept the fact that maybe there is truth to what these women stated about him. One of the reasons why so many fans were attacking the poster was because they don't want anyone to ruin their view of Michael and that type of behavior can no longer be tolerated. How can one state that they love him unconditionally but can't truly accept him? Personally, I should not have to make this blog entry to post the information from the promotional man. I should not be one of a very few in the fan community to have contacted and communicated with the promotional man. The mindset of the fans have to change in order for them to accept the possibility that Michael could have more children out there or if he had many women in his life. For Michael to be falsely accused of child abuse should bother the fans to the core and demand to know more information about this subject. I will state this: I rather have Michael be known for being a flirt or womanizer than a man who supposedly "abuses" children. 

Michael with a group of women in 1997. 

*Update  05/13/2017: More updated information about Shana Mangatal's book of lies and the truth about her stories. Please read this document - 



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