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Random Thoughts Part 7

Disclaimer: Due to the recent tragedy that happened in the Jackson family regarding Michael's daughter, Paris, (6/5) I will not mention her troubles on this blog. This blog is about her beloved father, Michael, and the truth about his life. I have often mentioned his children on here to voice out my opinions about certain situations. When a child is troubled for whatever reason, one should not make the child's troubles their entertainment. Michael was an advocate for children and their rights and I will never entertain his child's troubles just for hits on a website. My prayers to her for her full recovery and her family, the Jacksons, so they can help her get better. We know that if Michael was with us, he would be devastated beyond belief what is happening to his daughter. Let's hope that this never happens again. Be strong, PKJ.


The theme to this seventh edition of Random Thoughts is revelations. Taj, the nephew of Michael and the son of Tito reveals a childhood trauma, Joe reveals Wade Robson's true motives, Janet is a "billionaire", a "journalist" is a criminal and Debbie Rowe continues to confirm my suspicions. This blog post will be explosive so please buckle your seat belts. 

Michael looked so angelic, late 1970s. 

Janet is a "Billionaire"

Janet Jackson, 2013.

It has been revealed, a couple of weeks ago, that Janet is an "billionaire" according to the trade magazine Variety. You can read the information by clicking on this link -

Of course, many fans of her brother, Michael, were not happy that she was named a billionaire. Remember, some of his "fans" actually believed that Janet wanted Michael's money when the Jacksons were having their issues last year. The thought of Janet wanting Michael's money is hilarious. Anyway, the jealously of these "fans" triggered a twitter debate/fight some MJ fans had with Janet fans and even with other MJ fans. I am not going to get into those fights because I can't help people who cannot see the obvious. When Michael was alive, the media were reporting that Michael was broke and almost forgetting the fact that Michael owned the Beatles ATV Catalog. That Catalog alone made Michael a billionaire. The truth about Michael was never really reported accurately in the media when he was with us and so for them to report that Michael was a billionaire was not going to happen. As usual, the Estate executor's mouthpiece,, did an article claiming that Janet is not a billionaire. Here is the link to what was stated -

After reading the article, I sensed that they seemed to be jealous and almost angry that Janet was called a billionaire. The Estate executors has made the go-to for anything that deals with the business aspect of the brand that is Michael. We know that the executors were angry last year when Janet, along with Randy and Rebbie were trying to get Michael's children to visit Katherine and all of that mess that happened. It has been known that is also the mouthpiece for the MJ Estate and spread the rumor that Janet hit Paris. When Janet's lawyer threatened to sue for that false story, the Estate executors felt some type of way and has been "out to get" Janet for a while. Now that it has been reported that Janet is in the billionaire status, the Estate executors probably got to do a story discrediting the revealtion. Let's say that is what the Estate executors did, that shows that they care more about making "fools" out of the family and less about people lying on Michael. Also, in the article, it was stated that Janet's husband, Wissam Al Mana, is a billionaire but they,, never saw him on their list. So, he has to be on their list in order for him to be a confirmed a billionaire? What kind of faux dictatorship is this? 

I stated on this blog that there was a rumor out there that Janet was going to retire from the entertainment business. It was a bit odd that she did not release a statement confirming or denying the story. Then, when the 20th anniversary of the janet album surface, Janet did a rare interview with Here is a link to the article -

So, it looks like Janet is not retiring after all. Good to know. Make it hot, Janet and less sex songs. LOL.

Taj Reveals Horrible Secret

Taj Jackson.

After that clown, Wade Robson, went on the Today show to tell Matt Lauer that Michael did these laughable and ridiculous things to him, Taj, the son of Tito and the nephew of Michael, revealed a horrible childhood secret on his twitter account. I was stunned, hurt and bothered by what he revealed. When I read what he had to state, I was moved to tears. He stated that he was sexually abused as a child by an uncle on his late mother, Delores', side. He stated it was Michael who helped him cope with the horrible trauma that he experienced. You can read the article by clicking on the link -

Taj stated that he was angry at what Wade stated because child abuse victims never forget what they went through. Taj stated that he will do anything to defend his uncle Michael from the lies that people stated about him. Taj was brave to let people know this because in a way, this will make people think about what type of man Michael truly was. Taj also revealed that a letter that Michael wrote to Delores was about what Taj went through and this letter was revealed during the trial.

The note.

Taj stated that he was shaking when he was typing the tweets. I applaud his bravery and strength to come forward and tell his story. BTW, Taj also revealed that he is getting married this upcoming Father's Day (6/16). 

Taj is getting married.

"Journalist" Stacy Brown is Really a Criminal

A loser is a loser is a loser is a loser and Stacy Brown is probably one of the biggest losers that I ever witnessed in my life. This "person" was friends with some members of the Jackson family and because like Michael, some members of the Jacksons cannot seem to separate people who are truly their friends from people who are their "friends" for the connections. Stacy Brown was using the Jacksons to have a career as a tabloid journalist. Even after everything that has happened, you would think that Stacy Brown would move on with his life and focus on his career. Well, of course when a person is obsessed with ruining someone's good name for the sake of a career, they never truly move on. Michael never met Stacy Brown and never even had a conversation with him. Stacy Brown was friends with Jermaine (not shocked) and Rebbie. When Michael was fighting false allegations of child abuse, Stacy Brown would come on television, MSNBC, and tell the viewers about private conversations he had with some members of the Jacksons. You would think that the Jacksons, after seeing that fool bashing Michael, they would stop talking to him. Rebbie did but Jermaine did not at first. Eventually, he got rid of the cockroach. 

Stacy Brown is on twitter still bashing Michael and the Jacksons and since I do not follow trash, he was ignored by me. I was on twitter two weeks ago when I was on an account of a fan that I follow. I click on a link to an article that was done by Jeff Pratt from The Sentinel. This is what was stated - 

A complaint filed with the Cumberland County District Attorney's office by a local businessman resulted in the firing of Sentinel Reporter Stacy Brown Tuesday because of a conflict of interest.Hotel Carlisle Manager Farouk Hegazi emailed a complaint Monday afternoon to the district attorney’s office and copied it to the corporate offices of Sentinel parent company Lee Enterprises. In it, Hegazi claimed Brown had run a scam, using a concert that was supposed to feature Damon Harris and the Temptations Oct. 27 at the Hotel Carlisle and Embers Convention Center in Carlisle.
That concert as promoted to the public did not take place as planned, and Hegazi says Brown used his position as a reporter for The Sentinel to attempt to collect payment after Harris didn’t show up.District Attorney David Freed said Wednesday his office had received the complaint.“I received the email and we will act accordingly,” Freed said. “I am evaluating it.”Sentinel Publisher Mark Heintzelman said the newspaper received the emailed complaint from Lee corporate offices at 4:30 p.m. Monday and within 90 minutes had suspended Brown with pay. After an internal investigation and a meeting with Hegazi on Tuesday morning, Heintzelman said, the newspaper decided to fire Brown.

Basically, Stacy Brown is a criminal and he used his position as a reporter for that newspaper to run a scam. He was fired for doing what he did and I am glad that they fired him. Here is another article that shows proof that Stacy Brown did various things to conceal his criminal act.

I decided to contact one of the writers to the articles to see if there was any more information and when one of the writers responded back to me, he told me that he wanted to cover the story and gave me the number to the district attorney's office. I called them and asked them about the case and the receptionist asked me if I was personally involved in the case. I told her "no" and she stated to me that I cannot know about the case because I am not personally involved with the case. I tried to get the tea so you have to give me an A for effort.

I think the reason why Stacy Brown is still bashing Michael and the family is because he wants someone in the tabloid media to see his tweets and ask him to contribute in articles trashing the family. This guy does not seem to understand that he is a liar and he has no idea what he is talking about. He is desperate for a job because he made sure to ruin his own job by doing criminal acts. He wants the world to believe that Michael is all of these things but the truth is Stacy Brown is a scam artist and liar who would do anything to have a career as a tabloid journalist. What a waste of flesh. 

Joe Jackson States that Wade Robson is About That Paper

Joe Jackson.

Joe made it clear that Wade Robson is doing what he is doing for money. I guess we all know that but Joe has basically confirmed that. Here is video of what Joe stated. When Wade heard this, he decided that he was going to sue Joe for defamation of character. 

Joe telling the truth.

This clown should be ashamed of himself. He filed a claim to the Estate that Michael abused him "supposedly", with the help of, changed his story to make his story make sense. Stated he had "repressed memories" but decided not to use that gimmick because the "repressed memories" claim is not reliable and tells more lies to a morning show. Wade thinks that people who love Michael should just sit there and take it because he wants to make this his moment. One cannot make up lies about someone who is loved just because they can and not expect people who love this person to not react. If Wade is going to dish it the lies, he needs to also take the insults. No one with a brain believes his lies and if you actually study his laughable claims, you will be shaking your head at the nerve of this person stating what he states all for some paper. Very low. Joe should get a belt and beat the hell out of Wade. 

Debbie Rowe's Own Niece Exposed My Suspicions About Her

What can one state about Debbie Rowe? It is clear that Debbie is a woman who is on a mission to get money from her rich children that she abandoned. I ignore this hideous woman at all costs because she angers the hell out of me. I try not to care what she does because all she ever does is ruin things. We know or we should know and I mentioned this on my previous blog post, that Michael never loved Debbie, never wanted to marry her and did not want to have children with her. Others may disagree with what I stated but I wouldn't state it if it was not true. 

I have made it clear that I do not like the fact that Paris is hanging out with her biological mother and I do not care what anyone else thinks. Michael had serious issues with Debbie that are known and unknown to the public. I get that all girls need their mother and a mother cannot be replaced. However, if you truly understood how Michael's life was, you will have to throw that notion out of the window. Michael Jr. and Paris only mother was Michael and that is the deal. Debbie was always about money and exposing Michael and the children to media scrutiny and rumors. 

Debbie is on facebook and twitter and it is not a surprise that she is trashing, cursing and shading people - mostly MJ fans who probably smell right through her - on these websites. I have two MJ fans who I follow who were trashed by Debbie. One of them was called "delusional" by her and the other fan was told to "f--- off" when the fan politely asked her a question. I understand that people provoke people on these websites just so a reaction can happen, but there is an action called ignore that Debbie can start doing. Just saying.

The rumors in regards to the paternity of Michael's children are rampant because Debbie, in my opinion, is still communicating with the tabloid media:,, (Roger Friedman) and telling them fables about her own biological children. So, I was not shocked when I was on twitter and I was reading tweets on there from a fan who saw tweets from the niece of Debbie being sent to Harvey Levin. The fan was so angry that the fan confronted the niece. I screen captured the exchanged that the fan made a twitlonger on so you can see and read what Debbie's niece was doing. Read and shake your head at the nerve of "family" - 

Just disturbing.

I always had a feeling that if Michael's children ever remotely knew Debbie, they would be in big trouble. The things that have happened and are happening in regards to this nightmare is proving my feelings and I know that if someone do not get Paris away from this woman, there are going to be major problems. 

Prince on the Honor Roll Society

Michael Jr. with sister Paris and Aunt LaToya in 2012.

It was revealed that, unlike his sister, Michael Jr. (Prince) is actually concerned about his future and what he wants to do with his life. Taj stated on twitter that Michael Jr. is in the honor roll society at Buckley. Read this tweet - 

Good for Michael Jr. 

This is what needs to be discussed in regards to Michael's children and not the negative things. Of course, the media will not report that Michael Jr. is going to school to excel and not fool around and waste money. The sky is the limit for Michael Jr. and I hope that Paris follows suit. 

Overall, during this difficult time in regards to the revelations that happened in the past couple of months, one thing is for certain that the Jackson family continues to hang in there. It bothers me that Michael's wishes are still not being taken into consideration for his children and family and it bothers me even more that some of his "fans" really do not see that as a bad thing. For fans to remotely defend Debbie Rowe but attack Katherine should anger people. Katherine is fighting for justice for her son and naturally, revelations will be out there for the world to know about. The revelations that could come out have worried the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate and this is why so many distractions are happening. The Estate executors do not care about what Michael went through in the hands of various doctors and a greedy corporation. The executors only care about making money based on fraud and making sure that many fans are manipulated so they can continue to make money. Debbie Rowe cursing out MJ fans shows how pathetic she is as a woman and as a person. She knows that there are people that know her true motives. Debbie is not interested in having a relationship with her daughter. She is interested in making money any way she can so she can never be broke because that would mean that she would have to work like everyone else. Wade Robson could have respected the fact that Michael took the time to mentor him. Instead, lying about Michael was the way to go because he wanted to make sure he got his pay in. I do not know when the madness will end and I do not know if it will truly end. I do know that as long as people who know the truth continue to expose it, there will be people doing everything they can not to prevent the truth for being revealed. However, history has always shown us that the truth will never be hidden forever. 

Michael with his babies in 2003.


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