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Happy Birthday, Michael!: 20 Videos Every MJ Fan Should See on Youtube

I truly believe that the Internet is one of the best things that ever happened to Michael's legacy. The Internet has become a way for various fans all over the world to showcase Michael and his legacy to the public. Youtube plays such a huge role in Michael's legacy because fans from different corners of the world can upload video/footage of Michael work, interviews and documentaries. To celebrate what would have been Michael's 55th birthday, I have created a list of videos that I believe every fan should see on youtube and why they should see them. The videos show Michael the way that I feel everyone should remember him: loving, sweet, talented, gifted, wonderful, handsome and most importantly, an amazing human being. 

Michael with his brothers holding balloons in the early 1980s.

Number: 20

TitleGhosts (Behind the Scenes)

Year: 1996

Summary: The video was leaked online a week and a half ago on youtube and quickly became an Internet sensation among the MJ online fan community. Fans made gifs on tumblr of the footage as well as posting the video on several blogs, facebook and twitter accounts. The footage shows Michael dancing to the music as he prepares for a scene in the Ghosts short film when he transforms into a Skeleton and performs. Michael looked gorgeous, healthy and vibrant. He was doing his usual dance moves and those amazing spins that he would do so effortlessly. He also had a good laugh with the late Stan Winston and his megawatt smile warms your heart. Seeing Michael in his element dancing to the music will remind us all how much we miss him and his presence. 

Michael doing his thing in 1996. 

Number: 19

Title: Behind the Scenes of the "Black or White" Short Film

Year: 1991

Summary: This is behind the scenes of Michael's classic short film "Black Or White" and it shows the process that it took to create the short film. I know that many fans have seen this footage many times but everytime I see it, I am always amazed of the various things that had to be done in order for the short film to come into fruition  Not a lot of performers of the modern day take the time to make their music videos the classics that they can be. This is part of what makes Michael the legend that he became. He took his time with his art because he wanted to make sure that his work comes out the way it is suppose to come out. Also, the controversy that followed the premiere of the short film. It was a huge deal at that time. 

"Black or White" behind the scenes, 1991.

Number: 18

Title: Michael Jackson's TV Guide/MTV Interview

Year: 1999

Summary: This is footage of the full interview that MTV did with Michael back in 1999 to celebrate the 100 greatest music videos of all time. MTV teamed up with TV Guide to create the list and of course, Michael was number one for the classic short film "Thriller". In the interview, Michael talks about why he wanted his short films to be different that the other music videos, the ritual he has everytime he finishes shooting his short films and how he met director John Landis. I remember when I saw this interview and I was shocked when he stated that he was not a fan of horror movies. There is a part of the "Thriller" short film that I refuse to look at and I think almost everyone was afraid of the short film at some point in their lives. I know I was. The one thing I like about this interview was that it was focused around his craft and his work process. Not a lot of footage is out there that shows Michael talking about his work and his creative process. These days, I feel that it is so important to watch footage of Michael talking about his work and let people know about it. It is a real shame that so much of footage of Michael is tabloid and sensationalism and people forget that Michael was a genius and an innovator in what he did. Also, I must have missed the part when I watched the video in the past but I did not know that Michael told Janet that she reminded him of a black panther. LOL. Yes, Michael and Janet do think alike. 

Michael being interviewed by MTV in 1999. 

Number: 17

Title: Michael Beatboxes

Year: 1995

Summary: I remembered when the Prime Time Live interview came on television and I missed it because I fell asleep. It was a good thing that I missed it because when I did get a chance to see the special, I hated it. I will state why later but I want to state that the only thing that I love in the interview was the beginning part where Michael talks about how he creates a song. The way Michael beat boxes is sickening and amazing. I am almost surprised that Michael never became a rapper because I think he would have been better than many of the rappers of today. Also, I thought Michael was so handsome in this footage. His hair was slicked back, his smile was shining, his teeth was purely white and his eyes were big and huge. He was just so precious. Anyway, the reason why I hate the remaining of the Prime Time Live interview was that when I watched the whole thing, I felt embarrassed for Michael. The ignorance that Diane Sawyer portrayed was disgusting and instead of getting to understand Michael, she ridicules him. Can you imagine someone asking you if you have sex with your husband/wife?? That was the one thing that bothered me the most out of the whole interview. I only watched the interview once and that was it. I haven't watched it since. However, I will watch the beginning part of the interview whenever I feel I want to see Michael beat box. 

Michael beatboxing in 1995.

Number: 16

Title: Geraldo Rivera Interviews Michael

Year: 2004

Summary: This interview was done in 2004 before the uncalled trial happened. The grand jury indictment happened and it was leaked to the press which details what Michael was falsely accused of doing to the so called "victim". Michael did the interview to show  the world the type of person he was and I have to say this interview was better than the Oprah interview, in my opinion. Geraldo Rivera received a lot of backlashed defending Michael and at the time, I respected the fact that he stood by Michael and believed in his innocence when his cohorts in the media clearly did not. Sadly, these days, Geraldo does not really stand by Michael and what he went through during the last four years of his life. Overall, the interview was a great way to let Michael state his true feelings about his relationships with his family and friends and how he raised his children. If anyone ever doubted Michael's love for his family, this interview kills the doubt. 

Michael's interview with Geraldo in 2005.

Number: 15

Title: Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies 

Year: 2003

Summary: This was one of the best specials that was ever done on Michael. During that time, Michael was fighting a public relations battle because he did that horrible ABC documentary called Living with Michael Jackson. The documentary started off good until it got weird and downright disturbing. We all know what Michael stated in that special and it revisited a very dark time in Michael's life that happened to him ten years prior to the damning documentary. A rebuttal to that documentary aired on the Fox network before the PHM (which also aired on the Fox network) but it was more about the shady ways Martin Bashir and his cohorts edited the special to make Michael looked sinister and evil. The PHM is an instant classic because I believe it showed the "real" Michael Jackson. Michael talks about his music, his upbringing, his family, his children and his humanitarian work. The special also shows a side of Michael that no one usual sees: the human. I love this special because I remembered taping the special and watching it whenever I can. It helped me get through the horrible trial that occurred two years after the airing of the special. The special is also good when it comes to references. Case in point, when Michael explained his concept for how he came up with the "Smooth Criminal" short film as well as how Janet would steal his dance moves. If someone is trying to understand the type of person that Michael was and does not feel like reading blogs about him, this special is a great recommendation. 

Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies, 2003
Number: 14

Title: Michael Dancing with the Children

Year: 1989

Summary: I was on youtube a few months ago when I watched this video of highlights from the Bad Tour concert in Los Angeles. In the video, Michael performs his classic hits but at 5:50 up until the end of the footage, Michael performs with the children. To me, this was the best part of the footage. I even noticed that one of Michael's nephews, Jermaine Jr., was also on stage with him dancing. This was the type of man Michael was: he always included children in his performances because he wanted to put the spotlight on them. This always warmed my heart and hope it does for you as well. 

Michael dancing with his nephew, Jermaine Jr.  and the children in 1989.
Number: 13

Title: Michael Visits Children at an Orphanage. 

Year: 1992

Summary: This was a powerful and moving video of Michael going to an orphanage in Moscow, Russia in 1992. He did this while he was on tour for his classic Dangerous album. As I am watching this, I am elated because he is a man who did not have to visit these children and could have used his time to something else. However, Michael was always on a mission to do something that will help others. Those children who lived in the Orphanage probably never had a major celebrity come into their place just to visit them. It shows you the type of person Michael was and why this world lost a true hero. This footage should remind people the kind of man Michael was and that these entertainers/performers of today really cannot be the type of person that Michael was. If they and all of us do not take time out of their day to go and visit the lost and forgotten, then what is the point of us as a people? Michael was truly one of a kind. 

Michael at an Orphanage in 1992.

Number: 12

Title: The Jackson Family Documentary

Year: 1999

Summary: This is a documentary on the Jackson family that I first saw in 1999 on the Fox Family Network (which is now ABC Family) and I liked the special. The special talks about the Jackson family and how they went from poverty to becoming the first family of popular music. With the huge success of the Jackson 5/Jacksons and the legendary and iconic careers of Michael and Janet, the Jackson family is a family that everyone knows about. These days, the Jackson family are always criticized and even bashed over every little thing that they do or say. At times, we forget that this was Michael's family and their impact in the world of music and popular culture. This is why this documentary is a good way for people to remind themselves of the impact that the family has made in this world and regardless of how we all feel about them, they have accomplished what many people never even dream of. Without the family, there would be no Michael or Janet. 

Jackson Family Documentary (Part 1 of 14), 1999.
Number: 11

Title: Going Back to Indiana

Year: 2003

Summary: Michael went back to his hometown of Gary, Indiana in 2003 because he had to settle some sort of legal issue. While he was there, he decided to visit his childhood home, the high school that his older siblings went to, the baseball park where he was honored, received the key to the city and visited a KFC food stop. This amazing footage was recorded at that time and was leaked on youtube in 2010. The footage shows Michael in a rare form: normal. I always knew that Michael was normal and was very different than what he showed to the public. When watching the footage, you get to see Michael be like everyone else and having a good time with his family (two of his cousins, Levon and Elijah Jackson), a fan that joined them and meeting his loyal fans. The footage was funny, sweet and made me miss Michael even more. 

Michael at Gary, Indiana in 2003 (Part 1).

Number: 10

Title: Michael Defends Himself

Year: 1996

Summary: I remember when I watched the footage of Michael defending himself against lies that surrounded him. Michael made it clear that he was not what these people claiming he was and was tired of it. People often stated that Michael did not defend himself that much but when one sees this they will see Michael defending himself and in a way they will also see why he did not do that as much. The thing is that people will always have something to state and you are just going to have to let those people be. That was probably why Michael did not defend himself as much as he should. 

Michael defending himself in 1996. 

Number: 9

Title: Michael Shops

Year: 2008

Summary: Anyone that followed Michael's life knows that he loved to shop. When Michael would shop, the media made sure to let the public know about it. In 2008, when Michael came back to California after his stay in Las Vegas, he went on a sort of shopping spree to various places. I like to watch Michael shop because Michael was such a big star and big stars usually has their assistants to shop for him. I guess that after all of the nonsense he went through with former employees, he probably decided to shop for himself. If that was the case, I am glad that he did that. Also, Michael shopped because he really wanted to be part of the human population and not feel left out because of his enormous fame and popularity. 

Michael shopping in 2008. 

Number: 8

Title: Michael with his Children

Year: 2006

Summary: I saw this video when I was communicating with a fellow fan about the AEG Civil Case and I intentionally did not want to see the video. I have a hard time accepting the fact that Michael's children are plastered all over the place. I tried to avoid it at all costs and I have mentioned on here a few times about my issues with this sad reality. However, I have to accept the fact that there is nothing that I can do to end the madness. I have to admit that I am guilty as well. I stated on this blog that I felt that of Michael's older children, Prince and Paris, were spoiled after that Jackson family drama that happened last year. I have also made a blog post about Prince being an "correspondent" for the tabloid Entertainment Tonight. In a way, I am sort of part of the problem. I have to let go of my issues with this and just let it be. When I watched the video of Michael with his children, it was so moving and precious to me. I really cannot explain it at all on this blog post because it would take up most of the entry. 

Michael with his babies in 2006. 

Number: 7

Title: We Are The World Behind The Scenes

Year: 1985

Summary: "We Are the World" is one of my favorite songs of all time. I like the video of the behind of the scenes of the making of the classic song because it shows Michael at work with his fellow musical peers. 

BTS of "We Are The World", 1985.

Number: 6

Title: The Making of "Scream"

Year: 1995

Summary: The short film, "Scream" was one of the best music videos that was ever done and also the most expensive video of all time. This is was the first time Michael and Janet teamed up for the song and the short film. This event was huge and MTV tagged along and did a special all about it. 

The Making of "Scream", 1995. 

Number: 5

Title: Michael Visits the Hospitals

Year: 1997

Summary: Whenever Michael went on tour, he always made sure that he visits the sick children at the hospitals. This was a normal routine for Michael and this is what makes him very different than his music peers and even today's celebrities. I become very angry when people would often remember the negative and untrue things about him but never think about all of the good that he has done for people. Imagine being that sick child and cannot go anywhere. The biggest entertainer of all time visits you at your hospital bed and that made you day and maybe even your year. That was the type of joy Michael wanted to bring to those sick children. I need to stress this important fact about Michael: no matter what anyone states about him, they cannot take away the good that he has done for others. 

Michael visits a Children's hospital in 1997. 

Number: 4

Title: MTV Special on the Bad Tour

Year: 1988

Summary: Probably the best tour Michael has ever done, the Bad Tour. When MTV was nice to Michael, they did an amazing special about his recording breaking tour called "Motown to Your Town - The Bad Tour Special". I mean, what else can I state about this greatness of footage? Watch it for yourself. 

MTV Special on the Bad Tour, 1988.

Number: 3

Title: MTV Special on the Dangerous Tour

Year: 1992

Summary: MTV did another special with Michael but this time around it was for his very popular Dangerous tour. I love this tour with passion but not as much as I love the Bad Tour. Anyway, this footage shows the highlights of the tour and behind the scenes with the backup singers and the like. 

MTV's Special on the Dangerous Tour, 1992.

Number: 2

Title: The Jackson 5 Performing on the Carol Burnett Show

Year: 1975

Summary: There has been so much stated about Michael's brothers - Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Randy - and most of the things about them are negative. At times, we forget that these men were Michael's brothers and he loved them very much regardless of how we feel about them. At times, we also forget that the Jackson 5/Jacksons made some of the best songs ever made and did some of the best performances ever done. Many groups after that Jackson 5/Jacksons like New Edition, New Kids on the Block, NSYNC and One Direction, took from the format of the Jackson 5/Jacksons. I wanted to remind you all of the greatness of the group and what they should be known for. Also, without them, the greatness that was Michael would have never happened. 

The Jackson 5 doing their thing in 1975.

Number: 1

Title: Michael Receives the NAACP Award for Entertainer of the Year

Year: 1993

Summary: I have decided to make this video footage number one because I always believe that it was very important to honor our greats when they are with us. The NAACP did that for Michael and really there are no words to describe how great this footage is. 

Michael at the NAACP Awards in 1993. 

There you have it: 20 videos and many more on youtube for the world to watch and witness. Michael should be remembered for the great things he has done to make the world a better place. What a great way to honor Michael on the day that he was born by telling and showing the truth about him. 

Michael in 1984. 
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