Thursday, October 3, 2013

Magazine Scans: Hip Hop Weekly Tribute to Michael

In 2009, the popular magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, did a tribute edition on Michael and in the edition, certain people that were in Michael's life were interviewed. One of those people, producer Teddy Riley was interviewed. Last year, I did a blog post on the ladies in Michael's life and I posted a quote from Teddy in which he stated that the one thing people did not know about Michael was that he was basically a womanizer. He stated that before the debacle that was the Michael album and two years and the half years after that, Teddy started to "come clean" with the validity of those songs that were in the terrible album. We will have to wait for Teddy's book to see what the "real" deal was but in the meantime, here is the interview from the magazine. 

Teddy Riley's interview with Hip Hop Weekly on Michael. 


Magazine -
Hip Hop Weekly: A Tribute to Michael Jackson 1958-2009, pages 58-60.