Saturday, October 12, 2013

The AEG Trial: The Good, The Bad and The Uncalled For Verdict

When the Jacksons vs. AEG Wrongful Death Trial began in early April, I was ready to follow the trial and the updates in regards to the trial. During the jury selection process, the judge presiding the case, Judge Yvette Palazuelos, made the decision not to televised the trial. In order for anyone to know the updates of the trial, they would have to follow certain members of the media on facebook and twitter who were reporting the trial or read court transcripts. As the trial went on to its course, I started to know what Michael really went through at the hands of AEG. Then, on October 3rd, 2013, a verdict was reached and AEG won. This blog post will get into my feelings about the trial and why I decided to stop following the trial. 

Michael at the age of 12. Awww. 

I was not happy when I found out that a verdict was reached and AEG won. I was shocked that I was shocked with the verdict because at one point, I was not following the trial. I was unhappy with the verdict because AEG will never take responsibility for what they did and did not do to Michael. The jurors had to answer a questionnaire that involved certain questions. The jurors agreed that AEG did hire Conrad Murray but the second question was the one that sealed the deal. Here is the jury's reason why they believed that AEG were not liable for Michael's murder -

"The jury decided that Murray was competent, so even though AEG Live hired him, it was not liable for Jackson's death and didn't owe the Jackson family millions of dollars in compensation. 

The jury accepted AEG Live lawyers' arguments that the company was not negligent because its executives had no way of knowing that Murray -- licensed to practice in four states and never sued for malpractice -- was a risk to Jackson. The singer was a secretive drug addict who kept even his closest relatives in the dark about his use of propofol to sleep, they contended."

Forget the fact that there was an addiction specialist who stated that Michael was not an addict, forget the fact the various ways that Michael was treated wrongly by the hands of AEG, forget that fact that Randy Phillips slapped Michael in the face, forget the fact that they did know about Michael's supposed issues with drugs, this jury bought in AEG's argument that Michael was a "secretive drug addict" and that AEG would not know of Michael's issues. On top of that, because Murray went to school to become a doctor and was licensed, he was a competent doctor but unethical. How can a doctor be both? That does not exists and it does not make any amount of sense. Did the jury not follow the murder trial that convicted the "doctor" of murder?

Let's make a few things clear here - Michael never hid any drug issues. When he was falsely accused of child abuse in 1993, he openly stated that he was in a rehabilitation facility receiving treatment. In one of his classic albums ( Blood on the Dancefloor), he had a song on there called "Morphine" in which he sings about the effects of the drug. He did not hide that from anyone at all. The fact that Murray killed Michael shows that he was not a competent doctor and that he never did medical notes on Michael. What doctor you know does not write/type medical notes???? Give me a break. The jurors are stupid people that did not learn anything from Michael's life and the trial. The fact that some of them became fans bothers me because a true fan of Michael's would have look at this case and made sure AEG would be held responsible. 

Michael during the This is It rehearsals.

After the verdict was read, the media had a field day not only trashing Michael but his family. I do not understand why the media would need to attack a murdered victim, but I can understand why they would go after his family. I made it no secret that I am not a supporter of his family and I have to be honest, if the Jacksons won, Katherine would have gave the money to her children, some of them who treated Michael badly. I will get into my issue with the family later but let me get right back to this media. The fact the the talking heads in the media would make a big deal on Michael's supposed drug problems have bothered me to the core. That bastard, Roger Friedman, had an article that stated that Michael's life was trashed for no reason thanks to his family. Excuse me?? Is Roger serious???? Who did most of the bashing throughout Michael's life - his family or the media? Clearly, the media. Yes, I agree, that his family, some of them, bashed him but the media literally made a career bashing, defaming, lying, created falsehoods on Michael and the family and fans were the ones defending Michael. I never saw anyone in the media ever apologize to Michael. NEVER. The nerve of that bastard. Then, Wendy Williams, that shemale freak stated that the Jacksons should have never bought the case to the trial. Well, who asked her for her damn opinion? This is the same clown that trashed Michael and Janet and became mainstream embarrassing and exploiting the issues regarding the late, great Whitney Houston. This woman is nothing more than complete and utter trash. How dare she state that? If the Jacksons did not state what AEG did to Michael, then how would we all know how pathetic AEG truly are? The media have become a joke and they are proving that everyday. Don't get me started on and Nancy Grace..... let me calm down. 

Michael in 2007. 

I wanted to follow the trial because I really believe that the Jacksons were going to win. Even when AEG and the Estate executors threw distractions left and right, I still was focused on what was happening. Then, sometime in either late May or early June, I completely lost interest in the trial. The information that I was told convinced me that the Jacksons were not just doing the trial for the truth but also for a nice payday. I will explain a little more later on. 

The testimonies in  the case were all over the place and I actually stopped reading the testimonies after Debbie Rowe testified or testilied - choose one. After what I was told, I was completely uninterested. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to know what the Jacksons knew but at the same time, why were people who disrespected him, who did nothing to help him when he was in trouble, who never notified his family members that Michael was ill, testifying in the case? Only the Jackson family members who did testify, in court and not in video, were the ones that were telling the truth about Michael. 

Karen Faye

My opinions about the testimonies will probably shock you, make you laugh or make you think but I do believe that some of the testimonies of these people will make you go, "what?" Case in point, Karen Faye's testimony. I made it very clear on this blog my feelings and opinions about her. I read the transcript of her testimony and she seems "truthful"; I will give her that but I also felt that she was telling a little too much of Michael's personal business. Case in point, when she mentioned that Michael wanted to divorce Lisa Marie Presley and she begged Michael not to so Michael did not and then out of nowhere, Lisa Marie filed for divorce and how devastated Michael was. I did not see how any of that had to do with the case in hand but leave it to Karen to let everyone know about Michael's personal business. Typical unprofessional behavior. Also, she lied and stated that she was "let go" and was not fired. Well, being let go means that a person was fired. It does not matter if she was freelanced or not. However, this is not about Karen's working skills with Michael, this is about what she stated about Debbie Rowe and why I feel what she stated was the most important thing she stated throughout her whole testimony. Karen stated that Jim Morey and Debbie told her to bring package of vials on the Dangerous tour. I also noticed that Karen stated that she had conversations with family members about Michael's issues with drugs but when Michael was in trouble during the This Is It productions, Karen never warned or notified his family about what those people were doing to him. I will explain more in a few. 

Michael with Karen in 1987. Look at Michael's face - enough said. 

In the testimony, Karen stated that basically Debbie was practically behind her firing and when Michael found out that Karen was fired, he wanted to know why. When Karen returned, Debbie told her everything and why she wanted Karen to go. She stated that she thought that Michael liked Karen more than he liked her and that she revealed to Karen that she was in love with Michael and wanted to be with him. I know that many fans have an issue with Karen, me included, but this was the only time that I truly believe that Karen was telling the truth here. Debbie is immature, lame, pathetic and has a mind of a 15 year old. If Debbie could not be mature enough to accept the fact that Michael was never in love with her, why would she ruin someone's livelihood over something that she cannot control???? This type of behavior could explain a lot of foolishness that Debbie displays on her twitter account when it comes to arguing and cursing out fans and calling Michael a "manwhore" among other zany things that she has stated and done over the years. When Karen returned to working with Michael, Debbie apologized to her while Michael was there. You can read the rest of Karen's testimony on here -

I would comment more about the things that Karen stated in her testimony but the fact that she never notified the family about what AEG was doing to Michael, I just could not be bothered by what she stated in the courtroom. A week ago, I stumbled upon an image of an email that Karen sent to the late Frank Dileo in regards to Michael's health. I was so furious when I read this that I wanted to scream. Here is the image: 

Karen's email to Frank Dileo.

Now, compare what she stated in the email to what she stated under oath during the civil trial: two different statements that do not matched at all. No wonder she was aloof about so many things. One of the many things that my boss told me was to always know what is going on around you. How can Karen work for Michael for 27 years and not know who was who in his professional life? Something is not right. Either she was lying about what she stated or she really is an airhead. Your guess is as good as mines. 

As you all know, our "homegirl" Debbie Rowe testified or lied during the case and she was for - you guess it - the defense. Remember in the 2005 when she was a prosecution witness? How can the mother of Michael's older children even remotely be a witness for a prosecution that was out to get him? Michael did not need enemies because sadly, he was marrying them and having children with them. Who could Michael trust? Very sad. Anyone that reads my blog knows how I feel about Debbie and for me to waste my precious time reading her web of lies is not something I am even going think of doing. Let's get into what I had a problem with her testimony - she saw what Dr. Arnold Klien was doing to Michael and never, ever, ever, ever reported that man to the State of California Medical Board. I think I know why she did not do it and no it is not because she was afraid of him. Debbie looks like the type that might beat the hell out of Dr. Klien if he is not careful. I went on the website for the Medical Board of California and I found very useful and interesting information. Let's look through the information that I found and maybe you can see what I see. 

"Can I file a complaint without giving my name? 
A complaint can be filed anonymously; however, the Board has a difficult time investigating these complaints. If the Board is unable to obtain documentation or evidence of the complaint allegations, the complaint may not be able to be pursued. The Board does accept complaints from individuals who wish to designate themselves as "confidential informants." A "code name" can be used which would allow investigative personnel to discuss the allegations with the "complainant" without disclosing the individual's name. But, again, if medical records are required, the patient's name will have to be disclosed to the physician."

Isn't that something? You know, if Debbie wanted to file a complaint to these people, she does not have to give out her name. It would be harder for the board to do the investigation, but she could have filed a complaint and be done with it. 

Look at this one - 

"I have heard that Dr. X is prescribing large amounts of pain medication to people who are addicted to this medication. Will the Board investigate Dr. X? 
This concern can be investigated by the Board. However, to investigate a physician's care/treatment, the Board needs information on a patient or patients. The Board can't assess the "quality" of care without focusing on a particular patient, as the Board has no authority to audit or review a physician's medical records without patient consent (or a subpoena which needs to be specific to a patient). If you have any information which you think would be helpful or if you know of any patients who are willing to cooperate with our investigation, please feel free to contact the Board at 800-633-2322 or file a complaint with the Board."
Remember, Debbie stated something similar about Dr. Klien giving Michael too much of a certain pain medication. She could have done something about it by complaining to the Medical Board. 

Also, Debbie could have filed a complaint to the Medical Board and that bastard, Klien, would have never known who filed the complaint - 

"Will the doctor know I have filed a complaint? 
The "source" of the complaint information (the complainant) is confidential and is not disclosed by the Medical Board. However, if the complaint deals with your care and treatment, the Board's staff will request a copy of your medical records so the physician involved knows that a complaint has been filed regarding your treatment. He/she will not be told who filed the complaint."

I believe that Debbie did not file a complaint to the medical board because look at what she got out of it: two children who are worth a billion dollars each. Debbie Rowe knew that if she complained to the Medical Board about what Klien was doing to her ultimate pension plan (Michael), she would have never have become the millionaire that she is today. Debbie does not care that her son wants nothing to do with her or that she has no physical custody of the children or that Michael wanted nothing to do with her. Debbie hit the jackpot because she got what she wanted out of Michael. Thanks to Klien showing Debbie how to inject poison in Michael's system, Debbie knew how to get Michael to do things that he would never do. Debbie would never ruined something "good" for the sake of getting that paper. So, the well being of a human being does not mean a damn thing to Debbie. I am glad that I now know what type of monster Debbie truly is. 

Now, when Dr. Klien found out that Debbie was throwing him under the bus, he had to state something. Keep in mind, that for some strange reason, Klien did not testify and he really did not have to. I know, it is weird because that bastard is one of the main reasons why Michael is not with us. I know what I am stating is drastic but Klien was poisoning Michael like you would not believe. Even though the bastard did not testify, he did do a blog post on his view of the trial. Personally, I avoid that fool at all costs, but when he stated that Debbie Rowe had stolen medication from him, mostly likely, Demerol, I had to agree with him. This man could have been reported to the Medical Board and probably be done with but stupid Debbie had other plans, like getting paid very well and eventually using her children to get more money. Klien was probably disgusted to see Debbie Rowe going ham on him but who cares, really? These two clowns are the nonsense Michael had to deal with and it is pathetic that we also have to deal with these fools as well. Whatever they did to Michael, God knows you can hide from people, but you can never hide from God. 

Michael at John Branca's wedding to his first wife back in 1987.

There were other people that should have testified in the trial but they were never called. Grace Rwandba was the nanny for Michael and the children around the time that AEG was taking over. I have mentioned her a few times on here and I am not a supporter of the woman. Karen Faye stated on the stand that she believe Grace was poisoning Michael. I can tell you that Karen's belief is a fact and Grace did even more horrible things to Michael that I cannot even go into. I do believe that the reason why she did not testify was because either the plaintiffs could not find her or they know what she did to Michael and if she were to testify, the defense will ruin her on the stands. Whatever the reason, Grace would have been a disaster for the plaintiffs. John Branca, one of the executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson and, I believe, one of the top people who made sure Michael was murdered, was listed as a defense witness but for some strange reason, he did not testify. I do know for a fact that he did not want Katherine go ahead with the trial. Katherine went ahead with the trial anyway and the next thing you knew, that fool Wade Robson stated that Michael "harmed" him as a child and one of those UK tabloids did a story on supposed FBI files that were found to be made up. There has to be a reason why Branca did not want Katherine to go ahead with the trial. Hmmmmm, let me think of a reason: 

"The Internal Revenue Service is seeking more than $700 million in tax penalties from Jackson’s estate, and after a U.S. Tax Court challenge last month from the estate, the government has now released valuations on everything from the car to his business interests and property. 
The IRS valued his estate at more than $1.1 billion and said executors significantly undervalued his property, resulting in a tax deficiency of more than $505 million and additions to tax of more than $196 million, Bloomberg BNA reported."
Even more :

"Of particular note is the different valuation of Jackson’s “image and likeness.” While the estate claimed a value of a mere $2,105, the IRS determined a value of more than $434 million."
Can you imagine Michael being worth under $3,000????? After everything he has done in his career and life? The nerve. These executors need to be investigated by the feds as soon as possible. I can't even with these clowns right now. I can't. 

Where was Tomhe Tomhe in all of this? He seems never to be found in anything regarding this nightmare that he helped created. Without Jermaine Jackson putting Tomhe Tomhe in Michael's life which led to AEG which led to his murder, we would not know who the hell was Tohme Tohme. Imagine if he were to testify - he would have been throwing people under the bus just to save face. I wanted him to testify so I would know his role in Michael's life and why did Michael wanted nothing to do with him based on the notes that Michael written that was released during the trial. 

Michael with his mother. Too sweet.

I stated earlier in the post about the Jackson family and I made it no secret how I felt about his family. Let me get into the testimonies of certain family members that I actually like: Katherine, Michael Jr., and Paris. Katherine, bless her heart, a true mother who loved her son so much and would do anything for her child. She has been through a lot of backlash for bringing the case forward because she wanted justice for her son. We have to all understand that Justice for Michael was not completed when Conrad Murray was convicted of manslaughter. Justice for Michael is completed when the truth is out there in regards to what happened to Michael when he was living and what happened to Michael when he was murdered. Part of Justice for Michael is the Wrongful Death lawsuit/trial. Katherine did this like any other family did this when they believed that their loved one was murdered or died in the hands of someone or an entity. Case in point, I was on my way to work last week when I picked up the paper and lo and behold, there was an article talking about a widow filing a Wrongful Death Suit against a company. I kept the article because I knew I was going to use this for a future blog post. This is what was stated:

From the Philadelphia edition of the Metro newspaper.

Now, let me ask you all: was the widow of the firefighter who lost his life in a horrible fire in a terrible part of Philadelphia greedy because she filed a wrongful death suit? Is she doing the same thing that Katherine Jackson was doing? Is there anything wrong with what she is doing? Is the media and the public calling the widow "greedy"? 

What I am trying to state is that this is very common in America and it is the right of the victims to do this because you cannot criminally charge a company for death or murder but you can get them where it hurts and that is the money. So, if anyone is going to call Katherine "greedy" then call everyone else that ever filed for a Wrongful Death suit "greedy" as well and while you are at that mess, LEARN ABOUT HOW THE CIVIL TRIAL WORKS IN AMERICA. That goes for Americans as well. 

In Katherine's testimony, she discusses her life and the upbringing of her children and I was amazed that the family never went on welfare and did what they could to provide for the family. People really have to respect that aspect because that is a hard thing to do. These days, people can't bare to struggle and get on welfare without understanding the reason for welfare. I love the story that Katherine told about Michael's sensitivity and how he was crying when his brother, Marlon, gotten sick. That really touched me that Michael was so young yet he knew about compassion. Now, I can go on and on about Katherine's testimony but I will state that Katherine is asked about the drug interventions that the family tried to have with Michael. I will get into that when I discuss Randy's deposition. 

Prince and Paris' first day in school with their grandmother Katherine, 2010.

Let's get into Michael's son, Michael Jr. (Prince's) testimony. I thought Prince did an excellent job with his testimony and went right into the point. I thought that was interesting when he stated that originally, his name was Prince but when his brother, Prince II (Blanket) was born, he was named after his father. Ok, then. In Prince's testimony, he talks about his life, what he does at school and the achievements that he has made. Those are all very interesting things but I want to get into what Prince stated about the AEG employees and their time living in the Carolwood Estate. Prince recalls many times when his father would be on the phone and upset with what he was dealing with regarding the AEG employees, Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, Tohme Tohme and them. When Michael would get off the phone with any of those "people" he would become upset and start to cry. When his son would ask him what was wrong, Michael would tell him that they were going to kill him. Remember, during the trial, the judge decided not to use the testimonies of Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware yet they were the ones among others who gave Michael a lot of problems. It angers me even more that Michael did everything he could to get rid of Tohme Tohme and yet he never testified in the trial. Prince states that Michael would argue with Tohme Tohme even cursing him out because he was tired of his nonsense. Usually, Michael would not fight so that was why he wanted to call his father, Joe, because he knew that his father would do something. Prince recalls Michael giving him money and telling him to give the money to Conrad Murray because he felt bad that AEG have not paid him yet. Michael Jr. stated very important things in his testimony so it bothers me when I read about this verdict and because of a stupid question, everything that shows and proves that AEG is responsible for Michael's murder was thrown out of the window. That really bothers me. 

Paris was supposed to testify but as we all know, she had a breakdown so only her deposition was used. I want to focus on the part of her deposition where she threw shade at Grace. Grace was like the children's mother because she took care of the children since they were born. I mentioned this in the blog post that Grace was a horrible person around Michael. Grace was let go or fired a few times and from what I understand, Paris asked her father about Grace not being with them at one point. Michael told her that she left and went to India and stated that he did not like Grace. I know for a fact why he did not like Grace but because I do not want a lawsuit, I am not going to mention what I know. I will mentioned, however, my disgust when I was on the facebook page "Team Katherine Jackson" and one of the members had the nerve to ask Grace about what was stated about her and posted her response on the facebook group. On top of that, they wanted to give props to Debbie Rowe. It was those things that made me leave the place with the quickness. What goes through the minds of these fans? The man's own child straight up stated that Michael did not like Grace and wanted nothing to do with her. I know that she is with the children now, but I am telling you, if Michael was not murdered, there will be no way in hell that Grace would be anywhere near him or his children. I do not know why Grace is even there after all of the horrible things she did to Michael. In fact, I am not even going to get into it because it is THAT complicated.

You can read the rest of Katherine and Michael's Jr.'s testimonies by clicking on these links:

Katherine's testimony - 

Prince's testimony - 

Michael with his brother, Randy in 2005.

Let's get into Randy Jackson's deposition and the things that he stated about his brother. There are times that I often wondered what was I thinking when I blindly defended his family. Maybe it was because I felt sorry for them when Michael died because I know what it is like to lose a sibling so suddenly. Unlike his siblings, I never threw my late sister under the bus, called her an "addict" or tell her personal business. I honored her by always letting people know that she was a great kid who was loving to everyone. I do not understand Randy and I do not think I or anyone could ever understand him. Randy is not an easy person to figure out. I did a blog post on him months ago and I honestly could not find anything good about him. I wish I was lying to you but I am telling you the truth. How can one defend a person who hit his ex-wife while she was pregnant with his child? How can one defend a person who barely paid child support for his child? How can one defend someone who has no idea how to honor his beloved brother? Randy did not testify in the trial but he did have his depositions. In his depositions, he said various things that were so out of pocket that I lost it on twitter. Reading tweets from fans and the ABC 7 twitter account to Randy's deposition, it is clear that Randy believed that Michael was this "addict" because of the fact that Grace would call him and tell him to get here to check on Michael and would tell Randy that Michael was abusing prescription drugs. 

Remember, there are rumors that are basically confirmed that Grace would poison Michael. So, I believe, and this is just my belief, that Grace would poison Michael and when it got bad, she would call Randy (why she never called the other siblings, I am not sure) to tell him that Michael was abusing medications. Now, Randy also states that he does not believe that Michael was an addict, but at the same time believed that his brother had a problem with drugs. Here is the thing - there is no gray area on this. Either Michael was an addict or he was not. Michael was asked by Randy and the siblings if he was an addict or if he had a problem with prescription medications and Michael told him/them no. Keep in mind, Michael was very knowledgable about the medical world because he would read various books on various types of diseases. I would bet that Michael was very familiar with addiction and substance abuse and the fact that addiction is a disease. So, if Michael knew that he was not an addict and he was not abusing medications, then that was the answer. 

Randy stated that he wrote letters to his family and in the letters he stated that Michael was an addict and that he needs help right away. However, Randy also stated that he was not sure that Michael was an addict. He also stated that he would catch Grace at a pharmacy getting medication and yet Randy did not put two and two together and state that maybe, just maybe, Grace is the one that is putting poison in Michael's body. That is odd. Randy discuss the letter that Michael had out back in 2006 or 2007 stating that he was not a drug addict. Most of his family members signed the letter. I actually remember this letter and I do believe that Michael was not an addict at that time but I also believe that his handlers were harming him. Here is the thing, Randy had every right to be concerned about his brother, but if Michael never did drugs and even an expert on addiction who testified in the trial stated that Michael was not an addict, then why can Randy accept that possibility? If Michael was an addict, wouldn't child services take his children away?? Why would Randy think that Michael wanted Grace to give him drugs? I know he knows his brother better than that - oh wait, I forgot, Randy stated that he does not hang out with his family that much. You can read the rest of his testimony here: 

Randy also states that Michael would isolate himself from his family because he believed that Michael did not want his family to see him in the suppose state that he was in. I find that very humorous because what Randy and the rest of his family do not understand is that Michael had serious trust issues. If he did not want to speak to you maybe it is you and not him. Michael spoke to his mother, father, children, his friends, fans during the time period that Randy stated Michael was "abusing" drugs. 

Michael and Randy in 1988.

I am not one of those fans that feels that Michael was invincible and he never went through any major issues in his life. If Michael was an addict, I would have a problem accepting it but I would pray that he gets better. Yes, interventions did happen but it was not because of an addiction. Like I stated on this blog post, the whole situation regarding Grace's involvement in Michael's life is very complicated. Randy seems to be the type of brother that has no problem confronting Michael but my thing is this - if he was so convinced that Michael was an addict and was abusing drugs, why didn't he just straight up tell him that he believed that Michael was on drugs and that he was going to take him to rehab? I sense that Randy is bitter about Michael and angry about certain things. The whole purpose of Randy's deposition that was played into court was to "prove" that Michael was this "addict". When Randy's deposition was played in the courtroom, he took to twitter to air out his anger. 

Randy's tweets. 

I wonder why Randy couldn't just ask his mother's lawyers that he wanted to testify and they would have put him on there. Just saying. At times, I have to look at why Randy would state this about his brother if he was not sure that his brother was an addict. What was his motive? Was it his way to show the world that his brother had a lot of problems? Was it because he realized that all of the things he did for Michael did not pay off at the end when Michael did not include him in his real will? What would be the reason(s) why Randy was so convinced that Michael was this "addict" and wanted everyone to know that Michael was an "addict" but never look into the possibility that maybe Michael was not an addict but was poisoned? There are two sides to this story: Michael had a health condition and he needed to take medication to treat his condition. The side effects of the medication could be slurred speech or being in a daze.

Why would Michael risked his health, knowing he was a health nut, the well being of his children and his future in this fashion? Also, remember in the deposition, Randy stated that LaToya signed the letter that Michael wrote which stated that he was not a drug addict. LaToya made it clear in her book that she never saw Michael take any drugs and he would not even take an Aspirin. Even the ex-wife of Lionel Richie, Brenda Harvey stated that she never saw Michael take any medications and he was not an addict. These are people that knew Michael and they knew that he was not an addict. Even Randy stated that he never saw his brother take medications. So, once again, why did he even state that Michael was abusing medications if he never saw him take any medications? There will be people who would try to educate me and state that Michael was an addict because of this, that and the third but that is not enough for me to believe it. I do not think that Michael was ever an addict after 1993. Heck, I am not even sure if he was ever an addict to begin with. I believe and will always believe that Michael was drugged and poisoned by the very people that worked for him. 

Michael performing in 1993. 

Regardless of how I feel about Michael's family, one thing is for certain when it comes to this trial: a question in the questionnaire sealed the deal for the Jacksons. This case was five months of detailed, revealing, difficult and important information that was told to the world. The problem with the trial was that there were certain people who testified that had no business on the stands and there were people who were supposed to testify but did not. I was told some months back that someone who was very important to Michael was supposed to testify in the trial but did not because that person was prevented from doing so. A cousin and sibling of Michael's told Katherine not to include the person in testifying. I cannot get into why but I will state that this was the one of the reasons why I stopped following the trial and stop defending the Jacksons for good. For this family to do what they did to that person who knew what Michael was going through shows that they were only in this for themselves. I do not know who the sibling was that told Katherine not to include the person in the trial but I do believe it was not Janet or LaToya. 

Even though I was angry that the Jacksons did that, I have to remind myself that this trial is not about how I feel or about what I think. This trial is about making sure that AEG and their employees are responsible for the murder of Michael Jackson. Judge Mathis had his two cents about the verdict of the trial and when people watch and listen to what he has to state, it will bring things into perspective what this trial was about. 

I mean, basically. AEG does not get it at all: they hired Conrad Murray and I am glad that the jury believed that AEG hired Murray. They are responsible for Michael's murder. They knew he was not well and wanted him to keep on performing anyway. The tour was not ready and that was done intentionally. However, the second question was the one question that really did not need to be there. How can Murray be competent when he is serving time for killing Michael? How can he be unethical and competent? Everything that was stated in the trial that showed that AEG were responsible for Michael's murder was reduced to a question that should never be in the questionnaire in the first place. It is insulting and pathetic because it was clear that AEG was going to go down regardless of the stunts they were trying to pull. There are rumors that Katherine will appeal the verdict and to be honest, I think that she should appeal based on what was revealed in the trial. There have been talk that the Jacksons did this trial for money and to be honest I don't think that all of the Jacksons did this trial for the money only. I think they wanted to know or rather wanted the world to know what AEG did to Michael. Yet, I feel that some Jacksons do want the money and was hoping that if Katherine would have won, she would be giving the money to them. So, yes, I do believe the Jacksons, some of them, did this trial for the money. I mean, who is going to pay Jermaine's child support? It is not going to be Michael, he was murdered and Janet is a supposed billionaire living overseas and we all know she can't be bothered with Jermaine's mess. 

The end of the Wrongful Death Trial also means that I will no longer follow any more legal news on Michael Jackson. As a fan that saw all of what happened to Michael being abused in the legal system, I cannot bare to watch anymore. The accusations, charges, trials, jury selections, lawsuits, claims, courtrooms, verdicts, etc., is too much for me to deal with. I am still going through the trauma of that lame Santa Maria trial back in 2005. I think about the years of Michael fighting for his good name through the legal system as sorrow because he could have used that time to do what he was known to do: entertain and give back. In the process of that, he still managed to give us what he can give us. I do not think this trial will damage his legacy. Michael sold 1 billion copies of records and I do not think there isn't anything that could ruined his legacy. My concern when it comes to his legacy is that the truth will not be told the correct way. In doing this blog, I will continue to make sure that the truth about Michael is told correctly and respectfully. 

Lastly, the verdict of the Wrongful Death Trial and the loss reminded me of how much I truly miss Michael. I think about Michael every day and I think about what he would be doing right now. I think about the joy he bought into our lives and the wonderful things that he did for people. Michael suffered in the hands of greedy, horrible and disturbed people who did not care about his well being. I know that I did not get into detail of all of the testimonies because I did not want to read the things that these people stated about him. I want to remember Michael in a certain way - when he was happy, when he gave to people, when he helped the children of the world, when he loved his children, when he adored his mother and respected his father, when he cared for his nieces, nephews, cousins and godchildren, when he admired his true friends, and when he was here with us reminding us all of what a gift God gave to us. I do not think I will ever truly accept the fact what those horrible people did to Michael. It was those people that made sure that when I see/think/hear of Michael, I see/hear/think of the past and not the present or the future. Rest in heavenly peace, Michael. 

Michael smiling in 1987. 



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