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The Truth About Deborah Jeanne Rowe (REVISED 2019)

When I started this blog in 2011, I never thought that I would ever discuss Deborah Jeanne Rowe because I did not think she would be mentioned at all after Michael was murdered. Michael stopped dealing with that woman long before he was killed and the two children he had with her, Michael Jr. and Paris, had no communication with her. Things changed when news surfaced in April of 2013 that Paris was seeing Debbie at her ranch/home. When I read the article, I was furious because once again, Michael's wishes for his children were being ignored. The last thing his children have to deal with was the wrath of Debbie. 

My "issue" with Debbie started in 1996 when I found out that Michael Jackson got married for the second time. I was shocked and I was hoping that his new wife would be of color. Boy, was I completely wrong. Not only was she not of color, she was unattractive and very happy. I saw probably the most strangest, oddest and off putting wedding picture of all time. Michael looked very unhappy and trapped while Debbie was elated and knew that she hit the jackpot. I knew that Michael was making a huge mistake and I also knew that the marriage was not real and that Debbie was bad news.

As the years went by, information regarding their "marriage" and the aftermath started to surface. The "union" between Michael and Debbie went from supposed "friendship" to downright terrible. This blog post is not about bashing Debbie Rowe and making her out to be the bad person - that has already happened. This blog post is about telling Michael's side of the story and in turn, forces the reader to consider that Debbie was with Michael for her own benefit. The facts and information that will be posted on here are not created from the sky but from actual evidence. I am expecting backlash from this because most of Michael's fans will never accept the fact that Debbie was the ultimate opportunist and did everything in her power to get what she wanted from Michael. I will accept the backlash. The root to this blog is to tell the truth about Michael and not lie to anyone about him. I would defeat the purpose of this blog if I ignored what Debbie did to Michael so that majority of Michael's fans can accept what I do. If that was the case, this blog would not exist. Anyway, read on and hopefully, you will see the real Deborah Jean Rowe. 

He knew he was screwed. Poor guy, 1996.

The Beginning

I am not familiar with Debbie's life before she met Michael so I had to do some research on her life before she hit the jackpot. Let's start with the fact that Debbie was born in December of 1958 to her parents, Gordon Rowe and Barbara Chilcutt in Spokane, Washington. When Debbie was 11 years old, her parents divorced and she moved to Southern California. Now, here is where it gets conflicted: Debbie was adopted as a teenager by millionaires Norman and Lisette Ackerberg, lived with the couple and enrolled into Hollywood High. Let's stop right there. I became confused by this and decided to do some more research and found out that Debbie supposedly being adopted seems to be a planted story. So, I do not believe that she was ever adopted. I do believe that when she was in school, she developed a crush on her science teacher, Richard Edelman and when she graduated from high school, she went right to work for Dr. Arnold Klein, as a medical assistant. Years later, in 1982, Debbie married her high school teacher, Richard, and converted to Judaism

In 1988, according to a People magazine article on Debbie from 1996, she divorced Richard because -

"By the time their marriage fell apart in 1988, a major problem seemed to be money. In 1989, Rowe and Edelman filed for bankruptcy, with assets of less than $40,000 and debts of more than $73,000. ",,20142911,00.html

In an article done by the tabloid, The Mirror, Richard stated about his divorce -

"It was a very bad split," he says. "She convinced me to give up teaching and begin a business which went bankrupt in 1989. The divorce left me feeling like a zombie."
That is interesting. Keep that in mind when you read the sections on Michael and Debbie. How bad was the split up and why did the divorce left Richard feeling like a "zombie"? It is clear that if Debbie does not get what she wanted from certain people, those people were going to pay dearly. Richard did not get it as bad as Michael and when faced with money issues, instead of standing by her husband and dealing with the crisis together, Debbie divorces him. So, it looks like loyalty is not a quality of hers. 

Michael and Debbie Saga Part 1

Michael and Debbie in 1992. 

Before I get into Michael and Debbie's actual relationship with one another, I want to show you all what exactly is a medical assistant and what they are suppose to do. According to the Medical Board of California website, medical assistants, 

"are unlicensed individuals who perform non-invasive routine technical support services under the supervision of a licensed physician and surgeon, podiatrist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse midwife in a medical office or clinic setting. The supervising physician and surgeon or podiatrist must be on the premises in order for the medical assistant to perform those non-invasive technical support services."

When you read this blog post, keep that definition in mind and also read this very important piece of information -

Around the time period that Debbie was divorcing her first husband, she was working for Dr. Klein and "working" for Michael. I will be using Debbie's testimony in the Jacksons Vs. AEG Wrongful Death Civil Trial as the basis for part of this blog entry. I believe that her testimony is her actual response to the relationship that she had with Michael. I stated on this blog that Michael and Debbie were never a romantic couple. They were "friends" and then became enemies because of the repercussions of the divorce and custody situations.

According to her own testimony from the AEG trial, she started working for Dr. Klein in 1979 and met Michael in 1982. Michael would see Dr. Klein for his various skin aliments and his burn injury. They developed a closeness mainly because she saw Michael at his most vulnerable state. The way her friends would describe Debbie's personality, she was a "good hearted woman" and that is probably one of the reasons Michael could rely on her. However, he probably did not know that Debbie had her own agendas as to how to get Michael in her life. 

We have to discuss the elephant in the room which is his issue with drugs. Michael, in my honest opinion, was not a drug addict but he was dependent on certain medications. Debbie had a lot of issues with Dr. Klein and according to her testimony during the AEG trial. You can read the transcript here:

She stated that Dr. Klein wanted all of his assistants to be called "nurses" even though they do not have a Bachelors in Nursing and are not RNs (registered nurses). Michael came to see Dr. Klein for his treatment with Acne and then started coming frequently, when he was diagnosed with Lupus and Vitiligo. As you read her testimony, Debbie stated that she was the least professional person that worked for Dr. Klein at that time and that was why she thinks Michael wanted to communicate with her. She stated that she would speak to Michael regularly on the phone while she was still working for Dr. Klein. Now, why would an employee from a doctor's office have the personal number of a client and continue to communicate with him outside of the office? 

Debbie mentioned that she would inject/give Michael the pain medication Demerol because he had a very low tolerance to pain. This was done because Michael was getting Collagen injections for reasons that are unknown. That revelation got me thinking: can a medical assistant inject an opiate into a patient and if one can, why? I found out that a medical assistant can inject vaccines, B12, intradermal injections, medications, under a doctor's supervision. In her testimony, Debbie never mentioned that she was giving Michael Demerol with a doctor's supervision and it seems like she was doing this all on her own. It was also stated that Debbie was giving Michael collagen injections and as I am doing research about medical assistants, I saw this shocking find -

"Are medical assistants allowed to inject collagen? 
No. The injection of collagen does not fall within the medical assistant's scope of practice. 16 CCR section 1366.4 states that medical assistants may inject "medications"."

In the state of California, medical assistants are not allowed to inject collagen so why was Debbie doing what she was not suppose to do?

In that same testimony, Debbie talks about the doctors that she claims were "competing" with one another in regards to Michael's health: Dr. Klein and Dr. Steven Hoefflman (Dr. Hoefflin was Michael's plastic surgeon who performed the scalp surgery.). Debbie would notice that these doctors would tell Michael about a drug that would relieved him of his pain and Michael would go to that doctor. Debbie, because she did not like what was going on, would accompany Michael, because she claimed that Michael wanted her to go with him, to see what was happening. Now, Debbie was supposed to be a medical assistant to Dr. Klein so why is she going with Michael to his appointments? She was not his personal doctor so there was no need for her to go. Why wasn't she sanctioned for what she was doing? When Debbie did not like what she saw, instead of reporting this to the Medical Board of California, she decides to inject herself into that mess and contact Michael's personal doctor, Dr. Alan Metzger with his help. 

Dr. Metzger was Michael's doctor (main/internal doctor) but if Michael had an issues with both doctors, he should have went to Dr. Metzger and not Debbie. Debbie went out of her way to "help" Michael instead of reporting those two doctors to the medical board. When I did a blog post on the AEG trial, I stated that Debbie should have reported Dr. Klein to the medical board. So, let's revisit what was stated: 

"Can I file a complaint without giving my name? 
A complaint can be filed anonymously; however, the Board has a difficult time investigating these complaints. If the Board is unable to obtain documentation or evidence of the complaint allegations, the complaint may not be able to be pursued. The Board does accept complaints from individuals who wish to designate themselves as "confidential informants." A "code name" can be used which would allow investigative personnel to discuss the allegations with the "complainant" without disclosing the individual's name. But, again, if medical records are required, the patient's name will have to be disclosed to the physician."

Interesting. Now, what I am about to post is important because Debbie could have done this without giving out the name of the doctor. 

"I have heard that Dr. X is prescribing large amounts of pain medication to people who are addicted to this medication. Will the Board investigate Dr. X? 
This concern can be investigated by the Board. However, to investigate a physician's care/treatment, the Board needs information on a patient or patients. The Board can't assess the "quality" of care without focusing on a particular patient, as the Board has no authority to audit or review a physician's medical records without patient consent (or a subpoena which needs to be specific to a patient). If you have any information which you think would be helpful or if you know of any patients who are willing to cooperate with our investigation, please feel free to contact the Board at 800-633-2322 or file a complaint with the Board."

Also, Dr. Klein and Dr. Hoefflien would not know who reported them so Debbie would be free of being sanctioned or punished for making a complaint.

"Will the doctor know I have filed a complaint? 
The "source" of the complaint information (the complainans) is confidential and is not disclosed by the Medical Board. However, if the complaint deals with your care and treatment, the Board's staff will request a copy of your medical records so the physician involved knows that a complaint has been filed regarding your treatment. He/she will not be told who filed the complaint."

She had a plan with Dr. Metzger to ween Michael off of the Demerol medication and give him a non-narcotic drug, Torbutrol but if you read the testimony carefully, Debbie was giving Michael the Demerol unsupervised. So, working with Dr. Metzger to "help" Michael, she would inject the medication, check on him and to see how he was handling the medication. By Debbie doing this, she is planting seeds to show Michael that he can trust her and when he gives her his trust, she makes her move. Remember, Debbie stated that she was the least professional employee of Dr. Klein's so what she was doing was not a surprise. 

Debbie was asked about Diprivan which is Propofol and she stated that she never heard of Propofol before but in my opinion, she knew that the lawyer asked her about Propofol. What bothers me with Debbie's testimony was that she revealed that she would accompany Michael, because he asked  her to, to these procedures done in a different doctor's office and she never said no. Why would an employee of another doctor that Michael's sees, accompanies him to other doctor's offices and she never saw anything wrong with that?I understand that Michael was a celebrity who had so many yes people in his life and I would think that Debbie would tell him that she could not and let it be. As for this issue he had with pain, Michael had to handle second and third degree burns on his scalp and had to deal with that pain at one point without medication. If he was pain sensitive, then he would not be able to handle that pain and continued going. Also, when Michael died, why didn't Debbie stated to her media friends about the propofol when it was first mentioned? She knew about it so why didn't she state anything until after she was asked about it in the Wrongful Death trial? 

All of this information was from the questioning of the defense side of the case. The remaining information for this section of the blog post will be from the plaintiff. It was a good thing that the Ms. Chang asked Debbie if she had any training in dealing with people who were addicted to drugs. That was a very smart question to ask because Debbie was making various decisions and dealing with another doctor of Michael's to do things that she had no business doing. 

So, when you read the second part of her testimony - 

she is asked about Michael's issue with insomnia and what he could do about it. Debbie stated that she would talk to him about it. They decided to contact Dr. Metzger about it and he sent over two Anesthesiologists to do the procedure. The procedure was to use propofol as a sleep agent. This was the beginning of how propofol came into Michael's life and how it was used to put him to sleep. Debbie was there when this was first happening and never once thought it was a bad idea or that it was strange. All of this happened in the 1990s and there were treatments out there for doctors to use to treat people with insomnia. There is an article about doctors not giving insomnia patients treatment for their issue. In this article, there was a part that had me thinking, 

"An estimated 20 percent of Americans have occasional sleep problems, with about one in 10 suffering from chronic insomnia. Balkrishnan acknowledges concerns that physicians might have about prescribing certain medications that can cause dependence, especially to patients with mental health disorders. Older sleep aids, a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, are muscle relaxants with addictive properties and high potential for abuse. However, since the early 1990s, a new class of drugs for insomnia called non-benzodiazepines has been on the market. They are effective sleep aids that don’t carry the risk of addiction, Balkrishnan said, and for that reason, patients should have ready access to these medications."

So, my question is if there was a way to treat Michael's insomnia, why can his main doctor, Dr. Metzger, just write Michael a prescription for his aliment? Why get two Anesthesiologists to perform propofol so that he could go to sleep? Could it be that the main reason why Michael was suffering from insomnia was because he have been depressed? (There is a relation between insomnia and depression.) After all of the crap he had to deal with, it is possible that he was suffering from depression and anxiety. 

When you continue to read her testimony, you will noticed that Debbie knew the dangers of doing this procedure that was not being done in a medical setting and let Michael know that he could die from it. Yet, Debbie let this happened and went by the orders of Dr. Metzger, the same doctor that Debbie respected and trusted. The same doctor that could have easily notice that Michael's lack of sleep could be more of depression and could have referred him to a mental health facility. Do you see where I am coming from? So, since it was a success and nothing bad happened to Michael, he continued to do this procedure and who can blame him? It worked for him so why change something that was working? As long as all of the equipment was there, there was not going to be a problem. I do not expect a pop star to see anything wrong with the set up because he is not a medical professional and so he would not see anything unusual about it. I would expect those doctors and Debbie to see that something was not right about the set up and figure out a way to treat Michael's life long issue with sleep. 

In her testimony, Debbie wanted to look like she was doing a favor for Michael and that the decisions that she made for Michael's health was all done to make sure that he was well. Here is the thing, Debbie admitted that she was the least professional person that worked for Dr. Klein and why she was chosen to work for Michael is a mystery. I have to wonder, though, why, besides the fact that Debbie knew so much about Michael's medical history, she felt that she was the one to make these decisions and not just tell Michael to go and contact his main doctor for his alignments, himself and himself only? Once again, let me remind you that Debbie was Dr. Klein's employee and when Michael asked her to go with him to his doctor and dentist appointments, instead of stating "no" because she can only work with Michael in the setting of Dr. Klein's office, she jumped at the chance to accompanied him to his visits. Have you ever met a medical assistant who did that? Debbie knew she was not a personal doctor to Michael so why did she had to take his offer and go with his to his appointments? Isn't that beyond inappropriate? 

What you are reading here is how Debbie works: she becomes nice to Michael, he opens up to her because she makes him feel comfortable and then, he begins to trust her. This is how she wooed her first husband, Richard, when she was a 15 year old student at Hollywood High and he was a 26 year old science teacher who was not trying to have an affair with a minor. It seems like when Debbie wants something, she is going to go after it no matter how she gets it. So, it did not surprised me when Karen Faye stated in her testimony that (read the underlined part carefully) - 
"Faye testified that nurse Debbie Rowe, who would later become Jackson's second wife and the mother of his two oldest children, would travel with them on the "Dangerous" tour in 1992 with "a little bag" of medications.
"Debbie Rowe asked me to learn how to give injections," she said. "I thought about it and said 'No.' I am not qualified to handle any kind of medications."
When the tour was on its way to Bangkok, Thailand, Faye was asked to carry a package she was told contained medicine patches for Jackson's pain, she testified. She refused to travel with it, she said.
Faye testified that the tour doctor, Dr. Stuart Finkelstein, later told her "I'm glad you weren't carrying it. It has vials and syringes. If you had brought this in, you might not be here." The implication was she could have been arrested for smuggling drugs."

Oh, boy. 

Where do I begin? First off, let me state that I work at a doctor's office as a Front Desk Supervisor. I do all sorts of things at the doctor's office and I never had to do anything that I was not trained or educated to do. Karen Faye stated that Debbie would ask her if she would learn to give injections to Michael. Why the hell would a medical assistant ask a make up artist to inject her boss with medication when Debbie knows damn well Karen was not trained nor was she familiar with what was going on? First of all, she was not supposed to even be there; she was Dr. Klein's employee and not Michael's personal nurse. Michael had a doctor there when he needed him so why the hell would Debbie need to be there? Even if Michael wanted her there, still why on earth was she even on tour with him? The woman had no ounce of professionalism on her. Dr. Finkelstien was right when he told Karen that he was glad that she did not carry a bag full of syringes and vials. Of course, a doctor, who went to medical school would know way more than some measly, pathetic medical assistant on what needs to happen and who needs to be carry anything. Years before Karen testified in the Wrongful Death Trial, she stated on a facebook page:

"my first observations were on the filming of the Addam's Family video. His schedule was grueling, also going on tour. He was recovering from an attempt to correct the damage from the burn (not the burn itself). The pain of the healing nerve endings in his scalp was painful. He was administered pain killer to keep him performing. Then the child allegation began, so the pain killers also numbed his emotional pain. He became addicted.
Debbie Rowe wanted to teach me how to inject him, but I refused.
In my opinion, because of Debbie Rowe's involvement, it is probably safe to say the drugs came through Klein.
DR was obsessed with the idea of "having Michael". I refused to learn to administer the drugs, because it is NOT my place to do so. He needed qualified HELP. It is my opinion, it was more important to keep "the money train" going, than to do the right thing and let Michael heal properly. DR administering the drugs, was a way she could get his attention, and stay close to him? Is obsession sinister? Is wanting to be in Michael's company, sinister? Why do you think she offered to give him children? To be connected to him forever.
Debbie was not a licensed nurse. The divorce arrangements were a part of the marriage agreement. Debbie just wanted Michael. She thought he would fall in love with her. This broke her heart. This is why you see such unusual and mixed behavior from her.I also have said all along that Debbie was an "enabler" to Michael. I also noted that if she was still working as a nurse for Klein when she offered to have Michael's children, that she completely abused her position as a "health practitioner." It completely breaks the code of ethics that medical professionals are supposed to follow and if she was in the position of treating and administering medication to Michael she was in a "power position" it's COMPLETELY WRONG!! In most jurisdictions a health professional would be sanctioned by their professional body for crossing that line between health practitioner and patient and between professional business and personal relationships!"

Karen's facebook comments are telling because if you go back and read Debbie's testimony, what Karen stated is exactly what she (Debbie) did. Debbie was not supposed to get involve in the treatment plan that Dr. Klein had with Michael. Debbie was not a clinical, licensed or certified medical professional. She was a medical assistant who was supposed to do the things that a medical assistant was suppose to do. The fact that she wanted Karen to give Michael medications was out of pocket and absurd. A medical assistant does not ask non medical individuals to inject medication on a patient. That is unethical and insane. Most importantly, when she was working under the employment of Dr. Klein, she married Michael and was pregnant with Michael Jr. Now, why would a medical assistant even have a personal relationship with a patient, married him and have his children when she knows that she could get fired from her job and a possible investigation would have occurred? It is odd that Dr. Klein allows her to go ahead and do this knowing she will lose her job over this.

* I do not want to forget this very important fact: when Michael was going through his issues with pharmaceutical drugs in 1993, he had to be admitted into a rehabilitation center. Debbie claimed in her testimony that she basically helped Michael go into rehab. As we all should know, not only was that untrue, there is no evidence that she ever helped him get into rehab. She probably suggested it, but actually help him get into rehab simply did not happen. Michael credited Elizabeth Taylor and his then wife, Lisa Marie Presley, for saving his life. I needed to point that out to let people understand how this woman likes to rewrite history.*

Michael and Debbie Saga Part 2

Michael with his children and Debbie in 1998. 

Which leads me to the second part of the Michael and Debbie saga and where it went horribly wrong. To be honest, their relationship was wrong from the beginning because of the way she injected herself into Michael's life. I think if another medical assistant was assigned to work with Michael, none of the nonsense would have happened to him. However, to be fair, I have no idea how Dr. Klein ran his office. We would have known how Dr. Klein ran his office but he did not testify in the trial. It is very possible that Debbie could be lying about how she came about working for Michael via Dr. Klein. Debbie stated in the trial that she was not a fan of Michael's but I have always believe that she was a fan. There is footage of Debbie's room in the apartment that she lived in that was filled with pictures of Michael. Based on that, in my opinion, I think that Debbie begged Dr. Klein to let her work with Michael. I do not care what she stated, under oath, in the case. The woman fibbed plenty of times under oath and to be honest, I do not believe she is telling the whole story about Michael and what these doctors were doing to him. 

With that said, it has been made clear that Debbie was in love with Michael and when he was having troubles with his then wife, Lisa Marie, Michael told Debbie about it. That action would cost him dearly. Instead of Debbie telling Michael to go back and work it out with his wife, she decided to, once again, injected herself into things that had nothing to do with her. Remember, Michael was rich and unlike her first husband, Michael was nowhere near broke or filing for bankruptcy. Debbie knew that if she offered to give Michael children, she would be set for life. Debbie also knew that no matter how she tried to ignore it, Michael was not in love with her. 

As we now know, Michael and Lisa Marie was having troubles in their marriage so Michael decides to let Debbie know about it. Michael had no intentions in wanting Debbie to have his children or marrying her. Debbie stated in a special on Michael back in 2003 that she offered to have Michael's children. Initially, Michael refused her offer and have done so many times but after reaching his limit, he gave in and decided to accept Debbie's offer. Let's remember that during that time, Debbie was working for Dr. Klein and was suppose to have a health care worker/client relationship with Michael. When he opens up to tell her his personal problems, Debbie should have listened instead of getting involved. In that process, she helped destroy a marriage, disgraced her profession and encourage Michael to think it was "ok" to have a supposed intimate relationship with a health care professional. 

When Debbie was six months pregnant with Prince, she married Michael in Australia after he was done with one of his performances for the History tour. At the time that Michael and Debbie became husband and wife, there were rumors that she was pregnant. Ten days after Michael married Debbie, he confirmed that he was expecting a child. Now, how the rumors happened is a mystery. I have always believed that Debbie told the media that she was pregnant by Michael just to get the ball rolling and letting the media know that she was going to have Michael's child. Michael Jackson Jr. (Prince) was born on February 13th, 1997. (He recently turned 17. Can you believe that?) 

On April 3rd, 1998, Michael became a father again when Paris Michael Katherine Jackson was born and how she got her name became more clearer after Michael passed away. See, when Paris was born, Debbie stated that her name was given because Paris, France was the place where Paris was "created". Thanks to Michael's life long friend and her socialite daughter, Kathy and Paris Hilton, not only is Debbie's story not true, it made no sense. 

Kathy with daughter Paris Hilton talking about Michael.

Kathy, LaToya  and Michael made a pact when they were young that when they have children, they would name their children Prince and Paris. 

LaToya talks about the pact she made with Michael and Kathy.

Kathy became a parent first and named her daughter Paris. Then, Michael became a father and named his older children Prince and Paris. Since LaToya never became a mother, she had her dog and named him Prince. When Paris Hilton was interviewed on the entertainment show Extra in 2009, she stated that Michael told her that he named his daughter after her. 

“My mom and Michael went to high school together and they were best friends since they were 13,” Paris explains. “So I grew up knowing Michael very well and when he had his daughter, he always loved the name Paris and grew up being an uncle to me. So he asked my mom if it was okay and of course she said yes and I think she’s such a beautiful little girl and I’m proud we have the same name.”

Finally, Michael was a father of two children and it seems like things are fine but the truth was things were weird and becoming unacceptable. I remembered when I was a teenager and I was watching the E! channel when it was stated that Debbie found out on television that Prince was sick. That startled me because I would think that Debbie was living with Michael and Prince. I started to realized that my initial suspicions about that "union" was true and that there is no possible way that Michael and Debbie were living together. As years went by, I started to look into Michael's relationship with Debbie and I was convinced that their "marriage" was a business deal to make sure that Michael became a father and that Debbie was paid millions to give Michael the children he wanted. This deal made sense to me because Michael did not love Debbie, they did not live together, he bought her a house and most importantly, she was never a mother to those children. She even stated in 2001 and 2003, that she did not want to be their mother. So, if that is the case, why in 2004, she decided that she wanted custody of Prince and Paris?  Debbie divorced Michael in 1999 and Michael got full custody of his children. Now, it is very odd for a man to have full custody of his children and for a mother not have any custody of her children. Think about that for a minute. When Michael was murdered in 2009, the divorce settlement he had with Debbie was leaked. There were interesting things that were stated in the document. 
“I would never do this for money,” Debbie previously told KNBC in October 1999. “I did this because I love him. That’s the only reason I did this.”
I laughed when I read this quote. The irony of the quote. You can't make this up. 
"Access Hollywood has uncovered Michael and Debbie’s divorce settlement filed on October 13, 1999. Debbie received a settlement of $8.5 million, an SUV and a Beverly Hills home. She got an additional $2 million for entering into a confidentiality agreement.The divorce agreement also revealed that Michael owned four properties including Neverland, a fleet of 75 vehicles including nine golf carts, two jet skis and five Rolls Royces, as well as 21 different bank accounts.
According to the settlement, Debbie was at first awarded visitation once every 45 days. The visitation had to be between the hours of 10 AM to 7 PM and supervised by a nanny. However, if Michael was “incapacitated” for longer than three weeks, Debbie was allowed to take charge of the children. She has yet to decide if she wants custody now that he has died."

As you read that information, ask yourself, "is the fact that Michael had 21 different bank accounts and awarding Debbie millions the main reason why she continued to harass this man for his attention and not when it comes to the children?" The agreement also stated that if Michael was unable to take care of the children for more than three weeks, she can go ahead and take over. Michael has been gone, around that time, for nearly three weeks so why didn't she go ahead and take over? Keep in mind, the divorce settlement was in 1999 and a lot of things have changed since that time. When you read on, you will see why Debbie never fully went out of her way to go ahead and get custody of Prince and Paris.  In 2001, during a Parental Termination Hearing, Debbie terminated all of her parental rights and wanted nothing to do with her children. Let's get into what Debbie stated in that hearing:
"Q. When is the last time you saw the children? A. I think it was either August or October of last year when I gave up my visitation rights.
Q. Have you communicated with either of the children --A. No.
Q. -- Over the past year?A. Not at all.
Q. Do you wish to communicate with the children?A. No.
Q. Do you ever have the desire to call the children over the telephone?A. No.
Q. Do you have a desire to send any cards or letters to the children?A. No.
Q. Do you want the court to terminate your parental right?A. Yes
Q. Okay. A. Because --
Q. That was my next question. Why?A. Because Michael is a wonderful man, first of all, a brilliant father. And it's the best -- as their mother, it is the best interest for the children. I don't know if Judge Lachs understands this. But when I was seeing them every 45 days, it felt like an intrusion on their life and they're going to have enough intrusions as it is. I don't want to be part of it.
I'm absolutely around if ever Michael needs me, if the children need me for a liver, kidney, a hello, whatever, I will always be around for him. These are his children. I had the children for him. They wouldn't be on this planet if it wasn't for my love of him. I did it for him to become a father. Not for me to become a mother. You earn the title parent. I have done absolutely nothing to earn that title.
Q. How long have you thought about your decision?
A. Since -- I've thought about it for a year. The reason I didn't do it a year ago, everybody would have gone "UH", "Uh", "Uh", GASP, GASP, GASP. "Oh my God, have you thought this out?" So just so everybody understands, I've thought about this a lot. And this is -- this is for what's the best for the kids." 

This woman has so many issues, I mean, I do not know where to begin. First of all, there is no such thing as a mother being an "intrusion" in the lives of her children. If Debbie does not want to be in the children's lives, then she should have taken the money and stop bugging Michael and the courts for custody. This is the real Debbie Rowe and this woman only cares about getting what she wanted from Michael. Debbie would be there for the children if they needed anything from her - I mean, really? The children barely know this woman so why would they need to reach out to her if they needed anything? She stated that her "love" for Michael was the reason why these children came into this world. You do not bring children in the world because you are in love with a man that does not love you back. Debbie offered to give Michael children. She did a favor for Michael and in return, she could at least see how her children were doing. I am starting to think two different things about this. 1. I am thinking that maybe Michael did not get the memo that Debbie did not want to be a mother to his children. 2. Even though I believe, for some reason, Michael wanted someone else be a mother to his children, because Debbie is their mother, he probably wanted his children to know their mother and it was their right to know. He was able to have a mother in his life and he knew how wonderful a mother's love is. He did not want his children to be robbed of that feeling and that experience. However, Debbie has no idea what it is like to give a mother's love to her own children. When you read that document, Debbie seemed very cold and evil. All of this just for some paper.  Let's fast forward to 2003 when the hell started for Michael. Michael did that terrible documentary with that "journalist" Martin Bashir. The documentary was so bad that Michael wanted to do a rebuttal and he had to reach out to Debbie for a short time through Marc Scafrell in hopes that she would "defend" him. I thought that Debbie's "defense" was not necessary at all when you watched what she stated about Michael being a father. What could she state about him? She did not live with him and like she stated in the video, she gave him children because she wanted him to be a father. How did it help his case and what was the point of her being in the special?  The trial that Michael went through was one of the hardest things that he has ever been through. As a fan, to watch Michael go through that ordeal was very difficult. If you thought I could not stand Debbie at that time, I loathed her even more when she started to pull her various stunts. Let's just get right to it: In 2004,  Michael was going through the beginning stages of the 2005 trial.  A grand jury indicted Michael with various charges of Child Molestation. That same year, Debbie did an interview with the tabloid show Entertainment Tonight to discuss with them her concerns for Prince and Paris. Also, an article from Reuters that was done by Dan Whitcomb on December 15, 2004, stated that Debbie,
"Separately, court documents made public on Wednesday showed that Jackson's ex-wife has sought repeatedly over the past year to gain custody of the couple's two children, at one point invoking the molestation charges against him."
This woman was not going to stop doing what she was doing until she got whatever she wanted to get from Michael. Debbie wanted to get custody of the children because that was probably how she can get money out of it. Do not forget about this part when I get into the next part of the blog. In a court document that was filed in 2006, it gives you a better understanding as to why, after Debbie terminated her rights in 2001, why she wanted to get custody of the children. 
"More than two years after Deborah's motion to terminate her parental rights had been granted, she filed an ex parte application for an order to show cause seeking, among other things, temporary exclusive custody of the children pending completion of a psychiatric evaluation to assist in determining what permanent custody would be in the best interest of the children. The application stated Deborah now sought temporary custody because of concerns arising from Michael's criminal prosecution and press reports Michael had associated with the Nation of Islam, whose members Deborah believed do “not like Jews.” Because she is Jewish, Deborah feared the children might be mistreated if Michael continued his association with the Nation of Islam. Michael opposed Deborah's ex parte application in part on the ground Deborah lacked standing to request the court make any orders regarding the children because the court had previously terminated her parental rights."

 Sickening. In 2005, Debbie testified in the laughable Child Abuse trial in which she "defended" Michael on the stands. Fans, media and even people who were not interested in what was going on, wanted to know what Debbie had to state. Tom Sneddon and the prosecution team were expecting her to tell the jury and eventually the world what she told when she was being questioned. Tom Mesereau and the defense team had a whole binder of information that they were ready to expose to the world about her if she even think of attempting to lie on Michael. Then, Debbie decided to "tell the truth" on the stands and with that, she made sure that she got into Michael's good side. The prosecution were stunned by what she did and decided to let people know what she told them when they were questioning her. They stated that Debbie called Michael a "sociopath" and that his children were "his achilles heels" among other things. Here is more information about what she told the Santa Barbara Police Department (SBPD) Sergeant Steve Robel:
"She referred to Michael as a sociopath and his children as possessions," Sgt Robel told the court in Santa Maria, California. Sgt. Robel said that in last year's interview, Debbie Rowe told him she had agreed to "talk positive" about Michael Jackson in all public statements after their divorce in 1999. Sgt. Robel, who was called by the prosecution as it neared the conclusion of its case, said she had admitted that "those statements were false".He said Debbie Rowe told him that statements she had made in a videotape in February 2003, in which she praised Michael Jackson and his parenting skills, were not true.Correspondents say the prosecution will regard Sgt. Robel's testimony as going some way to limiting the impact of Debbie Rowe's testimony last week, when to the dismay of prosecutors who called her as a witness, she said Mr Jackson was a "great father" and "generous to a fault".
Pathetic. I know that Michael wiped tears when Debbie spoke but people have to understand that Michael did not wipe his tears because Debbie decided to "defend" him. He wiped his tears because his children were disrespected by that woman and he could not take it anymore. That woman would rather bash him than to be a mother to his children; that she would go through all of foolishness but would not put in that same energy to just communicate with the children she wanted nothing to do with.  After the trial, I thought that Debbie would no longer harass Michael with her nonsense and be done with. Sadly, even after the trial was over and Michael left the USA, Debbie was trying to get what she wanted to get from Michael. According to a news bulletin, Debbie falsely accused Michael of, wait for it, falsifying passports (which he cannot do), and, this gets real out of pocket, she falsely accuses Michael to the Department of State of kidnapping his own children and fraud. Read on:  
"I am aware of the arguments made by Deborah’s former counsel regarding the children’s passports. It is my understanding that the State Department has declined to pursue the claims that were made on the grounds that, at the time, Michael had sole custody of the children."
That was from Michael's then lawyer Michael Abrams and the State Department decline to investigate Debbie's false claims. Yeah, they probably did because they did not believe any of it. 
"When Petitioner’s attorney announced to the Court that she had contacted the U.S. State Department to accuse Michael of child abduction and criminal fraud in obtaining passports, Michael’s attorneys immediately sought to discover the accusations. Petitioner refused to produce copies of any of her accusation letters or the State Department responses. "
I think that when Michael found out that this woman falsely accused him of kidnapping his own children, he was so done with her that be probably vowed that neither child of his ever get to know this woman. I will be referring to this when I get into the next part of this blog.  It was also revealed that Debbie was supposed to participate in a 730 Evaluation but refused. 
"The 730 Evaluation, if Petitioner had permitted it to proceed, would have provided significant evidence relevant to the custody and visitations issues which are the only issues before the Court. Petitioner has absolutely refused to participate in any way with the appointed Evaluator."

 If anyone has any doubt that Debbie never harass this man for the money with these court proceedings about custody and visitation rights, this blog post will kill the doubt. If one wants custody of their children, they will do anything in the power to make sure that they will get custody. If the courts wanted the parent to do an evaluation, that person is going to do that evaluation. Debbie clearly was not interested in doing whatever she can do to get custody of her children. All she cared about, based on the information that has been posted, is money.  Of course, Michael did an 730 Evaluation because, like any reasonable parent that wants custody of their children, Michael would do anything in his power to continue to have custody of his children. As you know, the mainstream media has never been fair to Michael so whenever there is information that shows that Michael was innocent or he was a victim, the media isn't going to waste their time telling the public about it. For example, Roger Friedman is a member of the media and he has made it his mission to let the public know all of the lies that have been spewed about Michael. It seems like now Friedman is more about bashing the Jackson family and less on bashing his previous whipping boy, Michael. Even the Michael Jackson Estate executors stated that Friedman was the "go-to guy" for all things Michael. As I am typing this, I am in complete disgust over all of this. However, back in 2006, Friedman decided to tell the public about the Michael vs. Debbie custody battle but instead of telling the whole story, he tells his version of the story. In my research for this blog post, I was given a link to a blog post that single handedly ruined Friedman's credibility. First, let me post the link to the Friedman piece of the Michael vs. Debbie custody saga:

Here is the blog post that would make the reader think that not only was Friedman making up the story, but he has zero credibility:

In that blog post, it was revealed why Debbie really testified in the 2005 trial (read the underline part) - 
"Who has Michael been disloyal to? Schaffel who plundered Michael's accounts for himself and tried to rob Michael of his land during the trial? Debbie who worked with Sneddon to harm her own ex-husband? Or the many extortionists who work with low-life racists like Roger when they have been found out as no-gooders around Michael? So Debbie is supposed to breach an agreement and Michael should sit back and do nothing about it? So what was the point of the agreement in the first place? Get a life Roger."
With all of the information that is stated on this blog post, it boggles the mind that there are people out there who do not seem to care what this woman did to Michael.  In 2008, Debbie did an interview with the tabloid, Daily Mail and in the article, she talks about being a "mother" among other things. I am not going to waste any time on this article because I am so disgusted by this woman. However, I will post this quote she stated which sums up who she truly is:
"Pictures of her beloved 'babies' cover the yellowing walls of Debbie Rowe's remote home. There are favourite snapshots, framed portraits and even paintings which perfectly capture their expressions of innocence.
Rowe studies the faces looking down at her and says fiercely: "I am possessive and protective of my babies. Their happiness means more to me than anything else on this world. I love them more than I would ever have thought was possible."
It is, one might think, perfectly normal for a mother to feel this way about her children. But the portraits adorning Rowe's walls show her menagerie of animals - not the two children she produced with, and then handed over to, Michael Jackson."

Yep. Her smelly animals were more of her children than her own human children. Disgusting. When Michael was murdered in 2009, of course, talked turn to custody of Michael's children.  The 2002 will was revealed and it stated that Katherine was the guardian of the children. (That has now changed to Katherine and Michael's nephew, Tito's son, TJ Jackson, as guardians of Michael's children.) It did not take the tabloid media long when they wanted to know if Debbie will want to get custody of the children. Let's start with a transcript of a segment from the HLN (Headline News) show ShowBiz Tonight did on Debbie supposedly trying to get custody of Prince and Paris:
"HAMMER: Let's move on to another big bombshell that's making big news right now. Debbie Rowe possibly fighting for custody of the two kids that she had with Michael Jackson. Everybody's wondering if this was going to happen. Well, first, she told KNBC TV's Chuck Henry in a telephone interview that she will fight for custody. Watch this. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) CHUCK HENRY, KNBC TV ANCHOR: She made it perfectly clear that she wants the children. She said, "You know, Michael and I had an agreement. But he broke the agreement. He died." (END VIDEO CLIP) HAMMER: Well, Debbie Rowe's attorney confirms that Rowe said that she will fight for the kids. But on the other hand, in a telephone news conference, he also said Debbie hasn't made up her mind yet. Listen to this. (BEGIN AUDIO CLIP) ERIC GEORGE, ATTORNEY FOR DEBBIE ROWE (through telephone): I have no reason to doubt that what was reported from that conversation was accurately and ethically reported. But that said, it would be a distortion of the truth to allow that single snapshot of a single conversation to stand as the truth of Debbie's sense on these sensitive matters. So once again, the truth is that Debbie has not reached a final decision concerning the pending custody proceedings. (END AUDIO CLIP) HAMMER: It's having an impact, because after Rowe's comments, the judge did delay a custody hearing that was set for Monday to decide if Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, will, in fact, remain the temporary guardian of the kids. Jean, back to you on this. If Debbie Rowe does decide to go for this, what do you think? Does she have a chance? CASAREZ: Oh, she definitely has a chance because she still retains her parental rights. It's so fascinating - there's a little bit of history. She filed a motion to voluntarily give up her parental rights. In 2004, it was found that because the children didn't have an attorney to determine what was in their best interest, she actually retained them. So that is why she now has a right to go forward, and I think she probably will. HAMMER: And when you are the birth mother, from everything I've come to understand, Jean, in California, you`re first in line. CASAREZ: That is true. If you don't have parental rights anymore, however, if you have given them up, then that's a different story. So I think the critical issue is she still has them. HAMMER: Well, in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, our viewers are sounding off. We're asking on air and online, Michael Jackson's kids, should Debbie Rowe get custody? Carlos, a lot of people have been writing to us and saying, absolutely not. Katherine Jackson is the woman who the kids are closest with. She's been a big part of their lives and she was very close with Michael. What's your gut on this? Do you think she is going to make a run for custody of those kids? DIAZ: Why shouldn't she? From a very negative standpoint, she can get some money out of it - hush money, if you will, you know, if the family wants her just to go away. I mean, she got that from Michael to begin with. But let me make one point perfectly clear, if the kids go to Debbie Rowe, they will be split up because Prince Michael I and Paris will go to Debbie Rowe, and then Blanket will stay with Katherine. And you've got to worry about the mystery mom coming out of the woodwork for that one. But if you think Debbie Rowe should get the kids, then you`re in favor of splitting up the three kids. HAMMER: Yes, which should be just so completely unfortunate. Jean Casarez, do you have a gut on this? I know you've seen lots of custody cases before - nothing quite like this. Do you think she'll make a run for it? CASAREZ: Well, I think, you know, she very well may, because I believe her attorney was going to be at the hearing, so that shows an intent right there. But if you look at the Court of Appeals' decision how she gave up her parental rights. There was no visitation. She said she wanted to have nothing to do with the children because Michael was such a good father, that's going to be considered by the court."

Let's say that Debbie does get custody of Prince and Paris - that would have been devastating to Blanket who would barely see his older siblings. Only a wicked person would not think about the bigger picture and the aftermath.  In another article, it was mentioned that a former friend of Debbie's stated that she was an unfit mother. You can read the article here:

Damning statements from Debbie's former friend and it could be true because after all of the information that is posted on this blog, she is completely unstable. Heck, she did not even participated in a 730 Evaluation in order for her to see if she can get custody of her children. From that time in 2009 up until this time in 2013, Debbie probably saw Prince and Paris at least once. However, nothing could have prepared me or anyone else that has an issue with Debbie around these children for what was yet to come. This is what made me think twice about Katherine and if anyone in the Jacksons even has a clue about the hell that Debbie put Michael through.

Debbie and Paris

Paris with Debbie in 2013. 

I try not to take these things so seriously because it has nothing to do with my life at all. As far as I was concern, this was a personal family issue and that family needs to handle this issue. Then, you have to put into consideration that I have not stop knowing the updates about Michael after his murder, I do a blog on him and things about his life were not made clear publicly. One of the reasons for this blog was to clear the air about Michael's life by letting the public know about the truth. So, discussing Paris seeing her birth mother was going to be one of the things that I had to discuss on this blog. I was furious when I was on twitter and I was reading tweets about Paris seeing her mother. I made my various tweets about my disgust and I made it clear that this was a terrible decision. I never knew how terrible the decision would be.  In order to understand why Paris was seeing her mother when it was against Michael's wishes, you have to understand how his family works. I want to make it clear that I am not one of those fans that trash his family and the reason why is because no matter how bad it looks, it is nothing compared to what Michael went through with certain people who were not his family. There are some of the Jacksons that have no idea what hell Michael truly went through in his life. They have somewhat an idea but I doubt that they know the depths of the suffering he went through. This is the same family that had a tribute concert for him in the UK and had the nerve to invite Gene Simmons not knowing the disgusting things that he stated about Michael. This the same family that befriended a fraudulent "journalist", Stacy Brown, after the horrible comments that he stated about Michael. This is the same family that would not look into things before they make the decision. Case in point, allowing Paris to see Debbie Rowe. The Jacksons did not, in my opinion, look into what Michael went through when dealing with Debbie. The information that I posted on this post can be all found on a search. By going through this information, if I was a guardian of Michael's children, I will do anything not to let Debbie even remotely touch these children.  When the news broke that Paris was seeing Debbie, it spread like wildfire and of course, Debbie's friends over at (I will get into this later on in this part of the blog post) spotted Michael's brother, Jermaine, to ask him what he thought about his niece seeing her mother. When I heard what he stated, I wanted to vomit. 

Smh. This dude is clueless.

This is the same brother who stated in his book that Debbie was "motherly". I kid you not. If you have his book, read it and you will see that comment. Of course a somewhat dead beat father who does not pay child support and treated the mothers of his children like trash would support a fellow dead beat parent. No wonder Michael wanted nothing to do with his greasy brother. Then, LaToya goes on Extra and states this:

Another clueless Jackson family member.

This is coming from the very same sister who "accidentally" called her brother a "pedophile". I can't with this woman.  Then, there were the articles on this union and you know that Debbie's homeboy, Roger Friedman wrote a piece. I posted that mess on one of my blog posts last year. I will post another one that was done by that seems tabloid but has half truths to them. Let's examine the article:
"Paris Jackson has chosen to move out of the home she shares with her guardian and grandmother Katherine Jackson and move in with her birth mother Debbie Rowe.According to Jackson sources, over the last six weeks, the pair have been bonding, with Paris spending her 15th birthday with Debbie in April rather than 84-year-old Katherine and the rest of the Jackson family.
Our insider explained: “Whilst she loves her grandmother Katherine, Paris thinks she has some extremely old-fashioned beliefs."
Whenever you read an article that cites "sources" take it with a grain of salt, even if they could be telling the truth. With that said, Paris wants to live with her mother because her grandmother's beliefs are not her beliefs? Ok, isn't Paris a Christian? Yes. Isn't her grandmother technically a Christian? Yes. So, how is her beliefs extremely old fashion? Maybe Paris does not agree with a lot of things her grandmother believes in. That does not equate that she wants to "live with her mother". 
“It’s been very tough living under their roof and whilst her brothers also feel the same way, it’s Paris who’s recently taken the lead in standing up for her beliefs and defying her grandmother."
Our source also explains that for the first time, Paris feels that under Debbie's supervision she could have a normal upbringing."
Now, this is hard to believe. Her brothers don't feel the same way. They have no issue with their family. Blanket has a different mother so I have no idea why he was even included in this. Prince made it clear who side he is on and I will explain that later. Why would Paris defy the same woman she was worried about back in 2012 and having a whole fit on twitter about her whereabouts? (As rightfully she should.) As for this "normal upbringing" nonsense that the media loves to inject when it comes to Michael's children, Paris will never have a normal life. She is the daughter of the greatest entertainer that ever lived. If she wanted a normal upbringing, then she should have been born into a different family. Debbie will never give her that type or normalcy because she does not want that for herself. 
“Paris loves the fact that when she’s out with Debbie, there aren't any security or bodyguards around them," says the source."
Please. And the paparazzi aren't a problem? A child of Michael's needs security. 
"It's not the first sign of tensions within the Jackson family, with reports earlier this month stating that Paris has refused to accept her grandmother's strict Jehovah Witness beliefs."

 There are tensions in every family. Why would the Jacksons be any different? Because there are tensions in the family, Paris wants to live with her mother??? As for Paris refusing to accept her grandmother's beliefs, she is 15 years old and they do not have a say. When she is grown, pays her bills and have a job, then she can have a say.  When I read the rest of the article, I cannot help but wonder if this was a conversation that Paris probably have with Debbie. Something tells me that Debbie was probably the source to that article because Debbie has a history of being sources to various articles when it comes to her time with Michael.  Around this time, Debbie joins facebook and twitter and posts pictures of her "bonding time" with a daughter that she never wanted to raise. Around this time, Debbie's niece, Jesse, tweeted to Harvey Levin of pictures of her and Paris. Like I stated earlier, Debbie has friends over at She stated that she has been friends with Harvey Levin for 25 years. I cannot make this up. I posted a screen capture of the tweets on an previous blog post. I want to post the tweets again to show you want she wanted Harvey to do:
Jessejes ‏@JesseeeJess 3h@HarveyLevinTMZ pls contact me if you are going to use the pics per my aunt lol

Jessejes ‏@JesseeeJess 3h@HarveyLevinTMZ there are pics already buy not these

Jessejes ‏@JesseeeJess 3h@HarveyLevinTMZ no one has this me and my cuz Paris #familytime #love

Jessejes ‏@JesseeeJess 3hMy aunt said to tweet this to you @HarveyLevinTMZ me and my cuz Paris #familytime"

Isn't that disgusting? I am convinced that Debbie was having a plan to get Paris and exploit her to the media on her own terms for some kind of benefit. What benefit would she want from Paris? Could it have something to do with money? Remember how she used her "charm" to get her first husband and divorced him soon as he filed for bankruptcy? Debbie used her same "charms" to get to Michael. She earned his trust and did what she had to do to get what she wanted from Michael. Now, with her daughter, Paris, she has probably used her "charms" to get what she wants from Paris. It seemed like everytime Debbie would exploit or pimp Paris to the media, there was a new tabloid story about Paris wanting to part ways with her family. I wonder why Debbie seems to want this to happen? Why would she want her daughter to be put out there in a exploitative type of fashion?  Then, in June, Paris attempted suicide. My sister sent me a text about Paris and I did not read it because why would my sister send me a text about someone's kid? Then I read the text and I was mortified with the news. I decided not to follow the tabloid media's take and tried to ignore it. I even refuse to comment about it on my blog because I felt that discussing this subject on here was not something I would do. When doing this entry, I have been thinking of posting my theory of what I think happened. I will not do that because I don't know what really happened and deep down, what was reported on what happened to Paris I do not fully believe. I do believe that Debbie did notify the media, particularity her friends over at of Paris' attempt. I mean, just by that information, this whole thing can write itself and I am not going to go any further than that. I can tell you what really angered me was when Jermaine was asked by about his niece issues and just watch the video for yourself. 

But he was the main one stating that they "need" their mother. Let me stop. 

There are so much that I can say but I am going to leave it for a future blog post (maybe).  Paris stayed at the hospital for a while, probably little over a month and during that time, Debbie was on twitter, bashing fans, telling them what she was doing and stating that are as reliable as the Los Angeles Times. If you do not believe me, read for yourself: 
"Viviαηα #Aηimαlistα ‏@VivianaBsAs 5h.Hi Debbie! Plz, how can the fans ask Harvey to stop this filthy news in tmz about MJ? thanks @DJRJPDRPainted Desert Ranch Painted Desert Ranch ‏@DJRJPDR@VivianaBsAs the news tmz reports is the real news it day the same things in the LA Times"

The woman is officially a lunatic. First off, why would a fan, clueless at that, would even go to Debbie and ask her to stop for doing horrible stories on Michael? Does that fan not know that Debbie is friends with the media and does not give a damn about Michael's good name? Second, why would that woman even compare a tabloid to a legitimate (yes, a few still exists in the media) news source? Maybe because, unlike, the L.A. Times does research?  After approximately a month and a half of staying at the hospital, Paris was transferred to an Inpatient Facility in Utah and has been there ever since. There are plenty of controversy in regards to the "school" that Paris' currently attends and I do not know if Katherine let her go there or Debbie had anything to do with it. While Paris was there, Debbie had nasty exchanges with MJ fellow fans. At one point, she called her own children "oreo cookies", which is a racist slur and stated that Michael was a "manwhore" which, after dealing with Debbie, I am glad she admitted to something true about him. However, with all of the nasty things this woman stated on twitter, nothing tops what she stated to a fan once that fan posted facts about her true relationship with Michael. I am going to post a link and then I will comment.

I do not care who the fan is or what she believes in. When it comes to the truth about Debbie Rowe, I am all eyes and ears. Debbie was foul in those series of tweets. I will probably do a blog post all about how wrong this woman is about the women in his life. Debbie bashing the black women in his life shows how out of touch she is with reality. Michael has a black mother, aunts, female cousins, sisters, nieces and a daughter. What kind of woman, who claims to be educated, would even go there with black women? Instead of accepting her reality, she bashes what she cannot even understand.  For anyone that was wondering what was Prince's relationship with Debbie, read what was revealed in the Wrongful Death Case about Prince's relationship with his mother:

"Mr. Boyle: The problem is Ms. Debbie Rowe is not the mother, so the instructions should be you heard counsel say Debbie Rowe is the mother, Debbie Rowe is not the mother.Judge: Well, the witness came out with that.Mr. Panish: No, but she said their mother, Debbie Rowe.Ms. Chang: The children's mother, Debbie Rowe.Ms. Cahan: I said Prince and Paris.Ms. Chang: But he has no relationship with her. He rejects her Ms. Chang: ….. They've traveled so much. Blanket was seven. They had been traveling in the middle east for at least three years, and he didn't know his aunts or uncles or cousins, and so it was worse, and they had absolutely no relationship with their biological mother. So everything that he said was true; and now we have this situation where the jury is given the false impression that these kids have a biological mother, and that she's reconnected with them. Totally untrue. Prince has not seen and will not see her." (pages 77-79)

At least the son clearly sees Debbie's true ways.  In October, Debbie did an exclusive interview with another one of her media friends, Entertainment Tonight. Keep in mind these things: Debbie is friends with certain employees of the tabloid and ET pays for interviews. I did not watch the interview because I wanted to avoid it at all costs. There was nothing that she could state that would make me believe that she is a genuinely a good person. However, I did read about what she stated and the things that she stated were so pathetic that I can't even be bothered with them. One thing in particular was when she stated that she blamed everyone who worked in the This Is It rehearsals for Michael's death. Let's see, did any of those people poisoned Michael with drugs? Did those people became possessive with Michael so he would not leave their sight? Did they implied that Michael harmed his own children? Did they call Michael a sociopath? Did they bring drugs into a bag and asked his make up artist to inject drugs into Michael's system? I mean, I can go on and on with how ridiculous Debbie's lame comment was. It is clear that she does not get it.  

Debbie Rowe's Friend, Rebecca White Speaks

One of Debbie's friends, Rebecca White, came forward weeks after Michael's death to speak up about Debbie and her ways. In a series of short videos, Rebecca describes how Debbie told her how Michael wanted things to be and based on her description, the whole marriage/family with Michael and Debbie was staged. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I remembered when Rebecca was interviewed on Extra in 2009 and she stated that she told Debbie to check on the children and Debbie refused. That was probably the motivation for Rebecca to finally tell the real story. 


When doing the research for this entry, I felt even more bad for Michael and his children he had with Debbie. I know various people would ask themselves, "what was Michael thinking" when he associated himself with this woman but the answer to that question is  he was not thinking and was more drugged up than lucid. I believe that Michael had a bad rap when to came to the doctors that came into his life and the nonsense that followed it. I do not want to discuss about these doctors that Michael had because this entry is not about them. This entry is about the truth about certain people in this world called opportunists. Debbie was an opportunist and instead of not injecting herself in Michael's personal like and health care, she did it anyway. Why would a medical assistant allow a client to tell them what to do with their health? A medical assistant is not educated in medicine to even remotely give a client any advice.  The sad reality is that people like Debbie get away with so many things because this country was built for her to do these things and get away with it. How can anyone report this woman to the medical board? This woman left the medical world right after she became pregnant with Prince. How can the courts make it stick in regards to her terminating her parental rights? Well, because she is the birth mother, she will have her parental rights. How can we get a lost child away from the very person that will ruin her entire life? We have to pray that Paris wakes up and take charge in her life. We have to pray for Prince to have the strength to save his sister from that woman.  People will want to know why I care so much about something that does not concern me. I tell them that I care because I do not want Michael to be known as a man who allowed some loser throw away his manhood. I care because I do not want people to think that Michael was stupid to allow that woman take so much from him. I want people to know that Michael fought to make sure his children do not have to deal with her. Michael fought for what was rightfully his and thought that everything was fine until he died. Instead of looking into what this woman did to him, his family and most of his fans did not seem to care. I hope that this blog post gets people thinking and if someone can learn from one of Michael's biggest mistakes, then I did what I had to do.  This is Michael's side of the story and it needs to be told because who will tell it? The media who will side with Debbie in a heartbeat? Or, the fans - most of them refuses to see anything wrong with her and will find a million excuses that has nothing to do with what she actually did and stated to/about the man? Michael's side has now been told and there is nothing anyone can do about it. 

Michael and his children in 2001. 


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