Thursday, January 22, 2015

Magazine Scans: Michael Goes To Africa, Ebony Magazine

In 1992, Michael went to Africa, specifically Gabon, west of the African nation of Senegal, to participate in a historic ceremony in which he was made King of Sani (Michael also received the Medal of Honor). During that time he was in Africa, the media had a field day covering the events and as usual, when it came to Michael, created falsehoods about his trip. Luckily, Ebony magazine accompanied Michael to the trip and got the real story. This blog entry is about Michael's time in Africa and the wonderful cover story that Ebony done for the event. I posted the article on tumblr and got under 20 notes. I guess I did not have the leaked videos of Michael hanging out with those Casicsos family members. Dang! Anyway, enjoy this great article. 

Michael in the early 1990s working on the classic Dangerous album. 

When Michael was interviewed by Ebony for the last time in 2007, he stated why he loved Africa. Michael stated on page 122, 

"I love Africa. We go to Africa a lot. I take my children on vacation there all the time. We go to Johannesburg. We go to Sun City. We go to simulator rides, the movie theaters, the record store, the candy store, the bookstore, the wave pool, so much. That's the part of Africa that I want more people to see... The myth isn't true. Africa's lovely, beautiful." 
Michael always spoke the truth when he would talk about Africa and even wanted to live there. Sadly, that never got to happen. Hopefully, his children will go to Africa just to visit and enjoy the place they way they did when they went with their father. 

Michael on the cover of Ebony in 1992. 



Magazine -
"Michael Jackson: Crowned in Africa, Pop Music King Tells Real Story of Controversial Trip", by. Johnson, Robert E, Ebony magazine, May 1992, pages 34-43. 

Quote - 
Michael's quote about Africa from Ebony magazine, page 122, December 2007. 

Pictures - 
The picture of Michael from the studio from my personal hard drive.