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The Ladies in Michael's Life Part 5

The last time I did a blog post about the ladies in Michael's life, it was back in 2013. After almost two years, I have decided to do another one. In this edition, I am going to talk about Lisa Marie Presley and her fans and why I made a mistake dealing with them. I am going to clear up the information from the promotional guy for the last time and the truth about Joanna Thomae. This will be a very interesting blog post and I am expecting a lot of opinions about what I have to state. 

Michael looking great on the set of his short film "In The Closet", 1991.

Lisa Marie Presley and her Clueless Following

Michael and Lisa Marie Presley in happier times, 1994.

I have made it no secret that I am not fond of Lisa Marie Presley and you can now include her following. Last year, I did an extensive blog post on Debbie Rowe and I got most of my information about her ways on a Lisa Marie message board called Jackson Presley World. It is a message board all about Michael and Lisa Marie, their relationship and short lived marriage. Basically, it is an delusional message board of members that have nothing better to do than to idolized a woman who never had a Billboard top 40 hit and lives off the fame of her father and second husband. I was a member on there because I was working on my expose on Debbie and the information that I needed was on a thread that was all about Debbie and her suspect ways. Reading the thread, I read about things that I did not know about and was shocked by. Even though the thread was very helpful, I also read things that I totally disagreed with. 

I am not the one to tell people how to run their website, message board or blog but if I do not like something, I am going to state it. When I was done with the blog post, I continued to go on the thread and read the latest updates on what Debbie was doing. I was not doing that to post updates about her ways on my blog, but because I was curious as to what she was planning up her sleeve. As I read on, there were some posters who were questioning the paternity of Michael's children and using tabloid articles as their sources to "prove" their claims and theories. I thought that was lame to do because the paternity of Michael's children have nothing to do with Debbie's ways and if they wanted to discredit Debbie, they should have focused on the things that she stated instead of going on about Michael not being the father of his own children. I sensed that those fans stated that because Michael did not give Lisa Marie children. I will get into that in a moment. 

Lisa Marie Presley in 2014. She looks old. 

The one thing that made me so furious that it caused me to make a post that lead to my lifetime banning of that place was when one of Lisa Marie's followers stated that Michael was to blame from what was happening to his children and not telling them about their suppose actual paternity. I was heated when I read that and made a post on there in which I let them have it. I knew that these people were going to delete my post and banned me so I screen captured what I stated because I was going to do a blog post in the future about this. Read on:

My epic post. So proud of myself. 

As you can see, I was not playing. I listed everything to the T. When you know what it is like to watch Michael be played in the media for dealing with those women and being called "crazy" when they were the crazy ones, then you understand my post. The nerve of Lisa Marie's followers to even remotely blame Michael for basically "ruining" his children when he would never do such a thing makes my skin crawl. What is so special about Lisa Marie? What is the big deal about her? What do people see in her? What has she done that I can say "awesome"? I mean, think about it. She is the daughter of a musician who stole black music and never apologized. Her father died of a drug overdose and after his death, the media never trashed him for it. Lisa Marie is a high school dropout and isn't smart. When Michael married Lisa Marie, the media had a field day insulting him, assuming that what he did was fake and that he did not love Lisa Marie. 

Her followers refuse to see the error in her ways because it reveals that she was in the wrong the whole time. Think about it: if Lisa Marie gave Michael children, would Debbie be in his life the way she was? The answer is no. Debbie would not even be known. The one and only reason why Lisa Marie did not give Michael children, according to a former employee of Michael's, that I have mentioned a few times on this blog and will again in this entry, is because her mother, Priscilla Presley, did not want to be the grandmother of black children. Think about that for a minute - Priscilla is a product of the racist southern part of America and sees blacks as mammies, butlers and maids and not people who can be great. So, it makes sense why Priscilla did not want want her daughter to give birth to children that she probably did not consider to be humans. Lisa Marie followers were implying on that thread on Debbie that Michael's "drug use" was the reason why Lisa Marie did not give him children. Yes, and I am the Easter bunny. 

Michael and Lisa Marie in the 1990s. 

Just imagine how Michael must have felt being part of a family that did not accept him. No wonder he wanted to divorce her but she stopped him only to divorce him when he was laying in a hospital bed in 1995. Wow, what cruelty. Why can her followers state why Lisa Marie had no problem giving her first and last husband children but would not do that for Michael? Oh, and let's not forget the cult that Lisa Marie is a part of: Scientology. If you recall, Michael did a audit type interview that was revealed a few years back. I save the interview on my personal files and I wanted to post something that interested me from that interview. Read on:

"[Auditor:] What have you done against Koos?  LF LF
[Michael:] "My wife [Lisa Marie Presley] tells me   it's an Overt [a non-survival act] to leave Scientology, my Auditor told me   it's an Overt [a non-survival act] to leave my wife.
"I guess it is.
  But, they are all so serious!"  LFBD

[Auditor:] What are they (Scientologists, your Auditor, your Case Supervisor) so serious about?

[Michael:] "That I took drugs- hardly take any now, except this present dope.
"That I was promiscuous,that's show-biz [show business], I knew a lot of girls."
That is very interesting, especially the part I made bold. Lisa Marie's followers did not seem to care what Lisa Marie stated about Michael because in their minds, they believed that she had a reason to do and say the things she stated. When she did her interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 2003, she stated that Michael "used and manipulated" her and I always wondered how he could do that to a woman who never really was truly on his side. I wanted to her to explain how Michael did those things to her and why she did not object to them. Some people love to tell their stories about their time with Michael and never think about the repercussions of what they state. Lisa Marie did not even know that so many MJ fans cannot stand her. Maybe if she did not bash Michael and gave him children, she would not have so many MJ fans as her haters. 

That reminds me of the time Lisa Marie and her wicked mother went on Oprah, right after the 2005 verdict, and trashed Michael to bits and pieces. Those women, mostly Priscilla and Oprah, let Michael have it and for what though? Not one time Lisa Marie ever stopped her mother from bashing Michael and was too afraid to stand up to her mother and tell her to chill. Michael never belittled that Lisa Marie and gave her freedom to speak on her time with him and that was how she repay him. In 2010, she revealed to Oprah that the last time that she spoke to Michael was in 2005 and he asked her if she still loved him and her answer to his question was that she felt "indifferent" about him. Michael's suffering meant nothing to her because it was not her problem anymore yet she felt the need to dedicated her whole interview with Oprah all about her relationship with Michael. Anything to make her seem relevant to the public. 

Fast forward to last year and Lisa Marie did an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald about what she knows about men. Of course, she talked about Michael. She stated, 

"With MJ [Michael Jackson], unfortunately, too much happened, too much got between us. There was a very deep strong love there; intense. But people got in the way, on my end and his end. We had so many people telling us what to do and intercepting and speaking on behalf of the other. Had it been just he and I, towards the end, I don't think we would have divorced."

Hold on, so what happened with stating that Michael used and manipulated her? She changed her tune? I guess when Michael passed away, Lisa Marie starts to tell the truth. These people that were in Michael's life are some characters. 

Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie and her daughter Riley Keough, 2014. 

I will never understand the thinking patterns of a person who is a fan of Michael and Lisa Marie. To even blame Michael for anything regarding his children is pure evil. Michael did not ask to marry a woman that was so controlled by her mother that she could not think for herself. Why marry a man and not bore him children? What must be so bad about him that his own wife would not give him children? For her to take birth control medications to prevent from having the man's child was low and pathetic. She could not even have the decency to tell him the truth. When he found out about it, he disappears and runs to a future headache or more like a constant migraine. All of this was preventable. All Lisa Marie had to do was give her husband children. When she stated that "had it been just he and I" I wondered what she meant by that. Could that have meant that if people, like her mother, were not in her ear, she would have still been married to Michael and maybe have his children? Even when they were divorced and still seeing one another, she wanted to have his children but was still leading him on. What was she afraid of? Those are the things a fan of both Michael and Lisa Marie need to think about. To end this part, when Michael was finally laid to rest at Forest Lawn in September 2009, Lisa Marie was there and Michael's children were there. Why didn't she go to them and offer her support because she knows exactly what they were going through? See, that is what her followers will never seem to focus on: the fact that their idol, like them, could care less about Michael or his children and would rather result into bashing and not reconsidering the decisions she made when she was with Michael. 

The Promotional Guy's Information - Needs to be Clarified

Michael in 2003.

It seems like I have to continue to clear up the situation regarding the promotional guy and the information that he posted in 2004 on the National Enquirer message board. If you have no idea what I am referring to, I am going to post links in which I discuss the promotional guy and his information:

The Truth About Scott Thorson, A Liar -

Clearing Things Up -

The Ladies In Michael's Life -

As you can see, I did a good about of blog posts that either discussed what he stated or mentioned what he stated. I thought that after all of this, people would not be confused by the information. Boy, was I ever wrong. When I was doing my expose of Debbie Rowe last year, I stumbled upon a blog post that discussed the promotional guy's information. Here is the link:

After reading the blog entry, I had to shake my head in disbelief. I do not know if some fans have an issue with the possibility of Michael having multiple relationships in his life or they are just bored and have nothing really to talk about. I am not going to bash the person who did the blog post because they clearly do not know what they are talking about and that is fine. Not everyone will truly get it but at times, even if one does not know what they are talking about, at least they can look into it. First, I want to start with the title of the blog post that states "The Letter". That is misleading and incorrect because the information was never a letter. It was a response to the article that the National Enquirer tabloid did on Liberace former lover, Scott Thorson who had a very crazy and messed up life. If you want to read more about this man's pathetic life, please check out these two blog posts:

The promotional guy was so angry by what he read that he decided to tell people all about Michael and women. That was back in 2004 and I think that was the first time anyone really put it out there about Michael's relationships with women in such a bold way. 

Second, the post stated this, 

"It’s a controversial letter, supposedly written by either Bill Bray (security chief to Michael since his Jackson 5 days), Frank Cascio (kid friend from the 80s who later became a close friend), or Wayne Nagin (Head of MJ’s security until he retired in 2002). The backstory is that it was published in the National Enquirer as a response to the gay rumours circulating about Michael and Charles Thomson (super sketchy, I know). Thomson claimed that – through his own experiences with Michael – he believed him to be a pedophile. As a bag of bollocks or gold, take it as you please.The writer of the article remains unknown, but is suspected to be dead."
The guessing is very irresponsible. Calling the information "controversial" when it was clearly a defense for Michael is not correct. It was no where near controversial. It was honest, real and defensive. Bill Bray did not write the letter because he did not work in Michael's promotional team and at that time, in 2004, Bill Bray was in poor health. I doubt he had the energy to write that on a board. It is not Frank Casico because white people do not refer to black men as "brothas" as the promotional guy referred to Michael when trying to explain the type of man Michael was. Also, Frank would not know about Michael's flings with certain women at that time in the 1970s, 1980s and early to mid 1990s because he was not born in the 1970s, but in 1980 and was a child in the 1980s to late 1990s. Why would he even tell that information about Michael as if he was there? He was not there so why was he even mentioned? It was not Wayne Nagin because he was Michael's bodyguard and not part of his promotional team. Also, the promotional guy retired in 2003.  As for the promotional guy still being here, I am not sure if he is alive or deceased. I hope he is living. The post was done in response to Scott Thorson's lies he was stating to the National Enquirer tabloid. 

"Published in a 2004 issue of The National Enquirer"
No, it was not published in any issue of the tabloid. It was published on the tabloid's website message board that suddenly disappeared in 2004. 

In the comments section, an ignorant person stated that a fan posted that information to debunk the gay rumors. Laughable. The gay rumors have been a part of Michael's career since he was a teenager. Why would a fan be so desperate to make up a whole post about his sexual conquers when most of them believed that he was never like that and that he was with a few women in his life? At that time, no fan knew any of the information that the promotional guy posted. In fact, when I spoke to him back in 2004, I suggested that he come on an MJ board that I was a member of to post his story. He refused because he did not like the fans and that the fans would never believe what he was saying. It makes me shake my head in disbelief when people state that fans made it up when they have no idea how the fans were during the time this information surfaced. I hope that what I stated clears up any confusion.  

Joanna Thomae: The Truth

Michael with his fans in 2004. 

I try not to bother myself with female fans who want a slice of fame being around Michael. Michael loved all of his fans so he did not mind being close to some of them. It is a honor and blessing for a fan to have a close connection with Michael but to abuse it so in turn have a career of their own is where I have to draw the line. In 2003, a French fan name Joanna Thomae went on the tabloid show Entertainment Tonight to tell them that she had a relationship with Michael. I remember seeing her interview and I knew that she was lying. I am not going to get into why I thought she was lying because if I did, a lot of people will have an issue into what I stated. 

After her interview, information about her started to spread throughout the fan community and eventually it was revealed that she was lying about having a relationship with Michael. When I was doing research for this blog post, I was looking for information that stated that she was lying. I stumbled upon this message board and read this post done by a user name Gromit, 

"Why do people waste time on this fan! She didn't sleep with Michael. She and some other fans stayed inside Neverland for a few days while Michael was in Miami with the Arvizo family.
She slept with his assistant Frank Casio (Tyson) in MJ's hot tub and got caught by a staff member who told Michael when he returned. Michael was disappointed in her and expressed that to her. He then told her in the politest way possible to get a life. She left Neverland and was placed on Tv to say it was Michael she slept with (at the same time she was trying to launch a modelling career). I think you'll find Dieter Wiezner put her on TV and was possibly even trying to be her manager.
She was a fan that got close like most of my friends. She had many pictures taken with MJ and sadly Used those as weight that she was 'involved'. Every picture bar one or two pictures were fleeting moments outside a shop etc. Michael was fuming with her but I have never heard of Michael publically denying any relationship with her I only ever recall him being upset that she would lie like that and on TV specially with him going through what he was going through and she was subsequently barred from ever being allowed inside Neverland again.
I think you'll find she was eventually banned from ever returning to the USA as she had overstayed her Visa and 'disappeared'. 
She, in the last two or three weeks gave birth to a son as well. 
If anyone is interested about my info, Joanna is friends with friends of mine. The nfo above has been posted on other forums by other people who knew her yet SOME people chose to ignore it and continue to spread the story because it fitted in with their own fantasies of Michael being this Pimp that fucked anything and everything."

I was told something similar back in either late 2003 or 2004 about her lying about her time with Michael. At that time in Michael's life, he was not having any romantic relationships with his female fans and considered his fans his family. Also, Joanna went to Entertainment Tonight, a show that pays for interviews, to go on there and lie about her time with Michael to get extra cash. The post also stated that Dieter Wiesner put her on television and if that was the case, that states a lot. I even read somewhere that Frank Casico also had something to do with her being on the show. 

Thanks to her interview, there were people that actually believe what she stated because of the fact that she hung out with Michael and had pictures with him. I wish some people start using their brains here; just because some woman hangs out with Michael and have pictures with him, does not mean that they had a sexual encounter or a relationship with him. It just means that the fan got lucky and had a chance to be around Michael. It also made me think about the long standing belief that Michael did not date women who are of color. If people did not know about the truth of this woman and her ways, they might still have this belief that Michael did not date women of color. Interestingly, ET aired Joanna's story twice on their show but aired the interview that Shana Mantagal did with them once. Let that sink in.

To end this, the main reason I do this feature is because I feel that people need to know the whole story before they start to believe things face value. Michael does not have a say in what people state about him, especially when it comes to this part of his life. Followers of an offspring of a famous rock star will blindly defend the errors in her ways instead of accepting her harsh treatment towards Michael. Instead of calling her out for not giving Michael children, they attack his parenting skills and imply that his own children are not his. Even when there is proof out that that refutes their claims, they rather post the information from tabloids instead of accepting the truth. I hope that one day, the MJ fans accept Michael's situations with women. If he had multiple relationships with women, that is his right to have. None of us should have any say on the matter. When people are literally lying on Michael and his sexuality, why should that be acceptable? Why do we go out of our way to defend him against the lies but ignore the possibility of Michael fooling around with various women? Lastly, people like Joanna Thomae, who was still lying about her time with Michael when she was on a French reality show, should not be discussed any further. She felt the need to go on television and lie on Michael for cash during a very difficult time in his life. What was the point of any of that? Wrong is wrong and Joanna Thomae should stop talking about Michael and move on with her life.

Michael at his estate Neverland in 2002. 



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