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The Ladies In Michael's Life Part 6

This is the sixth installment of the Ladies of Michael's life and the theme of this one is revelations. Let's start with Theresa Gonsalves latest interview talking about her time with Michael and what she stated. She stated some shocking things. Did you know that Ola Ray is working on a book about her time with Michael? Yes and I will tell you what I think. Cultural/music critics and authors Nelson George and Toure Neblett participated in a seminar about Michael back in 2011 and they stated things that made me scream,"hypocrites". I will explain why I state that in the blog post. Pharrell Williams revealed some things about Michael but people are twisting it around. I will tell you what is being twisted. This is so repetitive to me but I think I do this because I want people to know about this: the mystery of Blanket/Bigi's mother. What is known? I will break down what Michael and a former employee of his stated about this. Finally, I will talk about Romonica Harris but if you are expecting details, you will be disappointed. I hope you all like this edition because this is probably the best one yet.  

Michael in 1991. 

Theresa Gonsalves Last Interview: What Was Stated? 

Michael with Theresa Gonsalves in the 1970s. 

Theresa did an interview with Dr. Catherine Gross' radio show called "A Place In Your Heart" some months back. You can listen to the three hour show here -

In the interview, Theresa talks about her time with Michael and how she met him, her letters to him, how she hung out with the family, her special time with him among many other things. Theresa basically told the listeners what she stated in her book about her time with Michael on the show. In the interview, Theresa also talks about being an author and the books that she had written and is currently working on. Theresa stated that she first started writing to Michael in 1970 and finally met him in 1974 when the Jacksons were doing their Las Vegas shows. Theresa talks about the time she spent alone with Michael and how he was ignoring her on purpose but then when she realized it, Michael started laughing. Theresa stated that Michael wrote back to her four times but that she lost those letters. Now, if Michael wrote me back four times, I would never lose those letters. I would have kept them in a box and store it where no one would even know where to find them. I mean, did she not understand the importance of that? That was probably her proof to people who are skeptical about her story that she knew Michael. She also talked about a few things that she did not mentioned in her book. Theresa stated that when she was with Michael in New York City, he took her shopping at Bloomingdales and bought her a stuffed animal. Theresa stated that when she got to the Hayvenhurst estate to meet with Michael, Joe was there and asked her why she was here. When Theresa explained to him that she wanted to see Michael, Joe stated to her that she would have to sleep with him in order for her to meet his son. Back in that time, Joe was a very crazy man. Theresa also stated that Michael helped her with the marketing of her first book Obsessions. In the interview, Theresa also talks about the time she had this strange feeling that Michael was going to die and how she is now dealing with the loss. 

Theresa Gonsalves

When you listen to the interview that she did, you do get a better idea of how Michael was like as a person and how Theresa knew the real Michael. Now, there were a few things that she stated that some people might not like but overall, she means well. There were two things that bothered me about the interview: 1. Theresa talking about how the fans, some of them, treated her when she first came forward with her book, 2. a caller name Angie who is the definition of the typical jealous MJ female fan. Ever since Theresa came forward with her story, some of Michael's fans made it a mission to discredit her at every cost. At times in the interview, Theresa had to clear the air on some things because some of these fans would create stories that weren't true or judge her because she came forward telling her private stories about Michael. I guess those fans do not understand that there are lies about Michael out there that people will not counter attack or stop. Theresa's story is important and it needed to be told. There is not good or bad time for women of Michael's to come forward and tell their stories about Michael. Angie is the "fan" that called the show to ask Theresa questions and then she started to go on and on about things that had nothing to do with Theresa or her story. The caller called three times doing the same thing and was getting to the point where I was shouting at my laptop because I wanted that person to be hung up on. I think it was a game that she was playing because she did not believe Theresa's story. Angie clearly was trying to discredit Theresa at every cost and used the opportunity that she had to do just that. The problem is that she was making herself look like a fool and only proves the point that the only reason why the women that truly loved Mike and vice versa get treated like garbage is because those fans, who are female, are jealous of what they could never have. Theresa should be thanked for taking the time to do an interview about Michael and should not be disrespected or lied on because the person or people doing the bashing are insecure about certain things in their lives. People should listen to the whole interview regardless of the Angie caller and decide for themselves what they think of her story.

Ola Ray: The Joke That Keeps On Coming

Michael and Ola Ray on the set of "Thriller"short film.

If you thought you heard the last of Ola Ray in the spotlight, think again. Ola Ray's tribute video to Michael was probably one of the worst tributes anyone can do to an entertainer. This woman wants to continue to capitalize in Michael's fame by planning on writing a book about Michael. Check out this video interview that Ola did with Foxy Tv and beware of the tacky wig:

She needs to stop.

Ola stated that she moved back to L.A. and "going back to work doing her thing again". OK..... since when did she ever truly worked after the "Thriller" short film? She is working on her music and we all saw that horrific music video. I mean, come on, Ola, please stop it with the music. What record company wants to sign you? You are 55 years old and a grandmother. Get real, Ola. She mentions that she has a book deal and that she is working on her memoirs called "The Thrill of it All". Like, what in the world will she be talking/discussing about in her book? Will she discussing the time she sued Michael because he did not pay her? I, for one, will not be looking forward to anything this woman puts out. Her time with Michael was back in the 1980s and she should have made something out of herself at that time when she was at her peak. Now, no one cares and it is time for her to move on with her life. 

Nelson George and Toure: Hypocrites

Michael from the late 1980s/early 1990s.

I saw video of a seminar on Michael a couple of years back that discussed his music, impact and life and the speakers of the seminar were writers and pop/social commentators Toure Neblett and Nelson George. Toure is an author and he worked for Rolling Stone magazine and Nelson George is also an author who used to work for Billboard magazine back in the 1980s. Both men have been very critical of Michael when Michael was alive. The men were so critical of him that not only did they damn him for being himself but implied that he harmed children. 

Toure Neblett in 2015. 

What they stated about him back in 2011 in the seminar is not what they stated about him in the past and when people listen to these two speak of Michael, they really have no idea what they really thought about him. It always bothered me when people now want to tell the truth about Michael. They now see what a big deal Michael was and feel that it is best to tell the people what was always known about Michael. I am going to post the video of when they both talk about Michael and women and then I am going to post what they stated about Michael when he was alive. 

Nelson George and Toure discussing Michael. 

In 2003, Dateline NBC did a horrible special on Michael around the time he was going through his troubles. This special was the first of many specials the media did on Michael to convince the public that ultimately, Michael was crazy, a "pedophile", "gay" and a "horrible" human being. At the time, I was familiar with Toure because I would watch him make commentary about certain pop culture events during the early turn of the 21st century. I was dumbfounded when I saw him on the Dateline special and was furious when he talked about Michael. Now, I have looked all over youtube to find this special but I could not find it. I had to remember what he stated and eventually, I remembered what he said. Toure said that when Michael went to the 1984 Grammys he took actress and model Brooke Shields and child star, Emmanuel Lewis to the event. He then goes on to state something to the effect of Michael was clearly more into Emmanuel Lewis than he was with Brooke. This nasty comment was stated to show that Michael's main interest was the boy and not the woman because no one believed that Michael even liked women. However, fast forward to 2011 and Toure states a different tune about Michael and women. Toure starts to talk about Michael being a real man, but none of that was stated back in 2003 when people were damning him over lies and innuendo. Toure was not talking about Michael's manhood nor was he interested into doing so. 

Nelson George

Nelson George did a nasty, despicable article on Michael after he was vindicated in 2005. I posted the link to the article on one of my previous blog posts. I will not post anything of what he stated but I want you guys to read what he stated because it is very important to see that this is the same man who was on the BAD 25 documentary praising Michael and in the 2011 seminar confirming (maybe to himself) that Michael was a straight male. 

This ignorant bastard was not interested in defending Michael or even telling the public that Michael had a horrible skin disorder. No, instead he decided to bash the man over the disappointment he felt when Michael did not lead up to his expectations. Michael was not a person but as payment to Nelson George, as he gladly stated in the article that the book he did on Michael in the 1980s gave him his first apartment. His stance on how he felt about Michael's innocence was pretty much stating that Michael was guilty, hence the "Michael will not go to jail" part. So, when he was working on another book on Michael years after his horrible article on Michael and before Michael died, I was on the King of Pop Discussion board when I saw a thread about it. I wanted to make sure that the fellow fans did not fall for Nelson's ways and I told the fans about his 2005 defaming article on Michael. The next thing I knew, one of the members of that message board, who was also personal friends of Michael's, tweeted to Nelson his disgust over his article and Nelson had no idea what was going on. It felt good to see that man being trashed on social media. 

That is why I was bothered when I found out that Nelson was going to be in the BAD 25 documentary talking about Michael's blackness and how he was the first major star to sing about the beauty of Africa, etc. It is funny, the fool who wanted to erase Michael's blackness now wanted to tell people about how black he truly was. Hilarious. I wish I was making this up, but honestly, I am not. This Nelson guy is a trip. It was even more crazy when I discovered about this 2011 seminar that he participated on and when he talked about Michael and women. Nelson states that Michael was a big sex symbol, something he never mentioned in his 2005 bash piece. So, he goes on to tell a story that he did not put in his book about producers L.A. Reid and Teddy Riley telling him how Michael would bring women in the studio. He intentionally did not put that in his book, but in the 2005 bash piece he made sure to let the readers know that Michael was "obsessed with 10 year old boys - particularly white boys".  It is interesting when he stated that he believed L.A. Reid and Teddy Riley when they told him that but probably did not believe Michael when he told the world that he likes women, he was not gay or a pedophile. Ridiculous. 

This is what MJ fans who truly care about this man are up against: lame music/pop culture critics who are authors to books who can say whatever they want to say about Michael and make the public believe them. A fan cannot state the truth about Michael without being called "crazy", "obsessive", "nuts", etc. It truly angers me how these people are accepted and no one questions they motives or even their information. These men let people believe these things about Michael and when he dies, they not only change their tune about him but participate in a seminar that was not heavily promoted to the public but if you are aware of it, you will check it out on youtube, in which they tell the truth about Michael. The major networks and media publications are not going to do reports on this seminar because the truth will not be told on a wider scale. These men help made sure the damage was done to Michael and not any kind of apology is going to reverse what they help to do. It is even more sad that these men are black and kicked down a fellow black man when he was in his lowest point. If anything, this goes to show you that the media is fickle when it comes to Michael. People, for some reason, rely on Toure and Nelson George when they talk about cultural icons like Michael. People need to understand is that relying on the media and their puppets telling you information on Michael is not the smartest thing to do. Listening to Michael and learning from his life from him and others who really knew him is the best way to learn from Michael. What those men stated in that seminar, was already known before. It just was not out there for the public to know because the media was never interested in telling the truth about Michael. 

Pharrell Williams Admission about Michael Among Other Things

Michael having his fun in 2003.

As I was looking around the Internet about certain things, I stumbled upon a few videos on youtube that mentioned Michael and women or sex. I wanted to add the information on this blog post to discuss those items. I want to start with  producer and The Voice coach, Pharrell Williams admission about Michael that got the fan community and the Internet buzzing. I am going to post what Pharrell stated about Michael and I will state something about that. 

Pharrell telling his story about Michael, 2015.

Here is the thing: I believe that Pharrell is telling the truth because I have no reason to believe that he would lie. I mean, why would he? No one ever talks about Michael in this way except some people that knew him well and the real women in his life. He also stated that Michael was tall and many people who have met Michael over the years stated that he was tall. For Pharrell to state this tells me that there is more to this story. Who were the two women that were with Michael? Pharrell stated that one of them looked "Brazilian" and all I can think about is Blanket's/Bigi's mother. See, Pharrell met Michael at the time that Michael was either working or finishing up the Invincible album. Michael wanted to meet Pharrell to possibly work on music together. Sadly, that never happened, but that is another story. This all happened around 2001/2002 and Blanket/Bigi was born in 2002. When people see Blanket/Bigi, people assumed that he is Hispanic because of his skin, looks and hair. Here is the thing that people are not realizing: Pharrell never stated that the woman that Michael gave a full blown kiss to is actually Brazilian. He said that she looks Brazilian. Being Brazilian and looking Brazilian are two different things and the media and fans ran with that information instead of really thinking about it. Pharrell also never stated that the woman was tall. That was his words being switched around thanks to the media that loves to confuse things. To be reasonable, I am not trying to state, factually, that the woman that Michael kissed is Blanket/Bigi's mother but the timing of when Pharrell met Michael in person and when Blanket/Bigi was born are very close together. However, what do I know? At the end of the day, I am putting two and two together like everyone else but I know I am not the only one that was thinking this when I heard Pharrell's story. 

When I was looking on youtube, I listened to an audio that Janet did with Vibe magazine for an interview for the publication. Janet tells the reporter that Michael taught her about sex. You can listen to what she says here:

Janet tells Vibe that Michael taught  her about sex.

Janet talks about the time she saw her parents doing the nasty (Lawd, the hideous thoughts of this, I can't.) and how she did not know what she was witnessing. She stated that she could not wait for her brothers to come back from touring to ask them her questions about the subject. Michael taught her what he knew about sex and the interviewer was a bit taken aback that Michael taught Janet this stating that Michael was not interested in that subject. Janet goes on to state that Michael was teaching her about sex regardless of what he felt about it. He was helping his sister understand what sex was. Then the interviewer was trying to picture Michael and Janet having an in depth conversation about sex when they are adults and asked Janet would she have that with Michael and she stated that Michael would be embarrassed to have that conversation with her. 

I guess when Michael was young and he was curious about sex, he would learn about it and if Janet had questions he would provide her with answers. As they got older, focusing on their careers and being well rounded people, a conversation about sex is not going to be something that a brother and sister are going to have an in depth conversation about. Let's consider the reality that both siblings had relationships with people and were intimate with those people. If they wanted to talk about sex, they would do that with the people they are being intimate with. 

Moving on to the next video, producer Jermaine Dupri, who once dated Janet, did an interview with The Combat Jack show in which he talks about being with and Janet and the Jackson family. This interview is something I want the readers of this blog to listen to. Now, let me warn you all that Jermaine says that annoying N-word a lot. I am no way supporting the word but I am not here to tell grown people how to express themselves. So, if you look past the mishap and listen to what he is stating then you might enjoy the interview. 

Jermaine Dupri on the Jacksons.

So, when you listen to what he was saying you are starting to understand some things. Notice what Janet told Jermaine when she was suspecting something about him or some issue that they had and Janet flat out told Jermaine that there is nothing that she has not seen.... she has six brothers who did that. Janet was including Michael in that situation. So, that got me thinking, what exactly does Janet mean by that? 

Blanklet/Bigi's Mother: What Is Known? 

Michael with his son, Blanket (now Bigi) in 2003. 

I feel like I have been discussing about this subject too many times but it continues to pop up at times. Some fans have a hard time understanding the way Michael did things in his life. I am going to state here what is known about Blanket's/Bigi's mother and maybe you all can come to your conclusions. So, let's start with the first time we heard that Michael had his last child. 


People magazine reported that Michael was spotted holding a baby and introducing the child to Siegfeild and Roy. A friend of Michael's, producer Gary Pudney, told the magazine this information of the child.

"Singer and pop peculiarity Michael Jackson has quietly added a baby boy to his brood, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue. The singer brought the 6-month-old baby backstage at Siegfried and Roy's Las Vegas show on July 30, along with his other two children, Prince Michael, 5, and daughter Paris, 4. "The baby was a surprise," a source told PEOPLE. "(Jackson) said, 'This is my third child.'" Equally surprising is the baby's name. PEOPLE has learned that Jackson has been introducing the tot as "Prince Michael II," or simply "No. 3." The identity of the child's mother (sources tell PEOPLE that the child was not adopted and was conceived "the natural way") remains another mystery.,,624557,00.html

Read the bold part carefully. 


Michael did that horrible documentary Living with Michael Jackson in which, when asked by that fraud Martin Bashir, how Blanket came into the world. When Bashir asked him if he had a relationship with the mother, Michael stated that he did and adding that she believes that the media was scumbag and does not like the press. In that same interview when Bashir asked Michael again, how Blanket came into this world, Michael seemed pissed and decided to tell him the story of Blanket being born by a surrogate and that he did not know the woman who gave birth to his son. You can watch the rest of the horrible documentary below. That is only if you want to if you stomach that Bashir monster. 

Living with Michael Jackson, 2003. 


In April of 2004, a former employee of Michael's, who I mentioned probably 10 times on this blog, stated this about Blanket's/Bigi's mother:

"until he met his third child's mother, fell very much  in love with her, but he is his father's son, so he wasn't entirely
faithful to her, which is why they split up shortly after she found out
she was pregnant."

The promotional guy stated more things about the mother and Michael's relationship but I do not think that Blanket/Bigi should find that out about his parents on a blog. That is very odd and wrong to me. I will state that the promotional guy (I call him that because he did promotions for Michael when he worked for him. I never got his name and I hope one day that I do but that is another story.) has met the mother in person and saw how Michael and the mother interacted with one another. 

There are fans that believe that Blanket's mother is a woman name Prudence Solomon who is a television personality in South Africa. Fans claimed that she looks like Blanket and hence forth, she must be the mother and also because Michael was friends with the woman. Here is the thing: Prudence is not Blanket's mother because she looks nothing like him and just because Michael knew the woman does not mean she had his child. Prudence was married at the time when Blanket was born and Michael even walked her down the aisle at her wedding. However, that does not mean anything. Yes, Michael had relationships with married women in the past (June Chandler, Lisa Marie Presley and supposedly Glenda Stein) but that does not mean he had a relationship with her. Also, Michael stated in the 2003 horror documentary that the mother did not like nor care for the media so how can Prudence be the mother of Blanket if she does not like the media? That is because Prudence is not Blanket's/Bigi's mother. I do not know if Blanket's/Bigi's mother will ever come forward and give the world the ultimate tea on Michael and from what I know about how Michael would protect his women from the spotlight, I doubt that we will ever hear from her. 

Michael in 2009.



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