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Next Generation Jacksons/Browns

In this blog post I am going to reveal which of Michael's relatives contacted me and why I think it was unnecessary. This will be a very good blog post and I hope people rely on this blog post to know who are the real Jacksons and not be tricked by wannabes.

The Jacksons, 2015

I want this to be the official list of all of the Jacksons/Browns from Michael's immediate family. Anyone that claims to be his immediate family and are not listed on here are lying. When it comes to Michael's cousins, he has a lot of them so to do a blog post on his cousins would take years. You have consider Joe and Katherine sides of the family, their siblings and their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As you can tell, the Jacksons/Browns/Scruces/ Whiteheads, etc. are pretty much a tribe. 

Stacee, Yashi and Austin Brown - The children of Rebbie Jackson and the late Nathaniel Brown. Rebbie and Nathaniel are grandparents.

Stacee with her husband, Rex Salas.

Rebbie's first born is name Stacee and she is married to musician Rex Salas and the have a son name London Bleu. 

Yashi with her mother, Rebbie, 2015.

Yashi is a mental health advocate who is also a poet. A few years ago, she became an author when she wrote a book of poetry called Black Daisy in a White Limousine. Recently, she participated in the NAMI Walks Los Angeles County as their emcee and participated in workshops with Metropolitan State Hospital. 

Austin Brown in 2015.

Austin is still making music and recently did a concert as a guest with rapper Lupe Fiasco at East Tennessee State University. Over the summer, he participated at the Special Olympics  and did a touching tribute on Bobbi Kristina Brown for and if you are interested, you can read it here -

Finally, he will be hitting a personal milestone when he turns 30 this month. 

Sigmund Jr., Brandi, River and Jaylen Jackson - Sigmund Jr. and Brandi are the children of Jackie and their late mother, Enid Spann and River and Jaylen are the children of Jackie and his wife Emily. Jackie is also a grandfather. 

Sigmund Jr. with his son, Jared, 2015.

Sigmund Jr. has been keeping a low profile for a while until he appeared on The Jacksons: Next Generation. In the show, it was revealed that Sigmund graduated from Mechanical School this year. Also, he revealed on his Instagram account that he is a father to a young boy name Jared. 

Brandi Jackson, 2015.

Brandi does photography/videography and at times, posts images of herself (selfies) on her Instagram account. At times, Brandi would state her opinions about certain things on her twitter account. She even responded to a tweet to a fan stating that  her uncle Michael was not a good driver. You can view the tweet here - 

Brandi responding to a fan's question about her uncle Michael's driving. 

Jaylen and River are two year old twins so obviously they are busy being two year olds. 

Toriano (Taj), Taryll and Tito Joe (TJ) Jackson - They are the sons of Tito and the late Delores Martes. Tito has eight grandchildren including TJ's stepchildren, Frances' older children. 

Taj Jackson, 2015.

Taj has been married for two years to his wife Thayana Sco Jackson and they along with Thayana's sisters are doing a show called Code Z: Day One. Recently, Taj joined his brothers and bandmates for their docu-series/ reality show The Jacksons: Next Generation. While he would do the show, he is also working tirelessly to defend the legacy of Michael and his family. Taj is so committed to this that he filed a compliant to the UK media because of a fabricated story about Michael that spread in the tabloids. Sadly, while the show was about to premiere, Taj lost his compliant against the horrible media. Here is more of the information -

Taj's tweet stating that he filed an complaint.

Taj's twitlonger on the media siding with the lying tabloids.

In the reality show, Taj talks to his younger cousins about the importance of their family and their legacy. Here is video of the heart to heart conversation over the camp fire from their reality show - 

The Jacksons talking about their family legacy, 2015. 

After the ending of the first season of the show, Taj and his brothers released their long awaited third album Chapter III, started a foundation in honor of their mother DeeDee called DDJF (Dee-Dee Jackson Foundation, and he did an interview with The MJ Cast, a podcast on and about Michael, his legacy and his family. Here is the link of the 2 hour interview - 

Taryll is in a relationship with his girlfriend Breana Cabral and has two sons, Bryce and Adren. Along with his brothers and bandmates, Taryll did the docu-series/reality show The Jacksons: Next Generation which exposes his off putting relationship with Breana and his constant desire to get his brothers on the same page with their music career. Also in the docu-series, he confronts the reality of the death of his beloved mother, Delores (Dee-Dee) and created a foundation in her honor called DDJF (Dee-Dee Jackson Foundation). Taryll and his brothers finally completed their latest album Chapter III and has decided to enter counseling with his girlfriend to work out their issues. 

T.J. and Frances Jackson with their daughters Dee-Dee and JoJo Jackson, 2015. 

T.J. is married to his wife, Frances Jackson and together have six children, Sage, Lexci-Mercedes (Frances' children from a previous relationship), Royal, Dee-Dee, Jo-Jo and the newest edition, Rio. He, along with his grandmother Katherine, are the guardians to Michael's children. T.J. received his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Isenber School of Management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Here is an outtake from the reality show of T.J. receiving his degree - 

T.J. graduating from the University of Massachusetts, 2015. 

T.J. along with his brothers, participated in the reality show The Jacksons: Next Generation and T.J. talks about his busy life which includes a health scare for his youngest child, Rio. Finally, T.J. and his brothers released their long awaited third album, Chapter III. T.J. does real estate and here is a link to his real estate business called Jackson-Preis Real Estate Group -

Update 09/17/2017 - There have been a lot of changes since the last time I discussed TJ on here. I would go on about the changes, but there are too long to explain. Instead, I will post a link to a informative and factual blog entry that a blogger on the site did on TJ. Please take the time to read the blog post because it is very important that not all of the Jacksons really are on Michael's side, unfortunately. I am going to make this clear: this blog is about the truth about Michael's life and there are always someone, whether it was a relative of his or a friend of his that will always do something that is not right. Posting the information does not mean that I do not like the fact they are family to Michael but to tell the truth about that person. At the end of the day, Michael loved his whole family and his fans do not have to care what his family thinks or does. Here is the link -

Jermaine Jr. Autumn, Jaimy, Jourdynn, Jeremy, Jaafar and Jermajesty Jackson - Jermaine and his first ex-wife, Hazel Gordy (Berry Gordy's daughter) has three children, two children with his second (common law) ex-wife Margaret Maldonado and two from his third ex-wife Alejandra Oaziara. Update on 09/08/2017 - Jermaine is now a grandfather. 

Jermaine Jr. with his girlfriend Asa Soltan Rahamati. 

Jermaine Jr. is the oldest of Jermaine's seven children. He is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, reality star Asa Soltan Rahamati. Jermaine graduated from Forham University and it is not known what he does for a living. He does have social media accounts but he rarely posts updates on these accounts. Update 09/08/2017 - Jermaine Jr. and his girlfriend Asa are now parents to a boy name Soltan who was born in January of this year. Here is video of her telling the cast mates of the reality show "Shahs of Sunset" the gender of the baby - 

Asa revealing the gender of her child, 2017.

Jermaine and Asa have not shown their son as of yet. 

Autumn Jackson (right) with her cousin Yashi Brown, 2015.

Autumn is the only daughter of Jermaine and is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend. In the past, I stated that Autumn has a college degree but after doing some research, it is not clear if she even graduated from college. It is not known what she does for a living and she is not on social media. 

Jaimy Jackson with his sister Autumn Jackson. 

Jaimy is one of the Jacksons who is not in the spotlight compared to his cousins, father or brothers. At the moment, Jaimy has social media accounts but he does not update those accounts. 

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy is a musician who at one point played with his father in one of his concerts. Other than that, it is not sure what else he does. 

Jordynn Jackson with his brother Jeremy Jackson.

Jordynn is a photographer who works for his mother Margaret's company. At times, Jordynn makes a few posts on his twitter account. 

Jaafar Jackson

Jaafar is an up and coming singer who also does modeling. Jaafar was going to do a reality show with his mother and siblings/cousins but the show never aired on television. 

Jermajesty Jackson. 

Jermajesty is Jermaine's youngest child who is currently in high school. Jermajesty is very close to his family and is often hanging out with his cousin, Michael Jr. 

Valencia, Brittany (Jackson) Sanchez and Marlon Jackson Jr. - They are the children of Marlon and Carol Jackson. They are grandparents to five grandchildren. 

Valencia Jackson with her father Marlon Jackson.

Valencia is the oldest who is divorced and is the mother of two children name Noah and Sophia. Valencia is a Marketing/Communication Manager for a national food service. She has a side business regarding travelling, culture and photography. Valencia contacted me back in February requesting that I remove a picture of her and her children from this blog. Of course, I refuse to respond to that and I will never remove anything from my blog. If you give websites pictures of you children and it is posted on a website, it will be on I posted the picture because there was no other recent pictures of her. Also, there is video of Marlon with her children. I wonder when will she contact the person who upload the video on youtube. Some of these people make me laugh. 

Brittany Jackson Sanchez

Brittany is married to Mario Sanchez and has three children name Phoenix, Savanna and the newest edition Summer, who was born last year. Brittany has a Bachelor's degree and used to work as a Mortgage Loan Officer.

Marlon Jackson.

Marlon Jr. is the youngest who probably went to college but it is not sure if he graduated. It is not sure what he does at the moment and he is not on social media. 

Michael Jr., Paris and Prince Michael Jackson - Michael and his second ex-"wife" Debbie Rowe has two children and Michael and an unidentified woman are the parents of the youngest child. T.J. and Katherine are the guardians of Prince Michael (Blanket/Bigi).

Michael Jackson Jr. (Prince), 2015. 

Michael Jr. (Prince) is currently a freshman at Loyola Marymount University School of Film. Prince graduated from high school back in May and turned 18 in February. As for relationships, it was rumored that he is on his fifth girlfriend but that has not been confirmed. Prince is still active on twitter and has a youtube account. He did have an Instagram account but has since deleted it. Update 09/08/2017 - Michael Jr. started a charity at his school called Heal LA. This charity is similar to the charity that his father had in the 1990s. He now has an official instagram account and has been promoting his charity on various interviews. He did a great interview with the "Los Angeles Times" which states a lot of things that happened to him after his father was murdered. This was a truthful interview that I am proud to post. Here is the link-

Michael Jr. did various interviews with the media to promote his charity and I am going to post three interviews he did in 2016 and 2017 - 

Michael Jr. on Extra with host Mario Lopez, 2016.

Michael Jr. on Good Morning America with co-host Robin Roberts, 2017. 

Michael Jr. on some UK morning show called This Morning with Phillip and Holly, 2017. 


Paris Jackson, 2015. 

Paris is currently a senior at high school and is in a relationship with her boyfriend Chester Castellaw . She has returned to social media having a verified account on Instagram. Update 09/08/2017 - Many things have happened to Paris since I made this post. Many things I disagree with but for the sake of information, I will state to you to google it yourself to read it. No need to post it on here simply because there are holes in her story and this blog only posts facts and truths. Paris has been featured in many magazine covers, is now a model and actress who signed up to the agency IMG Models, signed a seven figure contract with Calvin Kline and will have a recurring role of the Fox television drama "Star". I am not going to state every single update because this blog post is not about her and you can go and find them for yourself. However, I will post the time she was on the "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" playing a game with him because this is something that she does that reminds me of her father. 

Paris on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, 2017. 

Prince Michael Jackson (Blanket/Bigi), in the middle being a star, 2015. 

Prince Michael (Blanket/Bigi) is now enrolled at Buckley and turned 13 in February. Blanket/Bigi is supposedly on social media with an Instagram account. 

Update 09/08/2017 - I could not be any more proud of his sons. I wish I can state the same about his daughter, but if you have been reading my tweets and Facebook posts since that messy "Rolling Stone" interview went viral back in February, you will have an clue how I feel. It is sad but it is what it is. Regardless, I wish his children the best and they will live great lives. I do believe that. 

Genevieve, Randy Jr., Donte and Stevanna Jackson - Randy and his former girlfriend Alejandra Oaziara have two children together ( One of Alejandra's sons, Donte, is legally adopted by Jermaine and Alejandra when they were married. However, Jermaine does not currently state that Donte is his son.) and Randy and his ex-wife Eliza Shaffy have one child together. 

Genevieve Jackson

Genevieve is currently working on her music career. She, along with her mother and brothers/cousins were doing a reality show but it never aired. She is in a relationship with her boyfriend and is active on social media. 

Stevanna Jackson

Stevanna is one of the relatives that is not in the entertainment business. A few years ago, she graduated from Harvard University and began working for her grandfather, Joe. Stevanna is very close with her siblings and cousin Austin. She is active on social media.

Randy Jackson Jr. (left), his mother Alejandra Oaiziara and brother/cousin Jaafar Jackson.

Randy Jr. along with his mother and siblings/cousins were set to do a reality show but it never aired on television. As for what Randy does for a living, it is unclear. However, he likes to go out to eat a lot based on the food that he posts on his Instagram account. 

Donte Jackson with his brother/cousin Jermajesty Jackson, 2015.

Donte is a mystery because it is not known what he does exactly. He loves to be around his family, particularly his siblings and cousins. At times, he likes to state things that makes you believe that he is into other things that deals with the outer world. He was also going to do a reality show with his mother and siblings/cousins but that show did not air on television. 

Update 09/08/2017 - Eissa Al Mana- He is the son of Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana. 

Janet with her son, Eissa in 2017. 

Here is video of Janet holding her son.

Janet with her Eissa in 2017. 

Yasmine Jackson - She is the daughter of JoVonnie Jackson. (JoVonnie is Joe's youngest daughter which makes her the half sister of Michael and his siblings). 

Yasmine Jackson

Yasmine is the one member of the next generation Jacksons that I forgot to add to previous editions of this feature. I have made sure to add her on this edition. In recent years, Yasmine along with her mother started to develop a closeness to their famous family members. She is very close to Austin and her aunt Rebbie. Yasmine currently works as a medical assistant in Las Vegas and graduated from schooling this year. 


Update 09/09/2017 - For more updates on the Jackson family, please check out Jackson Source, and on the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. You can also follow most of the Jacksons on social media where they post their updates on all of the things that they do. 


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