Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Murray Found Guilty

On Monday November 7, 2011 former doctor Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the music legend Michael Jackson. The jury took, altogether, 9 hours to come to an unanimous decision to convict the now convicted felon. The verdict was announced on 4pm EST, 1pm PST around the world and on the Internet.

Conrad Murray Guilty, 2011.

After the verdict was read, the MJ fans, his family and supporters cheered believing that justice was indeed served. For me, personally, I was relieved that this "doctor" was found guilty. This man should never deal with patients ever again. Even though the pawn, fall guy, or scapegoat has now been convicted, the other killers are still out there. Yes, other killers - I meant every word I typed. Just because the pawn, who physically killed MJ, was now in a jail cell awaiting his sentence, does not mean that he was the only killer. I truly believe that a person does not have to physically kill anyone to actually kill someone.

However, even though justice has been somewhat served, I still feel that Murray's conviction is not enough. This quote is a quote that I cannot fully support -

Finally, over two years after the death of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop's family and fans finally have some closure.
I still do not feel that Murray's conviction is true closure. I always believed that Michael's murder was a conspiracy and was planned for years, even before Murray came into the picture. I feel that Murray did everything in his power not to help Michael because he wanted to get paid and because of his foolish behavior and arrogance. Murray might not even get jail time. He was the right doctor to do this crime. I truly believe that some kind of deal was made between both the judge, prosecution and the defense along with AEG and the executors of Michael's estate to make sure that Murray goes down but will not be charged with first degree murder and if he was to be convicted of involuntary manslaughter that he might not serve any time. I  have my reasons to believe that theory. Based on one of my blog entries regarding the trial basically being bought and AEG and John Branca's law firm giving D.A. Cooley contributions in regards to his election to become D.A.

Yes, I typed a lot of stuff and it might not make sense at first. It is not suppose to. This whole murder case was done to solely focus on Michael's flaws and Murray's stupid behavior and it ignored the whole reason why this even happened to Michael.  

Justice for Michael means so many things to so many people. To me, justice for Michael is broken down in certain factors. In no order -

* Factor 1: Murray should have received harsher charges. I read an article on the about a journalist opinion about the Murray verdict. A few parts of the article really stroke me and made me realized that the DAs in this case should have done everything in their power to changed the charges to first degree.

A long-time friend and supporter of Conrad Murray, who spoke with me outside of the courthouse on more that one occasion, shared a glimpse of the real Conrad Murray with me. He stated, "Conrad is arrogant and nobody can tell him anything. He is my friend but blaming Michael for killing himself is crazy."

The witnesses testified that Dr. Murray was the most attentive and caring doctor they ever had. They told of how Dr. Murray's skill, as a cardiologist, altered the course of their lives in a positive way and in some cases, saved their lives. It was during the character witnesses' testaments to Dr. Murray's humane characteristics and great skill that Murray began to cry. He was touched - it appeared. However, I found it ironic that he was never moved to tears when the naked, dead body of Michael Jackson was displayed on the autopsy gurney. He remained stoic when testimony of Michael's daughter screaming and crying by the side of their dead father's body was given. He was unfazed when Michael's intoxicated, slurring voice was heard detailing his loneliness, his pain as a child and his life-long struggle to fit in. Dr. Murray's tears were sincere but they only seem to fall when the focal point of the story was Conrad Murray.

The greatest support for my unwavering perception of Conrad Murray's selfish character, were his actions when he entered Michael Jackson's bedroom while speaking on the phone with one of his girlfriends. When Conrad Murray realized that Michael Jackson was dead, he went into "Me First" mode.

For a friend to say that speaks volumes. Murray had the attitude of a person who could careless about his patients and more about himself. How can a doctor be arrogant when he is dealing with lives on a daily basis? What happened to being compassionate and empathetic?

* Factor 2: Dr. Klien should have had his licence revoked. This man was MJ's dermatologist for years and the weekend before the verdict, he did an interview with HLN and CNN (same company) talking about Michael, his one time patient. Why is this monster talking? Why wasn't this man even charged with a crime? How many times has this man violated the HIPAA law??? Why does he still have patients??

* Factor 3: The media needs to pay. I have often believed that in many ways, the media is one of the main reasons why MJ is no longer here. The media has made it their mission to literally destroy his legacy so that shame can be attached to the name Michael Jackson. When the verdict was read guilty, the media should have gotten a clue that the do not dictate Michael's legacy. Michael's relationship with the media was legendary horrific. Michael never truly had a fair shake in the media and the media loathe Michael. On the 11th of November, MSNBC will air an documentary about Murray and his ordeal during his trial. This is PROOF that the media really hates Michael Jackson. For that cable channel to buy the rights to that mess and wanting to air it is disgusting. This would have never happened if a killer murdered a celebrity that was respected and treated fairly in the media. However, because of the media hatred towards Michael, the media sees nothing wrong doing this stunt. SMH.

* Factor 4: John Branca needs to step down as an co-executor. I mean, where do I start? He seems slimey and is in this for power and money. I do not believe Michael wanted this man to be an executor to his estate. Once he steps down, a family member who is smart and not into the spotlight (Jackie, Taj or Randy) should be co-executor.

* Factor 5: AEG should be ruined. AEG not caring about MJ during his issues when he was rehearsing for the This is It tour says all you need to know about that company. They are selfish, greedy and inconsiderate. They are 100% responsible for putting that Murray murderer in Michael's life, in some way. I feel that the wrongful death lawsuit case that will happen next year will be won by the Jackson family.

* Factor 6: Sony needs to explain why they controlled Michael's life. Sony/BMG set up a lot of things that made sure that Michael was screwed. In the future, I am do a blog all about how Sony, imo, controlled Michael's life.

In the midst of the news of Murray's conviction, a so called MJ "fan" was not too happy of the verdict. The "fan" and I often communicated on the social networking site twitter and we tweeted about the case, the conspiracy and what led to MJ's demise. The one thing that I did not realize about this "fan" until he/she told me was that she/he believed that Murray is innocent. How can a "fan" who runs a message board on MJ that no one goes on and communicates with fans actually believe that Murray is innocent?? I was puzzled and I was even more puzzled when this "fan" unfollowed me on twitter because I simply stated to her/him that she/he needs to be more of a fan and stop the negativity. Now, I really could careless if people unfollow me on twitter because I am not expected to be anything to anyone. However, for someone to unfollow me because I do not see eye to eye with their point of view is immature and laughable. I am going to post the link to this person's twitter account because fans need to be aware of this Murray supporter -

After everything what is left? How will all justice for Michael be served? How can his family, true friends and fans truly have closure? I do not truly know if closure will ever happen and I do not truly know if justice will ever be served for MJ. However, I do know this - Michael is not here. He will not watch his children grow, he will not spend time with his parents. He will not find a great woman to marry and grow old with. He will not be around his brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews again. He will not be around his fans. He will not contribute to society. He will not sing, dance or perform anymore. He will not do any of these things because he is no longer here to do them. That was the sad reality that hit me hard when the verdict was read. The world will never see that kind of person ever again. For me personally, no matter what I do in my life - get married, have children, have a career, give back, etc., I will never get over this man's murder. I will never truly accept what happened to him. A part of me died when Michael died and I will never get that part of me back.

Michael in 1988.


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