Friday, November 4, 2011

Video: Michael Jackson - Life of an Icon

David Gest, a friend of the Jackson family, has done a documentary on one of his best friends, the late, great Michael Jackson. The documentary is now out on DVD and was originally supposed to be in theaters.

These three videos that I will post have to do with what the DVD documentary will feature. I have not watch the documentary as of yet because I want to buy the DVD and watch it. (Hopefully, it is out already.)

The first video is of Rebbie and Tito Jackson, Michael's older siblings, being interviewed about the documentary -

Tom Mesereau and Susan Yu were Michael's lawyers during his 2005 trial -

David Gest, one of Michael's friends from childhood/teenage years up until his murder -

When I finally see the documentary, I will watch it and do a review of it on this blog.

I want to also state that the case is now in the hands of the jury and even though I stated on this blog that I have stopped "following" the case, I still want some type of justice to be served. I want this "doctor" to go to jail and I hope the jury does the right thing. I will not celebrate if the verdict is guilty because what is it to celebrate? Michael is gone forever. For many fans, the conviction (hopefully) of Conrad Murray will end the whole Justice for Michael campaign. However, for me and other fans, it is just beginning. 

Michael with a cute dog in 1984.



Credit for the videos: heyuguysblog on 

Credit for the photo: from my personal harddrive