Thursday, December 8, 2011

Revelations and Realizations

This week, I was told that two blogs on my blogroll were Sony supported blogs. I am not going to get into the details on how I was told and who told me. That is not important. What is important is that I do not want my blog to be associated with anything that is pro-Sony and pro- MJ Estate. I am not going to mention what blogs that are in question, I am just going to delete the blogs this weekend. I want people to read my blog and know that it is coming from a true fan and not a paid Sony plant that is told to blog about certain things just to distract the fans from the bigger picture. 

So, I found out something about J. Randy Taraborrelli and his connection with John Branca, one of the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate. I am going to post the information:

Taraborrelli: "Yes, and thanks for pointing this out, Brandy. Branca is a very good friend of mine and has been for 30 years. It's upsetting that there's a movement trying to point fingers... when, Brandy is right, it's Conrad Murray who is to blame. I'll ... leave this up for a few hours, though. I know that people have strong differences of opinions about this thing and I try to respect that but personally, I don't believe in conspiracy theories, pretty much across the board. That's my truth. I think all of this finger-pointing only serves to take the focus off of where it really belongs - the prosecution of Conrad Murray." 
Isn't that interesting?? I think it is. At times, I have often given people chances because people make mistakes. The "chance" I gave Taraborrelli was being a "friend" on his facebook account. Meaning, I added him as a friend on facebook and I usually do not do that to the media. At first, I did not want to because of the many lies and crap that the "author" have said about Michael. I followed the 2005 child abuse trial (it was more of a cover-up for what Sony wanted to do for Michael instead of an actual trial) like crazy and Taraborrelli said various things about Michael that made me very angry. At one point during the trial days when I was a frequent member on now the (bleech, I cannot stand that place) I had an oppotunity to communicate with a man who worked in the entertainment industry. This man told something very telling about Taraborrelli and his ways. One day, I will post the information on this blog.

After Michael's murder, I noticed that Taraborrelli had a facebook account and after careful thinking, I decided to friend him because as long as I do not communicate with him, it was cool. When he would make certain facebook statuses that I did not care for, I decided to hide his statuses on my news feed so I will not read them. I rarely went to his account to read his crap just to see what he had to state. However, whenever I did read it, I did not really cared about his opinions. When I was given a link that I posted to read this week,  I saw that comment that Taraborrelli sent to the fan and I was furious but not shocked. 

Taraborrelli admitted to being friends with Branca and now I know where those stupid asexual stories comes from. Even when he was featured in the David Gest documentary on Michael, Taraborrelli was still on his "Michael was an asexual" trip among other foolishness like stating that Lisa Marie Presley was an "honest woman" and calling that Jordan Chandler punk "Jordy". LOL & SMH. Taraborrelli 's first book on Michael started a whole new wave of negative bashing that Michael started to received during the 1990s. Thanks to Taraborrelli's book, the media started calling Michael a "freak" and really ran with the "Michael is crazy" train. Taraborrelli has done so many updates of that lame book of his that he does not know when to stop. He did an update on his book after Michael died and he did not add anything new or important. 

I am not surprised that Taraborrelli does not believe in the conspiracy that Michael stated from his own mouth that he was living in. Taraborrelli was one of the many tabloid journalists that made a career (literally) destroying Michael's life. Taraborrelli is a HUGE fan of Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna and he was jealous of Michael's success. He was, dare I say it, HAPPY when Michael suffered from 1993 up to his murder in 2009. Why? Because anyone who is a uber fan of those three gay icons are mostly haters of Michael Jackson. It was a dream of Taraborrelli's to see Michael fall down while those women rose above him, especially Madonna. It made him very happy. That would explain why he was always eager to go to the media and dish with his gossipy/tabloid invested friends about how "crazy" Michael was to them. BTW, Conrad Murray was a bad doctor that had no business treating patients, but if I knew Taraborrelli personally I would tell him to point those fingers of his to his friend Branca and himself. Murray phyiscally killed Michael but Branca and others with the help of Taraborrelli and others helped made sure Michael was murdered. I unfriend that bastard Tuesday night (12/8/2011). 

Another MJ "supporter" journalist that I decided to "get rid of" from one of my social networking accounts was Charles Thompson. I followed him on twitter and the reason why I did was because he did a "nice" article on Michael and even one of Michael's relatives (nephew), Taj Jackson, supported Charles' article on Michael. So, I decided to follow him. I read that in the past that Charles did some nasty articles on Michael. I never read them because I did not want to know. I know, I am an idiot. I should have read what he said. I came across a blog entry about him. Here is the information -

Thompson did an article about the media's bias towards Michael but he must have forgotten his own bias. I never read the blog entry in which he trashed Michael and I never read his article on Michael. All I know is that Thompson, like Taraborrelli (who is his friend) are one in the same. 

This blog entry is not about trashing Thompson or Taraborrelli. However, it is more about me realizing and truly understanding that because a blog is positive on Michael or a journalist is "nice" on Michael does not mean that is the case. Let's face it, as a fan, I hate that Michael gets trashed and belittled but at the same time, Michael is not here to witness it or deal with it. The fans are hurt by it, but we know the truth about Michael and that is all we need to counterattack the nonsense. Thompson and Taraborrelli are journalists that made a living trashing Michael and their view about him after his murder means nothing. The blogs that are runned by Sony and supported by the Michael Jackson Estate are not from true fans that really cared about Michael. A fan that wants to do a blog on Michael should not be supported by the very record company that ruined him and an Estate that helped murdered him. 

Michael from the 1970s



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