Friday, December 9, 2011

Michael's Children & Mother on This Week's People

On my way to work this morning, I went to a book store to ask the register if they had change for $20.00. As I was looking at the register, I saw the new issue of People magazine and saw Katherine with Prince, Paris and Blanket on the upper left hand side of the cover. I was shocked because I did not expect to see them on the cover. 

People magazine, 2011. 

So, I purchased the magazine because I wanted to read the article. I was a frequent buyer of People magazine but I eventually stopped. (Be real, MJ fans, you bought magazines that weren't that 100% kind to Michael as well.... it is something that we should not be proud of but we have a weak moments.) This was the first magazine I purchased in months. Anyway, when I got home from work, I decided to type the whole article so that people can read it. Knowing how MJ fans post information about anything dealing with his children, the magazine article was probably scanned all over the MJ theme websites, twitter & facebook accounts and messageboards/forums. 

However, I wanted to type the article so that people who want to read the article can read the article. The article stated some interesting things about the children. It was not negative or mean spirited but boy, do People magazine loved to use that "Jackson insider" source. I kept on reading that term and thinking to myself, "I wonder who is the source/insider telling this magazine the details...." People magazine has been having an obsession (that is the nicest way I can describe their fondness of Michael's children) with Michael's children since was he murdered. There will be more of this to come in the near future. Get use to it, MJ fans because it is not going to stop. 

People Magazine
 December 19th, 2011
Volume 76
Number 25
Pages 62-65
The Jackson 3
Life After Michael
Under the grandmother Katherine’s Care, Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson are growing up happy and grounded.

There’s little doubt that the acrobatic and musical spectacle that is Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour would have thrilled the late King of Pop. “He’d be very proud,” brother Marlon tells People. But what Michael might enjoyed just as much was the behind-the-scenes action before the Dec. 3 Las Vegas show: His daughter Paris tried on a colorful headpiece; his youngest son, Blanket, operated an animatronic MJ puppet; and the oldest, Prince, showed off his moonwalking. Then, at a private preview of the Michael Jackson Fan Fest exhibit with their grandmother Katherine, Paris checked out her dad’s custom Rolls-Royce, while her siblings played his vintage video games. Says Marlon: “They loved it all.”

Whether they’re on the red carpet at tributes such as IMMORTAL, watching The X-Factor finalists sing Michael’s songs, or honing their creative sides, Prince 14, Paris, 13 and Blanket 9 are making sure their father’s legacy lives on long after his 2009 death. “They’re doing great”, says their uncle Jackie at the Dec. 3 IMMORTAL performance.  And while they may be mini-celebs with multi-million- dollar trust funds reportedly waiting for them when their turn 30 – their father’s estate earned $445 million in the past two years alone, according to Forbes – Jackie says the secret to keeping the children grounded is their close-knit clan and his mother, Katherine, who is raising them. “My mom is doing a great job,” he says. Adds the kids’ cousin Genevieve (Randy’s daughter and one of more than 20 first cousins): My grandmother is 81, but she’s very hands-on!”

These days Katherine and the kids live in a rented seven-bedroom mansion in a Calabasas, Calif., gated community. (The family’s Hayvenhurst home is being renovated.) The kids have their own rooms: Prince is video-game central; Blanket’s is filled with comic books; and Paris has Justin Bieber posters. Says a Jackson insider: “They’re happy kids.”

All three, who are being raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses, still hold a close connection to their dad. On Twitter, Paris name him as a role model (along with Jada Pinkett Smith and Halle Berry) and posts his lyrics. Prince according to the insider, often remarks, “My father wouldn’t do it that way.” The kids don their father’s signature red and black for events, but Blanket’s hair pays the most respect to Dad. Says the insider: “He keeps it long because it was the way his father liked it.”

The trio are also into filmmaking, which Michael loved. Paris wants to act and “Prince and Blanket was to direct,” says music artist Genevieve, 22. “They recruit their cousins to act in their home movies.” And Katherine wants them to explore their creative sides. “Now that the kids are a little older, she takes into consideration their interests,” says Genevieve. “She encourages them to pursue things they enjoy.”

For Prince and Paris that includes school. After years of home education, they were “excited” to enroll in a Los Angeles-area private school, says Genevieve. “They absolutely loved it,” adds the family insider. Paris has made her mark as the only female on the flag football team, while Prince has focused on another extracurricular pursuit: “Girls really like him and he likes girls,” reveals the insider, adding that Katherine wasn’t “too happy” when he had a girlfriend earlier this year. Grandma has the final say, but Prince “is strong-minded,” says the insider. “He takes the floor in full control like his father.”

Paris, who is “very sweet and a little shy” according to the insider, has a passion for fashion. “She loves going out with her Aunt Janet – shopping,  getting their nails done.” There’s also lots of bonding at home. “The whole family gets together often to play games like Pictonary, UNO, Scrabble,” says Genevieve, “The cousins are very close.”

Those ties got them through one painful chapter recently: In November Michael’s doctor Conrad Murray was convicted of his manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison. Says the insider: “The kids are happy they can focus again on school and other things.” Such as their own showbiz careers? “Paris is currently in talks to appear in a film,” says an insider. “Both she and Prince have received some lucrative offers to act.” So far, Katherine has turned down similar offers – with good reason. Says the insider: “She wants them to have a normal life right now.”
Joey Bartolomeo . Reporting by Champ Clark (in L.A), Mark Gray (in Las Vegas) and Julie K. L. Dam (In New York City)

Michael with his children in 2003.


"The Jackson 3: Life After Michael", People, Bartolomeo, Joey, Clark, Hamp, Gray, Mark, and Dam, Julie K.L. Pages 62-65, December 11, 2011.

Cover of the issue from my personal harddrive that was scanned after the blog entry was made.
Picture of Michael with his son Michael Jr. and daughter Paris in 2003 from my personal harddrive.