Monday, December 19, 2011

There Were Others

I stated on my previous blog entry that I was going to do an entry about other Jackson family members who have flirted with the entertainment business while going to school. (I consider singing, acting and modeling entertainment.) There were fans who were not happy about Paris doing a movie and probably forgot that the Jacksons are an family of entertainers. At the same time, it is not determined if some of the Jacksons who want to entertain, will have the success that Michael and Janet had/have. That is why going to college is not only an option, it is a necessity. That does not just go for the Jacksons , but for anyone that wants to jump into the entertainment business because they see money and success. It does not happen to everyone and that is the harsh reality. Getting an education guarantees that a person who has one has a back-up plan when things look gloomy when they are out there looking for success in the entertainment business. 

So, here is a rundown of Jackson family members who have done work in the entertainment field while getting an education. 


While in elementary school, Janet's first acting role was on the popular 1970s sitcom Good Times in which she played an abused child name Penny who was eventually adopted by Fiona (played by Jan'et Dubios). Janet stated in her interview with Good Morning America that she started acting when he was ten years old. After Good Times, Janet moved on to do another popular sitcom from the 1980s known as Differ'nt Strokes and she played Todd Bridges' girlfriend, Charlene Durpey between the years 1981 to 1982.

Video of Janet on the show Different Strokes

The cover to Janet's first album released in 1982.

At this time, Janet was not only a high school student but became a recording artist when she released her first album Janet Jackson in 1982.  In 1984, she was on the television show called Fame playing Cleo Hewitt and in that same year, she graduated from high school and wanted to go to college to pursue a career as an entertainment lawyer. However, her father, Joe Jackson, had other plans for Janet. As we all know, she become the icon that world knows as Janet. 


3T are the sons of Tito Jackson, Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and Tito Jackson Jr. (better known as TJ Jackson) and the brothers formed a group with one another. 

3T in one of their earlier promotional photographs.

They attended the Buckley School (a K-12th grade college preparatory private school located in Calabasas, Ca. It is the same school that Michael Jr. [Prince] and Paris currently attend.) and went to school with famous alumni such as Nicole Richie (legendary singer Lionel Richie's daughter and is the goddaughter of Michael), Paris and Nicki Hilton, The Kardashian sisters, actress Alyassa Milano to name a few. While at school, they scored a deal with Sony Records, presumbly under Michael's record label at that time known as MJJ Records. Their music first appeared on the Free Willy soundtrack called with a song called, "Didn't Mean to Hurt You" back in 1993. 

Their first album called Brotherhood. 

Their video for their hit single, "Anything".

While the brothers were doing their first album, Taj was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania (located in Philadelphia, Pa, supposedly) but eventually had to drop out. In 1995, the brothers released their first album known as Brotherhood and in 2004 released their second album, Identity. Eventually, while having hit albums and singles all over the world, the brothers graduated from the Buckley School. 

Jermaine Jackson Jr. 

His father was part of legendary music band, his uncle was the greatest artist ever and his grandfather, Berry Gordy (his daughter, Hazel is Jermaine Jr.'s mother) founded Motown records. Jermaine Jr. was destined to become a star.

Jermaine Jr. with his father in 1981.

He was first seen in his uncle's classic film Moonwalker doing the "Badder" video in 1987. Then he moved on into acting by playing his father in The Jacksons: An American Dream in 1992. 

Jermaine Jr. in this part of the movie.

While doing the made for television movie, he was enrolled into Beverly Hills High School and graduated in 1995. He attended to Forham University in New York. 


She is the daughter of Jackie and was first seen in ads for her uncle Michael's L.A. Gear sneakers back in the 1980s. 

Brandi was in the L.A. Gear ad with her uncle, Michael.

In 1991, Michael cast her as one of the children in his classic short film, "Black or White". 

Brandi was in the "Black or White" video.

It was rumored that Brandi did some modeling in her teenage years. She eventually went to school and graduated. 


She is the second child of Randy and was on a Disney show called Movie Surfers back in the 2000. She also did a guest spot on the Nickelodeon television show Zoey 101 in which she played a character name Tasha back in 2005.

On the Disney show Movie Surfer.

While doing these shows, she was attending the Buckley school. Eventually, she graduated from Buckley and currently attends Harvard University. 


He is one of Jermaine's children who has the modeling bug. He was first seen on Access Hollywood back in 2003 playing golf with his father. These days, he is posing for pictures and is currently home schooled. 

Jaafar posing with the Jacksons' pet dog, Kenya.


The only daughter of Michael recently went on Ellen to talk about her first major movie role. The movie is called Lundon Bridge and it will be released in 2013. In the interview, she talks about school, playing sports and how she finds academics "boring". 

Paris on Ellen



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