Thursday, December 15, 2011

What About School??

When I was on Facebook nearly two weeks ago, I read that Paris Jackson, the only daughter of Michael, was going to be on Ellen, I thought it was a lie. Ellen has always loved Michael and often played his music on her show so I had no issue with Ellen as a whole. However, I did not understand why Paris would need to be on her show unless she was promoting something. 

So, I went on twitter and asked the MJ fans if it was true that Paris was going to be on Ellen. A fan tweeted me back stating that it was true. I was also told that Paris is going to do a movie. That shocked me and it angered me. I did not know why Paris needed to do a movie now when she is in school and should be focused on getting an education. 

I was angry and then I remembered that Paris was not the only Jackson family member to have flirted with the acting/singing bug while being in school. In the near future (that is probably this weekend) I will do an blog entry on Jackson family members who had careers in the entertainment business but also went to and eventually finished school. 

When I found out what type of movie that Paris was going to start doing, I did not see what was wrong with it in the point of view of what the movie was about. However, I felt that she still needed to wait until she was a good age to really start doing the acting thing. It is OK for her to do acting in her school and maybe do guest spots on the Disney/Nickelodeon type of shows just to get her use to it, but I do not think it is OK to let her be in a leading role when she is 13 and have no clue what she truly wants to do, in my opinion. 

I understand that Paris and her brother Michael Jr. (Prince) wants to act but I feel that if that is the case, they should be more passionate on hitting the books than to read the lines to some movie. Then, I read that it is possible that the director of the movie was exploiting Paris, according to this article from this website -

Michael Jackson’s siblings want daughter’s name off iffy film project
WITH BILL ZWECKER December 11, 2011 5:58PM

More controversy inside Michael Jackson’s family.
A number of MJ’s siblings — along with close family friends — think Paris Jackson is being exploited by a little-known Hollywood producer, who has yet to do a feature film.
Katherine Jackson supposedly has been charmed byStephen Sobisky into allowing Paris to star in “Lundon’s Bridge,” based on a privately published, little-known Hollywood actor, Dennis Christen.Janet Charlton
reports others slated to appear in the movie are Larry King and his wife, Shawn, and Joey Fatone of N’Sync.
I’ve learned that the Kings’ close relationship with the Jacksons was a big part of this coming together.
While Paris has shown a real flair for acting — in private classes and school productions — many believe being the daughter of the King of Pop would automatically allow her access to Hollywood’s best studios, producers and directors.
“She does not need to be involved with a guy who clearly is using her attachment to his project to raise the money. … This is pure exploitation of Michael Jackson’s only daughter,” said a source very close to the family.

 Roger Friedman was also talking about this but anyone that knows the history of Friedman's views on Michael knows that Friedman has a bias against Michael and I will not use his nonsense and post it on here. After reading that article, I had to be against this movie. I have no idea if any of that information from that article about the director is true. I just know how Hollywood is like when it comes to child actors. 

I am not a supporter of Hollywood and will never be. Hollywood, in my opinion, is a fantasy and only lost souls want to be a part of a fantasy. The things that happened to Michael happened because in some way, he wanted to be part of the fantasy. I do not want that to happen to his children. How many child stars ended up ruined from Hollywood? Too many to count. The last thing that needs to happen to the Jackson family is another tragedy. The last thing that needs to happen is another Lindsay Lohan. The last thing that needs to happen is a lost soul trying to recapture that fantasy that is Hollywood. 

I do not want Paris or her brothers to feel that in order to protect or support their father's legacy, they must be entertainers. I think that Michael's true legacy is not entertainment but his humanitarian efforts. Michael's children need to focus more on their education and less on trying to preserve his legacy. MJ fans are preserving it, his siblings are preserving it and the Estate is making money off of it. The children, I feel, are being pressured into doing things in their father's name instead of being children and enjoying their childhoods. 

I also feel that someone is controlling what Katherine, Michael's mother and Paris' grandmother, in regards to the decisions that have been made. I do not think that deep down, Katherine wants Paris to jump into acting and possibly modeling when she just turned 13 in April. I think that someone in the family, not Katherine's children or grown grandchildren, are doing this. Back in July, Randy, Michael's younger brother, had a twitter Q &A with fans and a fan asked him about a certain family member. This is what he stated - 

So, based on what Randy tweeted, there is a problem going on in the Jackson household and this could explain why Michael Jr. went to Germany to present song lyrics of his father's work for charity. He had to miss a day of school to leave his home without being accompanied by a family member but went with a man who screwed over his father some years back name Dieter Weinser. This could explain why Paris is doing a movie and being on Ellen instead of enjoying her day of school. This could explain why the Forever Michael tribute was nearly a complete joke because of the timing of the concert and adding Gene Simmons to the line-up not knowing what that creep stated about MJ after Michael's death. It could explain why Prince and Paris (now verified) accounts on twitter when they are not suppose to have one. This could explain a lot of weird and borderline crazy decisions that was made after Michael's passing. 

I want to support Michael's children in what they do because I loved Michael that much. However, I cannot support any of it. If their education has to be taken a back seat so that they can get ready for the entertainment business, Michael's wishes for his children are not going to happen. I cannot accept Michael's wishes for the children that he adored, loved and raised to be ignored for selfish and foolish reasons. There is NO reason for any of his children to be on some television show when they have nothing to promote. Paris was on Ellen to fill in for Lindsay Lohan - that is lame. Can another person be used as a fill in????

But then, I watched the interview and it was very sweet. I am still standing by what I stated on here because I still find all of these things odd. I want his children to be able to do what they want to do and still get an education. Even Janet feels the same way I feel about it. 

I feel that whatever is going on in the Jackson family that Michael's wishes for his children are being enforced and his family need to handle their personal drama with their other relatives on a private basis. The family need to also look into these directors, producers, etc and find out if there are any red flags or warnings. 

At the end of the day, there is not much I can do as a fan but to only express my opinion about the whole thing and pray. I hope and pray that Paris is taken good care of when she does the movie and that whatever she wants to accomplish with this movie that it will be accomplished. I also hope and pray that no matter what the children do in their lives that their education is not ignored and that Michael's hopes and dreams for them are being supported. At the same time, it would be good if the movie "Lundon Bridges" does not happen and that Paris will have an opportunity to find out what are her talents outside of the entertainment business. You never know, she might just forget the whole acting thing and become a registered nurse. Let's hope for that. 

Michael and his kids in 2003.



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