Sunday, May 27, 2012

Criticism of the Jackson Family Part 2

Two weeks ago, the Jackson brothers – Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon – were interviewed by Piers Morgan of CNN. The brothers were on there to promote their Unity tour that kicks off June 18th. I watched the whole interview on and for the most part, I like the interview. 

The Jacksons on Piers Morgan Tonight.

Also, the brothers did do interviews after Michael died. Remember these interviews: 

The Jacksons on Larry King Live in 2009 to promote their reality show.

The brothers were also on the Today show months after Michael's death:

The Jacksons on the Today show in 2009 to promote their reality show.

I guess Piers Morgan did not do his research. Also, why was Marlon wearing sunglasses? He was inside the building not out in the sun. He can take off the glasses. I have to admit, though, the brothers made some really good points in regards to their father, Joseph, keeping them busy doing chores instead of running the streets. 

Marlon was interviewed on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to talk about the tour. (click here to listen to the interview) I have to be honest, when I listened to the interview; it seemed to me that Marlon did not seem to be all that confident about the tour. Just saying. We will see how this all plays out when the tour starts on June 18th. Also, the magazine, Entertainment Weekly stated that the brothers were supposed to be the musical guests on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last Tuesday (May 22nd). Yes, you are not reading things - the brothers were scheduled, according to magazine to be on Jay Leno's show - the same Leno who did those horrible jokes on Michael.

I took a picture of the part of the magazine.

I watched that show on that day and they were not the music guests. Maybe there was a mistake in the scheduling.....

Yashi, Michael’s niece and Rebbie’ s daughter, participated in a fundraiser in L.A. last week

The official flyer for the fundraiser. 

to benefit music education in schools. Yashi had various celebrities participating in the event and one of those celebrities was Lisa Marie Presley. 

Yashi with Lisa Marie Presley. I mean, I can't make this up.

Once again, it seems like some of the Jacksons cannot let go of this woman. Have they ever seen the infamous interview Lisa Marie and her wicked mother, Priscilla Presley did with Oprah Winfrey in 2005 after Michael was vindicated? Did they ever read the Rolling Stone interview she did in 2003? Or did they ever listen to her radio interview with Howard Stern that same year? I am trying to understand what some of these Jacksons see in this woman that I do not see. Can they let her be? What is the deal here? Lisa Marie did not have a child with Michael so what is the deal with their connection to her? I do not get it at all.

Here we go again with the interviewing of the children – I found out on twitter that Paris will be interviewed by that Oprah woman for her flopped network OWN. It will air this summer. Sidenote: What is up with Oprah interviewing the daughters of deceased black megastars, i.e. Bobbi-Kristina Brown and Paris?? 

Just watch the video. SMH. 

Anyway, what in the world does this child have to promote? That movie that she is filming, Lundon Bridge and the Three Horses or some mess like that is not going to be released until 2013. That is a good nine months from now. I do not see the point of Oprah in that house once again harassing that 14 year old child. What does she need to ask this girl? Her paternity? (She better not go there but Oprah has zero respect for people, in my opinion.) Her father’s parenting skills? Her connection with her dead beat mother? What? Honestly, I am not looking forward to this interview because I am so tired of this child and her brothers being plastered in the public eye. Michael would be beyond furious if he was alive today and was witnessing this foolishness. Where are these relatives at so they can stop giving Oprah access to these children and all things Michael? That woman made up her damn mind about the man some years back. Why can the family get this woman to GO AWAY? I do not understand this nonsense.

Janet is on this month's cover of Prevention magazine and she stated her opinions about Paris going into the entertainment business - 

We've spoken about the fact that you’re only a child once. I think there’s a time for everything, and now is not the time [to act in films],” she said. “I told her I thought she should enjoy being a kid, possibly go to college-or not-but wait till she turns 18. She’s a very tough, smart girl. But it’s a cutthroat industry. I wouldn’t want my child to do it.
I hope that Janet continues to put some sense in this child's head. That is all she can do for her. This kid will not be running things at this point in her life. She better be like her cousin Stevanna Jackson (Randy's daughter), who graduated from Harvard University this past weekend, and get that college degree.

Last week, Katherine along with Brett Livingstone, was being interviewed by Piers Morgan and that had to be one of the most awkward, weird, unusual and cringe worthy interviews I have ever seen. I usually like Katherine’s interviews because she is such a sweet, wonderful and loving person but I do not know what was going on in that interview.

Katherine with Brett Livingstone on Piers Morgan Tonight.

First of all, Piers Morgan is a knucklehead and I would state a curse word, but I do not curse on my blog. I do not like that man at all. He is not well read on Michael and he knows that whenever he would do an interview with the Jacksons, he was going to have ratings. I really felt bad for Katherine because she seemed as though she did not know what she was stating. For example, she was defending the way Joseph raised their children. Look, I understand that Joseph had to do what he has to do, but he would knock the heck out of his children if they missed a dance step. That is brutal and that behavior cannot be defended. I understand that Katherine is a matriarch of the family and her job is to protect and defend her family yet, to defend physical child abuse is lame. Joseph had a lot of issues in his life and he put those issues on his defend less children who did not ask for the crap. They did forgive their father and all of them, even Michael, adored and love their father very much. However, Joseph has never taken the blame and the responsibility of doing what he did to his children and until he does that, I cannot support that man. I do not care about how things were back in the day or if their father was not there, they would be screwed. I do believe that the Jacksons would have end up like the DeBarge family if Joseph was not there. The scars of abuse does not go away and maybe if Joseph was sensitive to what his children went through, he would finally take the responsibility. You have to admit, though, Katherine’s comment about the world being doomed is a good one. In a lot of ways, I agree with her on that.

Second, what are they trying to promote by coming on the show? The paintings that Michael painted with Brett are wonderful but is there any proof that Michael was going to sell those paintings? As for the statue that Michael had envision for his fans to get married on – I do not believe that for a second that he would want that to happen. Why would Michael care where his fans get married? What does that have to do with him? Brett does not seem iffy to me because I didn’t catch any offensive vibes about him. He seems to be one of Michael’s reasonable friends but you never know about people these days. Lastly, I really did not see the point of Piers asking Katherine about the false child abuse allegations/smear campaign over and over again. That poor woman had to accompany her son to that ridiculous trial and listen to people lie about him. The last thing she would want to discuss is that horrible time. It is clear that Piers does not understand that Michael never befriended just boys; he befriended children, boys and girls. Piers come from the tabloid media section of the smear campaign so all he knows is tabloid and sensationalism. This fool was disrespectful asking Katherine if she had any doubt that Michael would ever harm a child. Hasn’t that poor woman been through enough??? Katherine did not come on that man’s show to talk about the mess her son went through and the last thing that she ever wants to talk about is that horrible time in their lives. 

Katherine did make a major mistake in the interview and this is why it is best that when she does interviews, she has to be accompanied by one of her relatives. It is clear that Katherine is up there in age and she is starting to confuse certain things. This is what I am most worried about when it comes to Katherine. In the interview, she stated that Jordan Chandler, the now young man who falsely accused Michael of child abuse in 1993, revealed that Michael never abused him. Here is the deal, unless I was dreaming, Jordan never came forward publicly and ever stated that Michael never abused him. Now, it is possible that Jordan told the family personally that Michael never harmed him, I am not sure. However, publicly, Jordan has never stated that Michael never abused him. Now his father, Evan Chandler, committed suicide after Michael passed away. He must have realized that his love for money destroyed another person’s life and when that person passed away, he felt so guilty that he took his own life. Katherine also stated that she asked Grace if Michael was happy and Grace told her that he was. That is off to me – why couldn't Katherine just ask her son if he was happy herself instead of asking Grace? Weird.

Marlon being interviewed on the Tom Joyner Morning Show


The brothers being interviewed on the Today show, Piers Morgan Tonight and Larry King Live all from 
Katherine being interviewed by Piers Morgan from and Oprah announcing her new interviews for her OWN network from 


The official flyer for the fundraiser that Yashi was doing and her picture with Lisa Marie Presley from her official facebook account. 
The image of the Jacksons being on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno was a picture I took from last week's issue of Entertainment Weekly