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The Jacksons Fight Back Part 3

The family drama continues to unwind. It seems like every day there is a new story and more drama in the family. Everyone has an opinion about the latest issue in the Jackson family.,,20615235,00.html

There are people who feel that the Jacksons are in it for the money and others, like myself, believe that this more about what was stated in the letter and less about the Jacksons wanting money. There is no evidence that proves that any of the living Jackson siblings want Michael's money. The media and the Michael Jackson Estate are spinning the story to make it look as though that is the case and using Michael's children, Prince and Paris, to "prove" their "point" that the Jacksons want Michael's stake in the invalid will. This entry will break down the situation and why I feel it is never a good idea to believe anything coming from the corrupt, evil and manipulative media. 

Janet and Paris' "beef"

This situation pains me because three years ago, during the touching Memorial where an 11 year old Paris honored her father, she cried and landed on Janet's arms. That was probably the most moving moment that I have ever seen in a long time. Michael's only daughter being comforted by the sister that he so much adored. 

Janet comforting Paris back in 2009. So much has changed.

Fast forward to three years later and the current situation going on. There are a lot of stories floating around about the "slap" that Janet did to Paris. I personally cannot see Janet hitting or hurting anyone let alone her own niece. I think that the root of Paris' issue with Janet has nothing to do with the letter. It has everything to do with what Janet stated about Paris having an acting career. Janet has made it no secret that she does not approve of Paris having any kind of acting career. When Janet was interviewed on Good Morning America last year, she discussed her feelings about that. 

Janet on GMA in 2011.

Janet also discussed her feelings in a interview with Prevention magazine back in May. It is possible that Paris heard about what her aunt stated and had a real problem with what she stated. I remember reading an article this week in which Janet was furious that her niece wanted an acting career

Janet Jackson knows full well the dangers of getting involved in show business at too early an age, and according to, she "furious" that Paris Jackson, the 14-year-old daughter of her late brother Michael, has accepted a part in the upcoming movie "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys."
"She feels it goes against Michael's wishes to keep his kids out of the the limelight until age 18," a source told Us, adding, "Janet thinks Paris shouldenjoy being a kid and possibly go to college."
Paris, meanwhile, seems keen on following in her father's footsteps. She's "hoping for more roles," the insider said, explaining that it's become "a huge dispute" in the family.
The Jacksons, of course, are no strangers to "huge disputes," but when Janet says, "You're only a child once," she's speaking from experience. Maybe young Paris should listen to what her aunty has to say.

I doubt that the media is rehashing old articles and creating a story out of it. I feel that this could be an ongoing battle between the two relatives. It became real insane this week when the video seen around the world started all kinds of messes. I do not believe there is any feud or "beef" between them. I feel that a teenage girl that probably always got her way wants to always have her way and no one will ever do anything about it. Janet was not going to sit there and let her niece get into a business in a young age after what she saw what happened to her and others and saw what the business did to her brother. Michael's wish was that his children are not expose and if Janet did not put her foot down in regards to the acting career, then what good is she of an aunt who is concern for the well being of her niece? 

The Video

I saw the video while I was watching Good Morning America and when I was getting ready for work on Tuesday morning. The media, of course, made a big deal over nothing stating that there was a fight between Randy and Janet vs. their niece and nephew, Prince and Paris. You can watch the video for yourself - 

A typical family drama. Like what family does not have drama?

As people are seeing this, the typical media, mainly and are assuming and creating all kinds of things to make it look like the situation in the video was really bad. All you see is Janet telling Paris to hand over her phone and Paris refuses and walks inside the house. Prince was walking by while Randy was following him. I want to apologized because Ian Drew, from the tabloid Us Weekly, was on the panel talking about this and he is assuming that it was all about "money" what the Jacksons are fighting for. You see how the clown did not even mentioned the real issue of the letter? Also, Ian Drew is very good friends with Debbie Rowe so try not to become shocked by his obvious bias. This Ian Drew character is making up things as he goes along not understand that Janet was not there because of her issues with how the children were being raised. The children are being raised by the same person who raised her - Katherine. Then, there is a picture of Janet talking to a man who looks a lot of T.J. Jackson (Tito's youngest son) and not Jermaine. Have you ever seen Jermaine wear a baseball cap? No. I have never seen him wear one. So, that was not Jermaine, it was T.J. Also, in the tweets that I will post later, Randy stated that T.J. was taking care of the children when Katherine was away. That would explain that there was someone taking care of the children while Katherine was away. I will explain more when I post the tweets. Back to the video - Janet seemed angry based on her body movements with T.J. I wonder what she was angry with him about. The stupid, dumb woman talking about Paris' tweets - how can Paris work with the Estate to bring her Grandmother home when someone else can do that in her behalf? That tells me that Paris was forced to make those tweets. Then, the stupid woman is repeating the laughable same mantra of the money being "the root" of all of the drama. PLEASE. Once again, the drama has NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY. What about the letter that was issued to the Estate executors? Why isn't the panel talking about what was stated in the letter? Because they do not want the public to think that the Estate are behind all of the drama that is going on. With the help of the tweets that Paris was forced to make, along with this lame rumor of the Jacksons being broke, it is making the family look like monsters instead of heroes and proving to the public that the Jacksons are "angry" that they are not in the will. This is manipulating the situation and ignoring the truth. This is what the media did to Michael over the years and has now, with the help of his Estate, doing to the family. 

Marlon Crying on the show the Insider

Marlon in happier times.

During that same day, or around that time period, Marlon, Tito and Jackie were on the tabloid show the Insider talking about the drama. Marlon starts to cry when he talks about his mother. I am watching the video and I do feel for him however, he was acting as if he did not know where his mother was at. Here is the video -

Marlon in tears over his mother.

Marlon states that -
"When asked about the current whereabouts of his mother, Marlon Jackson said recent explanations about her reported disappearance are "not good enough for me." Last weekend, a relative reported that Katherine Jackson was missing and was cut off from contact with Michael's children. Authorities eventually made contact with Katherine, who was staying with family members in Arizona, and they verified that she was safe."All I know is there's somebody who made the decision that my mother cannot talk to me, and whoever that person is, they've got to answer to me," Marlon told Kevin, without specifying individuals involved. "Because I'm going to see my mother and I'm going to bring her home."

He was very upset and that is understandable however, according to Randy, I believe, he stated that everyone in the family knew that Katherine was going to be in Arizona with Rebbie to get some rest. It was stated, in the twitlonger reply that Jermaine made that, by doctor's orders, Katherine could not use the phone. So the point of Marlon's dramatics were..... Then his tweets - 

Marlon's tweets.

Marlon knew very well what the deal was but decided to listen to the Estate executors. He seems to imply that Randy, Jermaine and Janet were preventing him to speak to his mother. He knew that Rebbie was going to be with Katherine and she was fine. Marlon knew about the health condition that his mother was going through. I do not know why Marlon was playing dumb. 

Tito Withdrews his Signature from the Letter

Tito loves his hats.

Around this time, Katherine lost guardianship of Michael's children thanks to the laughable tweets that Paris tweeted and probably some "fans" getting the Estate involved. While this was happening, there were rumors being spread that T.J. was going to get temporary guardianship. In order for that to happen, his father, Tito had to do and state this - 

"I completely retract my signature from the July 17th letter sent to the Executors of my brother's Michael's estate and repudiate all the claims made against them. I don't want any part of that letter whatsoever," the second-oldest Jackson brother said in a statement released by a rep for the estate.
Interesting. Not only Tito backed out of the letter, but he did not want to be a part of anything dealing with the letter. And wait, get this, a representative from the Estate released the statement! LOL. Wow, so Tito does not care what happened to his brother? He does not care that those people in that Estate had something to do with Michael's murder? Does he not care that the Estate could have killed his own mother?! Come on, dude. Come on. However, I guess he, Jackie's and Marlon's friendship with John McClain was more important than their own beloved brother. Damn, that is cruel. 

T.J. Jackson Gets Temporary Custody of Michael Jr., Paris and Blanket 

Image result

T.J Jackson

I like T.J. but he was there because he was supposed to take care of the children while Katherine was away. He knew that, the children knew it, everyone in the family knew that. Heck, read what Randy had to state about that - 

Good question, Randy.

What was T.J.'s whole point of taking temporary guardianship of the children? All because, according to this article, his grandmother Katherine, 

"T.J.'s lawyer told the judge Wednesday his client believed Katherine might have been talking in some kind of code because others were listening."
What?! Dude, you knew where your grandmother was at and you knew that she was around family relaxing and getting her health in order. You knew that you had to watch over the children until she gets back. He knew all of this and yet still did what he did because he chooses to be misguided. This fool, (yes, I called him that, he is not God to me.) disrespected his Grandmother's order all because she sounded like she was "talking in code". What CODE?! Get out of her with that mess! T.J. was implying all kinds of things in court the day he was awarded temporary custody of the children. It seems like this is not the first time that T.J. has made misguided decisions. When he was a teenager, according to this article,


he was the boyfriend to a teenage Kim Kardashian back in the 1990s. I know, I know. He was misguided then and still misguided today. News broke that T.J. will share guardianship with Katherine. 

Michael's Groupies Have No Say. 

Fake everything. I hope Michael never banged her. SMH.

I try not to waste my time giving a damn what some blonde-hair heifer that claims that she dated/had sex with Michael have to state about Michael. A woman name Lorelei Lanford, who is a professional groupie, was reading my tweets on twitter. I want to state that she followed me some time last year for reasons unknown. I followed her back because I wanted to ask her through direct message (dm) if she and Michael were actually an item. I never got the chance to ask her because I didn't care to anymore. It bugged me when this idiot responded to my tweet stating this - 

Yep. Some broads think they know.

I was fuming and I didn't give a damn anymore so I let the heifer have it - 


Then, this heifer starts to state this mess about Randy - 

This heifer.

This woman is nothing more than one of the plants that Sony hired to be around Michael. All she did was screw the man and when he was in trouble (sidenote: I don't believe she ever touched MJ), she never contacted his family to let him know what was up with him. While she probably saw Michael in trouble and being manipulated, she never once contacted the very same family she is throwing shade at so they would know what the hell was going on with Michael. If a real woman, with real breasts and a real face was with Michael and saw Michael in trouble, they would contact his family as fast as fast can possibly be. This woman along with, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Lisa Marie Presley, Brooke Sheilds, Debbie Rowe and Tatum O'Neal to name a few, were the cancers in his life and she is no better than any of them. This Lorelei Lanford "lady" is a grade A+ groupie and I hope she gets what is coming to her. 

Randy on Al Sharpton's show

Al Sharpton.

Even with all of the crazyiness, Randy found time to be on Al Sharpton's show on MSNBC called Politics Nation. For some reason, Janet was supposed to be on there but she was not. Anyway, Randy talks to Al about what was going on and you will noticed in the video that there was no one there to spin the story. Al let Randy speak. 

Unless you have been a follower of Michael's career, you would not know that back in 2002, Michael was in New York with Al to fight Sony music. Al was explaining that situation on that show and revealed that Randy was there. There was a tweet that I read that made me laugh to hard. Focus on the part of the tweet that was underlined - 

That was funny. 

Yes, Al did have receipts. Al extended the invitation to have John Branca on the show but I doubt he would accept the invitation. It would interesting, though if he came on the show. 

Should Prince and Paris Have Twitter Accounts? 

Prince, Paris and Blanket in early 2012.

I have never been a fan of these children having social networking sites because it would expose them and their true opinions about certain things to the world. If Michael was alive today, he would have done everything in his power to make sure that none of his children would be on these sites. Sadly, Michael was murdered and his children are on these sites making tweets and starting things that does not need to be starting. There are so much to get into because it has been crazyiness in regards to their tweets. Blanket is ten so he is too young to have a social networking account. Prince and Paris are the ones with the accounts, mainly twitter, and tweeting away how they feel about the situation. First off, let's start with Paris' reaction when the letter was leaked. She stated to her uncle, Randy - 

"Hello, dear family member. I don't appreciate you telling everyone things that aren't true, thank you very much." 
She since deleted the tweet and then tweeted this to her uncle - 


Alright then. After reading a series of her tweets, that includes that she has not spoken to her grandmother in eight days, posts a story that claims that Paris confided with her cousins that her second cousin, Trent, and a security member -
"The family source adds, "Paris has confided in her cousins that Trent and a security member have been "putting her up to Tweeting out messages against the family."
Even though Paris did make the tweets, she is almost forced to make tweets to trash her family. So, if that is the case, then why do that? Why throw shade at her own family? Why disrespect her aunt by stating things like she was jealous of her? Well, maybe this could be the reason - 
"Paris is trying to get out of going to summer school and without her grandmother there, she's succeeding. She's extremely manipulative and just wants to stay home and have fun. And at only 15, Prince is trying to get his girlfriend to come stay at the house. With Trent overseeing the children, it's complete chaos and they have no boundaries."

Call me silly, but I believe that this is true. I have no doubt in my mind that this is the reason behind the weird tweets from both children. Prince does have a girlfriend and in an article that People magazine did on the Jackson children, it was stated that, 

“Girls really like him and he likes girls,” reveals the insider, adding that Katherine wasn’t “too happy” when he had a girlfriend earlier this year. Grandma has the final say, but Prince “is strong-minded,” says the insider. “He takes the floor in full control like his father.”

Prince with his girlfriend, Nikki. 

So, if Katherine was there, Prince probably would not be able to bring his girlfriend over to "hang out".  Awww, well that is just too bad. As for Paris, she was filming that movie that she is doing and had to miss some days of school. In order for her to catch up on her studies, she has to go to summer school. Paris made it clear to Ellen earlier this year that she did not like school. Imagine if Michael were alive to hear her say that foolish statement. He would have become Joe Jackson that day. It does not surprise me that if Katherine were to be there and would have seen the foolishness, she would have had a fit. 

Since the both of them did not want anyone to disrupt their "fun", they made it clear how they felt on twitter. I do not believe they lost it on twitter because of the family's issues with the Estate. The issues with the Estate and Katherine taking a break are two different things and the media does not separate those two things. I also think that regardless of what Katherine would have done if she were to see the foolishness these two were up to, the children would still want her to return. The issue is that it was established that Katherine, according to this article, 
"X17 also reported exclusively that Michael's mom did let the children know she was leaving town, contrary to various online reports who claim she disappeared." 
and the children knew that she was out of town. That is why T.J. was in charged of taking care of them while she was away. It is that other people were not aware that Katherine was gone, and the other people that I am referring to are Trent, Howard Mann the Estate executors and the people hired by the Estate to help Katherine. I believe that Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie wanted to keep those people in the dark so that they can protect their mother from those people. Katherine, like the letter stated so well, had a health scare and for a woman in her age, the last thing she needs is a health scare. The Jacksons could not bare losing another beloved family member so they had to take her away with Rebbie to get her better. When the people who were in the dark could not find Katherine, they lost it and forced Prince and Paris to make insane tweets. The whole scenario does not have to make 100% sense. That does not mean that it did not happen.  

Paris in Louisiana with her friend Michaela. 

My opinions about Prince and Paris behavior in regards to their tweets against their family will be honest. I am not here to be fans of offspring of musicians or entertainers that I love. I will always care about Michael's children and the whole Jackson family. I have nothing but respect for this family. However, there has to be an understanding here: a 14 year old child, and she is a CHILD, have no reason to ever trash her elders. Her aunt and uncle are her ELDERS. They are not her peers. They are the younger siblings to her father. They are not in the same level as she and will never be. Singing legend Gladys Knight, who is good friends with the family, stated this quote about what she would do if Paris was her child,
"It’s drama, that’s what it is. If you lived up under the microscope as this family does, everybody has dysfunctionality in their families, either one way or the other. See, I’m from the south and [we] was raised in that southern way. You have to understand Paris is what, 14? How old is Janet? Who’s the one who tries to direct the other one here? And I would think that it’s a good thing she let’s Paris know who she is. She is a Jackson, she shouldn’t be putting the business out there like that. Cause people read into whatever they want to read into, that’s how they get the drama. So, she’s just trying to protect her, in a way. But if she [Paris] called me that, she wouldn’t have any teeth...You respect your elders."
My point exactly. I was even more disturbed to see the crazy MJ fan online community encouraging Paris to continue with the tweets that trash her family. Paris even went as far as disowning herself as a Jackson and calling the #MJFam on twitter her "family". Is it really that deep, Paris? No, it is not. Paris was probably always like that and her father took it like a pro. Let that be me, it would be a war. I am just saying. Prince made a twitlonger reply when his Grandmother returned home from Arizona. From the looks of the tweet, it looks off to me - 

Interesting. This was deleted later.

After reading his response, I can just laugh right now. Anyone that even remotely reads Prince's twitter account knows that he does not type like that. After that was made, there was a tweet from his account that was revealing - 

Now, this is deep.

See how Prince types on twitter? That tells me that the twitlonger that he issued he did not do. So who did it? Was it Paris? T.J.? Trent (even though he was fired.)? Why make a twitlonger throwing that shade at your family and then delete it? What was the point of making that tweet if it was going to deleted? Then, Paris stated this about the deleted tweet

"The thing my brother tweeted last night was the last true thing he tweeted," Paris tweeted on Thursday. "He was hacked saying what we tweeted was false ... 'If you continue with your lies , I will continue with the truth.' Prince wanted me to tell you guys that okay. Please know it's us tweeting ... Prince will repost the image of the text."
However, the twitlonger, in which Prince stated that his father warned him about certain people that were implying that the certain people were Janet and Randy have been deleted. This is what Michael's children need to understand: THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET. If you are going to blast your family, make sure that what you are saying is true. 

I feel that the children have verified accounts on twitter is because of the situation that happened this week. All of the commotion that occurred in regards to the Estate assuming that the Jacksons want Michael's money have been "supported" by Michael's children. By his children blasting the relatives that were part of the letter, it showed the public what the Estate assumed about the family. The verified accounts had to be made to make sure that it is really the children making the tweets and not some fraud. Now that the Estate won the battle in the court of public opinion, they feel that they have defeated the Jacksons. This is how the Estate avoids the question about the validity of the will. 

Janet Now Knows what it is Like to Be Like Michael

A promo picture of Janet.

I never thought that I would witness Janet going through almost the same media backlash that Michael went through. Janet has always been the media's favorite Jackson because unlike her brother Michael, to the media, she was the "normal one". Janet took a risk this week when she supported the letter and went with Randy to tell the children that they could visit their grandmother. I have to state that when I was younger, I was a huge fan of Janet and as I got older and Janet's music became the same old thing, I got tired of her and move on to other people. I never had an issue with her except when she implied that Michael could have be a drug addict. I know that Janet meant well when she stated that but it hurt to see her state that about a brother that she loved so much. When Janet supported the letter, I changed my whole opinion about her and I know that she is risking practically a singing career just to stand up for the truth. Janet is one of the most successful entertainers in the business and is an legend in her own right. When her niece tried to play her aunt, she in a way made her look defeated thanks to the manipulation of the media. No matter what, Janet has created a legacy that her niece or the rest of the disturbed #MJfam can never take away.  I do believe that Michael is in heaven happy that his sister is risking so much to fight the good fight. Overall, I want what is best for the family but if this family is serious about what really happened to Michael, they have to take risks because family comes first. At the end of the day, I want this family and the people that truly love Michael to make peace with this horror and have closure. I pray the family gets the closure that they deserve. 

The Jacksons in 2004. 


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