Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jackson Family Fights Back Part 2

After the drama of the confirmation of the letter, Katherine was reported "missing" by her granddaughter Paris and Trent Jackson, Katherine's nephew. As a matter of fact it was Trent to filed a missing person report on Katherine. How I found out about all of this was when my sister told me that Katherine was missing. I told my sister that I did not want to hear any of it because it was Sunday and I was a tired of the family drama. Later on that day, I had the nerve to go on facebook and twitter while I was in the process of finishing an upcoming blog and saw the crazyiness. At first, I did not want to be part of the foolishness but then it took over me. 

Katherine Jackson was (and still is) in Arizona 

So, let's start with the rumors of Katherine being missing. In the letter that I posted on the previous blog entry, it was stated that Katherine suffered a mini stroke. Paris was on twitter tweeting away stating that she has not spoken to her grandmother and wants to speak to her. According to Jermaine, Katherine was order by a doctor to rest up. After Paris' tweets of concern and the media madness (I will discuss in a minute) on Monday July 23rd, Jermaine issued a twitlonger to re-assure people that -


His explanation makes sense to me. 

The Media Madness

When I was on twitter this past Sunday to see what was going on, the media started going insane with the story of Katherine being reported "missing" and the tweets that Paris was making. Various fans in the MJ/Janet/Jackson family fan communities were making their own assumptions as to what was going on. I remember responding to a tweet of a fan stating that if Katherine was indeed missing, would the brothers (who were performing that night in L.A.) cancel their concert and focus on finding their mother? I think they would. While in the madness of Katherine being missing, I stumbled upon the huffingtonpost.com website, their black voices section, the public's response to the story was interesting. This image I am about to post will explain what I mean:

This is something else.

There were over 15,000 recommendations for facebook, nearly 1,000 retweets, it was shared over 5,000 times on facebook.com and over 2,000 comments on the website. Yes, the media has that power, people. When you read the article from the website, you would noticed that the lawyer of Katherine is stating that she does not believe that she is safe. 

"Jackson's lawyer believed she had been traveling with Rebbie Jackson, her daughter. "I'm concerned that she's not safe," Sandra Ribera, the lawyer, said. Jackson is 82."

Ok, so who asked the lawyer to assume? Does Ms. Riberia, who was probably hired by the Estate, believes that Katherine's own daughter, Rebbie, would hurt her own mother? As loyal and doting she is to her mother and her entire family, this idiot lawyer believed that Katherine is not safe around her own daughter. I guess the lawyer was upset that she had no control over what the family decided would be best for Katherine and her health. The lawyer felt some type of way about that. Shame on this idiot lawyer. 

An investigation went under way and when it was determined that Katherine was indeed in Arizona with her daughter Rebbie and their family, law enforcement stated, 

"is safe and with a family member in Arizona, authorities said late Sunday, one day after another relative reported her missing."
So, there you go. Katherine was fine. The story of Katherine "missing" was reported everywhere and she was even a trending topic on twitter. 

Even though the crazyiness was going on, the Unity tour happened on Sunday and guess who was dancing and having a good time - 

Kevin Frazier from the tabloid show the Insider. 

It looks like things were starting to make sense and get somewhat back to normal. Then, something happened on Monday afternoon/evening that made me have to be real about some things. 


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