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Jacksons Fights Back Part 4

Randy Breaks Down What Happened -

A picture of Randy from this year.

Randy made another twitlonger in which he breaks down what happened in regards to TJ guardianship, the fact that the Jacksons who questioned the will were banned from the Calabases home and other things - 

This is deep.

In the tweet, Randy basically stated that TJ was told two times that he should not asked for guardianship, he had to lie in court in order to obtain guardianship and that if anyone who questioned the Estate were banned from the home. The things that Randy have stated are very disturbing but I believe that Randy has to state the things that he stated because he is concerned for his mother. There are things that he stated I know have been confirmed to be true. People have to understand that Randy is the only Jackson family member that does not tweet as much and for him to make the various tweets that he made, tells me that what he has to state what is important. My fear is that the Estate and their helpers are going to do everything in their power to control Katherine to the point where she cannot do anything on her own. 

Full custody rewarded to Katherine

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Katherine Jackson

A picture of TJ.

As predicted, Katherine gets her rights restored and is rewarded full custody of her grandchildren.

Jackson Family Custody Battle: TJ Jackson Emerges As Katherine's Co-GuardianLOS ANGELES -- TJ Jackson was one of Michael Jackson's favorite nephews. An heir to the family's musical talent and striking good looks, he is the son of Tito, one of the original Jackson Five. Largely unknown to the American public until now, he has been anointed as co-guardian of Michael's most prized treasures – his three children.
Suddenly, TJ is the chosen Jackson, the one designated to work beside Michael's mother to look after the welfare of his three cousins Prince, 15, Paris, 14 and Blanket,10, who will inherit the King of Pop's fortune.
He's stepping into a sensitive situation just days after a family feud went viral. But he appears to have only one interest at heart – the children.
"He has been very dedicated to these kids since Michael Jackson's death and he was involved with them before that," TJ's lawyer, Charles A. Schultz, said at a Thursday court hearing.
Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who appointed TJ to work with Katherine Jackson, said there is a strong bond between the 34-year-old T.J. and the children.
"They have a very significant relationship with TJ Jackson and they love him very much," said the judge. "There are things about his past that the kids can relate to."
Schultz agreed, saying outside court: "He had a loss early in his life of a close personal relative and they can identify with that."
In 1994, six years after his parents divorced, TJ's mother, Dolores, died in a drowning at her home swimming pool. Her boyfriend was later convicted of causing her drowning and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
When Michael Jackson died in 2009, Dr. Conrad Murray was accused of causing his death and was convicted of manslaughter. He is currently serving a four-year prison term.
Now, three years after his death, Michael's children are at the center of a familial battle and TJ's role has become even more important. Recently, Katherine Jackson was reported missing and Beckloff replaced her with TJ as the children's guardian. Now she's back, telling a story of having been held virtually incommunicado at a resort in Tucson, Ariz., unaware that she was the subject of a missing person's report.
In the court hearing Thursday, with neither of the parties present, the judge ruled that TJ and Katherine will share guardianship on a temporary basis. The arrangement could be made permanent later.
Beckloff had appointed an investigator to look into the domestic situation at the suburban Calabasas mansion where the young Jacksons have been living with their 82-year-old grandmother.
The result was a glowing report: "It appears from the report that Katherine Jackson has done a wonderful job and cares about the children very much," the judge said. "I think the kids are in terrific hands."
No mention was made of the Jackson siblings who were at the center of a family dispute last week that broke into a public shouting match on the driveway of Katherine's home. What one lawyer called "the chaos" ended with Jermaine Jackson calling for a truce.
TJ, who is movie star-handsome and has a band with his brothers called 3T, is named Tito Joseph for his father and grandfather. Always known as TJ, he appears to have emerged as a welcome stable force in the family.
When Paris began tweeting messages of distress over the temporary disappearance of her grandmother and the battles among Michael's siblings, TJ tweeted to her: "I know it's completely unfair for them to do this to you and your brothers. We will keep trying. I love you." Added a second tweet: "Make your life an act of love."
Thomas Mesereau Jr., the former attorney for Michael who knows the family, had high praise for TJ.
"I met him some time ago and he was a very nice young man, very mature and very sincere," said Mesereau. "It appeared to me that Katherine thought very highly of him."
But Mesereau said the current situation was unthinkable before Michael's death.
"Three years ago, these children had a father who loved them and gave them a wonderful upbringing," the attorney said. "He wanted them to be highly educated, to learn about the world and the wonders of nature. It's very tragic."
TJ's devotion to his uncle, Michael, has been evident. At his funeral, members of the family provided loving tributes in a glossy program. TJ's entry read: "You taught me how to smile. You taught me how to dream. You taught me how to live. Uncle Michael, I will always cherish all of our special moments and blissful time together. I love you so much."
Michael's ties to TJ and his two brothers was confirmed by his will, which named them among "contingent remainder" beneficiaries, who usually gain if the main beneficiaries pass away.
Like most of the Jacksons, TJ has lived among celebrities. The Internet was ablaze this week with reports that he was the first lover of Kim Kardashian when both were in high school. There was no comment from TJ but he has acknowledged that they were close and she consoled him when his mother died.
"We became extra close when my mom passed away,' TJ told People magazine in 1995 of Kardashian. "She dropped everything to be with me."
TJ married his wife, Frances, in 2007 and has three children.
When he and his brothers, Taj and Taryll, formed 3T, they were encouraged by their uncle, Michael, who sang with them on their first records, The 3T group had significant success in Europe with three songs that reached No. 2 on British charts. Two of them, "Why" and "I Need You," released in 1996, featured Michael Jackson's voice.
In 2010, the 3T group reprised Jackson's "We Are the World' with various famous voices to benefit Haiti relief efforts. The brothers also have appeared on reality TV shows with other members of the Jackson clan and have toured overseas.
Last October, the family staged a tribute concert to Michael in Cardiff, Wales. But typically, the Jacksons were divided over whether it was appropriate to hold such a tribute during the Murray trial in Los Angeles. Janet, Jermaine and Randy stayed away. Jackie, Marlon, La Toya and Tito performed. So did TJ and his brothers.

If you read the article closely, you noticed that what was not mentioned was that Katherine told TJ not to ask for guardianship. The article was done to show the reader that TJ is responsible, a family man and was close to Michael. Even though all of those aspects about him are true, that does not mean that he should have been awarded temporarily custody of the children. Like I mentioned on one of my previous entries, TJ was told to watch over the children until Katherine returns from her stay in Arizona. Also, what needs to be stated is that he is not the only Jackson who is a responsible parent that can be a good candidate for taking care of the children if Katherine is unable to. There are things not right about this whole situation and TJ knows the truth about everything. He knows that his grandmother was not kidnapped and Katherine never spoken "in code" with him about her whereabouts. 

Diana Ross should not speak; visits the children

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Diana Ross

In the mist of the drama, Diana Ross, a legendary singer of the group the Surpremes, and one of Michael's friends (who the Estate stated Michael added in the invalid will to take care of the children if something were to happen to Katherine) wanted to add her views about the situation. 

Diana Ross says the recent turmoil involving Michael Jackson's children and the appointment of a temporary guardian is a private matter and shouldn't be playing out publicly.The singer writes in a statement to The Associated Press that "all interests are best served if it remains private."Ross was named in Jackson's 2002 will as a potential guardian for his three children if his mother was not available to serve. A judge suspended Katherine Jackson as the children's guardian last week after a 10-day absence and instructed the temporary guardian, TJ Jackson, to notify Ross of the changes.Court filings on Friday indicated that Ross' attorney had been given notice.The 68-year-old singer and Jackson were longtime friends before his death in 2009.
I do not feel that Diana should even talk about anything going on in the Jackson family. This woman, along with Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli, did more harm to Michael than good. I am not interested if Diana was a woman that Michael loved or that he lost his virginity to years back. Nor am I interested that she was one of his mentors. I feel that Diana should stay out of the Jackson family issues and live her own life. Diana was not there for Michael during the trial an barely defended Michael publicly during that time. Diana was not there with Michael to help him take care of the children nor was she there when people were questioning his parenting skills. Diana urges the public to let the children have privacy is one of the lamest comments that she ever stated. It makes no sense because both of his children have verified accounts on a public social networking site, twitter. One of them has a facebook account, supposedly and Paris was the main one tweeting all kinds of mess about the family drama. If Diana wants the public to let the children have their privacy, then she needs to tell the children to stop telling people their personal business. I was hoping that after Michael's passing that these Hollywood freaks would stop mentioning Michael in their life and let the family handle things. Sadly, that is not the case. I hope that the Jacksons contest this will so Diana Ross is not mentioned as a potential provider for the children if Katherine were to not take care of them anymore. Enough of these manipulators who have done their damage to Michael. According to the tabloid show, Inside Edition, Diana visited the children - 

It has just been revealed that Diana Ross had a secret meeting with Michael Jackson's three kids.
The singer, who was named back-up guardian in Michael Jackson's will in the event that Katherine Jackson becomes incapacitated, spent 90 minutes with Prince, Paris, and Blanket on Wednesday. 

This woman, who did damaged to Michael, can visit these children but Katherine's own children and her grandchildren (Rebbie and Randy's kids) cannot? If the Estate is not running that household, then who is? I know that Katherine is devastated by all of this. 

The Jacksons Banned from the House

Image result for Janet Jackson randy jackson and rebbie jackson

Janet, Randy and Rebbie and their children banned. Say what??

This actually shocked me because I did not think that the Estate would go this far and do this to the family. The Estate is suppose to handle business affairs and not affairs that deal with the family. However, the MJ Estate is not a reasonable Estate to begin with. If these executors want to keep things a certain way, they are going to do drastic things. The Estate banned Janet, Randy, his children Genevieve, Stevanna, Randy Jr. and Donte and Rebbie and her children/grandson, Stacee, London Bleu (Stacee's son), Yashi and Austin from entering the Calabasas home. Here is the full, laughable statement from the Estate -

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson's estate has acknowledged it has limited some relatives' access to the home shared by the singer's mother and children in the wake of a family feud that turned into a driveway argument last week.The estate's statement released Monday afternoon does not specify which members of Jackson's family are no longer allowed at the home and says the list is subject to change. The statement says an approved guest list was requested by an attorney for TJ Jackson, the son of Tito Jackson who was appointed temporary guardian of the children last week."It is imperative to the estate that from this point forward a safe and appropriate environment be provided for Michael Jackson's children and his mother," the statement reads. The children and Katherine Jackson live in a gated community in suburban Calabasas that is more private than the family's longtime home in Encino, which is on a public street.The statement was issued in response to an online report by journalist Roland Martin that Jackson's siblings Randy, Janet and Jermaine have been blocked from visiting the home. The trio was present in a July 23 scuffle that the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is still investigating as a possible battery.The Jackson siblings followed a vehicle carrying Jackson's children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, through security gates and "ambushed" the children and their caretakers, an attorney for family matriarch Katherine Jackson said last week. The elder Jackson was out of contact with the children for roughly 10 days while at an Arizona spa, which prompted a missing person's report and concerns about her health.TJ Jackson, the late singer's nephew, plans to become a co-guardian in an agreement reached last week after Katherine Jackson returned to the home.Katherine Jackson's attorney Perry Sanders Jr. said last week that TJ Jackson would take over day-to-day operations and staff oversight at the Calabasas home. The move will free Katherine Jackson to focus on the upbringing of the children, who range in ages from 10 to 15, Sanders said.Siblings Randy, Janet, Rebbie and Jermaine Jackson have signed a letter calling on the executors of Jackson's estate to resign. Randy Jackson has accused the executors, attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain, of trying to isolate Katherine Jackson from relatives who are critical of them."It is my fear and belief, that they are trying to take my mother's life," Randy Jackson wrote last week.Randy Jackson has also claimed his brother's will is a fake, a claim the estate denies.

The media and the Estate would want you to believe that some of the Jacksons were banned from the home because of the situation that happened nearly two weeks ago. Then you read here that Joe was banned as well considering the fact that Joe had nothing to do with what happened some 11 days ago. These members were banned because they question the Estate and the validity of the will. These people were banned because they were not going to accept what the Estate was doing to Michael's legacy and most importantly to Katherine and her health. If they had to fight for their mother so that these Estate executors do not take control over everything, then so be it. The article mentioned a report that journalist Roland Martin did that stated that the Jackson members were banned from the home -

Weitzman writes that after the drama over the last two weeks, which including allegations that Katherine Jackson had gone missing for 10 days and was unable to reach Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson, which led to her having to share guardianship of the children with another grandchild, TJ Jackson, it is necessary to bar certain family and friends from the property.“Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, and in order to protect the children and Mrs. Jackson, the Executors believe that it would not be appropriate to allow the following individuals to enter the residence or its grounds and we instruct the security to preclude the following from entering the residence or the grounds: Randy Jackson and any of his children, Janet Jackson, Rebbie Jackson and any of her children, Jermaine Jackson, his wife and any of his children, Janice Smith, or anyone else who was involved in the recent events that led to Mrs. Jackson’s separation from and inability to communicate with Michael’s children, or any agents or representatives of any of these individuals,” Weitzman wrote.
“There will be no other security or drivers allowed on the property except those employed by the Estate of Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson is precluded from entering the property. Howard Mann who is in litigation against the Estate and is working with the Jackson siblings that wrote the “letter” should also not be allowed on the premises.”

Who are allowed in the home - 

“Of course, Paris, Prince and Blanket, T.J. and his brothers, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and their spouses, current security (hired by the Estate), staff (per T.J.), Meg Lodise, Michael Kane, Sandra Ribera, Parry Sanders, Trent Jackson, you (Charles Shultz) and anyone else authorized by T.J. (other than the Excluded Individuals listed above), may enter and remain on the premises,” Weitzman wrote.
Is this what Michael would want? His family not to be together? He would want this to happen to the very family he loved so much? He would want these executors to do this to his own family? Then again, he did not want those people running his Estate either. I am shocked that Howard Mann was banned and how the Estate assumed that he is working with the Jackson members who wrote that letter. Even if he was, what does that have to do with what was stated in that letter? Why does the Estate have to go to pathetic measures just to keep out Michael's family from seeing their own family? The letter bothered the Estate executors THAT MUCH that they had to banned certain family members and anyone that got in their way. This is how guilty people act. Oh, and Trent came back, how "wonderful". SMDH. 

Jermaine Did the Tito.

Jermaine with less grease.

I had somewhat of a feeling that Jermaine would not fully support the letter. In his book, he did not question the Estate executors and viewed John McClain as a "brother". Jermaine decided to let people know that he has extended an olive branch and want to be unbanned from the Calabasas home. Let's read his extended tweet, shall we - 

from @jermjackson5 (verified)
An extended tweet from Jermaine...

Janet risked her reputation and career to do what she did nearly two weeks ago. Janet would usually handle things like that so called "incident" privately. Thanks to that video that was leaked to GMA and an Paris' tweets, Janet was the "villain" along with Randy because it was all public. Jermaine could have accepted what he did because he and the rest did nothing wrong, let it be and fight the good fight. However, I understand that his children, who adore Michael's kids and even Jaafar one of Jermaine's children, stated that he was close to Prince and Paris, did not want to be banned in seeing their cousins and that was the main reason why he took his name on the letter. Even though he "stands" by the letter, in order to see his niece and nephews and his children be around them, he has to remove his signature. There has to be a better way for Jermaine to have his signature on the letter and be able to see his family. Hmmm, let me think, they can come over his home, right? I am not going to bash Jermaine over this because I know that deep down he does "support" the letter. I know about the rumor about Jermaine taking his signature off the letter so that his child support payments does not stop. It might be true, but I will view it as a rumor. I felt that Jermaine let these people get the best of him and that is why he extended the olive branch. I do not agree with his decision but I guess he is not as strong as Randy, Janet or Rebbie. 

Janet Issues a Strong Statement

Janet at some event some years ago. 

Last week, Janet's lawyer issued a statement in behalf of Janet, Randy and Rebbie and when I read the statement, I was loving every word. Let me post what the press release stated -

Janet Jackson and two of her siblings decried a "media campaign" against the family that they claim is being waged by the men who control the estate of Michael Jackson.
A statement issued Friday on behalf of Janet Jackson, her brother Randy and sister Rebbie accused the executors of trying to divide the family and distract from questions about the legitimacy of Michael Jackson’s will.
“The negative media campaign generated by the executors and their agents has been relentless,” wrote Blair G. Brown, a Washington attorney for Janet Jackson.
Allegations that the siblings were holding their 82-year-old mother against her will in Arizona made international headlines last week and resulted in a new custody arrangement in which the family matriarch shares guardianship of Michael Jackson’s three children.
In the statement, Brown disputed reports that the siblings were trying to enlist their mother in a battle over the will for their own financial benefit.
“They stand to gain nothing financially by a finding that the will is invalid,” Brown wrote. “What will be that the executors will be replaced and the estate and the guardianship will be managed in a manner that is in the best interest of the children, which is what Michael wanted.”
The 2002 will accepted by a probate judge after Michael Jackson’s death three years ago gave music industry veterans John Branca and John McClain control of an estate with an estimated worth of $1 billion.
The court-approved compensation plan gives the executors a 10% cut of some earnings.
The siblings have said the will was faked and cited evidence that Michael Jackson was out of town on the day the will indicates he signed the document in Los Angeles.
A spokesman for the estate said Friday evening that the legal window for challenging the will has closed, but that two prior wills also named Branca executor and gave no power to Jackson’s siblings.
In his statement, Brown accused the executors of barring the three siblings from visiting their mother at the Calabasas home where she lives with her grandchildren.
"The effect...not only is to damage fundamental family relationships, it is also to isolate Katherine Jackson from anyone questioning the validity of the will,” Brown wrote.
The executors’ spokesman said Katherine Jackson and the children’s newly appointed co-guardian, Tito Joe “T.J.” Jackson, have the final say in who is allowed at the residence.

If this isn't a great statement then what is? It was on point, detailed and well done. How could one person read the statement and try to find something negative in the statement? Of course, the #MJFam did that and when I read the comments from those fans, I laugh at their ability to change it into something else. The statement basically stated that the Jackson members wants no money from the Estate (they wouldn't get any money anyway) and what they want is for the executors to step down and be replaced by people who would run Michael's business affairs in a mature and reasonable manner so that his children will benefit reasonably from it. I remember reading some comments about Janet's involvement and some of the fans of Michael were implying that Janet wanted the money as well. Read what I am about to state carefully: No matter what the Jacksons do, no matter what the Jacksons say how invalid the will is, they will never get a dime from the Estate. Not even one penny. So, this assumption that the family are doing this because they are not in the will and they want money is nonsense. Janet, because some of the #MJfam think that the only family member that was uber-successful in the music business was Michael and Michael and Janet fans have always had beef so the MJ fans love to make Janet a "hasbeen" any way they can, actually believe that Janet wants money from Michael's estate. When I read comments like that, I laugh and shake my head. Janet is a multi-millionaire with a very successful music and movie career. She is a spokesperson for Nutrisystem -

Janet's Nutrisystem Commercial.

and is a best selling author of the book True You in which she dedicate the book to who -hmmm, let me think - MICHAEL. On top of all of that, her man, Wissam Al Mana

Janet's man, Wissam Al Mana - a billionaire.

is a billionaire. So, why would Janet want Michael's money if she has her own????? Most of the MJ fans have become another version of the tabloid hacks that have ruined Michael's life and it is pathetic to witness. 

On top of that, guess who retracted their story of Janet slapping her niece, Paris? Yes, you guess it, Let's read the article, shall we -

I mean, what else can you state? retracted their story so that Janet and her team would not sue them. If the website did not retract the story, a lawsuit will be filed, a trial would begin for defamation of character - libel and would have lost big time. What a bunch of idiots. 

What if Paris' behavior was Caused by Trent's manipulation?  

Michael with his children in 2003. 

I thought about this last night after I read something on I was on there to look at some videos about the whole Jackson family situation. When I read this response of the Jackson family saga, it made more sense than anything else I read. Even though the person who made the post believe that money is the reason why some members of the family went to the house, I do believe that most of what the person stated makes sense. I am going to post what was stated and add my two cents -

Cousin TRENT (head of security) has been FIRED. He is the master mind behind this whole fiasco. He did not follow instructions left by Katherine, which led to staging this whole episode and getting the kids emotionally distraught. Remember Trent told the police Katherine was missing? Trent was given orders of what to do; and decided to do something different while Katherine was away. Therefore, SOMEONE FIRED the housekeepers, the nanny and cook, WHILE KATHERINE WAS AT A RESORT in Tucson (resting on DR's orders with NO CELLPHONE), Trent told the media she left no food or information of her whereabouts; to make her look incompetent to THE MEDIA. Everyone knows they have a maid and a cook. SO IT WOULD MAKE NO SENSE that they had no food. By the way TRENT released the SECURITY VIDEO. (trouble maker).
(Its no secret about the kids disputing the will) But other family members have their OWN agenda too. IT ALMOST WORKED. Unfortunately, her guardianship has been TEMPORARILY revoked, but she does have a ligitimate reason. (medical reasons) The whole family was aware; just as Janet said, BUT a family member has taken advantage of the grandchildren AND MESSED WITH THEIR EMOTIONS (and used family tension $$$) to DIVIDE Katherine's kids and Michael's Kids............. This Master mind has found an opportunity to expose the family's personal struggles. (ALL FAMILIES HAVE ISSUES within the FAMILY; which should stay in the family.)
Reading this made me think about the comments that I stated about both of Michael's children, particularly Paris to my family after she and her brother stated those tweets. I have to admit, I was angry at both of his children for trashing their elders, especially the ones that actually care about them and cared about Michael. I was calling these children spoiled hoodrats, little knuckleheads and hard-headed children. I was bold, tripping and pissed off. My feelings still felt the same until I read this message and now I feel bad because I do believe that Trent is a manipulator and would do anything to have a piece of that pie and Katherine is the piece of that pie. When he found out that Katherine was not in his area and he could not contact her, he panicked. He did not know where she was at but the rest of the family did and that was done to get Katherine away from Trent, who was not helping her. The children always knew that Katherine was away but when Trent stated that Katherine was "missing" because he, not the children or the family, he could not find her that was when he started to manipulate the children into thinking that their Grandmother was indeed missing. That was when the chaos began which has now ended up to three of Katherine's children and their children being banned from the home. 

Even though that chaos was too much to handle, I still believe that Paris had no business tweeting her family issues for all of the world to read and see. To attack the very people that are trying to help her and her brothers says a lot about her and how she is like. Even though she has a mind of a 14 year old, there is still no reason to attack her elders. She does not know her place and feels that she has to act like an adult in order to fit in with people. That was not how Michael raised her. The twitlonger that Prince posted but later deleted was not done by him and he knew that and Paris knew that. I believe that Paris did that tweet because she was angry that her family tried to keep them away from Katherine and among other things. All Paris had to do was calm down and find out what was going on. Trent is the trouble maker in this whole scenario and the children know that. This image that I am about to post shows that Prince knows that Trent is bad news - 

The tweet from @princemjjaxon (verified)
This is interesting.

So what made both children do what they did knowing what they know about their Grandmother's whereabouts and Prince knowing that Trent is a problem? Manipulation is a powerful tool that guilty people use to make people think things that are not the case. Look at how many people still believe that Michael's siblings want money from the Estate. The lie about Janet slapping Paris can still be search on What is all being ignored is the fact that the validity of the will is still in question. The Estate needs to answer the question: is that Michael Jackson's signature on that 2002 will? 



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