Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Truth About Karen Faye Kissinger

A couple of months ago, a fan/justice supporter contacted me because he/she wanted me to do a blog post on Karen Faye Kissinger, Michael's long time "make-up artist". I decided to decline his/her suggestion because I did not want my blog to focus on low lives like Karen. That all changed when I read a comment on twitter of what Karen stated about iconic film director Spike Lee.

I do not make it a secret on my blog that I am not a supporter or fan of Karen. I never saw the big deal about someone that did the make up for Michael. Karen Faye wanted to be known to the fan community and wanted to have that type of fame of being Michael's sole make up artist because, like so many disturbed people who were in Michael's life, Karen wanted to be close to Michael for her own selfish desires. 

If Karen Faye had to trash Michael's family, friends, women, fans, work ethnic and thinking patterns just to prove to people that she knows MJ, she would do that and has done that. Karen does not care about the aftermath of her actions because she feels that what she is doing is right and no one can tell her that she is wrong.

Michael had a history of surrounding himself with people who did not have his best interests. Now that Michael is gone, these people, like Karen, who have made it a mission to speak about Michael, have authority to do so. This blog post will focus on the damage that Karen has caused in the MJ fan community and, in some way, Michael's legacy. 

I will explore Karen's work on Michael by posting pictures of Michael during the Off the Wall (before Karen worked for Michael) era up until his death and show the reader how Michael went from a gorgeous, charming looking man to a strange looking, man-child with make up that looked like it came from a crayon box than an actual beauty shop. 

I will get into Karen's history of her unprofessional behavior from trashing Michael's family, to making sure women in Michael's life were gone, to befriending some of Michael's fans who, for the most part are unstable and obsessive. I will post what Karen stated about Spike Lee and why I feel that what she stated about him was dangerous and not proven to be true. I will discuss why I feel that Karen working for Gloria Allred shows how much she never cared about Michael. Finally, I will discuss other celebrity make up artists/hairstylists who are professionals, studied their craft and decided to serve the public by using their craft to help others instead of going on social networking sites and telling their client's/employers personal situations to the world. 

Let's begin. 

A recent picture of Karen Faye.

Michael's Facial Transformation

It is not a secret and it is obvious that Michael had plastic surgery done to his face. Michael was a handsome man who was photogenic. Things slowing changed when Karen Faye started working for Michael. According to Ms. Faye, she started working for Michael in 1982 when a photographer name Dick Zimmerman, was photographing Michael for the legendary Thriller album. Michael saw Karen and asked her to work with him. That is according to Karen from her blog  -
"But there is one special person who gave me more in my life than anyone. His name is Michael Jackson. He found me while working with photographer, Dick Zimmerman, and asked me to work with him on his album cover titled, ‘Thriller’."
I have learned that in life, you must question things that you hear, see and read. I do not believe that what Karen stated even happened. Even though there is video of Michael being photographed for the Thriller album, I do not think that how Karen got hired by Michael to do his make up actually happened. 

I am going to post pictures of Michael that shows the dramatic transformations of his face and how I believe Karen slowly made sure that Michael looked like a circus freak show. 

Various pictures of Michael that span a ten year period and how dramatically Michael's face has changed because of Vitiligo. However, I did not post the pictures to focus the changes of his skin color that he could not have prevented. I posted the pictures to show how reasonable Karen's work on Michael was. The make-up was pilling up more and more as the years went by because of Michael's skin disorder but it was also tamer. It was not out there with the heavy red lipstick and the permanent eye-liner. 

After the 1980s, however, Michael's make up began to change as he got older and as his skin disorder was becoming worse and worse. Not only was his skin disorder was getting worse but his make-up was becoming more disturbing and scary.  

If you noticed, I did not include pictures from the years 2006 to March 2009 because Karen did not work for Michael during that time period. I will get into that when later on this post. I wanted to post the pictures to prove the point of how bad Karen's work was becoming. Michael was a public figure and even with his skin disorder, he did have his fair share of good days when it came to how he looked. For the most part, as the years were passing by, Michael was starting to look more like a disastrous portrait of a painting and less than a human being. 

Michael's race was becoming less and less visible not only because of the plastic surgery and the skin disorder but also because of the way Michael's make up was being done. Karen, in my honest opinion based on the pictures I posted, was/is not trained to do make up on people of color. If she was trained, she did a terrible job with Michael. When I was thinking of ideas to do this blog post, I often wondered if Karen was actually trained as a make-up artist or just a regular artist. Then, I read something that interested me from her blog - 

I am an artist by nature and a makeup artist by trade. I have been drawing and painting as long as I have been able to hold a crayon and my favorite subject matter has always been the human being. I have turned a lifetime of interest and study into a career as a makeup and hair artist.

After reading this, I cannot help but wonder if, in some crazy way, Michael was not just her employer but her art project. Karen has worked with other famous people and those people never looked bad under her "care". However, with Michael, each time I would look at pictures of him during certain periods of his life, I cannot help but wonder if one of the reasons Michael looked so unusual looking was because of the lack of care that Karen had for Michael. 

I was thinking about some of the bad times Michael went through over the years and I remember how the smear campaign known as the Child Abuse Allegations was affecting Michael, his family and fans. I also noticed that when the first allegations happened to Michael, his make up was starting to become strange. During the trial days, his make up was terrible and at one point, he had to arrive to court wearing pajamas. We all know the reason why but we also know that the whole world was watching the situation unfold. Instead of Karen doing all she could do to make Michael at least look appropriate to court that day, she decided to let Michael arrive to the courthouse wearing the clothing he slept on. 

I know that it only happened one time, but at the end of the day, no one was going to put the blame on his people. No one is going to think about that day that Michael's people/handlers failed on him and that his make-up artist was doing a poor job. People are going to blame everything on Michael because, to them, he was responsible for how he looked that day. Karen was "hired" by Michael to make him look and feel good about himself. Even if that time of Michael's life he was at the lowest of lows, he had a right to feel good about himself and his make up artist should have done what she can to make that happen. 

While Michael was in Trouble, Karen Did Nothing

Michael with Karen in 1986.

To be honest, I do not think that there was anything anyone could have done to prevent Michael's killers from killing him. I feel that his death was written in stone once Thriller started to sell a million copies every week in 1983. I do feel, however, that when people see their employer in trouble that they should at least do something to help that person. In 2009, Karen came on board to work with Michael for his now ill-fated This Is It concerts. I do not believe that Michael hired Karen to come and work for him again after the fact that when Michael fired her, she went to resident hater Roger Friedman and told him things about Michael. There are probably other things that Karen did that Michael did not like that sealed the deal regarding her firing. I do believe that either Sony or AEG hired Karen to work with Michael for the concerts and got rid of Lynda Parrish. 

Karen created a facebook account and started to tell fans about what was happening at the rehearsals for the concerts. There was never a time where Karen ever stated that something was not right with Michael. Even though Michael was seen coming in and out of Dr. Klien's office, Karen continue to let the fans know that things were fine. Then Michael was murdered  and slowly but surely, things became difficult, tragic and terrible. Karen started to state things on her facebook account that really bothered me and the fans. Karen was on facebook trashing the Jackson family, stating why Michael's children should not be around the Jacksons (who are their family) because they were a bad influence to the children. Karen also stated that -

"From Karen's Facebook page-- She is worried about Mike's kids being affected by Jermaine's kids who were rude ,ill-behaved always watching tv and running wild."

Keep in mind, at that time, the family was going through an unspeakable nightmare and his three children were beyond devastated. Katherine was in a very emotional and painful situation and Michael's siblings and the rest of the family were grieving. Not only that, no one was in the mood for Karen's opinions about someone's children that she barely knows. Karen was revealing things about Michael's final months and days that bothered myself and the fans. The one thing that I noticed while Karen Faye was telling Michael's business was the fact that the whole time Karen was witnessing Michael in trouble that she never took it upon herself to notify the family to let them know what was going on. There was a chat or sorts that Karen did with some fans that made me wonder some things. Read on -

"Karen Faye Kissinger: I just want the truth to be known. I did not know what drugs Michael was using. But, in my opinion, it was evident his problem was effecting rehearsals, his attendance and his weight. We were all concerned. The performers were starting to wonder. I do not know exactly why they are denying it.I always tried to protect Michael in every way. I began asking for a psychologist to help Michael AND us in dealing with the problem. I began warning my superiors. (I was commanded to come to them with ALL of my concerns). They told me they had it under control…two days later he was dead.
Karen Faye Kissinger: People keep asking me why I didn't drag Michael out of there. I have been dealing with Michael and his denial for many years. So has his family. I can not drag anyone to safety. I am not strong enough to physically drag Michael into my car, past his security guards against his will. I can not drive through iron gates and take him from his children. I can not jeopardize, him breaking his contract. I do not understand people who think I was in a position to do that."

It is almost comical that as a person who never met a celebrity that I can list so many things that I could have done for Michael if I was in Karen's shoes. The first thing that I would have done was to contact Michael's family and let them know what was really going on. I would not talk about any drug use when, at that time, no one had a clue how Michael died (now murdered) and it was assumed that drugs played a role. All of this nonsense about Michael being "denial" with his supposed drug issues is not important nor did it had anything to do with the lack of concern, in my opinion, Karen did have for Michael. Karen went on her facebook account and told fans straight up lies about Michael's health knowing that if she told them the truth and the fans noticed that she was doing nothing to help Michael, the fans would attack her. Instead of taking some sort of responsibility for letting what happened to Michael happen, Karen goes after the Jackson family and tells Michael's business to anyone that would listen. She had the time to state irrelevant things about Michael on these social networking sites so why didn't she use the same energy to actually do something about Michael's condition? No one was expecting her to work miracles but at least do something that would have helped Michael. 

Karen and the Fans

Michael's fans. 

Karen's relationship with Michael's fans is unusual at best. It is not all of that common for make-up artists to have their own fans. Most of these fans are fans of their work and not the celebrity that they work for. In Karen's case, she has "fans" who are fans of Michael, or they claim to be fans of Michael. I remember back in 2002 when I was a member of a MJ message board called the King of Pop Discussion Board and a fan posted email messages that Karen sent to the fan. Karen was giving the fans access to communicate with her and the fans were posting her email responses on the boards. I did not really pay any attention to those messages until three years later, in 2005, when the trial was occurring. Karen was communicating with fans via email and even I sent an email to Karen about something dealing with the trial. I was really hoping that I would get a response but I did not. I guess my concern for Michael was not her top priority because she decided to respond to certain things that were not important and had nothing to do with Michael's well being. 

I made a mistake of communication with a certain fan who was friends with Karen, in regards to information that surfaced about Michael the previous year. I posted the information on this blog some months ago click here  about a former promotional employee of Michael's who had to state some thing about Michael's personal business because a man by the name of Scott Thorson was claiming untrue things about Michael. When that fan told Karen (I wanted to state that I never told that fan to tell anyone of that information. The fan took it upon herself to notify Karen of what was stated. I did not even know the fan did that until the fan showed me what Karen stated.) about the information from the promotional employee, Karen fired back stating that the information were all lies and that Michael and Diana Ross, for example, were friends and never had a relationship. Karen also stated other things but I stopped reading after that because I knew that Karen was not telling the truth. The funny thing about the whole situation was that the promotional employee stated that Michael had a crush on Karen. 

During the trial days, Karen was a member of (which is now that horrible, the King of Pop Discussion Board (KOPDB) among other MJ theme message boards. Her name on these message boards was Turkle and Karen claims that Michael gave her that nickname. Karen would come on the board and post things about Michael that were at times inappropriate. One of the things that she stated that bothered me the most was when she discussed with his fans about his package. I do not care what anyone does in their lives but there is something called respect that should be used at all times. At that time, Michael was fighting for his life and was in a court room with his lawyers and some of his family members and listening to every lie that those fools were stating about him. Here comes an employee that he paid to put make up or whatever on his face going to these fan message boards and talk to them and with them about his private parts as if he was an object and not a human being. What would possess someone to become so disrespectful and wicked to even discuss her employer in such a immature and undignified manner? 

Then there was the situation regarding the mess that was happening. From what I can remember, fans had to pay a premium to get the latest information in regards to the website. Karen, along with Randy and Tanya Zilkie who was Randy's supposed girlfriend and Karen's best friend, ran the site. Things started to get messy when fans were not getting what they paid for in regards to the website. When I was doing research for this blog, I saw this blog post and I had to post the information -

"1) Karen Fake, Randy Jackson, Taunya Zilkie (girlfriend of Randy Jackson at that time) were managing Michael's official site MJJSOURCE during the trial. These three people ended up scamming the fans. They charged 49,00USD and 89,00USD for a package of some goods. Myself and many other never received any package, nor did we get a refund. Neither did we get an apology. The fans told Michael about this and he immediately shut down the page and fired Karen Fake. Then Karen Fake blamed him for the mess. This is the post Karen Fake wrote about the incident with the site: “I understand all the anger with the fans, but we have done everything in our power to live up to all the promises Michael has made. If he does not fulfill his promises…there is nothing we can do. We were Michael’s voice, but if he doesn’t wish to speak or pay the bills for MJJsource, there is nothing we can do.”
Isn't that something? 

Fast forward to this year and Karen is still at it with some of his fans and ever since she has stated things about Michael and his family since his murder, she has not seemed to stop with her nonsense. I was told by a fan about Karen using one fan, in particular, to create problems in the fan community for no reason. It is clear that the MJ fan community is divided and I explained in detail on this blog how divided the fan community is. However, it is weird and downright despicable for former employees or current employees of any celebrity to create fan drama, issues or problems within the fan community. Michael loved his fans the way they are whether his fans are in denial of what happened to him or if his fans are more concerned about getting complete justice for him. Michael loved them regardless. I would think that Michael probably prepped his employees on how to handle his fans because he viewed them as his extended family and he knew that his fans, like his actual family, were always there for him. Karen has a particular fan who goes around twitter and facebook and look for any fan who has ever trash Karen or Lisa Marie Presley and report it to Karen. When Karen gets the information from this fan, Karen blocks the fans that have been bashing her or Lisa Marie. 

When Karen had a facebook page in which she allowed fans to be added to her account, she posted a picture of Michael's crypt and gave that picture to I refuse to look at the picture or even post the picture on this blog post. It is things that she has done that has made me wonder what type of person this woman truly is.

Karen Trashing Michael's Parents/Family

Michael's family in 2009.

When the Jacksons decided to do an interview with Oprah in 2010, I and many of the fans were not happy with that and even Randy was furious. It is known that Oprah basically hated Michael and implied many times that she believed that Michael harmed children. The family knows what that woman stated about Michael but at times, you want to put some of them aside and tell them that not everyone has to talk to this woman. At times, when I see things that I do not agree with or dislike, I try to let it be and move on. Karen likes to comment on everything that she does not like because no one has ever told her that she could not do those things. I was bothered when Karen tweeted a comment about Joe and Katherine and Karen's lack of respect for two people who lost their child and her lack of respect for Michael. I posted this link in one of my previous blog posts and I am going to post it again but this time, I am going to post what the woman stated. Karen has since deleted the comment on her twitter account but the one thing people and Karen need to learn is that you can never truly delete anything from the Internet.

"My heart aches more than any one will every know. Clearly seeing how MJ was never loved as a son...merely a commodity.
It hurts so much...I can not even comment further @ this time. I need time to spiritually put things in order in my heart."

As you see the lack of professionalism that this woman has. I cannot even imagine talking badly about my employer's parents. I do not know what classifies what is it like to be a parent to Karen but I do know that Katherine and Joseph loved their son very much and have done so much for him. I focus on their actions and not their decisions. I am not a fan of some of the things that the family has done but to be fair, Michael put his children around creeps like Dr. Klien and even Karen Faye and I am not saying that Michael should be trashed for that but it is crazy to assume these things about his parents when all parents makes mistakes when it comes to their children. This was a mistake on Katherine and Joseph's part to even speak to Oprah. That one incident should not overshadow the 50 years that Joe and Katherine spent raising a great human being. It was stated that Oprah personally apologized to Katherine for what she stated about her son and I think I even read that Katherine would have not agreed to do the interview unless Oprah apologize. Instead of knowing the whole facts, Karen assumes and creates problems that does not need to be there.

During the trial days, Joseph found out that Karen was trashing him on and he confronted her about what she stated. I remember when I read that information and laughed because that woman had no business to assume that Joseph was "cashing in" on his son's fame. No offense to Karen or anyone else that has an issue with Joseph, but he can do that and there is not a thing anyone can do about it. Michael loved his father and unlike Karen, when Michael was in trouble and reached out to his father, his father was there and did something for him. Let me see how Karen can show people what she did for Michael when he was in trouble during the rehearsals for the TII concerts - oh wait, that's right she can't show us because she did nothing for the man. That's what I thought. 

During the family drama that happened this summer, Karen did not speak up in regards to what was stated. Remember, she was very vocal against Sony and the Estate executors so I wondered why Karen was silent......


Oh, I see. I now know what side she is truly on. 

Karen Was Never Michael's Personal Friend or Friend Period

Michael and Karen in 1992.

I understand that we all make difficult choices in life but at the end of the day, there is loyalty. To me, without loyalty in a friendship and trust, there is no friendship. I believe that even Michael believe in this as well. He was adamant on making sure that the friends that he had were loyal to him and that he could trust them. Karen has shown time and time again that she was never loyal to Michael and that could be one of the main reasons why Karen was fired by Michael back in 2005. During the trial days, Roger Friedman, a gossip columnist who worked for Fox News and now runs his own gossip site (which I made a reference of on my previous blog entry) was a known Michael hater. During the times when Michael was protesting against Sony BMG, Friedman made sure to bash Michael in every column that he written on Michael. During the time of the trial, Friedman had a "change of heart" and started to do stories on Michael that favored him. I later found out that Frank Casico, the "friend" who wrote a book on Michael was one of Friedman's many sources, along with some fans, Debbie Rowe and you guess it, Karen Faye. When Karen was fired from Michael's camp, she went right to Friedman and starting talking all sorts of nonsense to him about Michael. It is clear that after Karen went to Friedman, Michael was done with her and decided to hire a new make-up artist name Lynda Parrish. I will go more in-depth with her later on this post. 

I have mentioned this a couple of times on this blog that Karen Faye works for Gloria Allred and to my disgust this Allred woman is still bashing Michael even after he has now passed. There were so many signs that so many fans have ignored. The fans focused so much on the media and how they have treated Michael, but his people seemed to be ignored. Thanks to these social networking sites like facebook and twitter, the fans and even myself, now know how Michael's employees really operate. There is no way to describe my anger when I read that Karen was working for Gloria and I have posted this picture that shows the proof that Karen is indeed working for Allred. Here is the picture - 

I was reading a thread from a message board about Karen Faye's twitter and facebook comments and she was trying to justify her connection to Allerd. Read on -

"I have learned that understanding both sides is a better way to be in life. I am more than willing to listen to the estates reasons for making the choices they do. I listened to LMP, Gloria Allred, the Jackson family and I hold out my hand to those working for the estate in peace and understanding. I am asking questions, and seeking the answers. I do not blindly hate."
The fact that she even cares about what Allred has to state when she knows that Michael was never a child abuser boggles my mind. That tells me that Karen never believed what Michael ever told her and probably never will. Instead of questioning why Allred stopped representing Jordan Chandler so suddenly in 1993, she decides to listen to Allred's  "point of view" about Michael. Just sickening. To even try to find out why the Estate executors make the decisions that they make when she KNOWS that John Branca was evil to Michael. There is no reason to even reach out to them when the executors are not even concerned about Michael's legacy and have helped made sure that Michael's family are divided. The executors are more concerned about making money than anything else. Karen knew that but decided that "understanding both sides" is more important. Maybe part of Karen "understanding both sides" personality trait is selling Michael to the media for money. Remember this special that ABC News did on Michael in 2010? 

ABC News Special on MJ.

Remember in that special, Karen was on there with Michael Bush and the late Dennis Tompskin talking about Michael? Remember that rare video of Michael behind the scenes of the short film "Speed Demon"? That footage along with these pictures -

Not only the items came from Karen's personal files but she sold them to ABC News for around $200,000. So, remember all of the suffering Michael went through regarding the media and the various people that he called friends, the people he trusted, the people who he thought were loyal to him who sold him out? I remember that and a lot of fans remember that. You know who else remembers that? Karen. Now, she is one of those people who sold him out. 

Karen and Michael's Women

It is not a secret that Karen never liked any of the women that were connected to him. Karen especially did not any of the women who were connected to him that are black. I am going to show you how the women who have came forward to talk about Michael were easily labeled "liars" by Karen and how her jealously was the root behind her issues with these women. 

Romonica Harris

When Romonica Harris came forward in 2005 to talk about her time with Michael, a friend of Karen's, (the one that I mention earlier who told Karen about the information the promotional employee stated about Michael) emailed Karen and asked her about Romonica. Karen's friend posted the message on the KOP Board and the information spread. Karen stated in the email, and I am going to go by my memory, that she never met Romonica and that she asked Michael about her and Michael told her that he has never heard of Romonica. Karen never asked Michael about Romonica and Michael knew who Romonica was. I remembered in one of the conversations I had with Romonica, I asked her about Karen and she told me that she has never met her and when she was with Michael, the only time that he talked about Karen was how she was doing his hair and make-up. Wow, isn't it amazing that Karen was irrelevant to Michael during the 1980s? No wonder Karen was bent out of shape when Romonica came forward. Lame. 

Tatiana Yvonne

I mentioned on one of my blog posts that Karen refused to do make-up for Tatiana Yvonne during the Bad Tour in the late 1980s. During the time Michael passed away, Karen implied on her facebook page that Michael showed her sexually charged letters that Tatiana wrote to Michael. As far as I know, it was never confirmed that Tatiana even wrote those types of letters to Michael. I believe that the issue with the letters and the rumors that ultimately got Tatiana fired were from Karen. Karen even stated that Tatiana did not deserve to come to Michael's burial. Since when did Karen makes the decision on who deserves to come to a funeral or not? 

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell worked with Michael in the short film, "In the Closet" back in 1992 and we can all tell that Michael and Naomi had something going on. Naomi has never confirmed or denied that anything was going on between her and Michael so when I was doing research for this post, I saw this piece of information. Read on -
"Michael comes off the set of In The Closet and into the makeup trailer. He seems very agitated; a little embarrassed*and upset. Karen Faye asks what’s wrong.“Naomi,” Michael says. “She keeps talking dirty to me.”Karen: “Tell her to stop.”Michael: “She won’t.”Karen: “Tell her again.” She goes on to tell him he has to be more aggressive and forceful.A little while later, Michael is back again. Still upset with Naomi. “She won’t stop. She keeps talking dirty.”Karen: ‘Well what exactly is it she’s saying?”Michael: “I can’t tell you. It’s too bad to say.”THEY WRAPPED THINGS UP WITH A WHIPPED CREAM FIGHT!At this point (again, I’m merely repeating the story as it was told) Karen is almost amused and making a joke of it. She tells Michael he’s a big boy and should be able to handle the situation. “Tell her to stop doing it.”Sometime later, Michael is back again, still complaining about Naomi and her “nasty” talk. Again, Karen asks what exactly is it that she’s saying. Finally badgered into confessing, Michael looks very embarrassed and says, “She said she wants to suck my d***.”
After everything Karen has stated about Michael and her jealousy towards anyone, especially a woman, around Michael, I do not believe that Michael even told Karen about this. Michael would have known what Naomi Campbell was about because he chose her to be in the short film and he would have had an idea what she was about. Keep in mind that Michael and Naomi knew of the sexual nature of the song and they both knew that they would be touching one another in a certain way. Just because at one point of Naomi's career she was throwing cell phones at her hired help does not mean that she was an over-sexualized woman who wanted to do Michael. I would not be surprise if that whole exchanged was completely made up by Karen and her followers. 

Karen's Comments Towards Spike Lee

Spike Lee

The main reason why I decided to do this blog was because of something that I have read on my twitter timeline. I am going to post what I read. 


There are things that you just do not state publicly about one's character when it comes to accusations that can harm a person's career and livelihood. I thought that Karen learned that from witnessing what happened to Michael during the trial days. Here is the thing, I am a fan of Spike Lee and his work and I have been waiting for Spike to do something on Michael since God knows when. Now that it has finally happened, I cannot wait to see it. I know that Bad 25 documentary is online and was seen in the movie theaters two weeks ago. I know that there some major mistakes in the documentary and I will get into all of that when I see the film on Thanksgiving Day and do a review on it. I understand that everyone has a right to an opinion but what I cannot understand is why would Karen state something about Mr. Lee without evidence? She thinks that stating Michael's name and saying that Michael told her that Mr. Lee did not like white people was proof? If that was the case, why did Michael have this man direct his short film "They Don't Care About Us?" Here is the thing, I think it is a big lie and the reason why I think is a lie is because Karen wanted to be in the documentary but was angry when Spike Lee did not ask her to be part of the film. Spike asked so many people to be in the film. Mr. Lee had people who were not even born when Bad was released (Chris Brown), people who were not known at the time of Bad's release, (Mariah Carey) and people who were children/teens when Bad was released (Kanye West, ?uestlove, drummer for the Roots). Spike Lee even reached out to Sheryl Crow and yes, one of Karen's "enemies" Tatiana Yvonne to be in the film. So, Karen, instead of accepting the fact that she was as good as a make-up artist and that is it, decides to go on twitter and falsely accused Spike Lee of being a racist. That is funny to me. If Spike Lee was a racist, he would not have made the films that he has made to teach everyone about the stories of people and events that shaped our culture. The truth is that Mr. Lee and I, among with so many others could care less about Karen's role in Michael's life at that time or in any time. There is no need to be in a film if you were only a make-up artist. 

Karen Faye and other Celebrity Make-Up Artists/Hairstylists

Sadly, there is something about Michael that makes him attracted to idiots like Karen. I have always wondered why Michael never got rid of that terrible woman sooner. I also thought about other celebrity make up artists and hairstylists who were hired to do their jobs and decided to run their own salon/business or written books on what they have learned. Here are a list of true make up artists and hairdressers who made their work speak for itself. 

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown, like Karen, is a freelance make up artist who had an education at Emerson College in theater make up (an B.F.A) and after she graduated from college, she went to New York City to start her professional career. Regardless of her bumps in the road, her drive and talent paid off when she was offered to do make up for top magazines, models and photographers. Bobbi Brown got her big break when she did make up for an unknown model at the time, Naomi Campbell for Vogue and once that happened, people were taking notice.  Ms. Brown noticed that the make up that she had access to and was using was not what she was searching for. She wanted to have make up that would make it possible to have the gorgeous look but a natural look as well. Ms. Brown teamed up with a chemist and by 1991, her brand of lipstick was being sold at the department store Bergdoft Goodman and the products were under the name Bobbi Brown Essentials. When the demand was high, Ms. Brown decided to make her one line of cosmetics called Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  Besides running her business, Ms. Brown still works at her craft by creating runway looks for fashion shows, being on shows like Today and Oprah giving out advice on how to apply make up and tutorials. She has worked with the top designers like Rachel Roy, Tory Burch and J. Mendel to name a few. Ms. Brown is also a New York Times best seller and has written five (5) books called Bobbi Brown Beauty, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty, Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution, Bobbi Brown Living Beauty and Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. You can read more about Ms. Brown on her official website -

Ken Paves

Ken Paves is a hairstylist who has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Oprah, Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Celine Dion and Lady Gaga to name a few. Mr. Paves' work has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, GQ and Harper's Baazar to name a few. He has performed makeovers for shows like Oprah, America's Next Top Model, and the Biggest Loser. He and Jessica Simpson did a reality show together called The Price of Beauty in which they both traveled the world to find out what is considered beauty in other parts of the world.  Mr. Paves has a successful line of clip -on hair extensions called Hairdo, which were inspired by Jessica Simpson that was launched in 2006. The product sold in over 80 countries. Mr. Paves even had more success with his line of styling tools among other things. Mr. Paves has two salons in the US. He has one in Los Angeles, California and one in Michigan. To read more Ken Paves, click on his official website -

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Lynda Parrish

According to Lynda Parrish's website -
"Lynda Parrish’s composed demeanor and classic look has made her one of the most sought after hairstylists in the world. She has developed a client list that most hairstylists would ever dream of having. That includes the late great “King of Pop” Michael Jackson and all-time tennis champion Serena Williams. Lynda began developing an affinity for hairstyling in her hometown of Washington, D.C. It didn’t take long before she realized that is her gift and calling. She attended high school and after graduating, she went to beauty school while simultaneously earning a cosmetology license. She had no idea where her gift was going to take her. Lynda continues to travel the world, working with musical artists, athletes and she is a stalwart of print and advertising agencies.As a young adult, she lived in New York City where her sense of style and glamour created and continues to influence her to this day. She was trained by one of New York’s most prominent and preeminent hairstylists, John Atchinson. She also trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, England. She returned to Washington, D.C. and immediately started working in some of the most prominent salons that placed her in a setting that would showcase her styling ability.Since the passing of her most famous client, Michael Jackson, Lynda has re-dedicated herself to her profession and her calling. She doesn’t plan to stop with just hair designing and cutting. She’s creating her own line of jewelry, perfumes and colognes. Lynda now lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she also advises and consults with clients on their image development."
Ms. Parrish was the make up artist/hair stylist that Michael hired from 2006-2009 until Karen, all of  the sudden, came back in May of 2009. I am going to post pictures of the work that Ms. Parrish did for Michael. This is how a make up artist works. Let's start with her work on L'Uomo Vogue and Ebony

Michael on the cover of L'Uomo Vogue in 2007.

That classic stare.

The wonderful images from Ebony 2007.

When Michael was at James Brown's funeral in 2006 - 

The World Music Awards in 2006- 

Michael at various events in Japan and Baharain in 2006 and 2007 - 

Michael at Rev. Jesse Jackson's birthday party in 2007 - 

Michael at the This Is It Press Conference - 

I posted these pictures to make a point about Ms. Parrish's work on Michael. As you can tell there is a huge difference between Karen's work on Michael and Lynda's work. Karen work was more is more and Lynda's was less is more and simplistic. When news was spreading, sometime last year, that Michael's hair that he wore at the Press Conference for the This Is It concert was in an exhibit, Karen could not wait to use the opportunity to bash Ms. Parrish. I save the tweet of what Karen stated and even Michael's brother, Jermaine, chimed in. See the image below - 


To be fair, I did not like what I saw but I noticed that Karen was more concern about that and not concern about the comments that she has stated about Michael and his family. The way I see it is this - Karen was jealous that Ms. Parrish was asked by Michael to work for him for the This is It concerts. When Ms. Parrish was replaced by Karen, Karen wanted to get back at her and when the chance came along she did. I also believe that Karen was jealous of Lynda Parrish's work because it was better than hers, ten-fold. 

If you noticed with Bobbi Brown, Ken Paves and Lynda Parrish they have their own businesses and two of them either own or run a their own salons. All three continue to sharpen their crafts so they can become even greater in what they do for a living. Instead of Karen Faye doing the things that other people in her field are doing, she decides to gossip, create problems, lie, steal, manipulate, assume and sell out to the masses. This is not someone who is interested in making a real living out of her "craft". I do not know what she is truly is when it comes to being a make-up artist because her behavior states otherwise. The disrespect that Karen has shown to Michael, his family and fans are so out of this world that I do believe that maybe Karen Faye is more of a plant from Sony BMG/ Estate Executors than an actual professional. I wonder, at times, what would make a reasonable, respectable, dignified man to have an employee who was an definition of a disaster? I wondered if Michael loved himself enough to let this woman go far earlier than in 2005, like in 1987 or 1990 or once she started to show behaviors of a person who was unstable and unprofessional. The lack of professionalism that Karen showed around Michael showed in her work on Michael as the years went by. Maybe at one point, Karen was a good make-up artist who had a way of making Michael look a certain way. Instead of striving to become better than better, she strived to become worse and worse by putting her feelings, jealously, anger, issues on Michael's face instead of in a diary or journal. I do not know if Michael even thought of doing annual evaluations on some of his employees that were seen as hard to work with or difficult. I do know that unlike me, Michael was very tolerant when it came to Karen and that type of tolerance can hurt in the long run. The images of Michael's many transformations are online forever and thanks to Karen, as bad as her creations were becoming, there will always be a few low lives who do not mind getting their usual fix of nonsense. I hope that people who read this blog post are not reading because they cannot stand Karen or they want to find a way to get back at her. I hope people read it to learn how not to be around people and to always respect one another even if you do not like the person. I hope people can learn to know their lane and to stay at their lane. Most importantly, I hope people can learn how to become a professional in whatever they do in life so that one does not have to state personal things about their employers to become a somebody in life. 


*Update 09/03/2017: There has been an update regarding Karen Faye nonsense. Last week, I read some off putting comments that Ms. Faye stated about Michael. Both of the tweets were posted after I published this blog entry. In a series of tweets, you will know who Karen Faye truly is.

Michael had a lot of very off people in his life and I am elated and proud that I made sure that Ms. Faye was expose for who she truly is. I do this for Michael and I hope I make him proud exposing these rotten people. 



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