Saturday, April 13, 2013

Magazine Scans: Ebony Magazine 1990

The Civil Case between the Jackson Family V. AEG is making headlines almost everyday. This case will determine if AEG are liable and responsible for the murder of Michael Jackson. The case will also make the Jacksons billionaires and one of the richest families in America and the world. The fascination with the Jacksons have been in existence since 1970 and 43 years later, people all over the world want to know what is going on with the the first family of popular music. Back in 1990, Katherine Jackson wrote a book about her famous family called My Family: The Jacksons and Ebony magazine did a cover page article that featured the excerpts from the book. During that time, Michael and Janet ruled the Billboard charts with hit songs and record breaking tours, LaToya was starting to cause problems and the family was slowly becoming tabloid fodder. I wanted to post the article to remind people that at the end of the day, the Jacksons are a family and in all families there is dysfunction. So, please sit back and enjoy this cover story of the Jacksons from the archives of Ebony magazine. 

My Family: The Jacksons, 1990

The cover and I colored in the word "Ebony" in blue marker. I wanted to do that. :) 



Magazine -
"Mother of Jackson Family Tells All Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Michael, Janet and LaToya", pages 60-66, Ebony magazine, October 1990.

Picture -
The cover of Katherine Jackson's first book from a search.