Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Thoughts Part 6

The theme for this edition of Random Thoughts is anger. Anger is a very dangerous emotion no matter how much you slice it. If one can handle their anger, then they will not use their anger to hurt anyone. At times, I wonder if being angry is the only thing that keeps me from having a nervous breakdown when things are crazy. I have stated it so many times on this blog that I am disgusted by how things are happening regarding Michael's legacy and his family. I am going to explain three types of anger that I am experiencing at the moment. I am angry at a family member of Michael's, angry that Michael's wishes for his children are being ignored. I want to make it clear that the things that I am going to state will anger some readers and I want to apologize in advance because no matter what I state, the readers who will be angry at this post will never truly understand the true suffering Michael went through. 

Michael in 2004.

LaToya's Reality Show

Promo pic of LaToya for her show, 2013.

I do not have cable so I did not see LaToya's show on television on Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network. I had to read what happened on the show on twitter and I thought that I was reading things when a fan tweeted to LaToya about what she stated regarding the "kidnapping" of Katherine last summer. A fan that I follow on twitter was nice enough to record the show and put it on youtube. (the video was later removed for copyright reasons) I watched the whole thing and I was so angry. I was angry because I could not believe that this woman would sit there and state that her mother was "kidnapped" all because she could not reach her. I was also angry that on the show, it showed tabloid reports about the madness that happened last summer; reports that stated the wrong reasons why Michael's siblings did what they did and that stupid surveillance tape of Janet and Paris at odds. I have stated on this blog why the messed occurred and it had NOTHING to do with money. LaToya knows that but made sure to add the tabloid media's take on the situation. You might be wondering why that situation was brought up and the reason why was because at the time LaToya taped the show, that was when the mess happened. 

Life with LaToya.

LaToya "confirming" the tabloid rumors of Katherine being "kidnapped" on her show turned me off completely regarding her show. I am not going to sit here and assume that LaToya was forced to state that. I think that LaToya meant every word that she stated and did not care how anyone would take it. I do believe that LaToya stating what she state confirmed to me, once again, that the Jackson family are divided and have not healed their wounds. I had a feeling that LaToya would state stupid things on her show just for the hell of it and that gets to me. I want to try to accept LaToya and look past her stupid decisions but after what I saw, I am so done with her. 

Katherine's interview with ABC News last summer.

I do not know for a fact if the things LaToya stated in her book or on the show even happened. At this point, if she can't even stand by her own family over what happened to her/their mother and her questionable decisions, then whatever she states does not mean a thing. LaToya is never consistent with anything she states and she tries to make people think that she had this close connection with Michael. Even when LaToya talked about this pact that she made with her best friend Kathy Hilton (the mother of socialite Paris Hilton) and Michael about naming their children Prince and Paris, I can't buy it. If it wasn't for me watching the show Extra back in 2009 when Paris Hilton told them that Michael told her that he named his daughter after her, I would never believe part of this pact LaToya claims happened. 

I have often wondered why LaToya changed her tune about what happened to her brother when he was murdered. Before the faux murder trial in 2011, LaToya would state constantly about the conspiracy and what AEG did to her brother. After Murray was convicted, she completely changed her tune and started to state about other things. You would think that she would continue to talk about what happened to her brother but she completely stopped. These days, if LaToya is asked about what happened to her brother, she probably would not even talk about it. I saw a preview for the next episode for her show and she stated that, "we do not know what really happen to Michael" - *sigh* what can I say? I do not think LaToya was ever serious about what happened to her brother. She was the main one telling anyone that would listen that her brother was murdered. Now, she feels that she does not know what happened to her brother. 

Michael with LaToya in 2004/2005.

LaToya made a career trashing, pimping and throwing her own family under the bus and I do not think I can take anymore of this nonsense. This is such a serious situation because murder is a nightmare that is so horrific that complete justice is the only way one can truly accept what happened to the murder victim. This family cannot even come together and figure out what happened to Michael. Michael did so many things for these people and instead of understanding that, some of his family members exploit his children, disrespect his mother, commit elder abuse, work for the criminal Estate, speak to media bastards who are bashing Michael in articles, writing lame books (excluding Katherine's), did not do effective research on who killed Michael, I mean I can keep on going with this. I stated on this blog nearly a year ago that I will no longer defend Michael's family because I am so sick and tired of the crap and I am still standing by that. 

LaToya can go ahead continue to do what she thinks is right because she is a selfish, ridiculous woman who will never take responsibility for her actions. She blames everyone for her own pathetic decisions instead of taking responsibility for what she has done. I have never seen a 56 year old woman wanting to "start over" when she had 17 years to start over. LaToya was one of the first relative of a celebrity to make a career trashing her family. Other relatives of celebrities have jobs and careers of their own and do not need to seek fame from their relative to have a career. Sadly, when it comes to Michael, it seems that no one wants to make a career of their own without bragging to anyone that would listen that Michael was their relative. Thanks to people's love for tabloid and sensationalism, LaToya Jackson is on our faces throwing the shade at people that she calls family.

Paris Visits Debbie Rowe/Paris Being Exploited Once Again

Paris as a cheerleader, 2013. 

I was stunned when I read online that Paris went to visit her mother, Debbie Rowe. Instead of being happy that a daughter was reuniting with her mother, I was livid and I glad I was. I understand that at times, there are mothers out there who are unable to take care of their children because of drug abuse, mental illness, physical illness and incarceration. However, with Debbie Rowe's case, she did not have a valid reason why she was not active in Paris and Michael's Jr.'s lives. I remembered the first time I found out that Debbie Rowe was not in the lives of her children. It was in 1999 and I was watching the E! channel while I was cleaning or looking for something. (This was when I had cable at home.) There was news that Michael Jr. was sick and he had to go to the hospital. I overheard that Debbie Rowe found out on the news that her son was sick and went to visit him. I was mortified. How can a mother find out on the news that her own child was sick?! That was when I knew that something was not right. 

I am a supporter of parents being in the lives of their children because I do believe that a child needs their mother and father. I never believe that Michael did not want his children to have mothers. He was a momma's boy and I can't see him robbed his children of the love of a mother. As the years went by, I often wondered what was the deal with Debbie Rowe and her relationship with Michael. I am going to state from the get go that I cannot stand Debbie Rowe and when Michael married this woman, I thought it was a horrible idea. I knew that Michael did not love this woman because there was no chemistry there. I did not see a spark and I did not see anything that would make me think that Michael truly loved this woman. I remember seeing that horrible wedding picture of those two and I could not help but noticed Debbie's smile; I could almost see the dollar signs in her eyes. She hit the jackpot. 

I believe that Michael's connection with Debbie was a business deal - plain and simple. Debbie did not live with Michael and I found out during the 2005 trial that she refused to be a mother to Michael's children. When Debbie received $20M for giving Michael children, I was disgusted. This woman chose money over taking care of her children. I also found out that while Debbie was pregnant with Paris, she gave an interview with the media. Michael was private and did not want the public to know about certain things in his life. I also believe that Debbie - before it was confirmed by Michael's people - told the media that she was pregnant with Michael Jr. If Debbie never opened her mouth, we would never know that Michael was a father. 

That brings me to my anger last week when I found out that Paris went to visit her mother. The timing could not be obvious - if the Jacksons win the civil trial, they are billionaires. I feel that Debbie is up to her old tricks again and using her connections with Flo Anthony to get close to her children. Flo Anthony, who is a close friend of LaToya's, a supporter of TJ, is one of Debbie's good friends. I believe that Flo had a conversation with TJ and LaToya about Debbie wanting to meet with her daughter. LaToya, I believe, spoke to Katherine about this and Katherine decided to let Paris visit her mother. Now, this is just my opinion of what I think happened and nothing more. When it happened, picked up the story and it spread like wildfire. 

I was on twitter last week and I saw a headline from Roger Friedman that stated that Paris wants to live with Debbie Rowe. That is when I knew that Debbie Rowe was not only behind that rumor but is a source to the article. Here is the article from Friedman's crappy website -

(BTW,  I was told during the trial days that Debbie was the source to many articles that Friedman did on Michael. All of these sources that he is referring to in the article is Debbie Rowe, imo. )

That horrible article is proof of how dangerous this media and Debbie are. I do not believe what this article states because it seems like Roger Friedman putting certain things together and stating that it is happening. Let's say that parts of the article is true about Debbie having cordial conversations with Katherine - well, Katherine is a passive woman (I am not stating that to bash Katherine but to point out her weakness. Michael was passive as well.) who might not see the error of Debbie's ways. This is why her children, who really care about what Michael wanted for his biological children, need to fight back and make sure Debbie is not in these children's lives. 

I think that Michael's older children need to think very hard before they develop a relationship with Debbie. I believe that these children will be making a horrible mistake that they cannot recover from. These children need to understand what Debbie truly put their father through and make a decision that they have to live with. The children have to understand that, when it comes to them, their mother is not someone that they have a bond with and if they really understood what this woman did to their father, they would have to accept the fact that in essence, the mother/child bond they want with their mother will not be the type of bond they would want from their mother.

I also want to harp on Paris being exploited once again in the media. I found out late last week that Paris was in a magazine for the U.K. tabloid The Daily Mail. I was angered when I saw the pictures of this child and thinking to myself, "why is this child doing a photoshoot and being interviewed for a tabloid?" If she did a photoshoot with Teen Vogue, I would not have a problem with it because Teen Vogue focuses on fashion and it is not a tabloid. I feel that LaToya and TJ are making sure that this child is being plastered in the media in this fashion. When is this madness going to end? I do not see this child doing anything for charity. All I see is this child visiting a horrible woman and being exploited so that we can continue to see her face. This is all nonsense and it needs to stop. This child is not promoting anything and has nothing out for her to do a photo shoot. I also see fans actually supporting this foolishness instead of being against it. What is going on? I am on my facebook page/twitter timeline/tumblr feed and everyday I am seeing grown ass MJ fans posting this child's picture on my feeds. This mess needs to stop! Stop promoting this child! Michael had done so much for his fans and the least they can do is honor his wishes and not support his children being exploited. You would think that Lourdes Leon, Madonna's daughter, would be more exploited than Paris but it is the other way around. This is complete madness. 

I did not bother reading the article because I know better when it comes to tabloids. I do not care what she thinks about her father. I know that he was an incredible father. However, I can't state the same when it comes to his daughter. I doubt that she will be a heart surgeon when she also stated that she was wanted to be an actress. I guess that is how 15 year olds think these days when they have no idea what they want to do. I refuse to post the link to the article because of the nature of the article and I doubt that she even stated everything that she stated in the article. I stated in one of my previous posts that I liked Paris' short hair cut but I saw a side picture and I did not know that she karate-chop the back of her hair. I do not like to comment on what people do to their hair but I hate to state it - I do not like the hairstyle at all. 

Paris has changed dramatically since the murder of her father. I know that one cannot look a certain way for the rest of their lives but when I mean by change is that she went from a sweet 11 year old girl giving a loving tribute to her father to a spoiled, 15 year old girl looking like she is 21. 

Paris with her friend, Sophia Richie (singer Lionel Richie's daughter.), 2009/2010.

Here is a picture of her with no makeup. The way a girl is suppose to look. 

Paris in 2011.

Paris in 2012. She looks like she aged and she is not even 18. 

And a 2013 picture of her looking 21 wearing a AC/DC shirt. At least the shirt is not a Motley Crue one. 

Lisa Marie Presley is Forgiven

Lisa Marie Presley at some event.

I have made it clear that I am not a fan of Lisa Marie Presley and I have made it known my true feelings about the woman. I have been doing a lot of thinking after I found out that Paris was visiting Debbie Rowe and I believe that maybe I was a bit harsh to Lisa Marie. I am usually a fair person but I have certain exceptions. I will admit, I did not like the fact that Michael married white women and I have never accepted neither of them. I want to be one of those people that would not have a problem with who a person who I am a fan of dated/married but when it comes to Michael, I wanted him to be with someone that would treat him with respect. I was very disappointed when Michael married white women because it made me believe that Michael had an issue with black women. He loved his mother and adored his sisters so why couldn't he marry a woman who was black? I know what I am stating can be seemed as racist, but what I have stated is more of an honest observation of what I witnessed. 

When I was looking into these unions Michael had with these women, I was expecting the worse and that is what happened - the both of them focus on making Michael look like a fool instead of praising him. It confirmed my belief that the marriages were fake. I was very angry with how Michael's "ex-wives" treated him and often had "hate" towards the both of them. Instead of standing by him, they bashed him in their own way. It was not until Michael was murdered and I read what Lisa Marie stated about him on her myspace page that I dediced to let my issues with her go. 

I know that after her touching letter to Michael, I created this blog and I bashed her a few times but I did some thinking for a while about Michael's relationship with Lisa Marie. I have stated on here that I do believe that Michael loved Lisa Marie and their relationship was real. I also have come to realized that there could be a reason why Lisa Marie stated things about Michael that were the opposite of his public persona. Lisa Marie was very honest about her time with Michael and when she did the interview with Rolling Stone in 2003, she told people about the "real" Michael and in a strange way humanized him and explain to people what it was like to be married to him. I have also realized that comparing Michael's relationships with his relationship with Lisa Marie to see if those women would state similar things about him does not mean that what Lisa Marie stated about him did not happen. I also have to understand that these women have different personalities and what Michael did with one woman might be OK to her but if he did the same thing to another woman, she might take it as manipulation or control. 

Michael with Lisa Marie in 1994. 

I tend to give people who screw Michael in his life a second chance because I do believe in second chances. I never gave Lisa Marie one because I never thought about giving her one. I was watching that tabloid show Entertainment Tonight and Tom Mesereau was interviewed. The way he talked about Lisa Marie and her loyalty towards Michael made me decide to give Lisa Marie a second chance to do right by Michael. I know there are fans out there who hated the fact that Lisa Marie did not give Michael children and I get the anger. However, I think we have to understand that if Lisa Marie did give Michael a child, the child would have to deal with his or her mother's side of the family that are rumored to be racist and how that child will be treated in the media and public. Maybe the thought of having a black child might not be an issue with Lisa Marie but with her family and friends who would probably not accept the child. There is also the factor of Michael's handlers and their suspect motives. Who truly knows why Lisa Marie did not give Michael a child? At the end of the day, it is her lost and having anger towards her over that is a waste of energy. So, I am going to give Lisa Marie a second chance and who knows what she is going to state in the upcoming Wrongful Death trial. We will wait and see. 

Overall, I don't understand why I take all of this so seriously. I had this vision of Michael being happy with his life and having everything he wanted for himself. After the 2005 trial, I wanted Michael to get married and live the good life. Sadly, that did not happen and this mess has occurred. I often wondered what happened to Michael to make sure that the wrong people came into his life. Was it his family? Was it the entertainment business? Was it fame? It is sad that his family, the entertainment business and his fans have continue to fail on him on a daily basis. To see fans support, like, retweet, reblog Paris' interview instead of ignoring it shows me that these fans not only do not care about his wishes but see Michael as a brand. To see his family attack one another thanks to LaToya's lame show tells me that the family will never be united. The fact that Debbie Rowe will never get what is coming to her shows me that his family and fans truly never learned from his life. My heart will forever break for Michael because he never wanted any of this to happen to him. I want to say that I hope that this foolisness will all end and the madness will stop but that will never happen. No matter what anyone does, the madness will continue because there is an audience that want things to go the way that they want it to go. In a way, we all failed on Michael because we simply did not learn from his life. 

***Update - 5/28/2017:

I posted an updated story about Lisa Marie Presley on this blog some two years ago. I want everyone to read this because it is important. Anyone that disrespected Michael will never be liked by me so what I stated about LMP on here was a complete mistake.

Michael in 2003. 



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