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Random Thoughts Part 8

This is the eighth edition of the Random Thoughts series. I know, I do a lot of these types of entries but there are so many things going on that I have to comment on. The theme to this post will be foolishness. A former video girl makes a lame tribute, the foolishness of an "ex-wife" who continues to prove that Michael was right about her. The foolishness of rumors of the paternity of Michael's children, the Estate still releasing fake vocals on future MJ projects and not defending his name and legacy when a tabloid creates rumors. 

Michael in the late 1980s. 

Ola Ray's "Tribute" To Michael

Michael and Ola in 1983 on the set of the "Thriller" short film.

What can one state about Ola Ray? She is a never been and spent most of her "fame" telling the world that Michael owed her money. We all know her as Michael's "girlfriend" in the Thriller short film and how she went from a somewhat promising acting career to a drug addict and now an embarrassment to women who are 50 years and older. When I first read that Ola was doing a tribute to Michael to acknowledge the 4th anniversary of Michael's death, I was not excited about that. Here is the link to the story -

Ola has always been the one wanting everyone to know that Michael did not pay her when she was in the classic short film. When Michael died in 2009, Ola went to the tabloid show the Insider and talked about her time with Michael. Here is the video -

Ola Ray on the Insider in 2009. 

I watched the video and I was insulted by the questions that terrible journalist asked Ola. I was even more insulted that Ola wasted her time answering the questions. Then, Ola had the nerve to file a claim against the Estate over money that she claimed Michael owed her. Instead of throwing her claim in the trash and tell her to get a job, the Estate executors settled the claim with her. I guess Ola was lying when she stated in a 2008 interview that Michael would help her out financially,

"The album is still the biggest seller of all time, with 104 million sold. But Ola didn't have a share of the honeypot and ended in financial trouble. She says Michael used to help out with cheques of around £2,500."

It bothered me when the Estate executors paid this woman for her laughable claim and she probably used that money to do her tribute to Michael. Here is an article that explains the video "tribute". Read and laugh if you think it is funny -

I watched the video and I was so bothered by it that I did not want to hear the song or see the video. I couldn't even feel sorry for the woman because she does not get it. It is fine to do a tribute to Michael because for the most part, almost everyone was/is a fan of Michael. However, to make a fool out of yourself, to try to dance and sing when you can't do both and to try to be "sexy" when you are a old woman is pathetic. Instead of living her life and doing something meaningful and age appropriate, she goes ahead and does that mess. Someone must have told her that she can do this to herself. Then she brings high school kids as her backup dancers to her mess and you are wondering why. 


I think that there are some people that really need to stop associating themselves with Michael and Ola is one of them. After all of the things that she has done to Michael, the last thing she needs to do is a tribute. She needs to take several seats and go away. 

The Judge in Regards to the Guardianship Will Not Change Anything

Katherine with her grandchildren in 2012.

After the nightmare of what happened to poor Paris, there were all sorts of rumors that the judge in the guardianship might make some changes in who should watch over the children. The fact that there are people wanting changes to happen after what happened to Paris is disgusting to me. The judge ordered an investigation after what happened to Paris to see what is really going on. Read the information here -

After the investigator did the interviews, created the report and the lawyers of Katherine and TJ were interviewed, the judge decided not to change anything. I have to be honest, I do not even know why an investigation had to even occur. I am not going to speculate what happen to Paris because I do not know for sure but I do not believe that what happened to her had anything to do with her family. I think there is more than what is really being reported. I do believe, however, that Debbie Rowe and maybe even some insane "fans" were behind the judge in regards to investigating the situation. I know what I am stating sounds far-fetched but if you are a reader of my blog you should know that I am not in the business of pleasing people or giving greedy parents a chance. This is a serious situation and the last thing that needs to happen is changes that can affect the children. I have stated on here that Debbie is a terrible influence to her daughter and if she is not gone, there will be more problems. When people start to understand this, then they will understand where I am coming from. The notion of all girls needed their mothers is true but in Michael's case, because of how insane his life was, this is not the case when it comes to his only daughter. This is the one of the many sad realities of the life of Michael. Fans have got to accept the fact that Debbie is evil, no matter how you slice it and speaking of Debbie - 

Debbie Rowe follows Michael's enemies on Twitter

I found out that she follows Harvey Levin and Dax (those bastards from on twitter and even considers them her "friends" and "accurate". I guess Debbie does not know about all of the horrible things that Harvey and his group of clowns over at stated about Michael. They stated that Michael was a "pedophile",  "gay", "crazy", "drug addict", "can't produced his own children", "his family are greedy", "family beefs", etc. Yet, Debbie does not seem to care. Remember in one of my previous entries when I posted a twitlonger of an fan's conversation with Debbie's niece about sending pictures of Paris to via Harvey? Yep. Debbie must have became friends with the very people who are going to make sure that whatever these clowns put on their website that deals with Michael or his children, she will get what she wants from it. This is not the first time that woman has become friends with the evil media. Debbie struck a friendship with another Michael hater, Ian Drew from Us Weekly magazine and she is friends with a producer for the tabloid show Entertainment Tonight. This is a pattern that Debbie does and she does not seem to care because all she ever cared about was getting her paycheck. That foolishness can only last for so long. However, it seems like Debbie is making sure that it lasts a lifetime. 

When Will The Speculation of the Paternity of Michael's Children End?

Michael with his children in 2008 at a bookstore in Las Vegas.

I try never to discuss this touchy subject on my blog because it is very insulting to Michael. I have never really stated on here what I really think about this subject. I am going to be honest here - I hope that Michael is the father of his two older children. I am not even going to waste time on Blanket because he looks just like Michael. I have stated on here that I believe that Michael is the biological father of Prince and Paris and I stated that because I believed that to be the case. I have seen pictures that prove that Michael is indeed the father and even the fact that Prince has vitiligo. However, the unfortunate reality is that Debbie is the mother to these children and her credibility is terrible. I really hate to state this but I am afraid that at least one of the children may not be Michael's and that either Michael knew later on and never told anyone or died thinking that he was the father. I have been defensive about this subject when I was a member of the MJ theme message boards and to the people and I will continue to be. If the worse is indeed true, it will never erase the impact that Michael made in his children's lives and for people to get upset with Michael over that and not the mother is beyond not fair. Debbie was never there for these children and if she did play this sick trick on Michael, she should rot in hell where she belongs. I hope that one day the speculation of the paternity of Michael's children ends and that people accept his children as his own. People can do and say all of the horrible things about Michael to the world but his children will tell the world that Michael was a great father. 

The Estate of Michael Jackson are Still Releasing Fake Vocals of Michael's.

Michael in 2009. 

It is never ending with this Estate and these songs that will never go away. For almost three years, the true fans of Michael, including me, have been telling anyone that would listen that the three songs from that Michael album were not his vocals. Fast forward to 2012 and the Bad 25 documentary was being shown in the UK. John Branca, one of the executors of the Estate, was asked about the songs and this is what he stated - 


So, if that was the case, then please tell me that I was reading things when I read this great blog post about a new collection of songs being released on Michael - 

"It has just been brought to my attention that tomorrow there will be the release of yet another Michael Jackson anthology, entitled The Ultimate Fan Extras Collection.  Bad enough. But what’s unforgivable, is that on this one, the Cascio songs are featured."

I do not understand this Estate and I will probably never will. The lies and the deceit are just too much right now. These people cannot be serious with the laziness and letting this mess happen. These people know that the vocals from that horrible songs are not his vocals and that Michael would never make songs that sound that bad and release that to the masses. You would think that the Estate knows that but you know what, they do not even know Michael. All the know is pimping and exploiting his legacy. 

The Media Still Lying on Michael/Estate's Weak Statement

Michael at James Brown's Funeral in 2006.

The media will forever be the destruction of a celebrity/public figure. The media are not friends with the celebrity/public figure and vice versa. The media has always hated Michael and no matter how many times people lied on this man, the media will never do its job and fact check their nonsense before they let the public read it. This has been happening to Michael since he was 11 years old and had become worse in 1993 when he was falsely accused of child abuse. Ever since then, Michael's relationship between the media has went from bad to horrific. Now, after four years since he was the murdered, the media is still attacking Michael's good name and legacy. Besides the lies that Wade Robson stated about Michael, a tabloid from the UK did an article that claims that they saw "files" from the FBI stating that Michael molested children. We all know about the real FBI files that were released on Michael in either 2009 or 2010. Here is a report on the real FBI files - 

Video of the real FBI Files on Michael.

You know, I know that AEG is in trouble and probably they really do not know how to save face at the moment. It has been revealed in the civil trial that they had a chance to cancel the concerts and that they did hire Conrad Murray to be Michael's doctor. At this point, AEG will do anything, I mean anything, to make Michael look bad to the public eye. That is why there are so many distractions. I am not going to waste time stating how incorrect the media has been on Michael. However, I will talk about the lack of defense from the Estate of Michael Jackson when this terrible story was revealed. Let's start with two journalists, Charles Thomson and Alan Duke (CNN) and how these two did something that the Estate refuses to do. Here is Charles Thomson's blog entry -

As you can see when you read the article, it was well research and got right to the point. 

This article written by Alan Duke gets into the lack of credbility of the tabloid story -

Yet, credits that horrible woman Diane Dimond, who I believe was a source to the tabloid story and others for the article. The article broke it down very well how the tabloid practically made up the whole thing and that Duke reminded the readers that this story was released during a very insane time: the trial and the situation regarding Michael's daughter. 

Tom Mesereau went on television defending Michael against the laughable claims from the tabloid.

You have these men, including dedicated fans doing their part to defend Michael and get the people to focus on the trial. None of these people, including me, are in control of Michael's likeness or have the power to stop the madness from occurring. However, the Estate executors have that power and handle Michael's likeness. You would think that they would release a strong statement and maybe even sue these bastards. Yet, that did not happen that way. Instead, this is what the Estate decided to release -

“As MJ said, just because you read it in a magazine does not make it factual…we personally detest these supposed news organizations that profit at Michael’s expense. We hope the fans can stay vigilant with us in protecting Michael’s legacy. We hope everyone has the opportunity to see the MJ ONE show…that’s the real Michael.”Thank you for remaining vigilant with the Estate in protecting Michael’s Legacy."
Not only is this statement a weak defense for Michael but to add insult to injury, the executors promoted the MJ One show in Las Vegas. I do not get it. There is a story out there lying on the FBI in regards to false allegations that ruin the life of Michael and these Estate executors wants to post a quote Michael stated and tell the fans to basically protect his legacy so they, the Estate, can continue to make money off of his likeness and legacy????? How can the fans stay "vigilant" with these people when the Estate can't even take measures and sue these people? That would be a start to help the fans fight these lies about Michael. You know what is so pathetic about this whole thing? Nearly a year ago, when the Jacksons had their issues with one another and the Estate executors and Howard Weitzman did not waste anytime releasing a statement that basically prohibited certain family members from seeing their own family. Let me refresh your memory -

“Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, and in order to protect the children and Mrs. Jackson, the Executors believe that it would not be appropriate to allow the following individuals to enter the residence or its grounds and we instruct the security to preclude the following from entering the residence or the grounds: Randy Jackson and any of his children, Janet Jackson, Rebbie Jackson and any of her children, Jermaine Jackson, his wife and any of his children, Janice Smith, or anyone else who was involved in the recent events that led to Mrs. Jackson’s separation from and inability to communicate with Michael’s children, or any agents or representatives of any of these individuals,” Weitzman wrote.“There will be no other security or drivers allowed on the property except those employed by the Estate of Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson is precluded from entering the property. Howard Mann who is in litigation against the Estate and is working with the Jackson siblings that wrote the “letter” should also not be allowed on the premises.”The “letter” Weitzman is referring to is the one signed by Randy, Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie and Tito Jackson, alleging that the 2002 will authorizing Branca and McClain to be the executors of estate is fraudulent. Tito later apologized for signing the letter.“Of course, Paris, Prince and Blanket, T.J. and his brothers, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and their spouses, current security (hired by the Estate), staff (per T.J.), Meg Lodise, Michael Kane, Sandra Ribera, Parry Sanders, Trent Jackson, you (Charles Shultz) and anyone else authorized by T.J. (other than the Excluded Individuals listed above), may enter and remain on the premises,” Weitzman wrote.

As you can see and read, the statement was detailed, direct and powerful. This is how the Estate works: they will release a reasonable, powerful statement based on the situation they feel that they can support. If anyone tries to question the validity of the will, the Estate will come at them hard. However, when there are low life scums falsely accusing Michael of a crime that never happened, the Estate will release a two to three sentence statement and further action to ruin the liars will not happen. This is complete foolishness and insanity.

Michael from 1986.


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