Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Random Thoughts Part 10

This tenth edition will talk about an upcoming documentary on Michael and handwritten notes were revealed in the AEG Trial so I will discuss them. Quincy Jones will sue the Estate of Michael Jackson, an extended version of useful information that I will post on here and a campaign all fans should support. All of those things plus why I think the entire MJ fan community should never trust the media. 

Aww, Michael at 11 or 12 years old. 

Documentary on Michael: Last Photoshoots

A photo of Michael from Ebony magazine in 2007. 

Some time ago, I was on social media reading some things and I saw a link about a documentary on Michael. Based on the comments from the fans about the documentary, I really wanted to check the preview out for myself. I clicked on the link and watched the videos and I was excited. The documentary is called Michael: The Last Photoshoots and was directed by a gentleman name Chris Williams. You can click here to view the trailers for the documentary and read the description - 

L'Uomo Voguehttp://vimeo.com/73754318 


The footage that was shown in the trailers are amazing. Michael look wonderful, healthy and even happy and I feel that this documentary is going to show the world how Michael operated when it comes to this aspect of his career. As usual, with anything dealing with Michael post 2009, it is filled with bittersweetness along with excitement. The documentary will interview a lot of people who were involved in Michael last photoshoots - Ebony and L'Uomo Vogue - and what they did to make the King of Pop look fabulous. 

I remembered when both publications came out and I was one happy woman. Those were some great times and we are excited for what was to come. The comebacks looked like they were going to happen and then, less than two years later, things changed for the worse. 

What is Wrong with Jermaine Jackson?

Jermaine Jackson.

I try to avoid Jackson family drama/foolishness on this blog because this blog about Michael and the like but at times, I have to make an exception. I think that something is really wrong with Jermaine Jackson. I have made it clear that I no longer defend Michael's family because the things that I have seen, been told and have read that has turn me off about them. At this point, why would any person defend most of these people, in particularly Jermaine. Jermaine's child support ridiclousness is the stuff of unfortunate legend and utter patheticness. How can a grown, pushing 60 year old man refuses to pay child support for the children he had with his younger brother, Randy's ex-girlfriend Alejandra Oaziaza (who later became Jermaine's wife)? How can he purchase a $160,000 Ferrari but not pay for his child support?? Here is the article - 


"The pricey hot little Italian number was purchased smack dab in the middle of jury deliberations in the wrongful death suit that the Jackson family filed against concert promoter AEG Live. Earlier this month, the jury ultimately determined that AEG Live is not negligent in the death of the King of Pop and will not have to pay damages to the Jackson family.
According to published reports, Katherine recently bailed out Jermaine financially.  Alejandra Oaziaza, who has two children with Jermaine’s brother Randy and two with him was reportedly strapped for cash, when the former Mrs. Jackson allegedly went to Jermaine to obtain rent money so she could keep a roof over her children’s heads.
Jermaine, though, claimed that he did not have any money to give to Oaziaza, so Katherine reportedly stepped in to help out her former daughter-in-law who actually used to live with her at the Jackson compound.
Jermaine has also been dragged in to court over child support monies that he supposedly owes Oaziaza. The court ordered the former Jackson 5 member to cough up $3,000 a month in child support for his teen sons with Oaziaza, but the alleged deadbeat Dad gave his ex only $5,621 for the calendar year of April 2012 through April 2013.
Katherine reportedly feels that Jermaine is not behaving responsibly since he bought an expensive car given his financial situation. In addition, Katherine was reportedly talked in to filing the wrongful death suit by Jermaine and Randy and is regretful of such a costly move since it only resulted in exorbitant legal bills."

Jermaine with his sons, Jaafar and Jermajesty in 2013.

Jermaine cannot be serious. I also found out when I was researching on Jermaine's nastiness that Jermaine and Randy asked the Michael Jackson Estate to help them pay for their child support. Remember last year when the family were fighting over the will and the well being of Katherine? Remember my various blog post about that mess? How come I missed this article? I know I was not on drugs, in denial or lame so how I did I miss this article? You got to read this - 


"In the sickest and most bizarre twist to the escalating Michael Jackson family feud, Randy and Jermaine Jackson want their late brother’s estate to pay their child support payments — to the same woman, according to media reports.
Both Randy Jackson, 51, and Jermaine Jackson, 58, were married to, and had two children each with Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza. Yes, you read that right! And the two of them have made aggressive moves to help get caught up on back child support to Oaziaza to avoid jail time, says RadarOnline.com.
“Both Randy and Jermaine were behind on their child support payments — the only way they felt they could pay it was through Michael’s estate,” an insider revealed.
Randy Jackson was married to Oaziaza first and together, they had two children, Donte and Randy Jr. Jermaine then came along and courted the same woman, later marring her after she and Randy divorced. They also had two children, Jaafar and Jermajesty. They, too, are now divorced.
Now, with dwindling funds, the two brothers are looking for immediate help to satisfy their child support debts.
“Jermaine’s kids Jaafar and Jermajesty and Randy’s sons, Donte and Randy Jr., were moved into a condo in San Fernando Valley owned by the estate to help with the legal fees a few years back. But, despite that, Randy and Jermaine felt they needed extra help and they pleaded with the estate’s lawyer for help,” the site reports.
The threat of either jail time or additional fines loom large over the two brothers. This may explain why the brothers have joined the side of the family that wants to invalidate the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate. Other family members are against the move. Tito has recently stated publicly that he regrets putting his name on the letter drafted to remove the two lawyers who now run MJ’s estate.
Randy and Jermaine, the site states, went to the estate immediately after their brother’s passing to get aid.
“However, their request was shot down immediately as the estate has no legal obligations to Michael’s siblings,” the source said."

Alejandra Oaziaza (formerly Jackson). 

To be fair in the sake of getting information correct - Randy never married Alejandra but had two biological children with her. The article did not include their daughter, Genevieve and Donte is not an Jackson by blood, he was adopted (supposedly). I do not know why Randy would still have to pay child support for his children who already over the age of 18. With all of that said, if I would have known that these two were asking the Estate to help them pay their child support, I would never even think of defending these men back in 2012. How can they fight with the very people who they asked to help them pay for their child support? What is wrong with these disgusting men? I now see why Michael and a few other of his family members, stayed far away from some members of their family.  Those brothers are trifling.

Michael's Handwritten Notes

Michael in 2004 in Washington D.C.

During the AEG Wrongful Death Trial, Michael's handwritten notes were revealed in the courtroom and the notes were very telling. The notes were first mentioned in LaToya's book, Starting Over and what Michael stated in the notes were similar to what Latoya stated. It is clear that Michael wanted nothing to do with John Branca which begs the question, why is he still an executor of his Estate? The notes also states that Michael did not want Randy Phillips or Tohme Tohme flying with him and he hated Tohme Tohme. The notes also gets into his future endeavors like doing films and hiring a new lawyer, accountant and the like. Here are the notes - 

Michael's notes.

In the notes, Michael also stated that he wanted to sign his own checks and when I read that people want to sign their own checks, it tells me that they want to be their own boss. I can't say that I blame him because everytime he had money, people who were supposed to have his best interests steal from him. It bothers me when fans who claim to love him blindly defend a man that Michael hated and wanted nothing to do with. Michael even wanted to be the first multi billion dollar entertainer and be a better performer than the greats before him like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. In one note, Michael wanted to announce his "last tour" and focus on film and even a little mentioned of a film director during tour. I wonder if he meant someone who teaches film would come on tour with Michael and lecture him on filmmaking. One note even mentions a Halloween special that Michael was planning to do and a recent blog post/article was done on the possible Halloween special. You can read the informative information here:

Overall, these notes are difficult to read at times because of the various hopes and dreams that Michael had for the future. Michael was going to get rid of various people and rebuild his empire. Sadly, that will never happen. 

Quincy Jones Suing the Estate of Michael Jackson

Michael and Quincy Jones in 1988. 

When I heard this, I wanted to read more information about it. So, I did and I support Quincy Jones in this situation and only this situation. If anyone knows my stance in regards to the Estate executors, you know that I am not a supporter of those men. Quincy is suing the Estate for $10M because he believed that the masters of Michael's iconic songs were, 

"wrongfully edited and remixed so as to deprive him of backend profit participation. Jones also asserts that he has been denied credit for his work on the singer's posthumous releases and that MJJ and Sony have entered into side deals taking profits that should have been included in the calculation of royalties."
According to the article from TheHollywoodReporter.com, Quincy and Michael made agreements in 1978 and 1985 in which Jones, 

"be given the first opportunity to re-edit or remix any of the master recordings, that the coupling of master recordings with other recordings required his prior written consent, and that he be given producer credit for each of the master recordings. The deal also entitled the producer to additional compensation -- including upfront payment and a "backend" percentage -- in the event of remixed mastersAfter the producer was hired, Jackson signed a recording agreement with Epic Records, a subsidiary of Sony. The record deal entitled Jones to payments, credit, the approval of biographical material and regular accounting. Jones contends that he is a third-party beneficiary of this recording agreement."
In order words, if I am correct, Quincy has the first chance to re-edit or remix any of the master recordings and he is given producer credit for each of the master recordings. If any of the masters are remixed, Quincy was entitled upfront payment and a backend percentage. 

The article also states that a breach of contract happened when MJJ Productions, 

"allowed third parties to exploit these works "without first providing a reasonable opportunity to Jones to perform such remixes and/or re-edits."Then, the complaint goes into "clandestine agreements" allegedly made that had the effect of reducing Jones' royalties.
The lawsuit states Jones' belief that the Jackson parties "secretly entered into a venture agreement with Sony" where Sony and the Jackson Label would share profits. But Jones also alleges that rights to the master recordings "reverted from Sony to MJJ" and albums featuring the performances of Jackson were "distributed by the Jackson Label, instead of Sony, including albums embodying one or more of the Masters."  

Quincy Jones. 

All of this is a bit hard to understand but one must read it a few times to see where Quincy Jones is coming from. I do believe that a deal is a deal and the Estate should pay him the money they owe him. See, this is what the executors never seem to understand - Michael did a lot of things and made promises and deals to certain people. Michael was never the one to be greedy and was always generous. The deal that he made with Quincy was a very generous deal and I do not know who would want to make that kind of deal. I know all of the things that Quincy stated about Michael over the years and after Michael's death/murder. Heck, the day of Michael's memorial, Quincy was in Europe having a good time with some woman and it was very tacky. He even came after Michael hard in regards to his skin disorder, his children and his musical impact. It is clear that Quincy had some issues with Michael and he is not very popular in the MJ fan community. With that said, Quincy and Michael made a deal and when the executors took over Michael's estate, they also took over the various debt and deals Michael made with various people. The Estate made over $1Billion after Michael died so what is $10M to them? Give the old man his money and make some type of deal with Quincy to get out of this deal he did with Michael. Quincy made enough money from Michael. Also, his lawyer also represents Wade Robson. SMH. You can read the article here:


You can read the lawsuit here: 


Debbie Rowe Still Running Her Mouth

I truly believe that Debbie Rowe is delusional. What would make a "mother" to go on a known tabloid show and talk about her minor teenage daughter and her problems? I was furious when I saw the preview from Entertainment Tonight of Debbie's interview. I made it a mission not to watch any second of the interview because of the wrongness that surrounds her, the interview and her actions. Even though I did not watch the interview or read any articles about the interview, the MJ fans did and the things that I read were so ridiculous that even a crazy person would shake their head. Debbie stated that she considers herself a "widow". How can she be a "widow" if she was not married to Michael when he was murdered? On top of that, she was the one that divorced him. Why must Debbie continue to make herself more than she was to Michael? No one in this world with a rational brain believes that Michael and Debbie ever had a romantic relationship. If someone does, they really have a messed up view of what a romantic relationship truly is. 

Michael with his children in 2003. 

Debbie states that she and Michael were close before Michael was murdered. Once again, not only is it a lie, but Michael wanted nothing to do with her when he was alive. I guess Debbie forgot that part. Most importantly, and the comment that really boggled my mind was when Debbie stated that she believed that the dancers, producers, musicians, make up artists and stylists were responsible for Michael's death and that the footage should have been shown on ET. The woman cannot be serious. Debbie could have been sued for the comment that she stated. We have to remember that Debbie stated in her own testimony, under oath, that she watched as Dr. Klien was given Michael all kinds of drugs knowing that it is wrong and letting it happen. Without these doctors and herself giving Michael these drugs that he probably did not need, I doubt that Michael would be dead today. Debbie does not get it: she saw these doctors literally hurting this man and did not do anything to stop the madness. I do not see how Karen Faye or Michael Bush is responsible when yes, they should have notified the family in regards to what was happening to Michael but they did not give him the drugs nor did they had anything to do with Michael's drug use. 

We have to connect the dots here with Debbie Rowe. This woman has a friend who is a producer for ET and that is how the tabloid, which pays for interviews, got the exclusive interview. This is the same tabloid show that allowed her son, Prince, who wants nothing to do with her by the way, be an acting correspondent for the show. Last year, ET interviewed that mess of a person Scott Thorson in which he stated that Michael was "gay". In 2004, Debbie gave an exclusive interview with the tabloid about her concern for children she wanted nothing to do with. All of this is about money. That is Debbie Rowe's only motivation. One must wonder what is the appeal of this unattractive woman and why does she feel she has some sort of entitlement? Michael made a mistake of listening to her suggestions of wanting to give him children and marrying her, thanks to his mother, to legitimize his children. Instead of Michael sticking to his initial stance and telling Debbie "no", he gave in and let her do whatever she wanted to do to him. That means that she can go on television or to Roger Friedman of showbiz411.com or her friend Harvey Levin of tmz.com and tell them whatever she wants to tell them about Michael, the children, his employees, his family, etc. No one is going to question her because she was confirmed thanks to Michael marrying her and letting her be the mother to his two billion dollar children. Why would the tabloid media need to question the "ultimate" source? There will be more of this foolishness and at this point there is nothing we can do about this. When women who had a real relationship with Michael have to continue to prove their stories to the media and the world, Debbie will never have to do that because the media does not care about her credibility. 

Aphrodite Jones: Nothing But A Fraud

Aphrodite Jones, this heifer....

I have always been distrustful when it comes to the members of the media. I have no faith in them because members of the media are a bunch of selfish, ignorant nuts that do not have a mind of their own. Their ridiculous assumptions and various lies that they stated about Michael has made it difficult for the Michael's fans to defend his good name properly. During the 2005 trial, an "investigative journalist" name Aphrodite Jones covered the trial for some of the media outlets. Aphrodite was one of the journalists who was convinced that Michael Jackson was guilty of the crime he was falsely accused of. Then, she had a change of heart and after the trial was over, she started to gather her notes from the trial and wrote a book all about the wrongness of the trial called Conspiracy. She reached out to the MJ fan community with the book in hopes that the fans would purchase the book. Many fans, including myself purchased the book and wanted fans to get to book. I remember communicating with Aphrodite Jones to help her or maybe suggest to her various media outlets to promote her book. Since Aphrodite changed her tune about Michael, I never really thought that deep down, she was still not convinced that Michael was completely innocent. 

Last week, Aphrodite Jones felt the need to tell blog talk radio show host, Jordan King that basically, she has doubts about Michael's innocence in regards to the 1993 allegations. You can listen to the rest of her ramblings here (starts on 26.00):


It is so easy to call Aphrodite Jones a fraud, a tabloid hack, complete trash, hypocrite, liar. I mean, all of the name calling in the world is not going to erase the fact that we all knew what that woman was truly about and we made a huge mistake by even relying on this lame human being. Aphrodite Jones trick us and we let her do it. In the end, she got into the insane, loyal, nuttiness of the Michael Jackson fan community and she got into Michael's family. Instead of sticking to our instincts about that woman and the media as a whole, we allow her to come into our zone because we thought that she truly had a complete change of heart. I think that is why so many fans were so angry or disappointed by what she stated. 

Michael during the trial in 2005. 

We have to accept the fact that the media will never like Michael Jackson and we have to deal with that fact. This is what Michael went through and the main reason why he never did interviews. Every interviewer that interviewed him bashed him afterwards: Diane Sawyer, Geraldo Rivera, Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Martin Bashir. So, why not, Aphrodite Jones. This is the reality of the media and why if Michael was alive today would still not do any interviews with the pathetic media. They got what they wanted from Michael whether it is fame, a raise, money, a promotion or with Aphrodite Jones' case, a popular show on the ID Network. I wanted to tell people on my twitter account to get their Conspiracy books and throw them in the trash but you know what? Instead of doing that or burning it, used it as a coaster or a place to stash paperwork or pens. The book is not worth reading because it is coming from a woman not worth any of our attentions. 

Extended Version of Useful Information

Michael posing with a fan in 2003. 

I was reading a blog post done by Helena of Vindicate MJ (the first one not the second one) that did a wonderful job breaking down the lies that Scott Thorson stated about Michael Jackson. You can read the blog post here:


I do believe that I posted the link on my blog last year but nonetheless, the blog post is updated with more information. As I was looking around the blog, I saw a website that posted the remaining of the promotional guy's information about Michael and his love life. Now, if you have no idea who this promotional guy that I am referring to, I will post a link to a blog post that I did weeks after Scott Thorson went on Entertainment Tonight lying to them about his time with Michael. Here is the link:


I have stated on this blog that the promotional guy came on the National Enquirer message board in 2004 to deny the claims that Scott Thorson stated to the tabloid about Michael. In the thread, the promotional guy stated more things about Michael to members of the message board that were asking him questions. So, I am going to post the information on here so you all can read what he stated. 


"1. He's weird, he's rich, he's black and he never bows down to anybody. He doesn't fit any stereotypes of what a black man "should" be, which makes people uncomfortable and enables them to believe anything sinister about him. If you need proof of that, just look no further than this very message board.
2. I think I outlined most of the girlfriends for you, if you think hard enough you could probably figure out names, but it's not my job to spoon feed this to you. He kept Diana a secret because that's what the hussy wanted and by the time he got his sh.it together enough to move on and get with other women, he was so obsessed with his privacy that he didn't want the public to know anything about him that didn't have to do with music or business (and rightfully so, everything he does is misconstrued, manipulated and taken out of context).
3. Can't help you there, that's something you don't really discuss with Michael. All I can say is that it got more out of hand after he and Diana were officially no more. Nobody around him ever condoned it, I know I certainly didn't. In all fairness to the kid, most of it is exaggerated. He's had a lot, but to a fairly localized area, none of this crazy cheekbone, eyebrow, eyelid, forehead stuff. But what does plastic surgery have to do with whether or not he's a pedophile or a homosexual? Nothing. He's got a good heart, I don't give two sh.its about his face.
I'm about through here, maybe a repeat performance or two, but probably not. Just keep all I've said in mind before you jump to conclusions about Mike."
There you have it. The promotional guy was answering the questions the members were asking him on the thread. I wish I can find this man so I can do like a huge exclusive on the blog. If he ever read this blog, I hope he contacts me so we can do this. :) 

A Truth Untold Campaign

Michael in 2007. 

This blog is my tribute to the great Michael and making sure that truth about him and his life is front and center. So, it makes sense to notify you all about a great way to continue the mission to promote the truth about Michael. A group of loyal, diehard dedicated fans created a campaign on kickstarter.com called "A Truth Untold". This campaign is about telling the fans and public about what really happened when the controversial Michael album was released. If you recall, back in 2010, the Michael Jackson Estate, Sony BMG and michaeljackson.com officially leaked the song, "Breaking News"for the Michael album . When the fans heard the song, they noticed something very off about the song: the vocals sounded nothing like Michael's. In fact, it was not even his vocals. After some more research, it turned out that three songs, "Breaking News", "Keep Your Head Up" and "Monster" (which featured the rap of 50 Cents)  were not Michael's vocals. Of course, this caused a huge uproar about the whole thing which led to complete boycotts of the album, fan division and distrust that many of the fans were having towards anything dealing with the Estate of Michael Jackson and the executors John Branca and John McClain. 

Fast forward to 2013, and the fans behind this campaign have dedicated three years researching on this scandal and decided to do a book about their findings. The group needs money to get the book published. I want the fans to really participate in this campaign so that we know what exactly happened. Michael's music is one of the most precious things that the fans have of him. We owe this to Michael to make a pledge to this campaign so that the book can be publish and we all know what happened in regards to how the songs got into the Michael album in the first place. I do not know if the book would make a difference in making sure that the three songs in question are remove from future copies of the Michael album. I do know for sure that we all need to know what happened. You can read more information here:


Michael in 2009. 



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