Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Past and the Future Part 2

In a few hours, 2013 will come to an end and as usual, since Michael's murder, he has been in the news almost every day. This year was no different and I like to do a year in review of the things that were newsworthy in the MJ world. I will also discussed the great Nelson Mandela and his friendship with Michael. Finally, I will discuss my plans for this blog in 2014. 

Michael in 2006.

As usual, on my blog I have always complained about how Michael's legacy is being handled and I stated on last year's blog post that his legacy is not being handled well. You can read last year's year in review here - 


Sadly, the estate Excutors are still not doing their job to handle Michael's legacy they way it should be handled. Remember when that tabloid magazine from the UK known as The People and The Daily Mail stated that they have seen FBI files that "proved" that Michael paid off more than a dozen boys? That turned out to be a lie and was proven a lie by a journalist by the name of Charles Thomson when he did his own investigation. He discussed his findings on a blog post that he did. Here is the link for you to read - 


Once again, a journalist had to do damage control when the pathetic tabloid posted a false story on Michael and the executors of his estate did nothing to calm down the media circus. Also, Michael's nephew Taj and his fans filed a PCC (Press Complaints Commission) complaint against The People and The Daily Mail. It was revealed on Charles Thomson's twitter account about the results of the complaints - 

Isn't this some mess? 

As you read, the lead complainant that the PCC wanted to deal with was the Estate of Michael Jackson. Here are two tabloids that have committed nothing short of defamation of character. They have made up a complete lie on Michael Jackson that spread throughout the media. Even media zombies like radio host, Tom Joyner, believed the lies thanks to the Estate not doing their job to get out there, defend Michael and sue these people. Here is a screenshot of proof that the Estate did not even try to make a complaint - 

Yes, the Estate really do not care.

You have fans, journalists, even his own family filing the complaints and the PCC did not even want to pursue the complaint from Michael's own nephew. They wanted to see one from the Estate and the Estate could not be bothered with it. Those people, and I keep on stating it, cares more about making money and promoting their nonsense then clearing Michael's good name and restore it. The Estate thinks that, by action, the media can say what they want, they are not going to waste any time with these horrible people lying on the very man that they are making millions over. These people disgust me and yes, I will continue to bash the Estate on this blog in 2014. 

Michael with his family in the late 1980s. 

In the previous Past and the Future blog post, I also mentioned about the drama that happened with the Jackson family in 2012. I know that I have been mentioning it a few times on this blog but I did a lot of thinking about that situation and maybe I made a mistake. Here is the thing, I never try to think that I know exactly what is going on with Michael's family. I can only go by what people state, what the family states, how they are perceived and my opinions about the whole situation. I think I made, no, I did make a huge judgement of error and I am regretting a lot of things that I stated about the situation that happened last year. 

Even though I do not believe that Katherine was kidnapped but I do believe that the situation was out of control. When I was doing some google searching on Jermaine's child support mess, I was shocked when I found out that the Estate paid for Jermaine and Randy's child support. I was very angry about what I found and I wondered why these brothers were fighting the very people that paid them when that money could have went to the charities Michael supported when he was living? You can read my finding of that information by clicking on this link - 


It made me rethink about all of the things that I stated on this blog about Jermaine, Randy, Janet and Rebbie. Was I wrong about them? Did I intentionally ignore the real reason why they did what they did? I do have regrets about what I stated in my blog posts about the whole situation and I am not going to remove any of it. At that time, that was how I felt and I do not think it would be right to remove my comments after I found out the real truth. However, I will do a blog post sometime in 2014 all about Michael's siblings and what they did right and what they did wrong. I think that it is time for people to know the whole story instead of the one sided stories. 

After finding out that information about Jermaine and Randy, I was angry and in one of the blog posts that I did, I mentioned my anger and what I felt. However, whenever I would bash the family, I will feel bad about it because not all of the Jacksons are as pathetic as those two. Most of the Jacksons are pretty much level-headed people. Not all of the Jackson men were deadbeat fathers and not all of them were selfish. If I would to defend the Jacksons, I will forget what they did to Michael and what they did not do for Michael and the last thing I need to do was to forget about what his own blood put him through. So, this is my stance on The Jackson family in regards to this blog: neutral. I am not going to bash them 100% and I am not going to defend them 100%. I will post the facts and let that speak for itself. 

Michael with his daughter, Paris in 1998/1999.

June 2013 was starting off to be another emotional month for the MJ fan community but it became more than emotional when Michael's daughter, Paris, had a serious incident. I was furious, shocked and angry and I wanted answers. After all of the things that were being stated, I was about to work on my next blog post and I could not do one without mentioning the elephant in the room. Unlike some of the MJ themed blogs and the tabloid mainstream media, I decided not to discuss the child's situation on my blog. It was a very easy decision to do. I do not know all of the facts and maybe I might never know all of the facts. All I want to know is that the child was going to be fine. As to what led to her breakdown: it is a combination of things and I will do a major expose on someone who I believe was the one that made it worse for Paris. The expose will be posted on this blog early 2014. To read my disclaimer about the situation, click on this link - 


April of 2013 was the start of the Wrongful Death Trial between the Jackson Family and AEG and I have to be honest, I was 100% supportive of this trial. This was the trial that I feel should have been the murder trial that occurred 2 years prior. When I found out that the Jacksons were suing AEG for $1.2B, I did not think it was a big deal at the time. My whole focus was that AEG was responsible, they will pay where it hurts and they will be held accountable for what they did to Michael. I never read any type of information that would make me believe that the Jacksons suing AEG for billions was off. As a matter of fact, Alan Duke, from CNN, basically stated that it was "normal" for people to sue companies for billions of dollars. I knew that something was not right when two things happened during the trial. I have stated on here that I was friends with someone who knew Michael for years and this person stated to me that she was supposed to testify in the trial. That did not happen and the reason why was because the person told me that some of the Jacksons were "greedy" and thought that the person "would want the money if they won the case". The second thing was when Randy was stating that his brother was a drug addict but was not sure if he was indeed an addict. Randy never got a chance to go and testify in person for reasons unknown but that was all I needed to know. 

The trial was not going to fully focus on what AEG did to Michael but more about Michael's issues with drugs. I can admit that he had a dependency but to call him an "addict" and can't even prove he was one bothers me. Does Randy not know what an addict means? Does he not care of the seriousness of being called an addict? This was when I started to accept the fact that I really made a mistake defending this family in regards to the AEG trial and I am convinced now that suing AEG for $1.2B was more about money than justice for Michael. Michael was not a company, he was a human being who was treated like crap by corporate, greedy people who only care about making money. If the family sued the company for $20M, $30M, $40M or even $50M I can accept but $1.2B was not necessary. When I did a blog post on the AEG trial, I stated on there that I will no longer follow anymore legal situations regarding Michael. In 2014, there will be an appeal of the verdict of the Wrongful Death Suit and Wade Robson laughable claim. Why would I even bother to follow any of that when neither suit should even occur? My opinions about the AEG trial and verdict can be read here - 


When Conrad Murray was released on my 30th birthday, October 28th, it was lame. It was a huge milestone in my life and the last thing that needs to go wrong is one of Michael's killers being released from prison. When he was released, he gave tabloid interviews about his time "helping" and eventually killing Michael. I am not going to get into what was said because it was probably one of the worse things I had to know about. Michael was reduced into utter trash by the way that bastard was talking about him. He was even asked if Michael was a child abuser and Conrad's answer made my blood boil. Here is the thing: Murray is a joke to all doctors all over the world. Dr. Klien is a fool but compared to Murray and I cannot believe I am stating this, he is more reasonable than him. I know I stated that Dr. Klien was one of Michael's killers, but you know what? After Murray's foolishness, I do not even think Klien was a killer of Michael's. I am convinced that Murray killed Michael to have the fame that he wants. He will never be a doctor again because why would the Medical Board even think of giving a killer back his license? He has no remorse for what he did to Michael. He blamed Michael for the reason why he cannot provide for his children that he has that he never even thought about when he worked for Michael and killed him. Conrad Murray is the definition of a great education gone terribly wrong. Instead of using his skills to help the sick get better, his work with Michael proves that his skills were far less important than making money and chasing fame. Conrad's behavior towards Michael proves to me that Michael truly was treated like a thing and not a human being. For the rest of Murray's pathetic, lame and sad life, he will always be known as the person who had the nerve to kill the greatest entertainer that ever lived. Damn Conrad Murray. I hope in 2014, I will never hear from that fool again but then again, who am I kidding? 

The second generation Jacksons in 2013.

I have listed so many negative things that happened in 2013 in the world of Michael that the reader almost forgot that there were positive things that happened. Michael's son, Michael Jr., is in the honor roll at his school and had done some work for the tabloid show Entertainment Tonight. Even though I was not supportive of Michael Jr. being on there, I understand that he wanted to work. He also did his first acting gig on the now cancelled show 90210. That's is Michael's kid for you: getting that work in. He taught him well. It was also nice to see Taj Jackson, Michael's nephew and Tito's son, get married to his longtime girlfriend and now wife, Thayana Sco Jackson. Jackie will become a father again at the age of 62. Yes, 62 years old. All I have to state is that there are grandfathers and great-grandfathers who are 62 year old. Also, for the MJ fans, the fan community might be divided but realizations among certain fans have started to occur and that in itself is a positive thing. I had to go through one myself when I realized that certain people never really had my back like I thought they would. So, instead of making a big deal about it, I decided to state that I was not going to be part of any drama within the fan community. It is OK to have a difference of an opinion without attacking one another. It was weird to me to read the fans who support division in the fan community preach unity but do not do it themselves. I would rather stay out of the madness and focus on what I have to do in regards to Michael and his legacy.

Even though there is division in the fan community, I rather focus on the reason why I do what I do: Michael's legacy. All of the bickering, hating, bitterness, confusion, denials, etc. does not do any good. I had fans who support the Jackson family ignore/block me and I had fans who support the Estate executors attack me so I am in the middle. If you respect Michael, I respect you and that is all. Everything else is not important to me. I will never trash a fan on this blog for whatever reason. Yes, I did do a couple of blog posts on the fan community and I stand by those posts and the posts were not insulting but it was done to make those fans see the error of their ways. 

As for this blog in 2014, I am going to still do Q&As, Random Thoughts, Magazine Scans, Reviews, Spotlight Series and Exposes. Now, back in June and July of 2013, I posted a story of a person who had a personal relationship with Michael. It was removed in November 2013 and then, I posted it again and then, I permanently deleted the blog posts this month. Here is the thing that some people need to understand: I respect the fact that certain people had a connection to Michael whether it was a friendship, a relationship, blood relation, professional, etc. Michael was an amazing person who touched so many lives. That does not mean that it is OK for those people who knew him to state things about other people that can get that person and me in serious trouble. The last thing I need is a lawsuit. So, for now on, if anyone who claimed to have a personal relationship with Michael will not have their story on my blog without complete confirmation from his family or his former employees who were professional and respectful towards him. Other than that, doing this blog in 2013 was a rollercoaster of emotions and I know that 2014 will be the same way. I am planning for great things for this blog for 2014 so please continue to check out for them in the coming year. 

Lastly, I cannot forget to mentioned Nelson Mandela who left this world to be with God on December 5th. Michael simply adored this man and so did I. Who did not love Nelson Mandela? He was the definition of strength and forgiveness. He was jailed for 27 years and when he was released, he did not get angry at the people who put him in jail but he forgave them. How many people you know would do that? Mandela became President of his beloved South Africa and truly was a leader for his people. It only made sense that Michael became friends with this great man and stayed friends until Michael's murder in 2009. Unlike President Obama, who waited for a while to release a statement about Michael's death, Nelson Mandela did not hesitate to do so. That shows me that Nelson treated Michael with respect and even Michael considered Nelson as his grandfather. It seems like every year, the greats keep on leaving this Earth and we are stuck with people that we cannot stand. Nelson Mandela left this Earth and I cannot think of anyone who is/was a great leader that I have 100% respect for. 

This is the last post of 2013. Thank you all for taking the time to read, retweet, like, favorite, reblog, google +, etc the blog posts on this amazing blog. I wish you all a great New Year and see you in 2014. 

Michael with the great Nelson Mandela in 1999. They are having a good time in Heaven.

* This blog post is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and all of God's children who died in 2013.* 



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